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Chapter 548: Holy War Black Angel

“Screech –”

A loud and clear screech interrupted the rhythm of the battlefield.

The screeching sound, which was like a life-threatening symbol, instantly invaded everyones souls.

Those who heard this sound suddenly felt their scalps go numb, and their hair stood on end.

“Ghost Beast Screech”

The red-robed people turned their heads in shock.

Even the bloody minotaur not far away was temporarily put down.

Even the Night Guardian, Black Flame, Xin, and the others all turned their heads to the place behind where the hissing sound came from.

“This is…”

A monstrous ghost qi suddenly rose from the edge of the heaven sealing great formation.

That dark aura was not as pure as the darkness attribute of the Night Guardian.

On the contrary, it was filled with a cold, strange, and evil aura.

“A second Ghost Beast”

The red-robed men were all stunned.

They had entered the White Cave because they were mentally prepared for the majority of the ghost beasts inside.

But the information showed that they were all ordinary ghost beasts.

As long as there were two or three pairs of red-robed men, it would not be difficult to catch them.

But now, just from the Ghost Beast Screech, everyone could feel it.

This new ghost beast was not weaker than the bloody minotaur that everyone was fighting against!


Night Guardian immediately turned to look at Xin.

Xin was in charge of the investigation of the Ghost Beasts information.

If there was first-hand information about this new ghost beast, it would definitely be in Xins hands.

“Dont look at me.

This isnt one of the ghost beasts that Ive investigated…” Xin replied with difficulty.

He was also completely dumbfounded.

Where did this Ghost Beast come from

That Ghost Beasts cry that sounded like the cry of an eagle was a type that he had never come into contact with before.


As everyone watched, the black fog in the distance suddenly exploded.

In the next second, a sound that was as fast as thunder passed through.

“This is… a person”

Everyone was stunned.

The new Ghost Beast did not have a huge body.

On the contrary, it had a human body.

The person who was covered in dense ghost qi could not be seen clearly.

However, he heldFourth Sword in his right hand!

“Ghost Beast, you gotFourth Sword”

The red-robed man was stunned.

How could such a thing that had completely lost consciousness after transforming be able to control four swords.

Moreover, with Fourth Sword, how could it listen to its orders

“Be careful, its still transforming!”

Black Flame reminded in a low voice.

The speed of the black shadow charging over was very fast.

However, compared to the throne, it could only be considered alright.

But the bad thing was.

As the distance increased, the ghost beast seemed to gradually adapt to its strength, and its speed was increasing at a high speed.

The same was true for the aura of cultivation!


Suddenly, the void shook.

A black wing that was about ten feet long bloomed behind the flying shadow.

The black wing flapped.

The shadows speed had more than doubled again, and the naked eye could not keep up at all.

No one could describe this combination of extreme yin and evil.

As soon as the black wings appeared, it was as if death had arrived, bringing fear to everyones hearts.

“Its growing!” Black Flames pupils constricted.

This person, who was only a grandmaster just a moment ago, had an aura that directly rose to the throne when the black wings appeared.

Moreover, it was continuously rising, and it seemed to be on the verge of Cutting Path Level.

“How is this possible Where did this fellow come from… It, its definitely not an ordinary ghost beast!” A red-robed figure muttered in disbelief.

Everyone knew that after the release of the Ghost Beast Host, one could control as much power as they wanted.

How could such a bizarre situation occur where ones cultivation continued to rise as time passed

Moreover, the speed of the increase was so fast!

“This rat…”

Night Guardian frowned as he stared at black wing, who was more than twice the size of a human, deep in thought.

“Night Guardian, do you have any impression of it” Xin immediately turned around.

He couldnt understand this damn thing at all.

“Ghost Beast Bead!”

Night Guardian thought of something and said, “This kind of thing that uses the potential of the human body to increase ones strength can only be the legendary Ghost Beast Bead.”

“However, this thing is too rare.

An ordinary person… or an ordinary ghost beast host, doesnt even have the right to touch it.”

His voice suddenly paused as shock appeared in his eyes.

“Xu Yue Gray Palace!”

Immediately after, shock turned into fear.

The Night Guardians eyes widened as he completely understood.

“Holy War Black Angel!”

“Ive seen this damn thing before.

When the southern regions green city was besieged, Xu Yue Gray Palace relied on it to break out of the encirclement.”

“Damn it!”

As soon as he said that, all the red-robed went blank.

Holy War Black Angel

Other than Night Guardian, no one else had participated in the operation of the Green City of the Southern Region.

However, the Holy War Black Angel was famous among the red-robed.

“One of the three Ghost Beast Beads of the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

At its peak, it even had battle strength comparable to the higher void.

If it encountered it, it would retreat.

Unless it was a Cutting Path team, the higher void could not be fought…”

Xin muttered to himself as if he was repeating the information he had read before.

Then, he snapped out of his daze and shook his head.

“Thats not right.”

“The strength of this ghost beast host isnt good enough.

It shouldnt have the battle prowess of the higher void.”

“But if it were to continue growing like this, Im afraid that it would at least be at the Cutting Path level…”

“What should we do”

“Bastard, why would such a thing appear here” Black Flame cursed in shock.

The letter had a headache.

“Theres no time.

Lets attack together and kill this bastard…”

“Moo –”

Another violent roar came from behind.

The red-robed person turned around.

After the bloody minotaur was seized by the red-robed persons opportunity to blow up the blood seas qi and blood that he had swallowed, he was clearly about to break into pieces.

At this moment, he actually stood up again.

Moreover, he was split into two!

Even though it looked smaller and its strength had been scattered a little..

But, two

“Ill hang him!” Xins eyeballs popped out.

There were two minotaur behind the Black Angel

“Xin, bring some people to block the two at the back.

Its weakened,” Night Guardian immediately shouted.

Boom Boom!

Without waiting for him to say anything, Xin had already met the two minotaur alone.

Two heavy fists of the raging bull swung at him at the same time, sending him flying.

“The rest of you, follow!” Night Guardian turned his head and roared at the dazed red-robed man.


The other red-robed men did not dare to delay any longer.

After receiving the power of the formation strengthened by Lan Ling, he immediately helped Xin receive one of the Ghost Beasts.

He did not wish to be killed.

However, as long as he was delayed, the other minotaurs, who only had half of their strength left, would definitely not be able to withstand Xins single-target damage.

At that time, the red-robed mans combat strength would definitely be released!

“Screech –”

At this moment, Cheng Xingchus incarnation, the Holy War Black Angel, had already jumped in front of Night Guardian and Black Flame.

“Lets attack together and kill it!”

He called out to Night Guardian in a low voice.

At this moment, Black Flame no longer dared to care about the small grudges he had in the past.

The Holy War Black Angel, which was constantly growing, had an additional four swords.

If it was a one-on-one fight, who would be able to withstand it

With just a pounce, he met this guy head-on.

“Swish Swish Swish.”

The fierce demonic sword qi of Fourth Sword slashed past his side, directly stirring up the evil desire in Black Flames heart.

After Black Flame avoided it, he immediately cut off the desire in his heart.

As his body approached, he smelled a familiar aura on the holy war Black Angels body.

He immediately came to a realization.

“Sacrificial Carving!”

“This fellow has the aura of the Sacrificial Carving in his body.

Its no wonder that four swords would listen to his commands…”

“Night Guardian, go!”

With his spiritual essence possessing his body, he cut off the Way of the Heavens power that the Black Angel was receiving, preventing it from growing into a Cutting Path.

Thus, Black Flame charged forward.

However, he had no choice but to dodge the slash of the Black Angels sword.

“Netherworld Corpse Hell!”

Raising his hands, the door to Netherworld Corpse Hell opened, and he sat in the north and the south, separating space and separating heaven and earth.

Even though the Black Angel managed to stop the onslaught in time and wanted to take a detour, he was unable to escape.

However, the gloomy chains that rushed out of the Netherworld Corpse Hell still bound the Black Angel.

Pull, pull..

Pull, pull..

One went in, and the other went out.

Black Flame found that the power of the Holy War Black Angel had been fully unleashed in just a short while.

He could only restrict this fellows movements, and could not drag it into the corpse hell.

Naturally, he could only talk about suppressing and sealing it.

“Night Guardian kill it!” Black Flame made a prompt decision.

The Holy War Black Angel fought alone, but he, Black Flame, had teammates.

This was a battle between Red-robed!

However, Night Guardian flew past the Black Angel of the holy war and flew into the distance.

Black Flame:

“Night Guardian, you…”

“Ill leave the Black Angel of the Holy War to you.

I can see that the Ghost Beast Host isnt strong, but its strong.” Night Guardian sent a voice transmission.

“You can do it.”

“What a joke!”

Black Flame was immediately shocked.

“If you dont catch the rat, why are you talking to me aboutyou can do it Is this the time to fuss over the trivial matters of the past”

“Its not that…”

“If its not that, then kill it for me!” Black Flame was going crazy.

He didnt expect Night Guardian to be so petty.

The consumption of the ghoul hell increased with the passage of time.

On the other hand, the opponents strength was still increasing.

Under this situation, the Black Angel might really be able to break free.

At that time, when this damn thing grew up, everyone would be finished!

“Night Guardian, the Ghost Beast Bead wouldnt appear here for no reason.”

“Xu Yue Grey Palace wouldnt let these two unconscious rats come out and attack the world.”

“The real mastermind is someone else!”

Night Guardian looked in the direction where the Black Angel was charging.

Faintly, there was a very weak aura of a throne.

But this was only on the surface.

If the ghost beast host had this kind of strength, after releasing the Ghost Beast form, there were not many people here who could block the other partys red-robed.

And who was there was already self-evident.

Although the other partys aura had disappeared at this moment.

But since it had appeared before, the Heaven Sealing Array would definitely record it.

With Lan Ling around, dig it out and kill it himself.

Without a leader, the two little ghost beasts behind them couldnt do anything.


Black Flame looked at the back of the Night Guardian and became anxious.

He roared, “At least help me cut it!”

“Find Lan Ling.” The Night Guardian didnt even turn his head.

Black Flame:

Lan Ling

That damn woman who fought with me for the leader


“Isnt it just eating alone A trash rat with only two wings…”the more Black Flame looked at the Black Angel, the angrier he became.

He formed a hand seal.

“Get in here!”

Thick fog surged out of the gate of the Netherworld Corpse Hell and turned into a hand of death.

It grabbed the Holy War Black Angel and was about to pull him into the gate.

“Clang! Clang!”

The chains made a loud noise.

The sword intent of the demon directly dyed the hand of death black.

The sword qi exploded.

It was fine if the hand of death exploded, but even the chains that bound the Black Angel seemed to soften under the attack of the ghost qi.

Black Flames eyebrows twitched.


“Do you need help” A slightly teasing female voice sounded in his ear.

Lan Ling… Black Flame was so angry that his teeth hurt.

This little girl!

He was about to reject her.

But at this moment, the chain “Duang” sounded and several of the chains broke.

“I need help!”

Black Flame panicked and said, “Hurry up, use the power of the formation to suppress it for me first!”


“Oh my little darling.”

Under the underground pit, Xu Xiaoshou could not hide anymore.

He did not want to see Xin Gugu die.

But if he acted rashly, he would only get himself killed for nothing.

He originally thought that he could encourage the Storyteller to make a move and stir up the situation.

But who would have thought that Caramel had turned Cheng Xingchu into a ghost beast!

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

He did not know what ability this was

But as an outsider with Gods perspective, he had witnessed the entire scene and knew that the source of all this was that strange bead.

“Ghost Beast Bead”

“Holy War Black Angel”

At the beginning, Red-robed cried out in shock.

A Cutting Path level ghost beast with “Fourth Swords”, a completely berserk Xin Gugu, a resurrection… Bah, a Night Guardian returning from the dead.

All of this was telling Xu Xiaoshou.

He couldnt stay in this damned place anymore.

“WhatFourth Swords, what game Go to hell! Is this a place where people stay”

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshous desire to run away was so strong.

He was just a fakeSaint Servant Second Brother.

Any one of these things, be it a red-robed or a ghost beast.

If he were to face them, he would definitely die!


However, what puzzled Xu Xiaoshou was.

How could the Storyteller still calm down in such a situation

Caramel had already made a move.

In other words, theXu Yue Grey Palace had already completed its preparations and started their plan.

Storyteller, what was he waiting for

Just to retrieve the Lei Shuangxing that had passed out and not take any further action

“Old Seven.”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt care about anything else and directly sent Mu Zixi into the Abrogated Origin Residence.

He couldnt let his junior take the risk to stay here.


The Storytellers voice rang in his ears.

He didnt seem to care about the small details of sending her away.

There was only a trace of doubt in his small nasal voice.

There wasnt the slightest bit of worry or concern about the situation before.

Xu Xiaoshou really wanted to ask, “Why arent you going out to participate in the big fight Why arent you sending her off”

But when the words came to his mouth, they turned into two words of calmness.


“Uh huh” the Storyteller smiled and replied, “Dont worry, everything is under control.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

Under control

You damn sissy, what secret are you holding

This confident tone made people panic!

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou had already secretly moved from underground to the edge of the Heaven Sealing Array.

His perception could pass through the realm of the throne.

However, the Heaven Sealing Array in front of him, which was derived from the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array, was completely powerless.

He couldnt figure out what was happening outside the formation at all.

“I cant wait any longer.

I want to go out!”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt hold it in any longer.

His intuition told him that if he stayed any longer, he would definitely be dragged into it if the Storyteller made a move.

With aPa, he took out theCardinal Wheel that had been quiet for a long time in the Abrogated Origin Residence.

“Second Brother, what is this”

“Dont ask questions you shouldnt ask.”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him, “You have your own mission, just mind your own business.

This old man… has other plans.”

“Hated, passive value, 1.”

The Storyteller was quiet for a moment, then asked again, “Cardinal Wheel What is this Second Brother, arent you an Alchemist, you know this”

“Shut up! Do you think Im you Do you think I only know how to shut up After all these years, you havent grown at all.

Youre shameless!” Xu Xiaoshou was directly reprimanded.

The Storyteller: “…”


Passive value, 1.”

As the saying goes, a snake follows the rod.

Once he knew that he could speak to the Storyteller in that manner, Xu Xiaoshou did not even bother to explain or lie.

He directly berated him!

This was the greatest respect he had for Old Man Sangs face.

“Cardinal Wheel…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the patterns on the plate that resonated with the formation from afar, and his heart hardened.

He wanted to seize control of the “Heaven Sealing Array” from Lan Ling and Yu Zhiwen.

He wanted to leave.

He wanted to leave this damned place that wasnt a place for humans.

“Old Seven, help me cover up the Heavens secrets.

Dont let Red-robed find out!”


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