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Chapter 493: Why Did It Explode

In the Icy Realm.


The ground was shaking.

Everyone knew that this was caused by the giant white skeleton fighting beneath the ground surface.

Although they did not know what kind of existence could actually contend against that towering giant.

But now, facing that dense icy aura, no one thought of retreating.

“Has the Heaven and Earth Great Array been broken It feels like theres not much time left.

The earthquake is getting stronger.

I reckon that the battle over there should be almost over.”

“If we dont break this Great Array, when that giant white skeleton turns around, everyone will die here!”

In front of the Heaven and Earth Great Array, everyone was anxious like cats on a hot tin roof.

However, under the combined attacks of more than thirty people, the ice barrier in front of them was showing no signs of explosion.

Only a few lines cracked on its surface.

“Damn it, why are there so many Heaven and Earth Great Arrays in this broken place”

“They cant be broken at all!”

“Wheres Elder Zhao”

“Did Elder Zhao and the others find a way to break the formation”

Someone asked.

He turned his head to look at the small circle formed by the few old men.

However, seeing their troubled faces, everyone was disappointed.

From the looks of it, they definitely wouldnt be able to break the formation.

“Theres no other way…”

Elder Zhao sighed and said with shame, “The time is too short.

This old man has no idea whats going on.”


Everyone sighed when they heard that.

They may be disappointed, but they did not show it clearly.

There were no cursing and swearing.

Everyone was also very rational.

After all, the Great Path involved in the Heaven and Earth Great Array was on a completely different level from spirit-gathering arrays.

Cracking it in a few short minutes can only occur in dreams…

“If you ask me…”

Someone was tired from bombarding the array.

He stopped and rubbed his fists.

His looked in another direction enviously.

“I say… the white skeleton didnt come over even though we made such a big commotion here.”

“On the contrary, it was focused on rushing in that direction.”

“Does that mean that the treasures there are more precious than the ones here”

“Of course, thats obvious!” Someone scoffed, “But do you dare to go over”

“Thats right!”

Immediately, the jeering of the crowd followed.

“The white skeleton is over there.

Are you rushing over to die”

“Even though the treasure is good, you still have to be alive to get it.”

“Yes, yes.

I followed those two guys over there just now.

There was plenty of fourth or fifth grade Sovereign spiritual herbs all over the ground.

Do you dare to believe it”

“Fourth or fifth grade” Immediately, someones eyes became fiery.

“Are you sure you didnt see wrongly”

“Of course.”

The person who spoke was amused.

“Fourth or fifth grade Aphrodisiac spiritual herbs all over the floor…, can you believe it”

“If it wasnt for my good willpower, perhaps at this moment…”

As he spoke, his eyes glanced at the man on the other side.

The other persons face flushed red and lowered his head silently.

The person who had gone over there just now had a strong Yang and a declining Yin, and there just werent enough people to go around.

In the end, there were more than one pair of men hugging each other.

“Aphrodisiac spiritual herbs…”

Those who had never been there before were astonished.

“Were they really all over the ground”

“Yes, just the fragrance of the spiritual herbs alone is enough to make people unable to stop.”

“Thats a fourth grade herb! Wont you pluck a few before leaving” Someone did not believe it.

“Pluck” Those who had been there before immediately laughed.

“The white skeleton is right in front of you.

Do you dare to move”

“You havent been there.

If you were to really face it, with your height…” As he spoke, he gestured to the height of the people nearby and mocked, “If you were to jump, you wouldnt even be able to hit its toe cap!”


“Who are you looking down on”

“Im talking about you, Ha…”

“Shut up!”

Seeing that more and more people were about to join the group chat, the leader of the Array Shattering team could not help but scold them angrily.

“At a time like this, if you dont want to work together to break the Heaven and Earth Great Arrays, what do you want to do Use up your saliva before you die”


Everyone was speechless.

However, once the enthusiasm for shattering the Array was lost, many people calmed down.

“That person also said that the white skeleton is so terrifying.

Do we really have to continue”

“If it comes over…”


“Theres no need for that to happen.

Just look at the array in front of us, can we really break it”

Hearing that, everyone turned their heads.

The ice barrier in front of them was also hundreds of feet tall.

And the result of everyone working together was only created a hole that was dozens of feet long and wide.

Not to mention the thickness of the barrier.

But under such a comparison, a hole in the barrier was nothing more than a small brick missing from an entire castle.

“Its pointless…”

This sigh made everyone feel powerless.

“Why dont we go”

Someone suggested turning back.

To be honest, the more they cracked at the array, the more panicky they felt.

It was still the same sentence.

Although the treasure was good, they had to be alive to take it!

“Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…”

At this moment, some air-piercing sounds came from the horizon.

Everyone raised their eyes and looked over.

This was also a team of treasure hunters.

The leader was a white-clothed fatty.

And beside him was a white-clothed woman holding a small bronze cauldron.

“Miss Mo, can this array be shattered”

Rong Dahao wasnt bothered about the people in front of him at all.

When he heard the commotion from the Great Mist Array, he figured that there were people inside.

He could tell at a glance where the people were gathered.

And now, this group of people who had arrived earlier was trapped by the second Heaven and Earth Great Array.

There were only two explanations.

First, either the person who had broken the array earlier wasnt skilled enough, or he was proficient in one-way spiritual array techniques and had coincidentally broken the pink mist array.

Two, or the Spirit Array Caster was no longer in the team.

“It can.”

Mo Mo nodded her head lightly.

She didnt even hesitate.

In her eyes, the World Sealing Chains could seal anything.

Let alone this common ice power.

“Da Da Da.”

Everyone landed on the ground.

The two teams immediately confronted each other.

Obviously, those who arrived first definitely minded when they saw that there were so many people who also wanted to take a piece of the pie.

They subconsciously blocked in front of the latecomers.

Even if they couldnt break this formation, they didnt want others to get the treasure.

“What do you mean”

Rong Dahao snickered, “Whos the leader here Why are your people so unruly You guys cant break the formation, but we can.

Yet you want to stop us If we really cant enter, everyone will return empty-handed.

Who knows, if the battle over there stopped, those who run slower will have to leave behind a few more corpses.

Wheres your brain!”

These frivolous words directly ignited the anger of those who arrived first.

“Heh, you make it sound so easy.

This is the Heaven and Earth Great Array.

Earlier, we only managed to break one because Elder Zhao was here.

You guys…”

The person who spoke looked around and saw that there were all young people.

“Among you guys, are there any Spirit Array Casters”

“Are they even at the Innate Stage yet”

“How dare they talk about shattering the array”

With this confrontation, the situation was on the verge of exploding.

“Who are you scolding in this roundabout manner!”

“We are…”

Rong Dahao raised a hand, and the people behind him immediately stopped their clamoring.

In comparison, their team, which had a true leader, had much stricter discipline than those random troops.

“Is there anyone whose words hold some weight Come out.” Rong Dahao said indifferently.

That confidence and calmness directly suppressed the anger of the other side.

“Stop pretending…”

Someone muttered.

No one replied loudly.

After all, this group of people was formed by several teams.

At this moment, the leaders of the previous teams had gone in search of the White Cave.


Elder Zhao had no choice but to step forward.

“Young man, do you really have a way to break the formation”

“Just ask your people to move aside.”

Rong Dahao laughed coldly.

“Theres not much time.

If we continue to argue, everyone will return empty-handed.

Just let our Miss Mo, show you a trick.”

Mo Mo frowned.

However, she did not say anything.


Elder Zhao suppressed the teams urge to start another riot.

With a soft word, he looked at the woman holding the small bronze cauldron.

“Move aside.”

The people behind him were rational and cleared the area.

Soon after, a small ice cave that was dozens of feet long and wide appeared in front of Rong Dahao.

“After shattering the Array for so long… this was it”

Rong Dahao cackled away inwardly.

However, he did not show it.

Otherwise, forget about Mo Mo making a move, a chaotic battle would be inevitable for everyone present.

“Miss Mo, Please.”


Mo Mo took light steps and arrived at the entrance of the cave.

She slowly extended her hand.


The voice of the Grey Mist Figure suddenly sounded in her mind, “There is an extremely overbearing burning energy.

Can you sense it”


Mo Mo held her breath.

She did not sense it at all.

“Theres a Heaven and Earth Great Array at that battle place!”

“Its very unstable…”


The Grey Mist Figure suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “This power, why does it feel a little familiar…”

“Is there any special situation”

Mo Mo could not sense the burning energy, which was isolated by the Heaven and Earth Great Array, by Grey Mist Figure at all.

She asked, “Why dont I shatter the array first so that it wont be troublesome later”

“Wait a little longer…”

The Grey Mist Figure calmed himself down.

He remembered now.

At that time, at Tianxuan Gate where he had been beaten the most miserably in his entire life.

He sensed a similar power from that kid.

But it was not so violent!


Was it a coincidence

That guy should not be able to grasp such power.

No matter how fast he grew, it was not to such an extent.

Moreover, it wasnt certain whether he would come or not!

“Dont shatter the array yet.”

The Grey Mist Figure hesitated.

“It seems like its about to come out.

That power should be caused by the battle…”

“I see.”

He paused for a moment as if he was thinking.

After a long while, he said, “Wait a moment.

I can sense the aura inside this ice barrier.

Its very majestic, but can also be extreme.”

“Wait until the battle over there detonates the scorching energy.

Then, shatter the array and draw out the extreme ice aura inside.”

“When the two are combined, it will definitely blow up the entire place.”

“None of these noisy ants will survive.

At that time, it will save us a lot of trouble taking theThree Days Frozen Calamity.”

Mo Mo was stunned.

Blow up

All of them will die

From the corner of her eyes, including her own people, there were around forty to fifty people here.

Just because she wanted to take the treasure, all of them had to die

“Theres no need for that.”

She shook her head indifferently.

“If they really want to snatch it from me, just seal them all.

I can help you get the cold flame without hurting the innocent.”

“Are you stupid If you really want to fight, its not just a matter of effort.

If theres any delay, those involved in the other side might rush over.

You might not be able to win.”

“Dont I still have you”


Grey Mist Figure was so angry that he was amused.

“This is something that can be solved without me doing anything!”

“But I dont like it.” Mo Mo chuckled.

Grey Mist Figure fell silent.

This girl was just like that.

Always refusing to go with his plans!

Sometimes, he really could not stand it at all.

However, he could not do anything about it.

Shes the host.


“Why arent you starting Can you do it or not!”

While the two of them were talking, the people around them were getting impatient.

This woman walked over like she could melt an iceberg, but her hand had been there for a long time.

She didnt shatter the Array.

There was no fluctuation of spiritual source either…

“Are you touching the ice”

“What are you waiting for!”

“If you really cant do it, no one will laugh at you.

Just come down quickly, and everyone can work together to break the ice, right”

“What are you acting posh about…”

Mo Mos smile froze.

She turned around and glanced at the person who spoke.

That persons hair stood on end immediately.

Instantly, his voice stopped.

“Can it really work Seriously….”

“Can you hurry up”

The people on the other side did not see what occurred.

When he heard that there were no more complaints, he immediately followed up.

“If I must say, everyone, lets continue to work together to attack.”

“You bunch of newcomers, as long as you know the rules, itll be fine.”

“Once a treasure appears, Elder Zhao, who broke through the Array previously, will have the first choice.

The rest will be divided equally.”

“If we encounter a true treasure…”

“Hehe, whoever obtains it will also have to take out a treasure of the same weight and divide it equally.”

“Yes, yes, did you hear that The Rules!”


The crowd shouted, causing Rong Dahao to frown.

He ignored them and took a few steps forward to Mo Mos side.

“Miss Mo, did you discover anything new”


Mo Mo silently retracted her gaze.

The use of her spiritual source, a grayish-white mist appeared.

In an instant, the ice barrier collapsed at a visible speed.

“Chi Chi…”

The slight sound of melting ice immediately suppressed the clamor of the crowd.


Everyone looked in shock at the ice cave that had been pushed more than ten feet in.

They were all dumbstruck.

“What kind of power is this”


“Is this a spiritual array technique Or what…”

The Sealing Power once again displayed its might and left everyone dumbfounded.

Mo Mo pressed her hand on the ice barrier as if nothing had happened as she advanced step by step.

Wherever she passed by, the hard ice that was formed by the Heaven and Earth Great Array, including the spiritual patterns, were turning into ashes and dissipating into the surrounding.

Ten feet.

Thirty feet.

Fifty feet..

“What a good fellow!”

As she advanced, everyones eyes were filled with shock.

To think that this ice barrier was so thick!

In that case, the small hole that they had created earlier was just the tip of an iceberg!

If they were to break through the ice at that speed…

It was likely that the white skeleton on the other side would have finished the battle and came over to kill them multiple times.

Their progress in breaking through the ice was probably less than half.

The entire place fell silent.

“Chi Chi” sounds could be heard it advanced.

Everyone silently looked at as Mo Mo walked straight in.

Very quickly, her figure disappeared from their sight.

“Keep up, keep up.”


Everyone reacted and entered one after another.

However, the cave entrance was so small.

How could it accommodate forty to fifty people

“Dont Squeeze, F * ck, My Foot”

“Get in line, understand”

“Do you understand the rule of first come, first served Ill go, Dont Push.”

“Those at the back, get out first.

We dont know what dangers lie ahead…”

“AH –”


The noise was an eyeopener for Mo Mo.

She suddenly felt that Grey Mist Figures suggestion was not bad.

However, no matter how displeased she was, the Sealing Power in her hand did not stop.

She even deliberately widened the surroundings to prevent the anxious fellows behind from starting a fight.


The voice of the Grey Mist Figure appeared again.


Mo Mos hand paused as she asked in her heart.


“Wait, dont look up!”

The Grey Mist Figure suddenly said in panic.

It was too late.

Mo Mo heard it and subconsciously raised her head.

As far as she could see, there was also a layer of ice above her.

However, she immediately saw it through her spiritual perception.

A crack suddenly appeared in the sky.

Then, a man in a red dress walked out from it.


“Whats wrong”

“Is there a special situation”

In the ice cave, even though Mo Mo subconsciously lowered her head again, everyone also sensed that something was wrong and looked up at the same time.


“Is there anything…”

Everyone was puzzled.



Someone cried out in horror, “Above, in the sky, in the sky! Is this… a stowaway”

Storyteller held onto his dress.

He had deliberately changed into a new set of clothes, wanting to break through the spatial fragment again.

But he still miscalculated.

If he didnt succeed, despite making it through theNine Death Thunder Calamity, without special treasures to protect him, he still suffered a few cuts on his body.

Before he could change into a new set of clothes…

He saw that in the ice layer below, dozens of people were staring at the bottom of his dress with their eyes wide open.

At this moment, he was also stunned.

The next second, he immediately came back to his senses.

“AH –”


“A bunch of perverts!”

Storyteller bent down and closed his legs, immediately covering his private parts with his red dress.

It was only after he did this that he regained his senses.

“How… Can they see me”

How could this bunch of fellows who were only at Master realm be more alert than the three Red Coats

The moment he appeared, they turned their gazes over




The Grey Mist Figures slightly flustered voice sounded in Mo Mos mind.

The next second, he realized that the plan of “running” was completely unrealistic!

There were many people behind him.

If he were to turn around…

Forget about running, it would be difficult for him to take a single step!

“Advance ahead, lets go into the ice first!”

This time, he really wanted to strangle this lady to death.

He had already said that all that needed to be done was to blow them all up.


Bodhisattva Heart, huh Perfect!

Youve completely blocked our escape route!

Mo Mo immediately realized that something was wrong.

A stowaway was a stowaway.

It was not like she had never seen a Sovereign before.

But what kind of person was so strong that even Grey Mist Figure would be in such a panic

She immediately increased the output of her spiritual source.

The Sealing Power surged.

However, the thickness of the ice barrier was not something that could be broken through in an instant with the sealing powershe had.


Storytellers eyes lit up.

What did he see

“Sealing power”

There was actually a genius who had awakened the sealing power in this small white cave!

Seeing that everyone was still panicking and hesitant about their next step, but only the girl kept forward with her head lowered.

He instantly understood.

Not everyone had noticed him.

It was this girl who was the first to notice the fluctuations in the void.

“What are you all playing at Wait for me!”

As he spoke, he pinched the corner of his skirt and floated down from the sky.

“F * ck, this guy is coming down.”

This time, everyone panicked.


Sovereign or stronger!

This was common knowledge, and everyone present knew about it.

But if that was all there was to it, then forget it.

There were many people here, and even a stowaway at the Sovereign level might not choose to silence all of them for the sake of concealing their whereabouts.

After all, it was easy to attract the Red Coats.

The main thing was…

This stowaway was really too scary.

He was clearly a man, but he was wearing a red dress.

Coupled with that sickly soft voice…

The moment he landed, the few men who could not squeeze into the ice cave instantly felt their legs go weak.

“I, I, I…”

“Im not looking for you guys, get lost.”

Storytellers mind was not on this bunch of ants.

“Sigh, sigh, sigh.”

The dozen or so people at the entrance of the cave immediately fled as if they had been granted amnesty.

“Full speed!”

Grey Mist Figure became nervous.

He looked at Mo Mos Sealing Power and suddenly said without care, “Come on, let me do it!”

Mo Mos entire body tensed up.

“No, you promised me, without my permission…”


She suddenly grunted and her entire body began to twitch violently.

In the next second, a terrifying gray mist erupted from her body and completely dissolved the ice layer within the several hundred feet radius.

“Dont hurt anyone…”

Mo Mos eyes regained a trace of consciousness as she pleaded with all her might.


Grey Mist Figure instantly took over her body and frowned.

He ultimately decided not to completely seal everyone to their death here.


The gray mist gathered.

In the next second, his entire body shot forward like a cannonball.

Storytellers eyes flashed with excitement.

“Ghost Beast”

His eyes were wide open, as if he had seen an interesting toy.

“You want to run Hehe, little guy, come over and let me have a look.”

He made a hand seal.

“Ice Escape!”

His entire body merged into the ice layer, and with a speed that completely surpassed Grey Mist Figure, he whistled through the air above everyones heads.

“What the hell…”

Rong Dahaos mind went blank, and he fell helplessly to the ground.

He looked at the two who were running away and giving chase.

Then, he thought of the gentle-looking Mo Mo from before, and for a moment, his mind was unable to process it.

“Ghost… Ghost Beast Host”

Rong Dahao was in a daze.

Mo Mo, whom he was so proud of… whom he was determined to conquer, was actually a Ghost Beast Host

Was this his outstanding investment vision

He directly tapped on a Ghost Beasts body

“I, I and a Ghost Beast host just… walked the entire way”

Thinking of this, his entire body was drenched in cold sweat.


The crowd cried out in alarm.

Most of the people saw the two fellows who were sprinting at full speed and immediately chose to give up on the treasure.

Even though they didnt know what the situation was like.

But under such circumstances…


What was that!

Was it more important than their lives

However, a very small portion of people noticed that so much of the ice layer had been dissolved in an instant, and that the two people in front of them completely ignored them…

In addition to Grey Mist Figres path of advancement, a straight path leading to the treasure was paved…


Some finally gritted their teeth and chose to live and die for the treasure!

“Buzz –”

They were making the decisions of their life, the ground shook, and a wave of scorching energy suddenly spread out.

In the blink of an eye.

The surrounding ice layer began to turn into water, falling down one drop at a time.

“Whats going on”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

In the ice, they actually felt a terrifying heat rising

“Its… its so hot.”

“Is there something wrong with this place Why is it so hot”

Pu Pu..


“Youre on fire.

F * ck, Im on fire Too!”

“Save me, put out the fire!”

“Water, water element users, quickly come over!”

“AH –”


Screams and panicky voices filled the air.

“This is…”

Storyteller stopped in surprise.

He suddenly lowered his head.

Where his spiritual senses reached, an indescribable white lava was erupting and breaking out of the ground.

This time, even Storytellers scalp went numb.

“Damn, why did it explode”


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