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Chapter 511: Aje and His Two Underlings

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“Little Ice Lotus, undo the seal of the Infernal Fire Seed.”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses connected with the Infernal Fire Seed in his energy reserve.

It was all talk and no action.

If he really wanted to subdue the Infernal White Skeleton, the best way was not to subdue it by force.

Instead, he could use some kind of primitive temptation that could keep it hanging so that it could serve him willingly.

There was no doubt that the Infernal Original Seed was such an existence.

After being in the White Cave for so many years, the Infernal White Skeleton had not been able to obtain the power of this fire seed.

Once he had completely subdued the Infernal Original Seed, would he be afraid that the Infernal White Skeleton would follow him obediently

“Ding, Ding, Ding…”

After receiving the order, the Three Days Frozen Calamity lifted the Infernal Original Seed from its frozen state.

The pitiful fire seed was unable to use most of its power under the restriction of the wretched saint.

It could only curl up in a corner.

“Have you figured it out”

Xu Xiaoshou directly used his mind to communicate with the Infernal Original Seed.

The spiritual quality of such a divine object was too high.

There was no need to be afraid that it would not understand.

Even if it pretended that it did not understand, at most, it would only be imprisoned for a while.

Once its strength increased…

Wouldnt refining it be a matter of minutes

It was very obvious.

The Infernal Original Seed knew this as well.

When living under someone elses roof, those who were tactful should lower their heads.

After realizing that it was completely unable to resist its own sealing power, it hummed and trembled a few times before taking the initiative to form a contract with Xu Xiaoshou.

“PFFF –”

A faint sound surged out from within the energy reserve.

Following the complete acceptance of the Infernal Original Seed, Xu Xiaoshou could once again sense that there was an additional strand of intimate connection between him and the other divine object above the energy reserve.


After the contract was successfully formed, the energy reserve suddenly trembled and actually surged up once again.

“Spiritual object feedback”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He had experienced this familiar feeling when he had completely mastered the Three Days Frozen Calamity.


At that time, it was an unfamiliar ice power.

No matter how pure it was, the first moment he absorbed it made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Later on, it was the Breathing Technique that converted the energy into comfort.

But now.

After the Infernal Original Seed accepted itself, the energy that the spiritual object had fed back was not only from the same infernal lineage, but it was also different from the pain it felt when it swallowed the Infernal Fire Seed.

Although the quality of this energy had greatly improved, it could completely restrain its own energy.

As a result, the infernal power that gushed out from the Infernal Original Seed was instantly assimilated by the spiritual source in the energy reserve.

There was no pain at all!

Even with the help of the Breathing Technique.

It began to improve the essence of the spiritual source, pushing it to another level of quality.

“White Flame!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly came to a realization.

He immediately took out the jade scroll that Elder Sang had given him — Infernal Heavenly Flames – White Flames.

With a sweep of his spiritual senses, he immediately mastered the conversion method of white flame.

“Its still the basic cultivation method of the Infernal Heavens, but the form of the white flame is no longer energy compression or temperature compression…”

“Its Energy Gathering Core!”

A strange expression appeared on Xu Xiaoshous face.

When he cultivated the Infernal Heavens, it was surprisingly easy.

With just a compression, he was able to do it.

And now.

The method of converting the Infernal Heavenly Flames into white flame was to form an energy black hole in the form of an ion collapse.

Then, using the suction force of the energy black hole, all the Infernal Heavenly Flames were absorbed and compressed into it, forming the white flame with the highest temperature.

This method of “Energy Gathering Core” not only ensured that the “core” itself compressed the highest energy, but at the same time, it was able to use the suction force of the “core” to perfectly control the residual temperature around it.

This was also the reason why the Infernal Original Seed did not seem to have a high temperature on the surface, and it was not as big or as ostentatious as the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

In essence.

As long as one detonated thenucleus during battle.

Just like condensing a pill, this thing would be able to form a terrifying volcanic eruption effect.

From there, the temperature would rise to the extreme in an instant, completely surpassing the temperature of the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

“Ah ha.”

“Ah ha ha…”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

This was the reason why his expression was weird.

If he was holding the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed now, perhaps he would need to use the method of gathering core.

This was because the description of the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed in the jade scroll was that the energy was in a state of constant detonation and full display.

It could not be compressed.

Therefore, in terms of level, it was one level lower than the Infernal Original Seed.

But the Infernal Original Seed was different!

This thing already possessed the ability to shrink and burst out with high temperatures.

Hence, when Xu Xiaoshou looked at the jade scroll, he completely understood.

The energy form of the Infernal Original Seed in his body was the way of gathering core.

Under the condition that the Infernal Original Seed completely accepted him, the fundamental transformation of its spiritual source was assimilation!

It assimilated its spiritual source in the direction of gathering core to achieve the degree of being able to freely control the white flame!


“Doesnt this mean that I, Xu Xiaoshou, dont have to do anything”

After realizing this, Xu Xiaoshou became a little arrogant.

He actually completely gave up the opportunity to mold the white flame that he could only obtain when he devoured the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

Then, he watched as the Infernal Original Seed modified its own energy without interfering and chose to condense it.

“Theres really nothing to refine…”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little speechless.

He actually wanted to cultivate as others did and work harder.

But it didnt seem like he needed to!

Perhaps Elder Sang had also used the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed to cultivate the white flame, and he had been injured by the failed gathering core several times along the way.

But he, Xu Xiaoshou…

“It was successful”

Not long after, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his energy reserve had been compressed by two-thirds of its original size.

The evolution from quantity to quality was the most direct feedback to him from the “spiritual object feedback” this time.

There was no increase in spiritual sources.

But his strength had increased by more than twice!

Xu Xiaoshou looked at his energy reserve.

He could feel the quality of spiritual sources in it.

It was as if he had returned to the early-stage Origin Court.

It might even be inferior to the early stage Origin Court!

But “quality”…


When he felt the spiritual source within his body completely change into the form of a “Gathering Core”, he realized that he might really have succeeded!

“White flame!”

He opened his left palm and randomly activated his spiritual source.

“Pu Pu.”

As expected.

Along with this light sound, the temperature of his Yuan Mansion suddenly rose.

And the Infernal Heavenly Flames that appeared in his palm were no longer an invisible flame.

Instead, it was a terrifying form of energy that had been compressed to the extreme, and even the Way of the Heavens could no longer hide it — White Flame!


Xu Xiaoshous smile finally bloomed.

“This… what do you mean byit doesnt take any effort to get it”

“This is calledit doesnt take any effort to get it!”

He clenched his right hand again and opened it.

An ice lotus bloomed on top of it.

White flame on his left hand and ice lotus on his right hand.

When these two extreme high and low temperatures appeared on his palm in a specific form, Xu Xiaoshou could no longer suppress his joy.

“Darn this…”

“Who among my peers can stop me”

He threw both his hands out.

White Flame and Ice Lotus immediately flew into the chaotic mist.

When his Perception detected that the two had flown several kilometers away, it should be a place where he would not be hurt, Xu Xiaoshou received a thought.

“Song of Ice and Fire!”

Energy collided!


The chaotic mist directly exploded, attacking the available space in the Yuan Mansion and gushing out wantonly.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

It was so far away, and he could still be hurt

He hurriedly moved his thoughts and looked at the huge black hole in the chaotic mist that had exploded.

He shifted the explosive force and sent it into the spatial fragments.

It was fortunate that he was in the Yuan Mansion.

In this domain, he, Xu Xiaoshou was equivalent to a god.

This was the reason why he could move the explosive force.

However, even if it was a slight friction between the two forces, it could not be said that it was an explosion that was completely fused together.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Xu Xiaoshou was still greatly injured by the force of the explosion.


With a heavy cough, blood flowed out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

He felt as if his brain was about to split open.

The part of his spiritual senses that had moved between the two forces of the explosion just now was also completely annihilated by the terrifying shockwaves in an instant.

Crack —

He looked at the cracks in the void that were continuously breaking apart in the distance of his Yuan Mansion.

He realized that he was wrong.

This Song of Ice and Fire move was definitely not as simple as he had imagined.

At that time, it was only a collision of the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity and the Infernal Original Seed, but it had already blown up the entire Spirit Fusion Swamp.

Now, he had completely mastered both of them.

The power he used was the core.

Under such circumstances, he was actually thinking of trying to touch and explode in his own Yuan Mansion space

“Darn it, Im courting death!”

“Its fine, its fine, its fine.

Its fine that Im in my Yuan Mansion…”

Xu Xiaoshou patted his chest with lingering fear.

He felt that he had saved his own life.

It was fine that he could use spatial power in his Yuan Mansion to send the explosion into the spatial fragments…

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“What are you doing”

His Little Junior Sisters frightened questioning voice was immediately heard from below.

Because the space was sealed by Xu Xiaoshou, even if the power exploded in the chaotic mist, it was controlled in time and didnt hurt the space available in the Yuan Mansion at all.

But even so, the deafening sound just now couldnt be blocked at all.

Mu Zixi was stunned.

She had entered the Yuan Mansion because she wanted to avoid the explosion that Xu Xiaoshou might cause when she was conducting alchemy.

But this fellow…

Why was he experimenting with these things in the Yuan Mansion now

Even if you could afford to play with it, the others here couldnt!

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“Its fine, its fine.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled embarrassedly.

“Its just a small thing…”

He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly felt that something was wrong with the space around him.

It was as if…

It was distorted

In the next second.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom –”

The energy that exploded in the spatial fragment had directly shattered the Yuan Mansion space, destroying the broken towers, the spiritual pond, and even the spiritual herbs in the sky…

Everything was turned upside down.

The chaotic mist raged in all directions.

Dust flew everywhere.

The spirit fish turned white.

Greedy the Cat Spirit was blasted into the sky.

With a “crack” sound, it was embedded into the eye socket of the Infernal White Skeleton.

Xu Xiaoji was cowering in a corner.

It was even more impossible for him to escape this calamity.

The spatial crack tore open under his butt.

His entire body fell in while he shouted.

“Oh my God…”

He looked at the Yuan Mansion space that had completely collapsed and sunk into a black hole.

Then, he looked at Mu Zixi and Yu Zhiwen, who couldnt protect themselves and could only helplessly be swept away by the spatial fragments.

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.


He shouted.

The Yuan Mansion space that had yet to completely collapse was still frozen.

The cracks froze, and the black hole stopped.

Mu Zixis panicked expression froze.

Yu Zhiwens muddled hand seals also became sluggish…


A broken blade shot out from the spatial fragments and transformed into Xu Xiaojis figure.

He looked at the space that seemed to have been completely frozen.

He silently slowed down and found a corner to lie down.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what the hell are you doing!”

Xu Xiaoji had gone mad!

The Yuan Mansion exploded.

Such a good opportunity.

He had thought of taking the opportunity to escape through the spatial fragments.

After all, this was not the first time he had done something like this.

Practice makes perfect.

He should be able to escape.

But the scary thing was.

The Yuan Mansion had been blown up into this state.

Compared to the spatial fragments, it was completely insignificant!

Who had ever seen a situation where even a black hole and fragments directly collapsed

Xu Xiaoji had never seen it before!

But with just a glance, he knew that he had to pass through the center of the explosion of the spatial fragments.

The only other shore that he could reach would be in front of the gates of Hell.

Thus, he had no choice but to enter the Yuan Mansion once again.

He had to enter this place that was shattered but still had a little bit of space to live in.


Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned by the explosion.

He finally knew that the spatial fragment was not omnipotent.

Not all trash could be thrown into it.

If he threw it not too far away, the energy from the explosion would still affect his Yuan Mansion.

But it was still alright.

There was still a chance to save everything.

After all, the spatial barrier had endured everything.

After the Yuan Mansion space was temporarily shattered, it finally began to heal along with Xu Xiaoshous will.

Mu Zixi pressed down on her little heart that was beating wildly.

She looked at the sky in disbelief.

“Xu Xiaoshou! Is this what you mean by… a little toy”


“You want to blow up your Yuan Mansion too”


“Xu Xiaoshou, what on earth were you trying to do!” the little girl roared.

Her tears almost came out.

She almost died for no reason.

What was going on

“Hehe.” Xu Xiaoshou could only smile sheepishly.

“Speak to me!”

Mu Zixi wiped away the lingering tears and said hoarsely, “Speak! Wheres your explanation Arent you eloquent, Xu Xiaoshou!”

Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a long time before he finally restrained the awkwardness on his face.

He raised his chin slightly.

“It was just an attempt.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 4.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 4.”

“Missed, Passive Points, 2.”

“Xu Xiaoshou…” Yu Zhiwen said with lingering fear, “You need a Path Pattern Initial Stone.

Also, in the future, can you give us a mental preparation before you try it”


Xu Xiaoshou immediately nodded obediently and added, “Actually, I wasnt mentally prepared this time.

Hehe, hehe.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 4.”

Looking at the devastated Yuan Mansion space, Xu Xiaoshou fell silent.

This explosion.

It was too unexpected.

A simple experiment could have such terrifying consequences.

“My spiritual herbs…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was bleeding.

The spiritual herbs that he had spent so much effort to dig up after three times of Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step were swallowed by the spatial fragments that appeared for a moment.

That was a fourth-grade spiritual herb!

A Sovereign spiritual herb, every single one of them was a priceless treasure.

And it was ruined by him just like that

“Darn it, I definitely cant test my moves in the Yuan Mansion space in the future,” Xu Xiaoshou thought as he cried.

Not to mention the spiritual herb was gone.

The spirit fish that had been fattened up with great difficulty hadnt had time to eat yet, but those that deserved to die had died from the explosion.

The various poisonous vines, poisonous grass, and poisonous flowers on the ground had spent so much time to feed themselves, and under this explosion, they were reduced by more than half.

This loss was not just a few hundred million!

“Darn it…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a little guilty.

He had let down everyone in the Yuan Mansion space.


“This spiritual technique is a little too awesome…”

When he thought of the power of this spiritual technique that could cause such a consequence after being thrown into the spatial fragment, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but feel excited.

Just the friction of power alone was enough to create such shocking momentum.

If it was completely mixed together, sent into the enemys stomach, and lit up into the sky like fireworks…


Xu Xiaoshou shivered.

He couldnt think, he couldnt think!

Killing a thousand enemies, he would lose a thousand and two!

After using this move, he estimated that if he didnt use Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step ten times, he wouldnt be able to escape the blast radius.

“What a disgusting skill…”

He temporarily suppressed his desire to try again.

Xu Xiaoshou cast his gaze on the Infernal White Skeletons face, pulled out Greedy the Cat Spirit, and casually threw him out.

“Do you see this This is what happens when you resist me.”


“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

The Infernal White Skeleton wilted.

On its skull, a transparent energy halo actually floated out.

“What is this”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“Soul origin!”

Yu Zhiwen was also stunned.

She didnt expect that with just this scare, the Infernal White Skeleton, which was still fiercely resisting just now, would yield

But she immediately came to her senses and reminded, “Quickly put it away.

With the soul origin in your hand, it is equivalent to the White Skeleton completely submitting to you.”

“Its life and death will be decided with a single thought from you.”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

Without any hesitation, he sucked this thing into the Purple Mansion Origin Court.

A hint of intimacy was transmitted over.

“A bond”

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

He could sense that within the soul origin of the Infernal White Skeleton, there was still hatred for him.

However, at this moment, its hatred had been replaced by deep fear.

“Very good.”

“You are very smart.”

Xu Xiaoshou patted the head of the Infernal White Skeleton and said, “Since you have chosen to follow me, I will not let you suffer any losses.

I will repair your body in a while and then take you out for a ride.”

“Moreover, the energy in my body seems to be able to be transmitted to you through the soul origin.”

“In this way, the Infernal Original Seed that youve always dreamed of will be with you in a different way.”

“Are you happy”

“Haha…” the White Skeleton seemed to squeeze out a smile.

Lava flowed out of its mouth as it nodded its head foolishly.

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

“This fellow…”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but laugh and ignored it.

He turned his head to look at the Ice Blue White Skeleton that was still sealed underneath.

The spatial explosion obviously couldnt harm it.

Or rather, with the isolation of the sealing mist, it couldnt harm the Ice Blue White Skeleton inside.


“Why are you here”

Xu Xiaoshou looked curiously at the little monk on top of the White Skeletons head.

Monk Bu Le was speechless.

Why am I here

You should be asking that to yourself!

What have you done Dont you know what youve done

Luckily, the explosion had blasted me onto the White Skeletons skull.

If I was directly sent into the spatial fragment, you wouldnt even have the chance to ask!

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou threw the little monk away.

He pouted his lips and began to absorb the sealing aura.

However, on second thought, wouldnt he also be sealed if he absorbed the sealing aura

He immediately took out the Aje stone and pressed it on the Ice Blue White Skeleton.



Within a few breaths, the sealing aura was completely gone.


The icy power in his Yuan Mansion shook, and the Ice Blue White Skeleton slowly opened its eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at it with a smile.

This guy was obviously not as violent as the Infernal White Skeleton.

When it woke up, he found that he was no longer in the icy realm, and the Three Days Frozen Calamity was not by its side.

Its eyes were a little confused.

The Ice Blue White Skeleton saw Xu Xiaoshou.

This human actually had an aura that it yearned for.

“Are you looking for this”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and an ice lotus appeared.

Xu Xiaoji who was hiding far away took a few steps back like a startled bird.

Not only him, even the steadier Yu Zhiwen subconsciously took a step back.

Mu Zixi was even more frightened as she raised her small hand.

She gripped the tree seed tightly so that when the explosion came, she would be unable to resist and could only wait for death.

“Cough Cough.”

Seeing everyones reaction, Xu Xiaoshou could only cough dryly and ignore them.

He didnt have the heart to continue testing his moves in the White Cave.

Hurting others was a small matter.

His own small space must not be destroyed by his own hands!


The Ice Blue White Skeleton called out softly as it stared at the ice lotus in Xu Xiaoshous hand.

Its eyes were filled with envy.

It had been frozen in the icy realm for so long, and it had only been able to borrow part of the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity by relying on the fate of knowing each other.

But this human in front of it could actually completely control it

“I can lend you my power, but this requires a condition that may not be very advantageous to you…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment and said, “Soul origin!”


The Three Days Frozen Calamity subconsciously let out a soft roar.

Soul origin.

Which heartless White Skeleton would hand over such a thing that concerned their own lives

“It has already been given.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the Infernal White Skeleton, and white flames suddenly appeared on his hand.

“Im sure you can feel it as well.

Not only is it the Three Days Frozen Calamity, but Ive also mastered the Infernal Original Seed, which is completely counter to its power.”

“To you White Cave creatures, I, Xu Xiaoshou, am a God

“Now, God wants to take you out of this small world to see the wider world outside

“Ill leave this opportunity here

“You can decide whether you want to follow me or not.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled gently.

There was arrogance in his words, as well as a hint of reserve.

He had different ways of speaking when dealing with different White Cave creatures.

It was obvious that the Ice Blue White Skeleton was the kind that had its own ideas.

It was not as hot-tempered as the Infernal White Skeleton, so it would probably figure it out very soon.

Without the Heaven and Earth Great Array in the icy realm, its existence as the core of the array had lost its meaning.

Without the accompaniment of the Three Days Frozen Calamity, the consequences of its rejection would be endless loneliness and confusion.

And a creature from the White Cave that had gained sentience and wanted to continue growing.

Now, there was such a good opportunity in front of it.

He could borrow the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity, or he could be given a new goal to explore the truly vast continent.

The only price he had to pay was the freedom that he had yet to find.

Under such circumstances…


It was only a matter of time.


The Infernal White Skeleton called out in a low voice as if it was trying to persuade him in a language that only its kind could understand.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this guy had finally done a good thing.

As expected, not long after, a transparent halo floated above the head of the Ice Blue White Skeleton.

“A very wise choice.”

Xu Xiaoshou gladly accepted it and went forward to pat the head of the White Skeleton gently.

“From now on, you will be happy with your current decision.”

After a pause, he thought seriously for a while and gathered the two White Skeletons in front of him.

“Since you have chosen to follow me, you must have a title that is different from the other White Skeletons, which is also the so-called name.”

“I will give you a holy name!”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he pointed at the Infernal White Skeleton and said, “From now on, you are calledEmber!”

He looked to the other side and said, “You are calledIce!”

Then, he took out a stone.

“This is your big brother…”

“Suspected, Passive Points, 2.”

“His name is Aje!”


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