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Chapter 515: One Shot Into the Soul!

“Steady, steady.”

Xu Xiaoshou calmed down again.

The effect of the passive skill “Transformation” was too good.

Coupled with “Stealth”, a disguise would be flawless.

In addition to the body transformation part, it was more like he had completely unleashed his combat strength.

And now… even if he relied solely on passive skills and did not use sword techniques or Way of Spiritual Cultivation, Xu Xiaoshou had completely changed from a warrior to a warrior-type archer.


Looking at his own body, Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

After a series of experiments, the results he obtained were:


Based on his current level, there were indeed restrictions.

For example, he was unable to transform from an ordinary human form into a 100-meter-tall Infernal White Skeleton.

Even if he wanted to transform, it would be a miniature version of a White Skeleton and about 10 meters tall was the limit.

“Therefore, the current limit of a Master Stage Transformation skill should be around 10 meters.”

“And shrinking…”

Xu Xiaoshou had also tried it.

He could shrink into a half-meter-tall rock at the very least.

If it was any smaller, he wouldnt be able to continue.

Perhaps when he reached the Sovereign level, this passive skill would be able to welcome another breakthrough.

“Is this a passive skill”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little confused.

To be honest.

This Transformation skill, if viewed from a certain level, didnt seem like a passive skill anymore.

On the contrary, it could control the scale of the change, and it was more like an active skill.

However, the system wouldnt have such a big bug.

In other words, his understanding of the Passive Systems “passive” was indeed different from the systems definition.

“Perhaps, I should think of it this way…”

“The appearance of the Transformation skill had changed my bodys genes and turned me into a creature that could shrink at will, and its basic form is a human.”

“Therefore, with such an innate skill, I have the special power to control and change my body at will.”

“This kind of power… is similar to Xu Xiaoji”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

Perhaps this kind of genetic modification was the reason why this passive skill appeared in the system.

According to this understanding, other passive skills could also be explained.

For example, “Perception”.

According to the previous understanding, this was also a passive skill that could actively control the range, unlike other passive skills.

However, from the current perspective, the system should have upgraded its own mental strength, turning it into an ability to spy on the surrounding scenery.

Therefore, this ability would change according to its subjective thinking.

Humans did have passive skills.

It was like how the eyes could see.

You could see a lot of things in an empty state, but once you focused your attention on a certain point, other things would be ignored, and the focus would become clear.

Perception should be magnifying this ability.

This was why after leveling up to the Master Stage, the range of “Perception” could be freely reduced.

“Thats great!”

After understanding the systems definition of passive skills, Xu Xiaoshou felt that there were still too many things waiting for him to discover.

However, there was only a small amount of passive points, and spending it wouldnt feel satisfying.

“Theres no rush, just take it slow…”

After calming down a little, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but smile.

Other people dreamed of having the ability, but he already had so many of them, what was the point of being anxious!

Besides, was it useful to be anxious

“I still have to continue earning passive points!”

With a light sigh, Xu Xiaoshou put down the passive skill “Transformation” and continued to look at the words at the bottom of the information bar:

“Passive Points: 160,576.”


In other words, if I leave 100,000 to Awakening, I still have 60,000 to squander.”

“Another round”

Xu Xiaoshou was very tempted.

The first ten consecutive draws had given him a skill.

This was something he had never expected.

It could be said that this had messed up his entire plan.

As a result, with his current amount of passive points… it made him feel a little rich

“Right, I even obtained aPassive Key just now.

Lets use it first.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled, “It might just be a miracle.

With another skill, this extra 60,000 would enable me to reach the Master Stage.”

Even though he knew that it was just wishful thinking.

But he still had to have a dream.

What if it came true

“Passive Key: 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think too much about it.

He inserted the key into the red wheel, twisted it, and looked back at the information window.


At this moment, the Yuan Mansion space suddenly shook.

“Shocked, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He thought that something had happened to his Yuan Mansion space.

In the next second, he felt that he was wrong.

He was so wrong!

This shock was not caused by the Yuan Mansion space.

It was caused by him!

The scene in front of him was wrong.

As his brain buzzed, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have traveled through time and space and entered a new world.


He was shocked.

“Fantasy realm”

Xu Xiaoshou was in disbelief and became completely dumbfounded.

He just said that and didnt expect that his dream would come true

Fantasy realm… wasnt this the privilege of being proficient in passive skills

“Darn it!”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was so happy that he almost went crazy.

Ten consecutive draws!

50,000 passive points!

And there was even one passive key attached!

But this wave, wasnt it equivalent to him drawing two passive skills in one draw

This was simply a daydream.

He didnt even dare to imagine it!

“Steady, steady…”

His breathing quickened, and Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly calmed himself down.

According to the previous situation, this kind of fantasy realm was the scene of the completion of the passive skill.

If one did not observe it carefully, one might miss out on many important details.

He became focused and looked over.

In front of him was a vast and desolate desert.

It was vast and boundless, with no companion in the world.

In the desert, the sun rose from the east, and the morning started.

On the distant line of heaven and earth, lone geese were flying south, and smoke curled up.

With just a glance, Xu Xiaoshous attention was attracted.

It was too magnificent!

This fantasy realm, just the momentum of the opening scene, gave people an inexplicable pressure.

It was indescribable, but it was truly magnificent.

It was not known whether it was an illusion or not.

With just a glance, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the world was somewhat oppressive.

His breathing, before it had even begun to calm down, became even more rapid.

It was as if he had suddenly shouldered the weight of Mount Tai.

As time passed, under the pressure of this momentum, Xu Xiaoshous back began to hunch.

First, his knees started to tremble, followed by his entire body.

“What is happening”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He fully realize that this pressure was not a fantasy realm, but reality.

But what exactly was the illusion trying to express this time

“Just to let me stand”

“Caw –”

Suddenly, the cry of a wild goose could be heard from the desolate desert.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over and saw the wild goose flying south.

After the wail, it fell from the sky as if it had been shot by a hunter.




His breathing became even faster.

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze.

He vaguely felt that the aura between heaven and earth was even more majestic and difficult to resist.

“What happened”

He didnt have the time to think.

“Weng –”


After the surrounding heaven and earth shook with a “weng” sound, it suddenly cracked open.

First, it was a point in the distance.

Secondly, the shattered space spread out like a shockwave, like ripples spreading out, directly shattering the entire sky.


Xu Xiaoshou couldnt bear this pressure anymore.

He desperately tried to stand up, but this aura was too terrifying.

He immediately kneeled on the ground and fell to his knees.

“Ka Ka…”

The sound of bones cracking could be heard from his knees.

Pain appeared on Xu Xiaoshous face.

He was shocked.

He had a Master Physique, but he shattered his kneecaps with a kneel

“What the hell is this”

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

According to the thoughts of a Spirit Array Caster, if he died in the fantasy realm, his physical body would most likely die as well.

However, up until this moment, he still didnt understand what the fantasy realm was trying to express, so he started fighting back.


It was as if an ancient giant had stepped on the ground, and the world suddenly let out a low, penetrating sound.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his heart skip a beat.

He raised his head with great difficulty, and the bones on his neck were cracked.

However, he just wanted to see what exactly was caused the death of the wild goose and the negative pressure on his body.

With a cracking sound, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the source of the worlds cracking.

A black dot suddenly appeared.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

In the next second.


The giants foot landed again, and the void completely exploded.

Xu Xiaoshous heart was beating so fast that he almost exploded.

“What the hell is this”

Xu Xiaoshou could faintly see the golden light around the giants body when it walked over.

He thought of something.

“Berserk Giant”

“Explosive Posture”

“Is that… me”

He continued to watch in disbelief as the giant landed on the ground again.


This time, he appeared at the edge of the desert.

It was just the edge, and it was so far away that Xu Xiaoshou could already see his face clearly.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

“Is that really me”

He raised his head with difficulty.

At this moment, under the pressure of the power of heaven and earth, even if he wanted to move a finger, he was so powerless.

Even his thoughts began to freeze, completely slowing down.


Another kick landed.

The towering giant that had crossed heaven and earth directly landed a thousand feet away from Xu Xiaoshou.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

Xu Xiaoshou could no longer withstand the majestic pressure.

His limbs exploded, and his flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

He felt his body disintegrating.

At that moment, even the image transmitted by his Perception was blurry.

It was as if everything in the world would cease to exist under the pressure of the giants aura.

Space distorted, and the sun went against the sky.

The desert was sinking, and the sand and rocks were trembling.

Xu Xiaoshou was kneeling on the ground.

His mind was completely blurred, and his body was completely shattered.

But even so, his head, which was raised high, was going against this indescribably terrifying aura!

Fresh blood flowed out of his seven orifices, and his skull began to crack.

It was as if there was a voice sneering at the bottom of his heart.

“Stop struggling.

Can you hold on”

Is that… my voice

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to open his eyes.

The fresh blood was obscure, and it almost blurred most of his vision.

But in the remaining small portion of the scene, what happened to come in was the sky-high giants lowered head.

He seemed to be carrying something on his back, and his back was hunched.

But he was also tenaciously supporting everything.

He straightened his body and tried his best to resist the pressure.


At the moment when his mind was about to completely collapse, Xu Xiaoshou completely came to a realization.

This is me!

What this fellow said was my inner monologue!

In other words, no matter what I say… he will do the same

“Raise your head, you are a man!”

Xu Xiaoshou roared in his heart.

The next second, the towering giants body suddenly trembled.

Suddenly, the giant lifted its head and opened its eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly came to a realization.

“Lowering my head and closing my eyes is just to protect this world.”

“Once my eyes appear, even the heavens and earth will not be able to withstand this aura!”

When the scarlet eyes opened, as expected, the fantasy realm exploded.

Xu Xiaoshous kneeling body also collapsed.


His mind buzzed again.

Xu Xiaoshou, who seemed to have been struck by lightning, was blasted out of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion.

Blood spurted out in the air, and he fell into the chaotic mist.

“Huff, huff, huff!”

Breathing heavily, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the familiar Yuan Mansion space around him.

He pressed down on his beating heart, unable to let go for a long time.

“This is too awesome.

What is this thing”

Eternal Vitality was circulating like mad, quickly healing the injuries all over his body.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

“Is that you, Xu Xiaoshou”

Mu Zixis voice came from outside.

“Xu Xiaoshou, are you dead What are you doing… come out, you cant die, sob sob sob sob…”

“Received Concern, Passive Points, 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Yu Zhiwens voice also appeared.

The two of them were originally cultivating in the Yuan Mansion space, but the explosion of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion scared them.

Moreover, the thing that flew out from the void seemed to be a human figure

There was only one person in the collapsed tower.

If it wasnt Xu Xiaoshou, who else could it be

“Received Concern, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth and realized that his throat was extremely dry and it was difficult for him to speak.

He mumbled for a long time before he finally swallowed a mouthful of saliva to moisten his throat.

Only then did he feel a little better.

“I, I didnt die…”

His injuries finally recovered a little.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately stood up and flew out of the chaotic mist.

Finally, he didnt have to endure the corrosive power.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what were you doing”

Mu Zixi immediately ran over.

Looking at the person in front of her covered in blood, she felt terrible.

“Its fine, its fine…”

Xu Xiaoshou repeatedly waved his hand.

He turned his head and saw Yu Zhiwens worried gaze.

He immediately tried to calm himself down.

“Its fine, its fine.

It was just a small attempt.”

He waved his hand, but he felt that his sleeves were a little heavy.

He rolled up his sleeves and squeezed.

Fresh blood splashed down as if he had just been scooped out of a basin of blood.


Xu Xiaoshou froze.

Mu Zixi and Yu Zhiwen were speechless.

“This is called a small attempt” the two of them spoke in unison.

“Suspected, Passive Points, 3.”

When Xu Xiaoji, who was hiding in the corner, saw this scene, he curled up even more tightly.

“Oh my God, Xu Xiaoshou must have gone crazy, right How could he play with himself to the point of bleeding”

“If hes in a bad mood, wont he bring Lord Aje along and beat me up again”

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”


Seeing that the two people in front of him still wanted to ask more questions, Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly raised his hand.

“Ill explain later.”

He lowered his head but realized that he was in a bloody mess.

He wasnt in the mood to explain further.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt wait to return to the collapsed tower to check on his condition.

But he turned his head, he couldnt see the collapsed tower.

Wheres the collapsed tower

Why was it gone

Where did this pile of ruins come from

“Who did it”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

How could the power of the fantasy realm be brought into reality

Could it be that when he flew out, someone else exploded the collapsed tower

“Xu Xiaoji, was that you”

“Stunned, Passive Points, 1.”

Mu Zixi rolled her eyes.

“What do you think In your Yuan Mansion, who dares to act recklessly”

“Belittled, Passive Points, 1.”

He waved his hand helplessly and used his mind to temporarily build a small stone house from the ruins.

He immediately went in.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Received Concern, Passive Points, 1.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

“Status Passive Skill acquired: Swallow the Mountains and Rivers!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this line of words in the information pane and was silent for a long time.

“Status Passive Skill”

Without a doubt, this was a new type of passive skill that Xu Xiaoshou had never seen before.

“What does status mean”

In the past, regardless of whether it was a fundamental passive skill, an extended skill, or an expertise passive skill, it was very easy to understand.

But this time, the “Status Passive Skill” appeared…

“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and thought of the illusion just now.

From the smoke of the desert, the image of the goose flying south appeared, an inexplicable aura was already brewing.

Presumably, it was the giant that was starting to walk.

And with each step the giant took, the aura would multiply until the space crack.

Then, the giant appeared at the end of the sky and earth, and he saw it.

From the moment he saw the giant, the aura that seemed to be able to crush the sky and earth began to increase exponentially.

Then all the pressure gathered on his body.

In the end, the giant walked in front of him, and he couldnt bear it anymore and completely collapsed.

Xu Xiaoshou was pondering.

“So, Status Passive Skills are a kind of continuous stacking ability”

“AndSwallow the Mountains and Rivers is used to suppress people with aura.

It can even be used to destroy the world with a single glance when accumulated to a certain extent”


Xu Xiaoshou took in a breath of cold air.

He knew the form of this passive skill.

It was a high-level skill!

But such a high-level passive skill was obtained through a passive key that came as a bonus

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent again.

He felt that lady luck was on his side today.

Not only did he manage to obtain two skills in ten consecutive draws, but each one was more terrifying than the last!

“This is what it means to survive a great disaster and have good fortune after it”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled absent-mindedly and focused his attention on the interface.

As expected, a new panel appeared on it.

Status Passive Skills:

Swallow the Mountains and Rivers (Acquired LV.


When his gaze fell on this line of text, a message suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers: when your mood changes, you can stack your aura without any upper limit.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This was actually one of the few passive skills that had a skill introduction!

“A change in mood”

He pondered over this condition and was a little dumbfounded.

“In other words, if I keep smiling in my normal state, I can also add on my aura”

“Then whats the use of this aura”

“To make everyone laugh with me”

Xu Xiaoshou imagined himself suddenly laughing crazily under the gaze of everyone.

Everyone looked at him in confusion, and then they couldnt help but start laughing as well.

Their laughter was getting louder and they were even crazier than him!

Then, those big shots… such as the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, the Eighth Sword Deity, Kui Leihan, would also start to laugh

“Darn it, this sounds a little funny”

With a “Chi” sound, Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

He immediately ended this scene that had gone off the rails and thought about the proper way.

“The easiest way to stack emotions should be anger and murderous intent!”

“These two types should be the conditions to activate this Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill normally.”

“Only in this way would this passive skill have substantial lethality…”

As Xu Xiaoshou thought about it, he was suddenly stunned.

“If I were at the top, in a scene where tens of thousands of people were watching, with my imposing aura stacked up, with a sudden glance, what scene would that be”

Without a doubt, according to the towering giants gaze…

All of them would fall!


Xu Xiaoshou took in the second breath of cold air.

“This is like an overlord…”

His heart immediately began to heat up.

“This skill is too strong.

I must fill it up!”

Recalling the introduction once again, a crucial point was clearly overlooked by him.

“No upper limit!”

There was no end to this imposing manner.

In other words, as long as he could withstand it, he could stack it for a year or two.

Perhaps when that wretched saint would come over, he could look up at him and he would die immediately!

“Darn it! This is too awesome!”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything else and directly exchanged for skill points.

All of them were focused on this new passive skill — Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers (Acquired LV.


“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers (Master LV.


Sensing his situation, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“There are no changes…”

“Thats true.

Before this Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill is activated, theres a prerequisite…”

“My mood has to change”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

“Should I test out murderous intent”

“Then, who do I want to kill”

With a thought, Elder Sangs big dark circles appeared in his mind at once.

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze.


“Why is it this old man”

“Somethings wrong with me!”

He immediately changed his target.

“Masked Man”

“Okay, Ill kill you!”

Xu Xiaoshou took the horse stance and used the constipated force and his face was scrunched up.

“Masked Man, so what if you are a Saint Servant How dare you steal Sister Sus sword, if you dare to steal my…”

“Go and die!”

He clenched his fists and roared angrily.

However, he still didnt feel anything special in his body.

“Whats going on”

Stunned, Xu Xiaoshou stopped his silly actions.

He casually took out the Flame Python and picked up a piece of gravel in front of him.

He pointed his sword at the rock.

“Very good.

From now on, you are the Masked Man!”

“Ya –”

Xu Xiaoshou became furious and stabbed his sword into the rock.



The sword shook, and the rock was cut into two halves like tofu.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“What the hell…”

“Suspected, Passive Points, 3.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

A shout came from afar.

“Xu Xiaoshou, Whats wrong with you Can you be quiet!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”


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