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Chapter 509: How Important Was Xu Xiaoshou

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“Whats that”

The grey mist figure was dumbfounded.

He had originally thought that with the Red Coat person around, the red-dressed pervert would be frozen here as well.

Logically speaking, the latter should have been completely kicked out of the battle.

However, he never expected that this fellow would be so scheming.

“Therefore, he had long noticed that there was something wrong with the hailstorm.

He deliberately showed weakness to the enemy and was ultimately defeated by the Red Coat.”

“To completely avoid the Black Death Mark that he had prepared in advance” The grey mist figure thought about it in horror.

The Night Guardian was also shocked by the Storyteller that came out of his mouth.

“This guy…”

Originally, the Night Guardian was already very embarrassed after falling into the grey mist figures trap.

However, this wave created by the Storyteller seemed to have directly pushed his IQ to the ground and step on it.

Of course, among the combat strengths present, the highest was probably the Night Guardian.

However, in this kind of high-end game, combat strength was usually not the most important factor.

And in terms of brains…

It was very obvious.

The Night Guardian was at the bottom.

He might not even be able to compare to Xu Xiaoshou, who had already escaped.


“Didnt I give you a weapon prohibition order How could you still…”

The Night Guardian didnt dare to believe it at all.

The method of spitting out living people should be a certain spiritual technique.

But since it was a spiritual technique.

Under the weapon prohibition order, how could the Storyteller use it

“Hehe, who doesnt have a trump card”

The Storyteller giggled and inserted one hand into the original Storytellers left chest, digging out a beating heart.

Then, he crushed it with one hand and took out a golden magic pill that was hidden inside.

His spiritual source shook.

The original wax sealed on the golden magic pill fell off.

The Storyteller swallowed the pill in one gulp.

In an instant, the aura on his body soared.

“Original Book of Heaven and Earth!”

He put his hands together and shouted.

“Buzz –”

In an instant, heaven and earth shook.

The space where the three of them were in seemed to have turned into an ancient book that had exploded earlier.

The grey mist figure, who only had time to accelerate and wanted to rush out of this world, suddenly realized that he seemed to have rushed into a two-dimensional world from a three-dimensional space.

He felt that everything had become flat!

“What the hell is this!”

He roared in alarm.

At this moment, the grey mist figure panicked.

This kind of bizarre spatial technique was something that any spiritual cultivator, including ghost beasts, would fear the most.

And yet…

The ability of the Storyteller wasnt just a bizarre spatial technique.

In fact, it was even more difficult to deal with than ordinary spatial power.


The grey mist figure punched out, wanting to shatter the two-dimensional space that was restraining him.

But two dimensions were two dimensions.

The punch that was supposed to be thrown forward had turned into a straight line.

The spiritual source that was supposed to be thrown at the spatial barrier at a right angle had turned into a torrent that poured into the empty space in front of him.

It was as if ink had been spilled on a piece of paper.

The grey mist figure threw a punch, and the empty space on the void paper was instantly filled with sealing mist.

Then, there was nothing else!

The Night Guardian was shocked.

He watched as the void paper slowly flipped over.

And no matter how the grey mist figure inside tried to resist, there was nothing it could do.

Until the entire spatial paper was dyed gray by the sealing mist.

In the picture, the extremely crafty seal ghost beast was no longer seen.

“Saint Servant, seventh in command…”

The Night Guardian sighed.

He finally understood that these rankings were not for nothing.

This kind of strange ability.

Not to mention the grey mist figure, even if he was sealed, he might not be able to escape.


The Storyteller pinched his orchid finger and excitedly pinched his elbow against his ribs.

In the next second, he loosened his arms again and pulled out two long streams of mucus from his body.

He appeared extremely uncomfortable.


He retched.

The Storyteller pulled out the spatial ring on the previous Storytellers finger.

Then, his spiritual sources shook and the mucus on his body was completely blown away.

Only then did he take out a brand new red dress from the ring and put it on himself.

Only then did he remove the awkwardness of his spiritual sources covering his body.


He formed a hand seal.

The huge spatial paper in the void became smaller again.

Finally, it landed in the Storytellers hand.

A palm-sized piece of paper.

It imprisoned the seal ghost beast that had fooled the Red Coat Night Guardian once.

The sealing mist that was flowing on the screen seemed to be the biggest mockery, announcing who would be the final winner.

“Little fellow, still trying to escape from me”

The Storyteller laughed tenderly and stuffed the paper in front of his chest.

Space-type treasures could not overlap with spatial rings.

Otherwise, an unstable situation could easily trigger a chain reaction.

At that time, forget about the spatial paper.

Even his spatial ring, including all the treasures inside, would probably disappear into the spatial fragments.

“Hehe, Little Red Coat, what else do you have to say”

The Storyteller smiled as he stepped forward and stopped in front of the Night Guardian.

He bent down and asked teasingly.

“How did you do it”

The Night Guardian asked in a low voice.

He felt that his battle this time…

Was a complete mess!

No wonder he was not suitable to be the leader of the Red Coat team.

When it came to such encirclement of ghost beasts, or encirclement of the terrifying forces on the continent, there had to be someone who had the brains to take the lead even if they did not have outstanding strength.

No wonder that Lan Ling instructed him not to act rashly if he discovered a ghost beast.

He had to wait until someone came over to support him before he could take action…

What a mistake!

He raised his head helplessly and looked at the sky.

He was finally willing to face reality.

“How did you do it…”

The Storyteller repeated this sentence and chuckled.

“Didnt I tell you before Before the weapon prohibition order, I had already shattered the ancient book space and released everything.”


The Night Guardian was keenly aware of this word again.

He suddenly understood something.

“Thats right!”

The Storyteller snapped his fingers proudly.

“Theeverything Im referring to wasnt limited to those two guys.”

“More importantly, it was to take out the spiritual source that was going to stimulate my second incarnation.”

“In the ancient book space, it could store more than just humans and ghost beasts.”

As he spoke, he suddenly smiled, shook his head, and sighed.

“Sigh, I originally didnt have any expectations.”

“Because even if this energy was released and a weapon prohibition order was placed on it, I didnt have any chance to absorb it.”

“But surprisingly, your attention was completely attracted by those two fellows.”

“They even interrupted my absorption midway and didnt notice anything abnormal.”

“Tsk tsk, this brain…”

The Storyteller patted his chest as he spoke with lingering fear.

The Night Guardians body froze.

“So, you took advantage of the time when you were frozen to hide in the ice layer to absorb spiritual source, and finally successfully unsealed it”


The Storyteller was about to praise him, but his voice faltered.

“You reacted so late, I cant praise you for beingsmart, hehe.”


The Night Guardian was not stingy with his praise.

He continued to ask, “Then, that magic pill hidden in your heart…”

“Were you stalling for time”

The Storytellers expression suddenly turned cold as he interrupted him.

The Night Guardian felt that the Black Death Mark in his body was about to be destroyed.

He could now use a portion of his spiritual source.


The Night Guardian admitted it without any hesitation and smiled, “Even if I didnt drag things out, I think that the pill is only your emergency method.”

“You, still have the strength to fight with me”

The Storyteller stretched his lazy waist, “I dont have that much energy to play with an old bone like you.

Its not fun at all.

But that little brother…”

He glanced regretfully in the direction where Xu Xiashouu had fled, his heart filled with regret.

A little fellow that he had sealed in the ancient book space was actually able to obtain the Three Days Frozen Calamity under the suppression of the seal ghost beast!

This was something that even the Storyteller would not dare to imagine.

But that was the truth.

Coupled with the crazy words that he had heard from the kid in the ice earlier.

“My ambition is not in Tiansang, but the five regions…”

The Storyteller muttered softly, feeling his heart pounding wildly.

God knows.

At that time, he was so excited that he almost broke out of the ice.

Fortunately, his reason forcefully suppressed his lust.

For the mission, the Storyteller finally restrained his impulse and chose to obediently absorb the spiritual sources.

He did not find Wen Ming that his brother talked about.

However, when such a tempting little brother appeared in front of him, and he could not bring him back to the Saint Servants.

It was truly a pity.

“What a pity.

If that little brother could leave a little later, he might choose to leave with me…”


The Night Guardian heard this and laughed loudly, “Do you think that he would leave with you if he could even reject a Red Coat”

The Storyteller rolled his eyes at the old man in front of him.

“If he goes back with you, hes bound to suffer.

Naturally, he would not agree.

However, it would be different if he were to follow me…”

As he spoke, he cupped his cheeks with both hands, and a look of longing appeared in his eyes.

“That would be to enjoy happiness!”


The Night Guardian immediately felt goosebumps all over his body.

He jumped up, bounced away from the Storyteller, and fell a few feet away.

“Have you delayed enough time”

The Storyteller was neither surprised nor happy.

After retracting his longing expression, he turned his head to look at the scheming Red Coat man.

“Theres no need to delay.”

The Night Guardian tilted his head and looked to the side in the distance.

“You have a backup plan.

The people Ive been waiting for are also here.”


The Storyteller looked in the direction of the Night Guardians gaze in surprise.

As expected.

A figure suddenly appeared in the air.

It was an extremely muscular, bald, middle-aged man whose muscles completely bulged his red robe.

He was bald, and he looked at everything in the field with a silly smile.

“Night Guardian, how did you get beaten up so badly”

“Wheres the seal ghost beast”

The Night Guardian sighed.

“Youre a step too late.

Otherwise, not only would you be able to capture the seal ghost beast, but youd also be able to catch a kid whos even more dangerous than that smelly rat.”


Xin was stunned.

“A kid”

“Lets not talk about him.”

The Night Guardian felt a headache whenever he thought about Xu Xiaoshou.

He turned to look at the Storyteller and said, “You should know him… Saint Servant, the seventh chief!”


Xin was suddenly dumbfounded.

Didnt they say that they were coming after the seal ghost beast

That specially made communication bead was to capture the seal ghost beast.

Why would they bring such a troublesome character along

“The Storyteller” Xin turned his head to the side and recalled the information about the Nine Saint Servants.


The Storyteller stared at the man in the sky with his eyes wide open.

He seemed to be drooling.

After a long pause, he finished the second half of his sentence.

“Youre so strong!”

This time, Xin felt a chill from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

“Whats that” He couldnt help but send a voice transmission to the Night Guardian.

“Dont talk nonsense.

I am trying to undo the seal.

I dont have time to fight with him for the time being.

You take him down first.

This is just an avatar,” the Night Guardian replied.


Xin was even more shocked.

Why was the situation in this place getting more and more difficult to deal with the more he understood

“Its not the kind of clone you think it is.”

The Night Guardian felt a headache coming on.

Xins brain was even more useless than his, and he only had a slightly better intuition toward the ghost beast.

He didnt want to explain anything at all.

“Its just a small trick similar to a clone.

You can think of it as an ordinary spiritual technique… anyway, since that fellow is injured, dont waste your breath on him.

Take him down first.”

“The seal ghost beast is hidden in thespatial paper on his chest!”

Xins eyes steadied, and killing intent instantly burst forth from his eyes.

“He had a connection with the ghost beast” He questioned the Storyteller.

“Thats right.”

The Storyteller narrowed his eyes and looked at the sky.

Suddenly, he raised both of his hands lightly.

Xins body tensed up as if he was facing a great enemy.

“Dont be nervous, Big Brother.

I wont fight with you.”

The Storyteller said in a sweet voice.

Both of his hands suddenly joined together and collided, instantly shattering his forearms.

Following that, a small spatial vortex appeared from where both of his arms were broken, becoming bigger and bigger.

In less than a breaths time, it turned into a spatial vortex that was half the height of a person.

“Teleportation portal”

“Trying to run”

Xins eyes focused, and he was about to pounce on him.

However, he realized that this world had been completely sealed off.

“Im not running.”

The Storyteller smiled and said, “I know that I cant run away, so I sacrificed an avatar to freeze this space.”

He turned to look at the Night Guardian, “Even if you have the Power of the Higher Void, even if you have fully recovered your strength now, you wont be able to break through the space sealed off by the sacrificial power of my avatar for a short time.”

“So, watch my performance!”

“Chi Chi…”

As his voice gradually fell, the Storytellers body began to turn into light spots from the soles of his feet and gradually disintegrated.

However, he unhurriedly used his spiritual sources to hook the spatial paper in front of his chest and sent it into the space whirlpool bit by bit.

Then, he also sent the spatial ring that had fallen to the ground into it.

“This is a one-way teleportation portal.”

As the Storyteller moved, he did not forget to explain, “Right now, I am sending everything to the other side.

Are you angry”

His body had already shattered to the crotch, but his tone was extremely proud.

“If you cant get the ghost beast, then his body, including all the treasures, you wont be able to get it either.”


A sound shook the air, and dozens of cracks instantly appeared.

Xins body suddenly collided.

He couldnt watch the seal ghost beast disappear in front of him.


The Storyteller was shocked.

“Another expert”

He didnt expect that his sacrificial power, which could trap the power of the same level, would shatter the space with just one collision.

“A Sovereign Physique”

“No, its not…”

“Is it a special spiritual physique”

The Storyteller pondered and suddenly let out a smile.

Special spiritual physique, so what

So what if it was smashed open!

If he had the ability, would he still be able to follow

“Go for it!”

The Storyteller encouraged.

His body was already smashed to his chest, but his eyes were still full of smiles.

“How about this, Ill give you a chance.”

“Ill leave the one-way teleportation portal for you, and Ill also remove the spatial confinement…”

“If you want to claim the ghost beast, then come in!”


As his final words fell.

The Storytellers entire body turned into specks of light, dissipating into the mortal world.

At the same time.

Xin also felt the power of the heaven and earths power of imprisonment being removed.

He didnt dare to delay and shot toward the gradually shrinking spatial vortex.


Night Guardian immediately shouted from behind, “Xin, stay… stay! Dont go in!”


Xin pulled back his leg from the spatial vortex and could not help but turn his head, “Why not Thats a seal ghost beast!”

“Dont fall for it.”

The Night Guardian finally destroyed the Black Death Mark.

He immediately used the dark power to seal this world, preventing Xin from rushing in recklessly.

“What do you mean” Xin was furious.

He watched the spatial vortex disappear before his eyes and could not help but scold, “If I dont have a reasonable explanation today, do you believe that I can read a book of yours in front of Lan Ling”


The Night Guardian looked at the sky speechlessly.

“Do you have a brain”

“Thats the seven hands of the Saint Servant!”

“Just an avatar can plot against me to this extent.”

“Do you think he would be so foolish as to send the seal ghost beast to you so that you can have it at your fingertips”

“Why not” Xin sneered.

“He has no follow-up power at all.

This is the empty city plan!”

“Empty city plan”

“You still know theEmpty City Plan”

The Night Guardian was amused.

“You can also see that this is a one-way teleportation portal.

Then, where will the spatial paper be sent to Use your brain to think.”

“Where” Xin was stunned and scratched his head.

“The main body!”

The Night Guardians head was hurting.

“Didnt the message come from outside that Saint Servant is a three-person operation this time”

“If this spatial paper wasnt sent to his abnormal main body, it would definitely be sent to the Saint Servants Chief.”

“Maybe its the gathering place of the three people.”

“Not to mention that the three unparalleled fellows merged, can you even deal with one of them”

“Isnt it courting death to charge in rashly”

“Uh…” Xin blinked.

“It seems to make sense”

“Youre too stupid.

How can you fight without using your brain” The Night Guardian shook his head.

Xin was so angry that he became speechless for a moment.

Suddenly, he slapped his forehead as if he had remembered something.

“Thats right!”

“You left early, so you probably dont know.

Lan Ling told me to bring you a message about the seventh-in-command of the Saint Servant — the Storyteller.”

“Oh, whats the matter” The Night Guardian became interested.

Xin thought for a moment and said, “The message from Heiming was that this guy shouldnt have appeared in the Eastern Region, but because the Holy Divine Palace received a report letter, they began to pay attention to the Saint Servant, an organization that had given up on attacking for a long time.”

“After unremitting exploration, we finally found another base of this force in the Central Region.”

“This time, it was also led by Moonless Sword Deity.”

Xin suddenly stopped.

Because he knew that when Night Guardian was a White-clothed, he had also participated in that operation.

“Moonless Sword Deity”

The Night Guardian muttered absent-mindedly.

After calming down for a while, he said, “Continue.”

Xin continued, “The Storyteller was the leader of the base, but this time is different.”

“When he realized that the base had been discovered, he resolutely disbanded all the members.

He also received the news in advance and escaped to the Eastern Region.”


“So Moonless Sword Deity also followed” The Night Guardian was overjoyed.

“Yes.” Xin nodded.

“Thats great!”

The Night Guardian immediately clenched his fist in excitement.

“I knew it.

With Moonless Sword Deitys personality, he definitely wouldnt let go of the people from Saint Servant.”

“Coincidentally, he was able to make it here just in time for the Saint Servant trio.”

“Perhaps, we can even catch them all in one go!”

“Thats great, thats great…”

The Night Guardian muttered to himself as he spun around in excitement.

Gou Wuyue was his senior when he was still a White-clothed.

He was also his spiritual leader.

This feeling of being able to meet his idol again, even though he was already quite old, could not help but feel excited.


“But what” The Night Guardian continued to speak in a daze.

At this moment, his consciousness was completely different from Xins.

Xin frowned and seemed to want to say something.

However, seeing the Night Guardians excited expression, he temporarily swallowed back the unrealistic rumor.

“Its nothing.

Its just a small rumor.

Its not a big deal.”

“I see!”

The Night Guardian didnt care.

He suddenly took a few steps forward and touched the location of the spatial vortex.

Sensing the spatial fluctuations, he took out a jade scroll and used his spiritual source to memorize it.

Then, he threw the jade scroll to Xin.

“Take it.”

“Take this jade scroll to look for Lan Ling.

She should be able to find the Saint Servants hiding place through the spatial fluctuations.”

“Elder Wuyue must have brought a group of White-clothed men with him this time.”

“Tell Lan Ling that White-clothed people dont need to enter the White Cave.

They only need to completely seal off the spatial passages in the surroundings and leave behind a one-way spatial passage primer… Elder Wuyue can do it.”

“When the time comes, if all the stowaways try to leave, they will be directly transferred to a fixed position by the spatial passage primer and fall into the net.

Then, they will be caught in one fell swoop!”

“Good! Thats great!” When Xin heard the plan, his eyes lit up.

He immediately took the jade scroll and put it away.

Suddenly, he realized something.

“What about you”

“If you give me the jade scroll.

What are you going to do”

“Me” The Night Guardians expression froze.

After a long time, he finally sighed, “I… I let go of a person who is even more dangerous than the seal ghost beast.

I have to catch him as soon as possible.”

“More dangerous than the seal ghost beast”

Xins expression instantly turned serious, “Which ghost beast is it What attribute is it Is it a woman”


The Night Guardian shook his head, “It might not even be a ghost beast!”


He pondered, his eyes filled with worry, “But if we follow his dangerous thoughts and develop it, even if he isnt a ghost beast now, Im afraid he will be a ghost beast in the end!”

“Who” Xin asked directly.

The Night Guardian frowned and tilted his head.

He said in a low voice, “Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Xin lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

The Night Guardian quickly turned his head around, his eyes burning.

“Do you have any impression”

“I dont think so, I dont have any impression…”

Xin hesitated and said, “I dont seem to remember the appearance of this suspect at all, nor do I have any information about him…”


The Night Guardian finally let out a sigh of relief.

No impression

That was a good thing!

Xins intuition could not be wrong.

Sometimes, it was even more accurate than the most accurate instrument inside that the Red Coats had.

If this guy said that he did not have any impression, at least 90%…


At least 50%.

Xu Xiaoshou should not be a ghost beast host body, right

The Night Guardian clenched his fists.

He had never been so nervous about a young man before.

But Xu Xiaoshou was different.

This was the first kid that he took a fancy to and wanted to groom as a successor.

Even if he had done something wrong at the moment, his thoughts were still correct.

At most, he was a little extreme.

In short, he hadnt gone too far astray, and there was still room for repentance.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou was a ghost beast host body at the moment, according to his current way of thinking, there was still a chance to save him.

After all.

Those who had not been completely poisoned by the ghost beasts thoughts could be completely eradicated through special means.

Although it took time, effort, and money if this person was Xu Xiaoshou…

It was worth it!

The Night Guardian secretly made up his mind.

No matter what.

He had to find Xu Xiaoshou again, and he had to bring him to the Red Coat base.

As long as he received the most correct baptism of thought in the Holy Divine Palace, he would be able to completely turn over a new leaf.

“Take the jade scroll and send it back to Lan Ling as soon as possible.

Dont let anything happen to her.”

The Night Guardian gave an order and turned to look into the distance.

“I might be a little late to go over to help.”

“Dont worry.

Heiming has already come in.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have the time to come over.”

Xin explained and casually asked, “What about you Are you here for Xu Xiaoshou”

“Yes.” The Night Guardian nodded.

“Is he very important”

“Very important!”

“How important More important than having the Fourth Sword” Xin couldnt believe it.

The Night Guardian closed his eyes with a heavy heart.

He thought of Xu Xiaoshous terrifying growth rate, as well as his great ambition of “My ambition is not in Tiansang, but the five regions.”

Perhaps, it really was as that kid said.

The second Eighth Sword Deity might not necessarily be, it was completely impossible…


The Night Guardian opened his eyes, and there was determination in his eyes.

He clenched his fist and said with a sonorous and forceful voice, “Perhaps not only the Fourth Sword, the entire White Cave, including the ghost beasts, and even the Saint Servant….

all of them added together is not as important as him, Xu Xiaoshou!”


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