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Chapter 486: When the Spirit Fusion Swamps Array Broke, Treasure Hunters Raced Against Time

“Let me tell you, in the previous explosion, a famed sword was produced, and in the end, it was taken away by an unknown guy.”

“This time, another explosion happened, and it was a series of explosions.”

“Judging from the scale, it was no less than the time when the famed sword was born.”

“In other words, the treasures that appear here must be many famed swords.”

“At the very least, there are many treasures of the same level as the famed swords.”

“Therefore, follow me is the right decision!”

In the White Cave, a group of people rushed in the direction of the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

The leader of the group, the White-clothed fat man, was in high spirits.

He concluded with a confident tone, “In the White Cave, as long as theres an explosion, a treasure will definitely surface.

Whoever gets there first will be the winner.”

“But Brother Hao…”

Following closely behind was a short youth with shifty eyes.

He asked with some fear.

“In the White Cave, as long as there is an explosion, shouldnt the first thing that comes to mind is a battle”

“Such a loud sound, and it has lasted for such a long time.

Likely Sovereign Stage existences are fighting each other.”

“If we go over now, wont it be the same as sending ourselves to our deaths”

His words were clearly the worry in everyones hearts.

The moment he said this, the group of ten or so people following closely behind nodded their heads repeatedly.

“Ah Tai, this is what you dont understand, right”

Rong Dahao patted Zhao Tais shoulder and said earnestly, “As the saying goes, wealth comes from danger.

Which treasure doesnt have a guardian”

“Its because there might be a Sovereign war that we can conclude that the guardian has been lured out.”

“Under such a situation, wouldnt sneaking into its hometown in advance maximize the benefits”

Zhao Tai was still a little hesitant, “But what if Then in a Sovereign Stage war, whether its a guardian or an intruder, as long as any one of them comes back, can we resist them”

If we cant hold them off, then run!

If you cant run, then I can!

Rong Dahao secretly rolled his eyes in his heart, but he wouldnt reveal it on his face.

“Are you stupid!”

“As long as even one of them comes back, well immediately stop the operation.”

“And under normal circumstances, if the guardian goes out, itll either be injured or killed in battle.

Even if it comes back, Ive already gathered so many of you.

Its not like I dont have the strength to fight.”

“On the other hand, if the intruder were to return.”

“Then we will make way!”

Rong Dahao spread out his hands.

“He will take the biggest treasure and we will take the others.

With such an explosion, there shouldnt only be one treasure, right”

“Its hard to say.

That Spirit Fusion Swamp… the soil there is fragrant.”

“All we need to do is dig up a handful and we will be able to grow a towering spiritual herb!”

Everyone was moved.

Indeed, riches were sought after through risk.

If they did not have such thoughts, even if the fatty in front of them had a powerful tongue, they would not be able to persuade so many people to form such a huge team.

“But Brother Hao…”

Zhao Tai hesitated again and stammered, “To be able to cause a war between the Sovereigns, this intruder must also be at the Sovereign Stage.”

“Sovereigns cannot enter the White Cave!”

“Those who can get in are either stowaways or the rumors that were spreading outside.

This time, the target of the Red Coats — Ghost Beast!”

“Under such circumstances, will he let us go”

“Will he let us go even after we see his face when theres a possibility of him being exposed”

Rong Dahao thought to himself, “You have a lot of nonsense to say, and your questions are really sharp.”

However, when he saw the crowd at the back of the group nodding like chickens pecking at rice, he realized that he could not just casually answer this question.

“Are you stupid!”

“If it was a stowaway, would they dare to kill so many experienced people in the White Cave”

“Wouldnt they be sending themselves to their deaths and put themselves on the must-kill list of the Red Coats”

“And if it was a ghost beast…”

Rong Dahaos heart palpitated.

He pondered for a moment and sighed.

“If its a ghost beast, its fate.

Whether or not we can survive will depend on everyones luck.”

Seeing everyone panic, Rong Dahao realized that he had gone too far.


He changed the topic.

“We have the exquisite stone!”

“In the White Cave, the exquisite stone is the king.

As long as this thing is here, we only need a short time to communicate with the Red Coats.”

“Thats the natural enemy of the ghost beasts!”

“No matter how bad it is, if you crush the exquisite stone at the critical moment, you can still keep your life.”

“As for the ghost beasts…”

He smiled indifferently and said casually, “If there are so many ghost beasts in the White Cave and you happen to meet them, then it cant be helped.”

Rong Dahao turned his head and looked at a woman in a clean white dress not far away from the team.

He said obsequiously, “Am I right, Miss Mo”

Although this girl in a white dress holding a small bronze cauldron in one hand did not have a stunning appearance.

But her temperament was definitely the most unique that Rong Dahao had seen during his travels in the five regions.

She was quiet and elegant.

She had an ethereal aura that could not be desecrated like a snow lotus on a mountain.

She was unworldly, yet she was like a fairy from the nine heavens who had no choice but to descend to the mortal world.

It made that face, which should have been forgotten by everyone with just a glance, look extremely otherworldly.

The Rong family had started from ancient times as an investment advisor.

Eventually, they gradually became famous throughout the Higher Void Families.

Others might have come to the White Cave because of the Fourth Sword.

Rong Dahao had taken this opportunity to try to befriend this group of geniuses who had been attracted by the Fourth Sword.

Miss Mo who was in front of him was the one he had chosen and was the most worth investing in.

As for the rest of the people in the team, they were just small ants who were used as cannon fodder to drag out the time.

“Miss Mo”

Seeing that the woman in front of him did not move, Rong Dahao raised his voice.


Mo Mo turned her head slightly and her gaze fell on the fair and clean fatty.

“What I said wasnt wrong, right”

Rong Dahao stretched out his head in an attempt to obtain affirmation.


Mo Mo lightly nodded.

Subsequently, she continued to look into the distance.

“Spirit Fusion Swamp…”

“This fatty knows this name, then his target ought to be theThree Days Frozen Calamity.”

Mo Mo lowered her head, and her gaze descended onto the white bracelet on her white wrist.

There was a very obvious crack on the top of the milky white bracelet.

This was the sealing bracelet.

It was a gift from Xu Xiaoshou.

Of course, when the crack appeared, it meant that its effects became ineffective.

She was still wearing it as a keepsake.

“That fatty isnt simple.

I can feel the aura of thegate on his body.

He may be from the continents negative clan.”

That thought flashed through her mind, and the voice was solemn.

“If theres a chance, kill him first.”

Mo Mo frowned.

“I dont like killing people.”

“But he also wants to take theThree Days Frozen Calamity!”

The grey mist figure said coldly, “He and I… as well as your target, have collided.”

“Its only your target.”

Mo Mo didnt care about the so-called “Three Days Frozen Calamity” at all.

“I wanted you to take this heavenly flame for your own sake.”

“Its for your own sake instead.” Mo Mo smiled.

“I did it for your own good.”

“It was for your own good to control me, wasnt it” She shook her head.


The grey mist figure fell silent.

Ever since he was beaten up by Xu Xiaoshou at the Tianxuan Gate, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

After waking up, this girl became even more disobedient.

No matter how much he tortured her, she wouldnt change.

Sometimes, he wanted to kill this ghost beasts host body and find another one.

However, how could the “seal” attribute be cultivated so easily

How could he give up on such a precious body so easily

“You have a prejudice against me.

If we combine, we will only become stronger.”

The grey mist figure gradually walked on the path of persuasion.

He was tired.

The “seal” attribute was too difficult to find.

There might not be a second Mo Mo in this world.

“Lets reconcile.

I can completely forget about what happened before.” He tried to communicate.

Mo Mo sighed silently.

“Even a mountain can not accommodate two tigers, let alone a body”

“My desire to die has already…”

“Foolish!” The grey mist figure roared angrily, interrupting Mo Mos thoughts.

“With me around, you can easily reach the peak of this world and control everything you want!”


Mo Mo muttered.

Her fingers rubbed the crack on the bracelet on her wrist, and the corners of her lips curved.

She raised her head.

Her gaze seemed to once again see the Eight Palace that had turned into ruins under the White Caves extradimensional cracks.

That was her home.

Those who were crying and wailing there were all the people she was close to.

“Not everyone wants to reach the peak.”

“Some people only want to have a few family members whom they can talk to.

They only want to have an ordinary home, thats all.” She spoke out her dream.

“Ignorant!” The grey mist figure roared, “Youre simply a pile of mud that cant be helped!”

Mo Mo did not have the slightest intention of getting angry.

She chose to end the topic.

Her gaze once again looked into the distance.

“Lets go.

If you like it, why dont I help you obtain it”

The grey mist figure fell silent.

“Miss Mo”

Rong Dahao got closer, and only then could he see the extraordinary brilliance in Mo Mos eyes that was completely different from that of the common people.

Strength could be obtained through cultivation.

A conversation could also be obtained through training.

However, this innate character and temperament was definitely not something that an ordinary person could nurture through acquired strength.

This woman had the potential to become a Phoenix!

“Miss Mo, shall we go”

“Lets go.”

Mo Mo smiled faintly and walked forward.

“Sorry, I was absent-minded for a while and wasted everyones time.”

“So many people.”

Hidden in the crown of the Flaming Maple Trees and using the Divine Array to cover their bodies and auras, Yu Zhiwen and Xu Xiaoshou stared at the heads in front of them.

It was obvious that there were plenty of people who were not afraid of death because of the explosions.

Taking advantage of the fact that the explosions were getting further and further away, there were even more people who wanted to steal.

“Looking at this number, there should be several teams, a total of 50 to 60 people.”

“If we include the other places in this Heaven and Earth Great Array, there should be more than a hundred people attracted here.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the group of people who were hesitating because of the Great Mist Array.

He found it funny in his heart.

So what if there were more people

This was a great array that even Yu Zhiwen couldnt figure out even after pondering for a long time.

You Little Spirit Array Casters, let alone breaking the array, I reckon that when the White Skeleton wakes up, they will be unable to move forward.

“Is it done”

Turning to look at Yu Zhiwen, Xu Xiaoshou asked softly.

Yu Zhiwen entered a focused state again.

Her side profile, which was fully focused, was very beautiful.

But this time, she did not spend too much time.

With the experience of observing the great array the last time, she immediately understood it.

“Its almost done.”

Yu Zhiwen wiped the sweat from her forehead.

After smoothing her hair, she said in a low voice, “But if I break this array, the Spirit Array Casters here are not to be trifled with.

They will definitely notice something.”

“If they follow the clues, they will be able to solve it very quickly.”

“Should we…”

Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment and suggested, “Set up another great array to trap them”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He did not expect that Yu Zhiwen would have such a dangerous idea.

If they used the great array to trap them, once the spiritual array here was broken, the White Skeleton would be awakened.

When that big guy rushed over, wouldnt there be dozens of corpses

“Thats a good idea, but not to the extent of it.”

“ThisSpirit Fusion Swamp is very big, and we dont know what kind of dangers are lurking.

If we send these people out, they will be able to scout the way for us.”


Yu Zhiwens expression changed.

“You can see inside”

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned awkward.

Of course, he could see inside.

But if he admitted it, wouldnt that be the same as admitting that the White Skeleton was also lured out by him

“Lets solve the array.”

He chose to change the topic.

Although he had Weaving Expertise, he could solve the array.

But in a dangerous place like the White Cave, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt dare to try if he didnt have a mighty figure protecting him.

Was Yu Zhiwen a mighty figure


But she was only a mighty figure in the Way of Spirit Arrays.

If they really started fighting and didnt set up beforehand, Xu Xiaoshou felt that there would only be two more corpses in this place.


Yu Zhiwen withdrew her gaze thoughtfully.

Without thinking too much, she waved her hands and began to form seals in the air.

“Are there any clues”

Before the Spirit Fusion Swamps Heaven and Earth Great Array, there werent any teams that had gathered together, but there were a total of seven Spirit Array Casters.

These old guys were sweating profusely, but they didnt have any useful information.

Obviously, even if there were Spirit Array Casters.

The Heaven and Earth Geat Array was a spiritual array that involved the Divine Secret, and it wasnt something that ordinary Spirit Array Casters could come into contact with.

They had no experience at all.

“Its starting to smell, Ill try again.”

The leader of the group, an old man with white hair, said as he continued to ignore the sound of the outside world and threw himself into the pink mist in front of him.

“Buzz –”

At this moment, the spiritual array suddenly trembled and everyone was alarmed.

“Theres movement”

“Elder Zhengs attack is indeed extraordinary.

Its only been a few hours and hes already showing signs of unraveling this Heaven and Earth spiritual array.”

“Thats great.

The treasures inside belong to us!”

“This array is extraordinary.

I think there must be a universe inside.

Elder Zhengs attack this time only allowed us to enter while riding on his coattails.”

“According to the rules, if we encounter any treasures, Elder Zheng can choose first.”

“Thats right.

Finally, we dont have to wait anymore.

Ive been so scared these past few hours…”

“Elder Zheng is really strong!”


Discussions broke out.

The white-haired old man who was addressed as Elder Zheng turned around in confusion and looked at the other Spirit Array Casters.

“Everyone, have you made any progress”





Those who didnt understand what was going on would think that it was Elder Zhengs doing, but these Spirit Array Casters knew what they were capable of.

Without three to five days, they might not even be able to understand the basics of this array.

How could Elder Zheng comprehend it all at once

“Elder Zheng, you…”

Elder Zheng shook his head slightly and waved his hand.

“Everyone, calm down.

The spiritual array will be broken immediately…”

“Buzz –”

Before he could finish his words, the pink mist array, which no one had made a move on, trembled again.

After this tremble, the mist had become much lighter.


Everyone was shocked.

No one had made a move, but this array had been opened by itself

“Elder Zheng, youre strong!”

“I didnt expect that you could actually activate the mysteries of this Heaven and Earth spiritual array without forming a seal.

This is a stage where you have to completely control it!”

“Yes, I reckon that if I continue to study it, I can use this Heaven and Earth Great Array to defend against the enemy and kill the enemy!”

“Thats right, thats right, Elder Zheng is awesome.”


An obscure awkwardness appeared on Elder Zhengs face.

What the heck, who is secretly making a move!

I havent finished speaking, can you spare me a thought

He immediately raised his voice, “Everyone, take a rest for a moment.

After I observe for another two or three hours, I will definitely be able to break this array…”


As soon as he finished speaking, the Heaven and Earth Great Array exploded.

In the next second, the pink mist that lingered in the sky for thousands of feet dissipated with a loud bang.

After the dense mist transformed, several large tunnels that could accommodate five people simultaneously appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone was speechless

Didnt he say that he still needed another six hours

After everyone was slightly startled, they immediately reacted.

“Elder Zheng is indeed low-key and modest.

He has already broken the spiritual array, yet he is still so tactful.”

“Brothers, lets charge.

While the guardian is not here, we will directly steal its treasures.”

“Charge, charge, charge!”

Dozens of figures scrambled to respond.

Facing the huge door in front of them, everyone suddenly disappeared.

“Wait, no, no!”

Elder Zheng finally panicked.

This array was inexplicable.

Perhaps, the guardian had not gone out at all as everyone had speculated.

On the contrary, it had opened the door to lure in its dinner for tonight

But looking at those people who had disappeared, and even the temporary team did not intend to rebuild, what could he say

In front of treasures, how could there be an alliance

“What a fool!”

“This array can not be entered!”

As Elder Zheng spoke, he looked at those Spirit Array Casters who were unwilling to lag behind.

He immediately waved his sleeves and strode forward.

“Hey, wait for me.”

“How do we enter”

Yu Zhiwen turned her head.

“With my feet, of course.”

Without saying anything else, Xu Xiaoshou flew out first.

What else was there to hide at this time

Once they were truly inside, no one would care about the two little ants appearing.

On the contrary, when they turned around and saw a few figures who were also trying to snatch the treasure, that should be the normal situation!

Yu Zhiwen immediately thought it through.

She was also frightened by the White Skeletons continuous pursuit of her, which was why she only thought of being a fisherman in secret.

However, how could the Spirit Fusion Swamp be a place where treasures would fly out just by waiting

“Where are we going”

Looking at the people who had entered the great array and immediately split up to search for treasures, Yu Zhiwen asked again.

Xu Xiaoshous perception seemed to be even sharper than her “Star Eyes”.

Every time she found treasures or enemies, this guy would be more than a step ahead of her.

“Head west.”

Xu Xiaoshou said directly without explaining.

He had already used his “Perception” to probe this place.

If he did not go deep into it, it would basically be the same as outside, with not a single blade of grass growing.

However, the White Skeletons home was different.

Under that guy, Xu Xiaoshou had seen a few random spiritual herbs.

And those were random!

If he really wanted to find the White Skeletons protection ground, he reckoned that he would be able to obtain a large batch of treasures.

“Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…”

However, it was clear that many people shared the same thoughts as Xu Xiaoshou.

Even if it was a treasure ground, the quality of the goods that could be sold on the outside would always be much lower than those from the depths.

As a result, those who boasted of their strong abilities simply disdained to sell goods on the outside.

Their goal was the end of this “Spirit Fusion Swamp”!

They sped along.

Yu Zhiwens star eyes soon sensed that something was wrong.

On the left side of the road, a strange icy aura could be faintly felt from a very far place.

The White Cave belonged to the fire-type space.

How could there be any special icy aura

And among the treasures of the “Spirit Fusion Swamp”, one of them was rumored to be the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” belonging to the cold flame.

Then, it was needless to say what this cold air implied.

“Xu Xiaoshou, that Three Days Frozen Calamity…”

“Remember that direction,” Xu Xiaoshou said without turning his head.

Yu Zhiwen was a little surprised.

So anxious

He didnt even want the absolute treasure that might appear in the Spirit Fusion Swamp

“Someone has already gone over.”

She reminded him.

The small group of people who had been flying inside were not weak, so they could naturally feel the strange cold air.

To be able to feel the cold air in such a hot place like the White Cave, even if they did not know what treasure it was, they could guess that it was extraordinary.

Therefore, most of them chose to change their direction.

“No rush.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not feel tempted at all.

He was determined and rushed to the White Skeletons residence.

Everyone was blinded by the treasure.

He was the only one who vaguely felt that the ground seemed to be shaking slightly.

The frequency of the shaking was extremely low.

However, it still could not be hidden from his “Perception”.

This meant that the White Skeleton must have been awakened by the breaking of the array.

At this moment, he was taking one step at a time and rushing toward this place with all his might.

Time was of the essence!

Xu Xiaoshou did not care about the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” that he did not recognize at all.

He wanted the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

As long as he could obtain it, his strength would definitely rise by more than one level.

And the White Skeleton could not kill him at the moment.

Therefore, his goal could only hope that there were other Advanced Infernal Fire Seed in his cave.

According to his memory.

There must be an egg or a baby by the side of such a big guy.

If he dared to get such an item when that guy was rushing over.

Maybe he could get his “white flame” and “Dragon Melting Realm”.

“White flame…”

Thinking of the White Skeletons white flame, which was enough to kill a Sovereign spiritual cultivator, Xu Xiaoshou almost drooled.

Even if he didnt get anything in the future.

He still had to have a dream.

What if

What if there was an “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed”, or a peerless fire-type treasure that the White Skeleton had collected in the white cave over the years


Yu Zhiwen saw how determined Xu Xiaoshou was and stopped persuading him.

Ever since this guy had entered the White Cave and slept in the cave, he had completely changed.

From a confused person, he had become extremely clear about his goal.

Turning around and choosing the Three Days Frozen Calamity would definitely be a wise choice.

However, following Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt disappoint anyone.

On the contrary, a miracle might happen.



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