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Chapter 544: My World Is Already in Darkness

“Space, I cant hold on any longer…”

In the Red-robed, Xin turned around and said, feeling his throat become a little dry.

He wasnt afraid of the power of these young people.

He was simply frightened by the movements of these young people who were at the level of grandmasters.

It was already good enough to meet a genius who could challenge those of a higher realm.

But now, one after another, they were getting stronger and stronger.

He Yuxing who could wield theFourth Sword, Gu Qingsan who could transform into the Sky Sword, and the swordsman holding the sword who could cut the heaven and earth with two fingers wide..

“This isnt right!”

“Speaking of which, is this considered crossing realms Its obvious that he has crossed an entire realm.

Grandmaster, comparable to a throne”

Her gaze landed on the swordsman holding the sword, and Xins gaze became even more bewildered.

This was definitely not just comparable.

Just that sword move just now was not enough for him to kill an ordinary throne, alright

“Get a few people to strengthen their defenses.

Use some of their energy to stabilize the space in the Lijian Grassland.

Try not to shatter it again.”

Lan Ling was expressionless.

She knew that this was only the beginning.

She turned her head and said, “Miss Zhiwen, I might have to trouble you.”

“You should have understood the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array, right You can use it to temporarily protect this space.”

Originally, if Yu Zhiwen did not come, the responsibility of controlling the spirit formation would fall on her.

But now, there was a replacement.

Although this girls cultivation was not high, her understanding of the spirit formation was not inferior to her own.

After someone withstood this mission, Lan Ling was naturally able to escape.

After all, if she had to control theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array and command an entire red-robed team..

She would be able to handle it.

But her train of thought was definitely not as clear as it was at this moment.


Yu Zhiwen nodded lightly.

She was not good at head-on combat.

And theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array belonged to the Heavens secret formation.

To have the opportunity to leave the battlefield, while comprehending and adjusting the formation, was a rare experience.

“Remember to call me when you cant hold on.

Dont hurt yourself,” Lan Ling reminded when she saw that Yu Zhiwen was drenched in sweat.



‘Fourth Sword landed on the ground.

The stalemate lasted for less than a few breaths before it was broken.

Gu Qingsan, who had reverted to his human form in midair, flew down and pointed at the fierce sword on the ground.

However, at this moment…

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A few figures shot out from all directions at the same time.

In the underground pit, Xu Xiaoshou grabbed his junior, who had stood up in shock, and froze the excitement in her eyes.

He looked at theFourth Sword that were only a few feet away from Chi Chi and couldnt help but gulp.

“Stay here.”

“Master!” Mu Zixi was anxious.

“But theFourth Sword are right in front of us…”

“Shut up.”

How could Xu Xiaoren not seeFourth Sword right in front of him

However, at this moment, he had to resist the temptation.

Look, who were the people that rushed out at this moment

Gu Qingsan, He Yuxing, little Monk Bu Le, and Lei Shuangxing..

All of them were young people.

It was obvious that the words of the red-robed person had struck deep into the hearts of these people.

If they could avoid a bigger conflict, they could use the name of White Caves experiencers to bringFourth Sword out.

Even the Storyteller probably wouldnt stop this operation.

After all, if it succeeded, he wouldnt need to make a move.

And if Red-robed broke her promise later..

Then it would be ruined.

Things were originally prepared for the worst case scenario.

It was normal for the storyteller to make a move after the red-robed man broke his promise.

However, if they could keep their promise, wouldnt they make a huge profit

Xu Xiaoshou could completely empathize with the mentality of these people.

The only thing that made him remain rational and suppress his actions was that there were no representatives of Ghost Beasts among the group of people who rushed out.

He turned his “Perception”.

Xin Gugu was not far from hiding.

Obviously, this distance was nothing if he wanted to snatch the sword.

However, this fellow was the throne.

Once he charged out, not only would he not reveal his identity as a stowaway, he would also be on the wanted poster that had just been released.

At that time, it would definitely trigger the madness of the red-robed man.

“I cant move.

Xu Yue Grey Palace hasnt made a move yet.

They must still have some confidence.”

“If we go out now, well still have to face them head-on!”


Just as he was in deep thought, the ground suddenly shook.

The first person to jump in front of theFourth Sword wasnt Gu Qingsan, who had descended from the sky.

Instead, it was little monk Bu Le, who was closest to the fierce sword.

“Hehehe, then this penniless monk wont be polite…”

Bu Le smiled foolishly at the sky.

Then, he used his right hand, which was emitting Buddhist light, to grab the hilt of theFourth Sword.


The ground suddenly shook, and the black demonic qi rippled out.

At the same time, the demonic pattern crawled along his palm towards Bu Les entire right arm.

However, this guy was very stubborn.

As he bared his teeth, the golden “Will Power” suddenly surged towards his right arm, directly pressing the demonic qi to his elbow.

“How dare you”

The roar that Gu Qingsan snatched from the void made Xu Xiaoshou, who was underground, faint.

Where did this guy learn this sentence

“AH –”

The little monk did not care about it.

As he screamed with all his might, he pulled outFourth Sword.

Then, he slashed at Gu Qingsan, who was whistling toward him from the horizon.


In an instant, a magnificent black sword qi was swung out.

Gu Qingsans face turned green.

He did not expect that theFourth Sword that he had worked so hard to knock down would actually be taken by someone else in the end.

“Little brat, get lost!”

With a loud roar and a blurred figure, Gu Qingsan pierced through the black sword qi.

His two fingers came together and pierced straight down from the sky.


Bu Le felt the sharp contrast between the powerful strength in his hand and Gu Qingsans unharmed state.

The corners of his mouth immediately twitched.

“Go away, go away!”

“This penniless monk will have to bear such a vicious sword alone.”

“If I dont go to hell, who will”

He carried the black sword, which was taller than a person, and swung it in all directions.

In an instant, dozens of vicious sword qi scattered from the center point.

Some of them even tore open the ground and slashed at Xu Xiaoshous head.

“This little thing…”

Xu Xiaoshou was angered.

Without a doubt, such a messy sword technique..

No, the little monks sword technique couldnt be called a sword technique at all.

He was just holding a black sword and slashing randomly.

However, it had to be said that his attack was indeed very effective in this situation.

Not everyone had the “Supreme Sword Body” and the “Swordless Sword Technique” like Gu Qingsan.

Facing the oncoming black sword qi, even Lei Shuangxing and the others had no choice but to avoid the attack.

For a moment.

Under the relentless attack, the only enemy left was Gu Qingsan, who fell from the sky.

“A finger technique that fell from the sky”

The little monk knew that theFourth Sword that he released could not hurt Gu Qingsan at all.

He immediately stabbed the sword into the ground, formed a hand seal with his two fingers, and raised his head furiously.

“Little angry Buddha!”

Golden Light burst out.

Under the command, the Buddha light on Bu Les body shone brilliantly, and in an instant, a 30-foot-tall Buddha statue phantom condensed.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

This phantom wasnt as spectacular as the one he had seen that day.

However, its power was completely under the control of the small monk unhappy.


The little monk separated his two fingers, one pointing to the sky and the other pointing to the ground.

With a loud explosion, the illusory figure of the angry-eyed Buddha exploded with golden light, directly shattering this space.

“Ill go!”

Gu Qingsan jumped in fright.

He could transform into nothingness.

However, if the space was shattered and he wanted to continue down, his current “Supreme Sword Dao body” wouldnt be able to withstand the space-shattering flow.

“Good consciousness!”

Gu Qingsan couldnt help but exclaim in surprise as he flipped his body in the air.

Just as he was about to make a move, he heard a buzzing sound coming from Fourth Sword beside unhappy.


The small monk also turned his head and looked over.

He Yuxing, who was the only one who had come into contact with Fourth Sword, was already standing a hundred feet away.

Although he was covered in blood, he was already using his sword intent to summon a fierce sword.


Compared to the Buddhas light, which was a natural counter to each other, the ferociousFourth Sword immediately responded to the call and flew straight in the direction of He Yuxing.

“Hey, my sword!”

Bu Le immediately became anxious.

He didnt dare to retract the Buddhas shadow and stepped out of the shattered space with one step.

“Chi, your sword What a joke!”

He Yuxing sneered and held theFourth Sword with one hand.

Compared to the sword cultivators present, he had an unconcealable advantage, which was that he had touched the fierce sword before.

Under the situation where the roots came from the same source, he could use the sword intent to slightly guide the direction of theFourth Sword.

“Sorry, this sword still belongs to me…”

Before he finished his sentence, He Yuxing felt a chill on his back.



A soft sound came from behind him.

He looked back in horror and saw an extremely ugly-looking blind man standing in front of him.

The sword in his hand, which was as thin as a needle, was now placed in front of his throat.


He Yuxings pupils constricted.

He could not believe it.

His spiritual sense immediately swept behind him.

The position where this guy had appeared at that time had already faded into an illusion and was gradually disappearing.

An illusion


He knew that he couldnt swallow his saliva at this moment.

However, he couldnt help but roll his Adams apple.

A thin and long bloody scar was pulled open on He Yuxings neck.

“Im sorry, its not an illusion.”

A rustling sound was heard.

“The sword isnt yours either.”

He let go of his right arm slightly.


A few hundred feet behind He Yuxing, gravel suddenly exploded.

Everyones gaze was instantly drawn over, thinking that something had happened over there again.

But in an instant, everyone felt that something was wrong and immediately turned their heads back.

Only after this sound was heard did He Yuxing let out a muffled groan.

With a face full of disbelief, his figure was sent flying backwards.

At his throat, there was a terrifying bloody hole, and blood flowed out.


This time, the whole place was dead silent.

“Fantasy Sword Technique”

Gu Qinger looked at his eldest brother in surprise.

The original body of the blind man, which was so realistic that even he was fooled, was actually an Fantasy Sword Technique


Gu Qingyi nodded slightly.

“So strong.

Now Junior has a worthy opponent.”

Gu Qinger was shocked.

As the most difficult sword technique among the nine great sword techniques, his understanding of the Fantasy Sword Technique was only superficial.

In the entire Burial Sword Tomb, the only one who had inherited this sword technique was the eldest brother in front of him.

And that blind man could actually do it to such an extent

“Its not just the illusory sword technique.

That sword of his…”Gu Qinger hesitated and said, “Point of Path”

Gu Qingyi nodded wordlessly.

Gu Qinger was once again shocked.

Where did this swordsman come from

An unknown person… was there such a person in the Fringe Moon Immortal City

While he was still pondering, Gu Qinger spoke:

“Its not just Point of Path…”

“He has basically mastered the Path of Penetration, the Path of Restraint, and even the Path of Shock of the 3,000 sword paths.”

“This ancient sword cultivator is very strong.

Even if you were to go, you might not be his match.”

Gu Qingers face immediately paled.

There were so many sword paths, and he was a peak sword master.

Which rock did this fellow jump out from

In this world, there was still a place that could nurture such a monster-like ancient sword cultivator


“Oh my god!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding in the dark, was shocked.

This seemed to be the first time he had seen the strength of the sword paths displayed by the tearful duo without using any treasures to fight the enemy

But this was too strong!

He hadnt even seen how to exert force with that sword attack just now.

It was just a simple move, and he was already pierced through

Not only was he pierced through, but he was also pierced through with a hundred steps… No, a few hundred steps

Looking at the huge rock that exploded hundreds of feet away, even his grandmaster body would be pierced through by that sword attack!

“What am I doing How am I supposed to take out theFourth Sword”

“Theyre all monsters! Go!”

“Mama, I want to go home…”


“Is it off”

Tears and tears tilted their heads, listening to something.

After a long while, they frowned.

He knew that at the critical moment, He Yuxing had tilted his head and taken back half of his life from the fatal sword.

However, the Suppressive Power of the three thousand sword paths was even more terrifying than the pure power of the Way of the Heavens.

That guy was probably going to completely withdraw from the stage where there were four swords.

As expected.

He Yuxing, who crashed to the ground, clutched his throat with all his might, unable to say a single word.

The spiritual essence in his body circulated crazily in an attempt to suppress this injury.

However, the condensed and compressed terrifying sword intent in the wound was the most lethal thing he had ever seen other than the four swords.

Like a maggot in the tarsal bone, the sword intent was not only unable to move, it was also indestructible.

It was as if it would not rest until it was dead.

It was stuck in his throat, forcing him to not be able to spare even half of his strength to think about other things.



A terrifying sound was heard again.

He Yuxings body trembled, and his face was as pale as paper.

He finally understood.

No matter how talented a sword master from a small place like him was, it was only compared to a mere county.

The hanging sword just now, the swordsman who unsheathed it two fingers wide, and the person in front of him..

They were both sword masters, but the gap between them was like heaven and earth.

He didnt even know what kind of sword technique this sword technique that had penetrated him was, and how could it be used to fight an enemy

The difference between heaven and earth was like the difference between clouds and mud!

It was unsolvable.

It was unsolvable at all!

Hearing the clicking sound beside his ears, He Yuxings body couldnt help but tremble violently.

This sound, which was like the pacing of the Grim Reaper, approached him step by step, but he… couldnt do anything!


The sound finally stopped in front of him.

In his blurry vision, he could vaguely see the blind man slowly reaching out his hand, as if he was about to grab it at his throat.

He Yuxing closed his eyes in despair.

‘Sorry, Fair Maiden Lan, Ive disappointed you…

“Clang –”

The sound of a sword rang out beside him.

He Yuxings eyelashes fluttered as he slowly opened them.

In the eyes of the entire crowd, Lei Shuhang raised his head slowly with his left handFourth Sword and his right handDivine-beating Crutch.

‘Theyre looking at me…

Lei Shuangxing held his two swords as if he was savoring something.

After more than ten years, they finally appeared in front of the Holy Divine Palace again.

However, my world was already in darkness..


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