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Chapter 541: Peak of the Competition

Was this a womans intuition

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe that even the Storyteller couldnt see anything.

Luo Leilei, this girl, could actually guess something from her actions of not replying.

She even went to the ancient book space to sit

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.

I just spent a lot of effort to run out of that lousy place.

If I go in now, wont I be asking for trouble

Theres something here!

However, my “Saint Servant” Second Brother isnt someone that a little girl like you can order around


Xu Xiaoshou stopped Mu Zixi from speaking with ease.


Mu Zixi raised her head.

Her big eyes were a little muddled.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“Youve said so much, but other than that last piece of information thats useful, basically, everything you said… is all bull**!”


An angry snort sounded.

Mu Zixis forehead immediately became black.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

On the other side of the voice transmission, her spiritual sense also trembled and almost broke off.

There was complete silence!

“Feared, passive value, 3.”

“Senior, I…”

Luo Leileis hesitant voice appeared.

She had no idea how she had offended Senior Sleeveless with just one sentence

Before she could continue speaking, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her.

“Youve been in the White Cave for so long, and youve only managed to gather this little bit of information”

He pointed at Mu Zixi and said bitterly, “Ive only just entered this place, and Ive already obtained much more information than you.”


Mu Zixi forced herself not to jump up and hit the other party, and then forced herself to lower her head weakly.

Xu Xiaoshou, youre pretending!

I want to cooperate..

But, its so hateful!

This guy, hes doing this on purpose!

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised her big hand.

“Black Scabbard has already landed on Yu Zhiwens body.

As a seer of heavenly secrets, as long as shes given time, shell be able to comprehend theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.”

“When that time comes, with Lan Ling, it will be difficult for everyone to leave this place.”

“And the great sealing formation has already been activated.

The more time passes, the greater the Divine Sorcerers actions will be.”

“You havent considered all of these factors!”

Mu Zixi:”…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Also, the red-robed person dared to trap everyone here.

Do you really think that they only have this bit of strength that they have shown at this moment”

“They clearly know that theSaint Servant has already entered the white cave.

Would they not be prepared at all”

“And what you said just now…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Mu Zixi in disappointment.

“I didnt hear a single word about the importance that they place on Red-robed!”

“Fear, passive value, 3.”

The tearful duo braced themselves and said, “Senior, we…”

“There are even worse things!”

Xu Xiaoshou continued to interrupt.

He looked at his junior who was clenching her fists and said, “You have already come into contact with the ghost beast and Xin Gugu has also come into contact with you.

However, have you forgotten about the existence of Caramel”


The Storytellers sharp senses focused.

Second Brother was trying to use this opportunity to beat his disciple to tell the three of them about the other existences of the “Xu Yue Gray Palace”

Luo Leileis voice completely disappeared.

At this moment, the Lei Shuangxing also completely shut up.

Anyone could see that at this moment, “Elder Sang” was as furious as a tiger, unable to touch a chrysanthemum.

“Fear, passive value, 2.”

“Xin Gugu doesnt have a brain.

Who doesnt know this” Xu Xiaoshou continued.

“Caramel is the mastermind of the Xu Yue Gray Palaces operation.

If nothing goes wrong, she is also at the Lijian Grassland at this moment.”

“And these two ghost beast hosts dare to carry out this operation.

What does this mean”

“First, they have backup and are not afraid of the red-robed forces at all.”

“Second, they have trump cards.

These two ghost beast hosts come from an organized and leading force.

After transforming into Ghost Beast forms, are you sure that their abilities are the same as ordinary Ghost Beasts”

“Master is right.” Mu Zixi buried her head in front of her chest.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Senior is right.” Lei Shuangxing hurriedly said, his voice filled with fear.

So powerful!

It had only been a short time since they had rushed from Azure Dragon Prefecture to White Cave, and almost every clue that Senior Sleeveless had found was from a large faction.

And it was so specific!

Was this the true strength of the “Saint Servant” leader

He did things so swiftly and without any delay.

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“Suspected, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou had never heard Luo Leileis voice.

But when he looked at the activity on the message board, he understood that as long as he did not directly answer this girls question, she seemed to be afraid, but she would not give up.

“Thats fine…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and said, “Sit down”


Mu Zixi raised her head.

“Sit down”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately realized that his juniors words didnt mention the word “Sit down”.

“Disciple, do you think that we still have time to sit down and wait here” He asked.


Mu Zixis face turned red.

What was going on!

Why did Xu Xiaoshou suddenly… Act like that

Act like that

“Thats not good…” she hesitantly curled her fingers and complied.

“Of course its not good!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately followed her lead and said, “Were waiting.

The Ghost Beast is waiting.

Red-robed is also waiting!”

“Everyone is waiting.

Then, what makes you think that the aid were waiting for is stronger than Red-robeds aid”

“I alone can withstand the equivalent combat power outside the White Cave, but dont the other party know all of this”

“Will they still allow us to come to their aid and wait for death”


“A child cant win in a fight, yet they would ask an adult for help.

Do you really think that all of the spirit enhancers here are idiots”

“Still waiting”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

“Ive already entered this place.

Cant it be explained that the situation is urgent”

“Still want to sit”

He shook his head in disappointment.

“I can continue to sit in this deep underground pit and drink tea.

After that, who will come and collect my corpse”



The mud above his head was shaken by the low and angry sound.

As soon as Xu Xiaoshous voice faded, the underground pit was completely silent.

Mu Zixi didnt dare to make a sound.

Even though she had many doubts.

But now, not saying anything should be the best answer.

That was because Xu Xiaoshous words were clearly not meant for her.

“Fear, passive value, 3.”

“Second Brother, calm down.

That girl Luo didnt do it on purpose.

Shes just worried…”

“Shut up!” Xu Xiaoshou was scolded.

Mu Zixi was so scared that her body trembled.


She raised her head, her big eyes filled with confusion.

I, I didnt want to say anything..

“Cursed, passive value, 2.”

The voice of the tearful duo appeared in time.

“Senior, youre right.

We were careless.

White Cave is full of dangers.

We really cant wait any longer.”

“But Chief…” Luo Leileis stubborn voice appeared.


This should be the sound of a pat on the head.

In the next second, the girls tone weakened.

“Senior is right.

Junior is taking things for granted.

We really cant wait.”

“Second brother is right.

The two of you…”

Storyteller clearly felt that he needed to laugh out loud at this moment to appease Second Brothers anger.

However, he wasnt done yet.

“Move out!”

Xu Xiaoshou was already staring in the direction outside as he said resolutely.


Mu Zixi immediately puffed up her chest with vigor.

She had been holding it in for a long time.

“Master, how do we move out”

“Shut up and sit down,” Xu Xiaoshou shouted unhappily.

“I wasnt calling you!”


Mu Zixi obediently squatted down.

“Cursed, passive value, 1, 1, 1, 1…”


In the voice transmission, the three tones overlapped.

At this moment, even Storyteller didnt dare to say anything else.

He really couldnt wait any longer.

Second Brother was right.

He was able to immediately escape into the White Cave after his battle with Gou Wuyue.

It was obvious that he had discovered something.

However, it wasnt convenient for him to say anything at the moment, so he could only do as he wished.

It was already very obvious that he was trying to beat around the bush.

The Holy Divine Palace would also call for people.

Furthermore, if all the people who came were at Gou Wuyues level…

There was no need for more.

Only two or three of them would be able to hold off Second Brother and Brother.

The rest of theSaint Servant might not be able to escape!

“Move out!”

Storyteller immediately shouted.


Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshous worried heart relaxed.

Perhaps it was not just Luo Leilei.

At this moment, Storyteller also had some suspicions in his heart.

However, as Elder Sang, he should act according to his words and actions.

Elder Sang, was he the kind of person who would allow his juniors to doubt him

Was he the kind of person who would give an explanation in the face of doubt

If that was the case…

Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt have been forced to feed the Infernal Fire Seed back then.

It wasnt until now that he finally understood the old fellows identity.


Whether it was doubt or anything else, suppress them all!

This was Elder Sangs way of doing things.

It was obvious that Xu Xiaoshou had made the right bet.

In theSaint Servant, the Second Brother was the Second Brother, and the Seventh Brother was the Seventh Brother.

Seniors were seniors, and juniors could only be juniors.

The higher-ups could oppress people to death.

As long as one was hard, others had to be soft!

“Still want to sit”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered in his heart.

Little brat, its already good enough that I dont feed you seeds.

How dare you provoke MySaint Servant Second Brother


Xu Xiaoshou didnt communicate withSaint Servant and the others for too long.

At this time.

In the sky above the Lijian Grassland, the jealous pursuers finally calmed down after the demonic qi backfired on more than ten people.

“Senior Red-robed, can we take theFourth Sword or not” Someone asked.

“Theres something wrong with the demonic qi!”

“It cant be that you guys are controlling the formation and secretly… using some petty tricks, right” The voice of the person speaking gradually weakened.

Baldy Xin immediately sneered.

“Little guys, if Red-robed wants the treasures of the White Cave, you can plunder them all before you enter this place.”

“TheFourth Sword are considered ferocious swords, and they are the swords of the Eighth Sword Deity in the past.

One can imagine how ferocious and devilish they are.”

“Being able to take them down is your ability.”

“If you cant take them down, youll start swearing again…”

Xin narrowed his eyes.

“Be careful, or Ill kill you all!”

The people who stopped chasing after the swords in the air were so frightened that their necks shrank.

It seemed to make sense.


Looking back at theFourth Sword that were flying around, everyone felt a headache.

This fierce sword could touch the butt, but no one could hold it!

If they really held it, the ten or so people who exploded in front of them would be a lesson to them.

A mere grandmaster was not even a throne.

No one present could control this sword.


At this moment, theFourth Sword that were getting more and more confused in the air suddenly exploded with a layer of white sword aura.

It was very obvious.

This sword aura that was out of place was not fromFourth Sword itself.

Its weak momentum could not be compared to the terrifying momentum of the fierce sword.

However, at the same time, the white sword aura that only appeared for a moment also slightly deviated the direction ofFourth Sword and shot towards a specific point.


In the area surrounded by Red-robed.

“Its here!”

Lan Lings expression didnt change.

However, her spiritual sense immediately contacted the letter and asked, “Does this sword intent… contain sword intent”

Finally, someone couldnt wait any longer and wanted to disrupt the situation.

Her intuition told her that this was definitely the next big fish!


Xin Wei shook her head slightly.

“However, the sword intent is very pure.

Its around the peak of grandmaster realm, and its control is extremely perfect.

Thus, it definitely doesnt come from an unorthodox background.”

“And although it was only for an instant, I can tell that its an ancient sword cultivator.”

“Then, the ancient sword cultivators present…”

Xin Weis eyes shifted.

Lan Ling instantly placed her spiritual sense on the three sword cultivators who were accumulating their strength.

Then, she raised her eyebrows.

“Its not them.”

“Right, its not them.” Xin nodded.

The three sword cultivators did not move.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to be the ones who sent out this sword qi.

“Can you find out the location” Lan Ling asked.


Xin still shook his head.

“That sword aura was just a disguise.

What really changed the direction of theFourth Sword was a bit of the power of Way of the Heavens contained within it.”

“Throne” Lan Ling asked.

“No, above the throne, perhaps Cutting Path Level, or even higher!” Xins voice became heavier.

Lan Lings heart trembled when she heard this.

In the White Cave, there werent many who could have battle prowess above Cutting Path Level.

“Saint Servant”

Xin also realized something at this time and immediately asked.

Lan Ling didnt answer.

Instead, she looked at Yu Zhiwen.

“That sword aura just now, can it track the spatial fluctuations”

“It can track the Divine Secret fluctuations, but it requires time,” Yu Zhiwen replied.

“Im asking, spatial fluctuations!”


Yu Zhiwen hesitated.

He scanned the formation with his star eyes.

“No, the other party concealed it well.

He didnt leave a single trace of space.”

Lan Lings red lips curled up.

Sometimes, if one concealed it too well, it was a kind of exposure.

Even if all of the Cutting Path Level in the sacred divine continent were added up, there werent many who could comprehend the space type.

Not to mention in a small area like White Cave, where almost all of the Cutting Path Level battle prowess could be listed.

“Black Flame!”

She waved her hand towards the distance, and Black Flame could only slowly walk over.

“The seventh-in-command of theSaint Servant, Storyteller… your old opponent, Ill leave it to you.”

Lan Ling smiled faintly and said, “This time, its not a sneak attack, but the initiative to attack.

If you still lose, you wont have any excuses.”

Black Flame: “…”

“Dont worry, I know you cant beat me, so Ill use the power of the formation to help you.” Lan Ling pointed at theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array and said.

The corner of Black Flames mouth, which was hidden in the armor, twitched, and he silently turned his head and left.

“Youve already locked on to the candidate”

Xin was listening at the side with a confused expression.

Ive only said a few words, and youve already found the person

“How did you do it”

He couldnt help but ask.

Black Flames footsteps suddenly stopped.

Yu Zhiwen turned his head to look.

Lan Ling took a deep breath.

“Silly big guy, continue with your work.

I dont have time to explain to you!”


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