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Chapter 551: The Violent Storyteller

“Saint Servant, Storyteller!”

Almost at the instant the red dress Fell, Night Guardians gaze was fixed on the person who had arrived.

He was certain that the Storyteller who had appeared this time was no longer the avatar that he had faced the other time.

This was because if it was an avatar, it was impossible for the other party to control all the Red Coats present at the same time in the blink of an eye!

Almost at the same time, the Red Coats all recognized the red-clothed man from the bottom of their hearts.

Furthermore, they had a clear understanding of the strength of this person.

“The Peak of Cutting Path, survivor of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.”

“He is only half a step away from the Higher Void stage!”

It could be said that this was a man who had one foot at the peak of the world!


The first to be released was not the Red Coats, but the Holy War Black Angel with the Fourth Sword.

The Storyteller could control the entire scene.

But it was clear he could not control the Fourth Sword.

In just an instant, the Holy War Black Angel broke free from the restraints.

Then, he lifted the black sword and slashed towards… Heiming!

Heimings face instantly turned angry.

He had experienced the Storytellers tactics before.

But every time this guy appeared, he was always caught so off guard.

In a situation where there was no time to react, it was a difficult problem to break free from the restraints.

This ghost beast… Must be sick!

Was it trying to add insult to injury

“Ive been waiting for you for a long time.”

Just as Heiming was still struggling to dodge the attack of the Fourth Sword, Lan Lings red lips curled up slightly and she laughed softly.

“Heaven Sealing Array, draw!”

With a soft shout, the power that was trying to break through the ancient book space gathered in the Red Coats bodies was instantly sucked dry by the Heaven Sealing Array.

Before anyone could react, Lan Lings fingers, that were also restrained, trembled slightly.


Dozens of light beams descended from the sky and instantly enveloped the Red Coats.

The Storytellers vision blurred, and Lan Ling had already disappeared from his hand.

He raised his eyes again.

All the Red Coats appeared above his head.

Night Guardian, Xin, the panicked Heiming, and the dozens of confused Red Coats lowered their heads at the same time, and their gazes fell on the storyteller below.

The scene seemed to have quietened down.

Even the Red Coast did not expect that their own power, which seemed to be about to break through the realm, could be used to deal with the Storyteller.

“Lan Ling, this”

Xin turned and moved to Lan Lings side immediately.

The situation had been urgent previously, so Lan Lings telepathic communication only gave a rough description.

They understood that the situation had changed, and they needed to break through this world first.

Who would have thought that the Storyteller would come out!

Had this fellow been hiding here all this time

“The Yin Yang Life and Death Trap, ancient book space” Night Guardian also tilted his gaze, and he had already noticed something.


Lan Ling nodded her head, and before she could say anything.


A furious curse came from the side.

Heiming looked at the Holy War Black Angel who continued to pounce on him like a clingy spirit, and his entire person became irritable.

“Dont act alone.”

Just as he was about to rush over to execute a battle to the death, Lan Ling stopped him.

“Heaven Sealing Array, shift.”

She waved her hand.

The Holy War Black Angel, who was holding a sword, and the four Minotaurs who were still imprisoned, were suddenly shifted several kilometers away.

“The most urgent matter now is the Storyteller.”

Lan Lings gaze never left the red-clothed man from the beginning until the end.

When this person appeared, the center of the battlefield had already shifted.

Even if their Red Coat and Ghost Beast were their main objectives.

Seeing that Heiming still wanted to continue, Lan Ling immediately added, “If you act alone, you die.”


Heimings stomp tore through space and braked forcefully, stopping his footsteps.

This damned woman…

Although he was somewhat displeased with Lan Lings order, Heiming also thought that he couldnt act recklessly once the Saint Servant appeared.

At that time, the fear of being dominated by the Storytellers fantasy realm in the Eighth Palace surged into his heart once again.

If he really left the Red Coats, perhaps this step of his would really lead him straight to death!

“Pop, pop, pop.”

A crisp sound came from below.

The Storyteller couldnt help but pat his left and right palms with his right hand, his face full of praise.

“Amazing, tsk tsk, amazing.”

“As expected of a Red Coat…”

Second Brother was right.

He had really underestimated these guys.

“I didnt expect that he could use the power of the great array to change the Way of the Heavens within his space,” the Storyteller said while shaking his head.

“You flatter me.”

Lan Ling narrowed her eyes and said, “But hes just a spirit array master.

Hes just well-prepared.

He cant be compared to the legendary Seventh Chief, Saint Servant.”

“Hmm…” The Storyteller tilted his head and made a long sound.

Then, he snapped his fingers.

“Youre right.”

“Hes just… Well, youre very self-aware.”

Xin was immediately provoked by the red-clothed man.

He chickened out and didnt say anything.

Why were his words so hateful

“Damn pervert, can you put away your finger I… Mmm.”

As he spoke, Xin suddenly felt as if he had been silenced and couldnt say anything.

He turned his head.

Obviously, at this time, the thing that could shut him up should be the power of Lan Lings great array.

He rolled his eyes.

“Mmm mmm mmm”

— Why did you shut me up

Lan Ling didnt pay attention to him, because the atmosphere in the world seemed to have turned cold because of Xins words.

Others didnt know, but she knew it clearly.

The word “pervert” was like a thorn in the Seventh Chief Saint Servants side.

It was completely and utterly taboo!

As expected..

“What did you say just now”

The corners of the Storytellers mouth twitched, and his eyebrows were even squeezed to the point that one was bigger than the other because he couldnt suppress his anger.


His arms thrust foward.


Before everyone could react, they felt the void distort.

They came back to their senses.

Xin had been caught by the Storyteller.

“No!” Lan Ling shouted.

It was too late.


Two fingers stabbed into Xins throat, and his blood splattered.

Xins throat was pierced through.

When the Storyteller pulled his hands back, a bloody piece of cartilage had appeared between his two fingers.


Xin spat out a mouthful of blood.

The hole in his throat was bleeding profusely.

He wanted to resist.

However, even though Xin tried his best to muster up all the spiritual source in his body, he could not even make the slightest mark on the thin, delicate hands that were on his neck.

The veins on his neck bulged.

However, all the energy movement in his body had been sealed.

Even the Way of the Heavens around him had been completely cut off by the Storyteller.

His Red Coat companions was clearly not far above his head.

However, at this moment, Xin could only feel helpless and isolated from the rest of the world!

All he could do to resist was to force his injuries to worsen and the blood in his throat to spurt out faster.

To the Storyteller, it was meaningless!

“This guy…”

Xins heart suddenly clenched.

Pain was nothing to him.

But with just this move, he knew.

He knew that the strength of these two parties were not on the same level.

They were completely crushed!

As long as the Storyteller wanted to, no one on the Red Coats side could stop him.

This was an existence that only the Moonless Sword Deity could capture!

“Adams apple…”

The storyteller played with the small bone in his hand and knocked his own with the back of his hand.

But it didnt.

He smiled and pressed the small bone into Xins throat again.

He whispered into Xins ear, “Remember, there wont be a next time.”


Xin spat out another mouthful of blood after being hit by the second attack.

He felt that his supposed “golden mystic spiritual body” was more like a decoration in front of this red-clothed man.

The other party did not even need to use any spiritual source.

He only used the Way of the Heavens to seal everything.

A casual attack could cause fatal damage to him.

At this moment, the Red Coats above them were once again released from their restraints.


Night Guardians face darkened.

In front of the Red Coats, Xin was taken down in one go.

This was not just a matter of face.

The other partys provocation was simply intolerable!

“Darkness, devour the sky!”

Almost at the moment when the raging killer instinct bloomed, the sky was immediately engulfed by darkness.

“Oh, its you”

Once this familiar power appeared, the Storyteller could not help but cast his gaze over.

Night Guardian did not even dare to hide even half of his strength.

His move was his trump card.

Not only did he use the dark power to change the Heavens and Earth Order at the first moment, his entire body also began to emit Grand Vital Energy.

“Little Old Man…”

The Storytellers palm tightened, and Xins throat was distorted.

“Cough cough… pfft.”

Xin spat out another mouthful of blood.

Killer instinct appeared in the Storytellers eyes.

The anger of an incarnation that had been destroyed for no reason not long ago surged into his heart.

The Storyteller, who had not planned to explode at this moment, could not hold it in anymore when he saw that the Night Guardian had actually made a move.

He raised his hand.


Lan Ling shouted, just in time.

She immediately dashed to the side of the Night Guardian and clapped him on the shoulder.

“Relax, let me do it.”

The Night Guardian looked sideways.

His eyes were full of awe and he was silent.

“Trust me.”

Lan Ling nodded very seriously.

Only then did the Night Guardian suppress the impulse in his heart and withdraw his Grand Vital Energy.

However, the darkness in the sky continued to advance and took control of the battlefield directly.

In a situation where their strength was weaker than the other partys, the Red Coats would not be able to fight at all and would be at the mercy of others even if they had a geographical advantage.

“Little girl…”

The Storyteller squeezed out a smile again.

“Youre so confident.”

“Storyteller, you dont want to kill people, right” Lan Ling tilted her head and looked over.


The Storyteller raised his eyebrows.

“Are you provoking me Do you have a grudge with him”

He looked back at Xin and exerted force on his palm.

“Crack… crack…”

The sound of bones cracking instantly exploded from all over Xins body.

In just an instant, Xin was drenched in blood.

Under the infusion of the storytellers spiritual source, Xins physical body could not withstand any longer.

Even his internal organs were shattered.

The bones in his body were basically shattered into pieces.


Night Guardians eyes narrowed.

He wanted to make a move.

Lan Ling held him down and looked at the Storyteller.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Give him back to me.

You can have whatever you want.”


Heiming turned his head to look at her in disbelief.

“Shut up, let me do it!”

Lan Ling could not help but berate him.

This time, Night Guardian finally took a step back and gave the power back to Lan Ling.

“Oh, how impressive!”

The Storyteller smiled coquettishly and said, “Of course its a little impressive.

What right do you have to take people from my hands”

His hand tightened again, and Xin, who was on the verge of death, collapsed immediately.

This time, even the spiritual altar could not hold on and fainted on the spot.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Red Coats standing at the back didnt even dare to move.

They all knew that the Saint Servant Storyteller was very strong.

But in the past, the strength of this person was only theoretical.

Now that they saw it with their own eyes, this..

No one could stop him!

Even Xin was like a giant baby in the hands of the Storyteller, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

“Thats it”

The Storyteller looked at the big figure who had completely fainted and could not help but frown.

“How weak.”

Lan Ling reached out her hand to suppress the angry people behind her and slowly said, “I know you wont kill anyone.

At least, you wont want to kill Red Coat.”

“You know, this doesnt benefit you at all.”

The Storyteller immediately narrowed his eyes.

“Youre threatening me again”

He tightened his grip.

Lan Ling hurriedly took a step forward.



“Its not a threat.

Your opponent isnt the Red Coat.

If you kill someone here, all the Saint Servants will be in danger once we get out, not just you.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “This isnt a threat either.

Im just stating a fact.”

The Storyteller let go of his hand and weighed the big guy in his hand a few times.

It was quite heavy!

“Although you keep saying that its not a threat, it sounds like a threat.”

“Anyway, if others have heard these words…”

The Storyteller closed his eyes and thought for a while, then said, “Im very unhappy.


“But its the truth, isnt it”Lan Ling retorted.


The Storyteller actually admitted it.

He smiled and said, “Youre very smart.

At least among these people, you should be the one with the best brains.”

He placed Xin in the air in front of him and took out a handkerchief from his ring to wipe away the blood.

He said, “Its true that I dont want to kill people, but these people all need to be taught a lesson.

I have no choice but to take action.

Can you understand”


Lan Ling nodded and stretched out her hand.

“Then should we send him over first” She pouted her lips and gestured to Xin who was lying in the air.


The Storyteller kicked him away in a swift motion.


“I can return him to you, but this is because I dont like to kill people.

Its not because your threats worked or anything like that.”


Night Guardian took Xin over and immediately fed him a mouthful of elixirs.

He clenched his fists tightly, but didnt say anything.

Even Heiming, who didnt get along with Lan Ling at all, didnt feel the slightest ripple in his heart when he saw Xin get beaten up.

This time, when he heard the Storytellers words, he couldnt help but be infuriated.

This was simply too disrespectful.

But, attack

He glanced at the crowd from the corner of his eye.

There was no one here who was a match for this red-clothed man.

In fact, even if everyone joined forces, they might not even be a match for him even if he were one-handed.

How were they going to fight him

After the Storyteller wiped off his blood, he threw his handkerchief away and looked at the crowd.

“Its fine as long as you all behave yourselves.

I said that I wont kill anyone.”

“As long as you all dont make any noise, nothing will happen.”

“I didnt come here for you, but…”


At this moment, a screech sounded from behind.

The Holy War Black Angel, who had been teleported away earlier, had returned to attack.

It held Fourth Sword in its hand and slashed at the storyteller who was closest to it.


The storyteller clenched his fists in anger and stomped his foot fiercely.

“Why do people always like to interrupt others when they are talking”

He turned around in anger and glared at the black sword energy that was coming at him.

He raised his hand and cut across the air.

“Can you shut up!”

A high-pitched roar sounded.

The black sword energy that was coming at him was directly split into two.

The Storyteller stretched out his hand and twisted the air again.

The Holy War Black Angel was like a moth flying into a flame, directly sending himself into the hands of the Storyteller.


Taking out a dagger from his bosom, the Storyteller suddenly cut through it, and one of its heads was lifted high into the sky by the blood pillar.

“Noisy, noisy, noisy!!!”


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