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Chapter 520: Domineering

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“He, he flew away”

“Oh my god, what happened Did Xu Xiaoshou make a move Why did he fly away”

“Thats impossible!”

The crowd erupted into a clamor.

Some people had expected how Xu Xiaoshou would react.

Combined with his exceptional battle record of taking the 18 White Cave slots from the City Lords mansion alone, they guessed that Xu Xiaoshou should be very strong.

But no matter how strong he was, he was just a mere outer court disciple!

And now, youre telling me that the outer court disciple of the Tiansang Spirit Palace sent the 33 old inner court disciples flying with a look

A look!

Everyones eyeballs bulged out.

“Damn it, can anyone tell me what kind of spiritual technique Xu Xiaoshou used just now”

“Is it really… eye killing”

After looking at each other, no one could give an explanation.

Which one of the people present was not a proud son of heaven

And even if he was not a proud son of heaven, even if it was an ordinary Spiritual Cultivator, he could give a very definite explanation.

Xu Xiaoshou really did not use his spiritual source in that move just now.


He didnt use his spiritual source, nor did he use the physical techniques and sword techniques that he was proud of.

How did Xu Xiaoshou manage to send him flying with a single glance

“Qi, aura”

The silence lasted for a while before a timid voice appeared.

However, before these two words could be said, he was immediately drowned out by the jeers.

“Aura Damn your world, why dont you show me your aura Can you kill people with your eyes”

“Damn you, can you use your brain”

“Aura, that is the absolute suppression of cultivation levels.

It is an absolute suppression that can only be achieved by crossing a major realm, or even two major realms.”


“It cant send people flying!”

As the person spoke, his expression was completely absent-minded.

What did he mean by killing people with his eyes

Xu Xiaoshou had completely verified this point!

“But, if it wasnt for his aura, what else could it be Just that one glance from him just now made my legs go weak.”

“Im also an Upper Spiritual Level cultivator!”

“What cultivation level does Xu Xiaoshou have How could he cause me to feel so powerless for no reason”

“This isnt right!”


The controversy and discussion among the Spiritual Cultivators on the scene completely overshadowed the conflict.

It wasnt until another incompatible voice sounded out.

“Speaking of which, arent you all concerned about how Tan Ji is doing”

“Hes an old Upper Spiritual Level stage martial artist.

He suppressed his cultivation base for several years for the sake of the Dongtianwang City.”

“Xu Xiaoshou didnt do anything, and he sent him flying with a glance.”

“He hasnt responded even now, he… couldnt be dead, right”

This time, everyone seemed to have woken up from a dream.

Rao Yinyin also returned to her senses, and her eyes were filled with disbelief and shock.

She agreed with the imposing manner in the discussion earlier.

After all, besides this explanation, there was no other explanation for Xu Xiaoshous earlier actions.

But the aura..

“How is this possible”

She exclaimed in her heart.

She waved her hand and urged, “Lets go take a look at the two of them first.

They shouldnt be dead… right”

Tan Ji!

She took a deep look at Xu Xiaoshou, and Rao Yinyin fell silent again.

That was Tan Ji!

Even she herself felt a headache coming on.

Xu Xiaoshou, with just a glance



The Zhou Tianshen felt that the saliva he swallowed after Xu Xiaoshou came over was enough to fill several stomachs.

But even so, this was unable to release the shock in his heart.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”


Xu Xiaoshou turned around and kept the spear in his hand into his ring.

“You, what is your cultivation now” Zhou Tianshen asked cautiously.

At this moment.

He felt that even if a grandmaster popped out of Xu Xiaoshous mouth..


A throne!

Even if it was a throne, he would still believe it!


The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth curled up, and his eyes narrowed, “Is it that you cant see through it Haha, I recently cultivated a special technique , so you cant see through my cultivation.”

“So” Zhou Tianshen stretched his neck.

“Im telling you, dont be scared, and dont tell anyone…” Xu Xiaoshou glanced around and lowered his voice.


Zhou Tianshen stood with its saber in hand, its eyes filled with anticipation.

“Ju Wu, Peak!” Xu Xiaoshous face was solemn.


Zhou Tianshens mind instantly went blank.

“Haha, is your breakthrough fast”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

“Let me tell you, after leaving the Tiansang Spirit Palace, the outside world is really wonderful.

Any treasure can make your cultivation soar.”

“Let me see…”

He looked at the Zhou Tianshen up and down and said, “You cant do it, right Youre only at the Innate Origin Court Level, but youre far behind me.”


The Zhou Tianshens adams apple moved again, and its mouth opened and closed.

It wanted to say something, but stopped.


Xu Xiaoshou realized that there was something wrong with this big guy.

“Ju Wu, Peak”

TZhou Tianshenrepeated the words like a demon.

“Thats right!”

“Are you sure”

“Uh huh.”

“How is that possible!” Zhou Tianshen collapsed instantly, his face pale.


He pointed at Tan Ji, who had disappeared without a trace, and exclaimed, “Upper Spiritual Level, peak! He suppressed his cultivation for so many years, and he has such a deep foundation.”

“Youre telling me that youre not at the peak, yet you managed to get rid of him with just a glance”

“Uh huh.”

Xu Xiaoshou had a strange look on his face as he said,

“Its not like you dont know that when I was at Innate Origin Court Level, Zhang Xinxiong was still killed by me, right”

“Didnt you also see that time”

“How could that concept be the same” Zhou Tianshen roared.

Suddenly, he was at a loss and stuttered, “Then, at that time, you fought so hard…”

“Uh huh.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and spread out his hands.

“So, didnt I break through It was easy to fight!”

Zhou Tianshen:

He suddenly felt weak all over.

It was as if he had lost his last breath and gave up struggling.

Xu Xiaoshou..


We are different.

We cant measure him with common sense.

His ease and mine are easy.

If we compare them, it would make people angry to death.

A look..

A look..

Zhou Tianshen glanced at Tan Ji, who was carried back from afar, and shuddered.

“This is too scary!”

“How did he do it How did he grow to this extent in such a short period of time”

The thought that had cooled down due to the loss of contact was once again burning with passion.

Zhou Tianshen recalled his mission at that time:

As expected, if he followed the champion, there would definitely be meat to eat!

“How did you cultivate” He eagerly grabbed Xu Xiaoshous arm.


Xu Xiaoshou told him honestly.

He did not like to lie to his friends.

Zhou Tianshen: “…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, I treat you as a friend.

You can do this to others, but do you treat me the same way “Zhou Tianshen was displeased.

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

“Its exactly because I treat you as a friend that I dont want to lie to you.”


Zhou Tianshen suddenly spat on Xu Xiaoshous face.

“Who the hell can cultivate to your level by sleeping every day”

“Tell me about it!”

“Me!” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at himself.

Zhou Tianshen:

“Youre crazy!”

“Im not crazy.

Youre the one whos crazy.

Calm down.” Xu Xiaoshou pulled out his hand and held onto Zhou Tianshens shoulder, signaling for him to calm down.

“Impossible, impossible…”

Zhou Tianshen couldnt help but shake his head.

He was completely dumbfounded.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt seem to be joking

But he was joking!

How could he cultivate if he slept every day

“Then what kind of spiritual technique is thisdeath stare of yours”

Zhou Tianshen shook its head and asked again, “Teach me.

Its too cool.

I want to learn this move!”

“This move…”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed happily.

This was the first time he had unconsciously usedQi swallowing mountains and rivers.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know when it started.

Perhaps it was when Tan Ji started to curse, but when Xu Xiaoshou heard it, he began to feel unhappy.

So what if they were fighting What was the point of competing

However, Tan Ji was so arrogant that he decided to use an even more dominating attitude to severely dampen his opponents spirit.

The emotions that he had suppressed for a long time were accumulating in his communication with the heaven ginseng.

When he finally looked back, Xu Xiaoshou originally wanted to send his opponent away with a brain crack.

However, he did not expect that the god-like look in his eyes completely explained the power of the illusion at that time.

This isnt..

She turned her head.

Looking at Tan Ji, who was completely unconscious and covered in blood, Xu Xiao laughed.

“Very strong.”

“This move is calledQi swallowing mountains and rivers.”

“I also want to teach you, but to be honest, I dont even know how to teach myself.”

Zhou Tianshen was anxious.

“How can that be Ill trade with you.

I have a spiritual technique that is extremely powerful! The spiritual technique from the ancient saber god is calledsevering me.”

“All you need to do is cut off one of your arms and youll be able to learn it.

After youve completely comprehended it, you wont need to use your cultivation.

Your Saber intent will be able to directly take the position of a grandmaster, or even the throne!”

As he spoke, he took out a jade slip that he had copied in advance.

“Hey, no, no, no.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

What kind of joke was this!

An arm

Glancing at the Zhou Tianshens arm, he felt a headache coming on.

“I dont have the intention of breaking an arm.

Theres no need for a spiritual technique.”

“If I can really teach, I will definitely teach you.

I really cant.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

Looking at the suspicious look on the Zhou Tianshens face, he knew that no one would believe the truth.

“Do you understand the inheritance”

“Its the kind of spirit skill that comes with abuzz.

Thats how you get this spiritual technique.”

Zhou Tianshens eyes widened, and then his gaze dimmed.


“So thats how it is…”

He dragged his knife and realized that Xu Xiaoshou wasnt the kind of person who wouldnt teach someone with a treasure, so he left in a daze.


Xu Xiaoshou found it funny.

He glanced at the information bar that kept jumping up and down, and he really felt the super powerful effect of “Qi swallowing mountains and rivers”.

This was not only a super powerful skill, but also a good skill that could crazily collect passive values!


In just a short while.

The dozen or so people present had contributed several hundred passive values.

If this was in the arena, without a barrier, there would be hundreds of thousands of spectators sitting below the stage.

After a glance.

One million passive values

“Hehe, Hehe…” Xu Xiaoshou thought about it and drooled.


Rao Yinyin walked over and frowned as she looked at Xu Xiaoshous absent-minded expression.

Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses.

“First of all, my name isntHey…”

Rao Yinyin glared at him.

“Hey, hey.”

“Whats Wrong”

Xu Xiaobei subconsciously shrunk his neck.

No matter how strong he was at the moment, when he thought about how the two of them had seen her naked for the first time, he felt that there was no reason for him to do so.

As he spoke, his anger was reduced by a notch.

Damn it.

Xu Xiaoshou, rise up!

This girl is still surrounding Su Qianqian and trying to kill you.

Have you forgotten about this

He encouraged himself in his heart.

“Tan Ji…” Rao Yinyin frowned and glanced in that direction.

“I didnt kill anyone.

You cant scare me.” Xu Xiaoshou wasnt willing to be outdone.

Rao Yinyin: “…”

“I mean, you fought well.

That guy, Ive wanted to beat him up for a long time too.”


“So, that glance just now…” Rao Yinyin raised her eyebrows.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately became spirited.

“Isnt it amazing”


“Whats that called” Rao Yinyin asked.

“Domineering and perverted!” Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists

Rao Yinyin:”…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, do you think Im easy to fool” She was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, “Just now it was calledQi swallowing mountains and rivers, and now its changed its name”


Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“You already know that its calledQi swallowing mountains and rivers, and you still ask even though you know the answer”

“You ask even though you know the answer, and I answer even though I know the answer…”

He shrugged.

“Thats very reasonable!”

Rao Yinyin was momentarily at a loss for words.

She just wanted to find out the origin of this spiritual technique by asking for its name.

But Xu Xiaoshou..

It was very obvious that this fellow had already seen through her intentions, and he did not want to say it.

Forget it.

Rao Yinyin changed the topic.

“Since youre already here and Tan Ji was also defeated by you, then the leader of the second team will be yours from now on.”

Pointing at the Zhou Tianshen, he said, “Lead them.”

“I wont do it.”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately refuted.

He had never wanted to meet up with the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The reason why he had to meet up with them was because of the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

“You wont do it”

A glint flashed across Rao Yinyins eyes, and she said nonchalantly, “Are you sure about the order of the principal”


Im not afraid of him.”


Rao Yinyin opened her mouth.

She wanted to say something when she heard the first word.

However, she choked when she heard the second half of the sentence.


She nodded and turned her head away indifferently.

Rao Yinyin said, “If youre not going to do it, what are you doing here It cant really be a coincidence.

It cant be that youre just here to chat with the Zhou Tianshen”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and narrowed his eyes.

Very good.

He had gotten to the crux of the matter.

He was also very curious.

The team from the Tiansang Spirit Palace and Fu Xing.

Why was it so coincidental that they had set up a protective barrier here and were resting here

It couldnt be a coincidence

It couldnt be fate

“What about you”

He tapped his chin.

“You go first.”


Rao Yinyin turned around in amusement.

“We met the White Skeleton race by chance and fought for half a day.

We were recuperating here.”

“I dont think you have many injuries!” Xu Xiaoshous gaze shifted downwards.

“What are you looking at!”

Rao Yinyin said angrily, “You dont have any injuries because you have recovered.

Why Do you need my permission to rest here”


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