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Chapter 552: Three Gifts



The Holy War Black Angel was stabbed by a dagger.

It had to be said that this really made everyones jaws drop.

The super ghost beast that had been entangled with the Red Coat for so long was instantly killed by the Storyteller the moment it emerged

“How strong must this person be”

Red Coat could fight the ghost beast to the death, but if this was the enemy they were facing, there was no way they could match its existence no matter how hard they tried.

Everyone couldnt help but feel a strong sense of despair.

How could they fight

There was no solution!

Lan Ling could clearly see a pale gray color rising on the faces of all the Red Coats.

It was a sign that they couldnt muster any fighting spirit.

“Stay calm.”

She immediately sent telepathic communication to everyone, “The Storyteller is strong, but hes not that strong.

Dont forget, this is his ancient book space.”

“Everything he did was nothing more than borrowing spatial power to deify himself.

His goal was for everyone to put down their weapons and listen to his orders.”

“To be afraid before a battle.

Is this proper attitude from the Red Coats!”

Everyones hearts jolted.

Thats right.

That was indeed the case.

Although the Night Guardian had changed the Heavens and Earth Order into a dark tone and obtained some geographical advantages, this was present in the ancient book space.

No matter how they modified it, they were still in the space controlled by the Storyteller.

It was as if they had entered the enemys sovereign domain.

The opponent seemed to be strong.

However, from another perspective, if everyone was in the Night Guardians bounded domain, the Night Guardian might be able to do all of this.

“Restrain yourself and dont lose your nerve.”

Lan Ling said solemnly, “Set your position straight.

As long as you break through the ancient book space and have the help of the Heaven Sealing Array, the Night Guardian alone…”

She looked at the night guardian.

The night guardian nodded silently.

“I can do it.”

As soon as these words were said, flames of war were reignited in the eyes of the Red Coats.

Yes, the Storyteller was indeed a little stronger.

But on their own side, excluding the heavily injured Xin, there was also Lan Ling, Heiming, and the Night Guardian, as well as the Heaven Sealing Array.

As long as he broke through the ancient book space, he might be able to take down the Storyteller.

Heiming glanced at the Night Guardian indifferently.

He could see that the Night Guardian had a solemn expreession.

Could he


If he really could, with his irritable personality, it would be impossible for him to still be able to endure Xins injuries.

But at this moment, faith was extremely important.

Heiming wouldnt be stupid enough to attack his own people.

The real way to break out of this situation was to blow up the ancient book space and contact the outside world.

White-clothed should have been the one to deal with the Saint Servant!

Shouldnt he


“What are you thinking about again”

The storyteller looked at the many Red Coats who had regained their fighting spirit and said in amusement, “This meaningless struggle wont bring you a good result.

Just stay put.”

“Ive already said that I dont like killing people.”

“The reason I came here this time is only because…”

As the ghostly energy dissipated, the Storyteller snatched the black sword from the headless figures hand directly.

“Fourth Sword.

Forget it.”



The head and body of the Holy War Black Angel smashed onto the ground one after another, sending dust flying everywhere.

Yu Zhiwens star-shaped pupils suddenly trembled.

The Holy War Black Angel, which had been shrouded in the ghost fog from the beginning to the end, only revealed its true appearance when it died.

But why did the head that had rolled on the ground look so familiar

“Cheng Xingchu”

Yu Zhiwens heart suddenly tightened, and she couldnt hide the shock in her eyes.

Cheng Xingchu was actually a ghost beast

“Do you know him” Lan Ling sensed Yu Zhiwens emotions fluctuating and tilted her head to ask.

Yu Zhiwen still didnt dare to believe it, but she still explained, “Hes from a branch of the Holy Divine Palace in Dongtianwang City.

Hes a member of the Cheng family, Cheng Xingchu.”

Lan Ling frowned.

After a moment of silence, she sighed softly.

“Hes been used.”

After saying that, she immediately came to her senses.

In a battle, besides the terrifying existence of the Storyteller, there should be one last person who hasnt appear.

As her spiritual senses immediately connected with the Night Guardian.

Lan Ling asked, “How was the situation earlier The person from Xu Yue Grey Palace…”

“Hes here.”

The Night Guardians gaze swept downwards.

At the same time, the void suddenly shook.

Even the Storyteller who was holding onto the fourth sword could not help but lower his head.

Beside the ground where Cheng Xingchus head had rolled down, a smooth arm suddenly stretched out from a rift in the void and grabbed his head.

In the next second, Caramels figure walked out from the rift.

Her gray robe was torn, and the purple chain was no longer there.

Even her hairband was broken.

Her hair was disheveled, as if she had encountered a great battle in the spatial fragment.

“Oh, theres another one”

The Storyteller smiled and took a step back.

Sensing a strong ghost beast aura on this new arrival, he slowly said, “Your mission”

He looked at the Red Coats.

Killer instinct instantly filled the Night Guardians eyes.

This womans pathetic appearance was created by him in the spatial fragment.

At that time, the aura on her body wasnt as terrifying as this.

She was just at the ordinary sovereign stage,

But now, after stepping into the battlefield, the Night Guardian knew with just a glance that this woman had already removed the Legendary Beast Control Artifact.

“Cutting Path… as expected of a ghost beast, another troublesome existence!”

“Moo –”

Accompanied by an angry roar, four incomparably tall minotaurs rushed over from the sky.

The Night Guardian wanted to move, but Caramel immediately turned back and said softly, “Can you give me some time”

“Time” The Night Guardian was momentarily stunned, turning to look at Lan Ling.

Lan Ling immediately knew what Caramel was thinking.

In the ancient book space right now, the biggest enemy of the Red Coats and ghost beasts was not each other, but the Storyteller.

And when the Red Coats were still unable to deal with the Storyteller, Caramel seemed to have the intention to fight against him

“Fourth Sword”

Lan Lings thoughts stopped and her gaze fell onto Fourth Sword on the storytellers body.

Was it because of this

Thats right!

All the people who came to the Lijian Grassland came for the Fourth Sword, didnt they

In other words, this ghost beast host body that seemed to only have the strength equal to the Cutting Path Stage wanted to snatch the Fourth Sword from the Storytellers hands

Although she did not know what this womans plan was, but..

“Should we cooperate”

Lan Ling hesitated for a moment.

The Red Coats and ghost beasts cooperating was the the most ridiculous idea in the world.

However, under the pressure of the Storyteller, it became a choice they could consider.

One side wanted to have the Fourth Sword, and the other side wanted to break through the ancient book space..

Lan Ling stopped and couldnt make a choice immediately.


Night Guardian agreed.

After fighting with the woman, he could faintly sense that she had an even more terrifying trump card.

At this moment, the best solution was to let the Saint Servant and the Xu Yue Grey Palace fight among themselves.

As long as the battle was serious enough, it wouldnt be a problem for the ancient book space.

As for the grudge between the Red Coats and the ghost beasts..

He would deal with it after he got out!


Heiming turned his head and couldnt accept it.

However, before he could question it, Lan Ling had already made up her mind.

“Everyone, retreat!”

She waved her hand.

With a flash of light, the power of the great array directly sent all the Red Coats to the rear.

Watching the fight from the other side was not a bad thing!


“Little sister, you want to fight with her”

The storyteller looked at Caramel with interest.

He did not know where this little girls confidence came from.

Just because of the Fourth Sword

Do you have the ability to do that!

“I just want to ask a question…”

Caramel took a deep breath.

“Is Elder Feng in your hands”

She didnt want to fight.

Originally, she just wanted to collect the ghost beast bead.

But when she came closer, she felt the ghost beasts aura on the Storytellers body.

The seal aura!

He thought back to what Xu Xiaoshou had said before.

Perhaps, there was no way to find it anymore.

Elder Feng was really on the Storyteller!

“Elder Feng”

The storyteller tilted his head and thought for a while.

“Who is that Ive never heard of him.”

“To put it another way,” Caramels eyes were burning.

“Seal Ghost Beast.”

“Oh, you mean that”

The Storyteller seemed to have realized something and said nonchalantly, “Thats my new pet.

Is that your senior”

After a pause, the Storyteller shook his head.

“Im sorry, this is a small gift.

Its unlikely that Ill return it to you since Im giving it to someone else.”

“Elder Feng…” Caramels eyes were filled with fervor.

Only God knew how many twists and turns she and Xin Gugu had gone through to come all the way from the South Region for this mission.

In the end, Elder Feng was actually trapped

“Saint Servant…”


The enemy was indeed very strong.

If possible, Caramel didnt even want to think about talking or provoking him.

But as long as it was for the mission, all obstructions should be eliminated!

“Then theres nothing to say.”

He slapped Cheng Xingchus head.

Caramel originally wanted to retrieve the ghost beast bead, but she also turned it into a seal.

“Dissolve, Xu Yue seal.”

There was a loud boom.

The ground was directly shattered by a blast of gray air that exploded from Caramels body.

A gray full moon suddenly rose in the sky that had been dyed by the darkness.

Under the moonlight, Caramels hands flew up, and her face gradually became ferocious.

“Holy War Black Angel, open!”

The blood on her pretty face was instantly drained, and Caramel seemed to have aged dozens of years, with a few more wrinkles on her face.

The ghost beast bead, which had obtained the essence of life, was no longer restricted by the ghost beast host body, and directly floated into the air.


A loud explosion.

Cheng Xingchus head didnt even last for a moment before it was blown into a bloody mist.

In the next moment, the dense bloody mist was directly absorbed by the ghost beast bead.

The Earth began to squirm.

The Bloog Sea that Xin Gugu had summoned earlier, as well as the bloody color that had seeped into the bottom due to the collapse of the Earth, was also summoned.

The void was floating with a hazy bloody tint.

Wisps of the dense mist turned into a thick fog and were swallowed by the ghost beast bead in large mouthfuls.

Behind them, the Red Coat and the others who were watching from afar frowned together.

This kind of bizarre and inhuman method was something that almost everyone could not endure.

However, this time, it was the ghost beast who wanted to fight the Saint Servant.

Even the Night Guardian clenched his fists and endured it.

“What terrifying power…”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding underground and only wanted to escape from the battle scene, could not help but be attracted at this moment.


The Ghost Beasts methods were very disgusting.

Even he couldnt help but feel disgusted at this moment.

He faintly understood the determination of the Red Coats in wanting to exterminate them.

As for Cheng Xingchus death..

It was indeed too regrettable!

Although he had a very poor impression of Cheng Xingchu, to die like this…

Well, it wasnt incomprehensible.

After all, every person who came to the Lijian Grassland should be prepared to die.

Death was something that happened in an instant.

What Caramel did was just to take advantage of the remaining value of a dead person.

Even Red Coat couldnt bear to look at such a method.

However, Xu Xiaoshou understood that Lan Lings method was, in essence, also taking advantage of the life of the those who experienced the White Cave.

“In any case, there isnt anyone good.”

Xu Xiaoshou was full of worry.

He had thought that once the Storyteller, who had been in the game for such a long time, appeared, he would be able to suppress all existences.

But now, the situation seemed to have undergone a transformation

And yet..

Looking up at the indifferent storyteller, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to curse out loud.

Cant you control your gaming mentality

Must you allow the enemys strength to take shape and then openly compete with them

This situation must be cursed!

He wanted to persuade them, but now everyone was in the middle of the battle.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to expose himself easily.

He could only hope that his backer wouldnt expose him at the crucial moment.


“Holy War Black Angel… ”

The Storyteller was indeed watching.

He had vaguely heard of the legend of this ghost beast, but it was very vague.

Previously, when he saw the ghost beasts explosive battle strength, he was also greatly disappointed.

But now, it seemed that this ghost beast was only restricted by its host body.

Could its strength be even stronger

“To what extent will it grow”

The Storytellers eyes were filled with curiosity.

If it was possible, he could give one more gift to his brother.

After all, good things come in pairs.

“You wont stop me”

Caramel swallowed an elixir and managed to remove the wrinkles on her face.

However, the loss of life force was not something that could be made up for in a short period of time.

Originally, she had prepared many methods to prevent the true formation of the Holy War Black Angel from being disturbed.

Unexpectedly, the Storyteller was too arrogant.

“An opportunity!”

“This is an opportunity!”

Caramel, who had been secretly glad, suddenly realized that four huge minotaurs were rushing over behind the Storyteller.

This scene was so familiar.

Wasnt this the scene where the Holy War Black Angel was about to die


Caramel instantly became anxious.

“Xin Gugu, stop!”

“Moo –”

A bulls roar sounded from the adjacent area.

Xin Gugu, who had completely transformed into a ghost beast, had lost all reason.

He could not understand Caramels words at all.

How could he stop

The Storyteller turned around with a smile and looked ahead with a calm and collected expression.

In the next second, he clasped his palms together.


The space in front of the four minotaurs suddenly collapsed.

The black hole fragments twisted repeatedly, directly swallowing the four minotaurs that were rushing over.

“Chi, chi, chi…”

Blood splattered in all directions.

Before they could fly far, they were sucked in by the black hole fragments.


The Storytellers eyes were filled with delight.

He really wanted to know if this ghost beast really had such an ability.

If so, then would every drop of blood be able to transform into a little ox devil after this wave of attacks.

If that was the case, then this third gift should be even rarer.

“Xin Gugu…”

Caramel looked at Xin Gugu, who had been completely swallowed up by the black hole space and no longer existed.

She stretched her hand into the air and froze.

“Cackle, cackle.”

The strange laughter that Xin Gugu would deliberately let out after his brain was hit echoed in her ears.

Every time after she kicked him, he would drop all his defenses and let his body explode.

Then, he would use that disgusting blood reincarnation technique to disgust her.



Caramel covered her head and kneeled on the ground weakly.

“But… it shouldnt be, it shouldnt be like this.

Just wait a little longer, just wait a little longer!”

Her brain was filled with too many thoughts.

The scene of Xin Gugu parting with her in the White Cave seemed to reappear in front of Caramel.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

Go and find Xu Xiaoshou first.”

“Ill lie in ambush in the Lijian Grassland for a few days, and then refine the Blood Sea first.

Ill hide it deep underground, so deep that even the Red Coats wont be able to find it.”

“When the time comes, as long as you come over, Ill go up for the first wave, and everyone will be dragged into the water.”

“At the very least, if anything goes wrong, the blood energy will be able to awaken the ghost beast bead.

As long as the mission is completed… then what about Elder Feng”

“I dont know about that either.

Anyway, Ill just be in charge of fighting.

ALl right then!”

From the Southern Region, to the Xu Yue Grey Palace, and to Greedy the Cat Spirit..

Until now!

“He was clearly so cowardly…”

Caramels eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as she gripped onto the rock tightly.

She suddenly realized that the so-called ghost beast did not need emotions.

The so-called Elders orders and instructions..

All of them were useless!

Before Xin Gugu was crushed, she thought that she could do it too.

Everything was for the mission.

But now..

With one hand holding onto the ghost beast bead, Caramel did not even think about its violent aura.

She swallowed it directly.


Well talk about it later, if we can withstand this wave.

Right now, Caramel only wanted to make this pervert in front of her… Go to hell!!!

“Youd better die!”


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