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Chapter 553: Eruption, Double Ghost Beast Host Body!

“Screech –”

After a screech, Jiao Tangtang flew into the sky.

Her scarlet eyes were filled with a crazy desire to destroy.

The dense ghostly energy entered her body in an instant.


A pair of ten-foot-long wings spread out on her back.

Everyone was shocked.

However, this was not the end of the change.

Compared to the Holy War Black Angel that Cheng Xingchu had transformed into, Jiao Tangtangs current aura was many times more terrifying.

The extremely dense ghostly energy did not weaken much after a pair of wings was formed.

It only stopped for half a breath.


Another pair of wings grew on the first pair of wings.

“Four-winged Black Angel”

Heiming, who was standing behind, trembled.

The Two-winged Black Angel and the persistence of the Fourth Sword had caused him to complain endlessly.

Now that the Fourth Sword was gone…

This fellow was using the extra wings to replace it

Compared to the power of the Fourth Sword, which did not suit him at all, the aura of the Four-winged Black Angel was simply breathtaking.

“Are you confident”

Heiming turned to look at the Night Guardian.

At this moment, if he had to face the Holy War Black Angel alone…

To be honest, Heiming was already a little weak.

“Peak of the Cutting Path…”

The Night Guardian muttered with a look of shock in his eyes.

The increase of the ghost beasts power was so simple.

This kind of growth that transcended the Way of the Heavens operation was something that the World Order did not allow.

And among them, those special existences that exchanged for power at their own expense were even more terrifying.

At this moment, Jiao Tangtang clearly had these conditions.

Not answering Heiming directly, the Night Guardian had a deep gaze.

“And thats not all.”

As if confirming his words, opening her four wings didnt completely consume the power that Jiao Tangtang had obtained after swallowing the ghost beast bead.


Another soft sound was heard.

Jiao Tangtang, who had already been pushed into the sky by the ghostly energy, once again spread her wings.

The six-winged gray light that was imprinted on the dark sky seemed to be vowing a resolute heart.

Its energy ripple merely shook and spread, causing the ancient books space to crack apart.

“My God…”

Xin, who had woken up in the arms of the Night Guardian, even forgot to struggle out of his embrace for a moment.

He stared at the Six-winged Black Angel in the sky with a face full of disbelief.

“Is this the ghost beast bead, one of the trump cards of the Xu Yue Grey Palace” he asked.

The Night Guardian lowered his head.

“Its just one of the Holy War Black Angels.”

Then, he threw Xin, who had regained a little mobility, out of his embrace.

Xin steadied himself in mid-air.

His footsteps were still a little unsteady.

He swallowed elixirs and gulped.

“Is it at the height of the Nine Death Thunder Realm”

“It should be the third transition.” The Night Guardian gave his own judgment.

The Nine Death Thunder Realm was the final necessary path to the Higher Void for a peak Cutting Path.

After enduring nine thunder calamities, there was a slight chance of comprehending the Power of the Higher Void and stepping into that realm.

However, with a 90% chance of death, not every Cutting Path had the determination to take this step.

The Night Guardian was determined but his strength was not even enough to support him through the first thunder calamity.

As for the ghost beast…

“Just by swallowing a bead, it could reach this stage directly from the Sovereign Stage” The Night Guardian narrowed his eyes as he thought.

He had seen such a huge change in strength several times but it wasnt that much.

This was perhaps the true attitude of the Red Coats higher-ups towards a ghost beast.

Once such an unstable power factor was obtained by someone with ulterior motives and took revenge on the continent, it would definitely be a world-shaking tragedy.

The Storyteller looked at the spatial fluctuation in the surroundings and allocated a portion of his power to maintain the stability of the space.

He accurately judged the transformation of Jiao Tangtangs aura and was still full of smiles.

“Its about the third transition of the Nine Death Thunder Realm…”

“But the aura and power cant be controlled at all.”

“Not to mention the power of the first transition, even the slightly better Cutting Path can be killed.”

“If its a special attribute, a Sovereign with the ability to cross realms and fight, even if its to the death, it might be able to kill both sides…”

Using spiritual sources as a barrier, the Storyteller pinched the hilt of the Fourth Sword with his orchid finger and completely sealed the energy movement of the vicious sword that was fiercely resisting.

He stared at the transformation on the other side and shook his head.

“Seriously, theres no threat at all!”

“But Im liking this gift more and more… hmm”

As everyone watched, when Jiao Tangtang spread her sixth pair of wings, the aura was supposed to fade away.

But at this moment, there was a new transformation.

Everyone had seen the Holy War Black Angel before.

Its transformation was only the increase in the number of black wings.

But at this moment, Jiao Tangtang seemed to be squeezing out her potential.

With a face full of pain and struggle, her body began to transform.

Under the cover of the ghostly energy, her legs began to mutate into snake patterns.

Under her gray robe, her slender legs exploded and turned into a red python tail that was more than a hundred feet long.


Two dancing python tails smashed down from the sky, causing the space to burst inch by inch.

The ripples that were created even forced everyone to retreat in shock once again.

“This” The Storyteller licked his red lips, and his eyes suddenly burst with a sharp light, as if he had seen some supreme delicacy.

“What the hell is this” Xin was completely dumbfounded.

Looking at the grayish-red dragon scales condensed on the red python tail, as well as the wings that belonged to the Holy War Black Angel on Jiao Tangtangs back…

“Whats going on” He turned to look at the Night Guardian.

“A double ghost beast host body!”

The Night Guardian was also shocked.

As a Red Coat who had been on missions for so many years, he had never seen a double ghost beast host body.

He had rarely even heard of it.

In fact, during the war in the Southern Regions Green City, a double ghost beast host body had never appeared in the arena.

“Double ghost beast”

Lan Ling and Yu Zhiwen looked at each other and saw the curiosity in each others eyes.

Then, they realized that the other party was as clueless as they were and turned their heads away.

No one in the arena had ever heard of a double ghost beast.

Even the Storyteller retreated when the python tail hit the air.

He did not dare to disturb Jiao Tangtangs transformation.

“A gift!”

“A mutated gift.

Brother is going to fall in love with me!”

There was a sick infatuation in his eyes as he shouted, “Go for it, mutation!”

“Roar –”

An extremely hoarse low moan came out from Jiao Tangtangs throat.

It sounded like a dragons roar, but it was also a little strange.

Soon after, Jiao Tangtang tilted her head and a sarcoma grew on the side of her neck.

The sarcoma grew and changed rapidly.

Then, like Jiao Tangtangs head, it turned into a huge red pythons head.

The pythons head grew a horn, scales had also grown on its body, and there were six wings on its back.

The onlookers were dumbfounded.

No one could describe the shock they felt at this moment.

The double ghost beast and also the ghost beasts complete transformation…

This was a rare sight in this world!

In the air, ghostly energy surged out once again and fused directly into the pythons back.

At this moment, Jiao Tangtangs complete ghost beast form had finally taken shape.


The moment the fourth pair of black wings spread out, the energy that seemed to be able to topple the sky leaked out and the sky shattered like a bright mirror.

The area within a few miles was swept into a vacuum by the ghostly energy.

A huge black hole was formed!

The black holes suction was trying to swallow everyone.

Lan Ling immediately spread out the barrier and covered all the Red Coats within.

She moved again and teleported away from the side of the battle.

“Oh my God!” Xin was so shocked that his mouth could not close.

The giant python shed its skin and a new life emerged from it.

As far as the eye could see, there was a winding red python that coiled above the black hole and was several miles long.

If one did not see it with their own eyes, nobody would believe it.


In the nine heavens, thunderclouds gathered, as if wanting to completely destroy the power that heaven and earth could not tolerate.

“Red thunderclouds…”

Lan Ling raised her head to look at the sky in shock.

After muttering a few words, she found it difficult to make another sound.

“Red divine lightning, oh my God!”

Xin turned his head to look at the Night Guardian again.

“How many transformations”

The Night Guardian swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

He hadnt even survived the first tribulation of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, so how could he be qualified to judge the other partys strength

“Red Twin Dragon Python.

This girls ghost beast also has a great background.

Ive seen the picture before.” The Night Guardian sighed.

Xin rolled his eyes.

“So, how many transformations”

“No, it should be…” The Night Guardian looked at the eight wings on the back of the two-headed, two-tailed, gray-red dragon python.

He was silent for a moment before adding, “Eight wings, Red Twin Dragon Python!”

“So, so strong.”

The Storyteller looked at the supreme ghost beast that was coiled above the black hole in the distance.

He felt that the power contained within its body was almost comparable to his own.

He was so excited that he was trembling.

“A gift, this is the most perfect gift!”

“An ordinary Sovereign can grow to such an extent in an instant.”

“Brother said that he wanted to find a ghost beast.

If this can be given to him…”


Suddenly, a loud sound exploded in his ears.

The Storyteller suddenly felt that the world was spinning, and his thoughts suddenly froze.

He lowered his head.

The blood splattering from below, as well as the Fourth Sword, which had also been sent flying after breaking free from its restraints, were slowly spinning.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

It was only at a certain moment when the pain in his chest was felt that the Storyteller suddenly realized that he had been sent flying!

His gaze focused on his chest.

His red dress was already soaked in blood.

The exposed skin on his shoulders and neck should have been snow-white and flawless, but at this moment, his skin was split open and it was unbearably ugly.

“Python tail”

It was also at this moment that the image of the eight-winged Red Twin Dragon Pythons attack was transmitted to his mind.

When the Red Twin Dragon Pythons eight wings barely flapped, the opponent had already disappeared.

That towering pythons body could actually possess such speed

“Holy War Black Angel!”

The Storyteller immediately understood.

The Red Twin Dragon Pythons attack power was indeed strong.

However, at the same time, its huge body would inevitably restrict its speed.

However, when this ghost beast and the Holy War Black Angel were combined, and it was even the Holy War Black Angel in its eight-winged form, all its shortcomings were made up for!


There were a few more explosions.

The scalps of the Red Coat onlookers immediately exploded.

The Storyteller, who had looked down on the world just a moment ago, was like a child who had encountered a giant when the eight-winged Red Twin Dragon Python was fully formed.

He was completely helpless.

In the next instant, he was sent flying into the air.

Before anyone could react, he had already suffered a series of critical hits from the Red Twin Dragon Python.

With that terrifying speed, even the people present could only vaguely see a huge black shadow whipping around.

As for the Storyteller, he was constantly knocked around in mid-air.

He directly transformed into a red lightning bolt, moving in all directions above the black hole without any rules or inertia.

“Hiss!” Xin immediately hugged his head.

“This speed, this attack power…”

The Night Guardian couldnt help but take half a step back.

He was completely shocked.

Not only was his strength at its peak, even with his unparalleled speed and battle awareness, but the Storyteller also couldnt react in time

“This is… a double ghost beast host body”

The Night Guardians heart was in turmoil.

He had heard of the legend of a double ghost beast host body.

Compared to the ghost beast itself, this terrifying existence that relied on the ghost beast host body to forcefully combine two different powers was simply unstoppable.

But only after seeing it with his own eyes did he understand.

Legends were legends after all.

Those who couldnt see wouldnt be able to understand such power.

This was definitely… underestimated!

“Rumble… rumble…”

The void rippled, and the Order of the Heavens was completely unstable.

The red calamity clouds in the nine heavens were still gathering, forming a huge mass.

A destructive aura was brewing within as if it was complementing the intense battle below.

Everyone felt that the situation had completely gone out of control, and there was nothing they could do to reverse it.

“So strong, so satisfying!”

“Unrivaled attack power, defensive power, and even speed…”

“The supreme treasure that Ive always dreamed of!”

The Storyteller laughed maniacally as he watched the flesh and blood on his body were sent flying bit by bit.

His four limbs turned into debris that splattered out one by one.

His eyes were filled with madness.

“Let the storm come even more fiercely!”


The Red Twin Dragon Python had also completely gone mad.

It didnt even need to move at this moment.

The Storyteller, who had lost the rhythm of the battle, couldnt even resist.

He could only move back and forth as the two huge python tails lashed out.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere, and the scene was extremely bloody.

“Hes still controlling the battlefield!”

Lan Ling controlled the great array, wanting to take advantage of the battles momentum to use the power of the great array to completely shatter the ancient books space and return to the White Cave.

However, she was shocked to find out that even though the Storyteller had been swept into a complete mess, he was still able to maintain the strand of mental energy that he had previously used to hold on to the space of the ancient book to prevent it from shattering.

In other words, the Storyteller still had some strength left!

“This guy…”

Lan Ling was drenched in a cold sweat.

“He is indeed abnormal!”

During the battle, everyone seemed to have temporarily lost their attention to the red calamity clouds above the nine heavens.

However, the majesty of the Way of the Heavens would not allow a Cutting Path expert who had yet to overcome the Nine Death Thunder Calamity to possess an ability that was comparable to the nine transformations of a Cutting Path.


The instant the thunder calamity took shape, a red lightning bolt that was as thin as a pinky finger descended from the sky and instantly pierced through the enormous Red Twin Dragon Pythons body.


A painful dragon roar resounded.

The Red Twin Dragon Python curled its two gigantic python tails and in the next second, its entire body was penetrated by the red thunder calamity.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom…”

An explosion sounded from within the pythons body.

The red divine lightnings energy that had been compressed to the extreme exploded and the sky was instantly covered by the pythons blood.

It was like a rain of blood.

Every drop of blood that splattered was accompanied by a terrifying thunder calamity power.

Not only was the void corroded by the python bloods own power, but it was also about to experience an explosion of the power of the thunder calamity.


The entire Lijian Grassland was completely overturned.

The experts at the Cutting Path Stage unleashed their full power, along with the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

That scene was like the end of the world.

The magnificent scene did not stop at all.

“It feels good, it feels really good…”

In the shattered space, there was a faint sound of excitement.

Red Coats pupils contracted.

He noticed that the broken Storyteller, who had caught the rhythm of the half-break attack due to the thunder calamity and had escaped the shackles, suddenly spat out a new Storyteller from his mouth.

Then, taking advantage of the fact that the thunder calamity numbing effect of the red divine lightning had not yet passed.

The Storyteller, whose entire body was filled with saliva, immediately disappeared from his original spot.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of the twin pythons head, which was dozens of times bigger than him.


He took out a small dagger and slashed it across.

The space completely shattered, and a ray of black light instantly approached the pythons head.


In a flash, the Red Twin Dragon Python recovered from the thunder calamitys attack.

The eight wings trembled slightly, and the huge python disappeared from its original spot.


The Storyteller who was spat out from his mouth was directly crushed by the heaven-shrouding pythons tail, and even the corpse fragments were pressed into the ground.


Everyones heartbeat suddenly stopped, and they felt as if their souls were about to be pulled out of their bodies by this attack.

“My God…” Xin was completely dumbfounded.

Just looking at it made his heart tremble and his legs go weak, let alone receiving this attack.

He couldnt withstand it at all.

Even if the seal ghost beast which was known as the king of the White Cave appeared at this moment, it probably wouldnt be as shocking as this attack, right


The Red Twin Dragon Python wanted to continue attacking.

But at this moment, another thumb-sized bolt of lightning descended from the calamity cloud.

The thunderbolt was thin and small.

However, its color had changed from red to orange.

“Orange Origin Death Calamity!”

In an instant, the thunderbolt penetrated its body.

This time, the Red Twin Dragon Python couldnt withstand it at all.

Its strength was originally piled up forcefully.

To be able to withstand the red divine lightning of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity was considered good.

When it was penetrated by the Orange Origin Death Calamity, the pythons body completely exploded.

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

Dragon scales flew everywhere, and blood rained down from the sky again.


Between the body of the ghost beast that seemed to have no consciousness at all, a weak and painful female voice sounded out at this time.

The body of the python that had been blown away turned into ghostly energy and returned to its body.

In the blink of an eye, the Red Twin Dragon Python took shape once again!

“That is so powerful!”

The Storytellers eyes were wide open as he stared at the Red Twin Dragon Python that had taken shape again, his eyes filled with uncontrollable love.

At this time, even if his injuries were serious…

In the space of the ancient book, he still used the Way of the Heavens Force of Rules to re-form half of his body and half of his arm.


“Yes, the Fourth Sword.”

As if recalling something, the Storyteller looked down.

In the underground, the Fourth Sword had been drawn deep into the ground by the pythons tail.

However, with a wave of his hand, the vicious sword was bound by the Way of the Heavens power and entered his palm.

“Since my dagger cant hurt you, then I should try it with the Fourth Sword!”

The Storyteller used his spiritual source as a barrier and held the Fourth Sword with one hand.

With a flash, he appeared once again on one of the Red Twin Dragon Pythons heads.

The Orange Origin Death Calamity was too terrifying!

Even though Jiao Tangtang still had a bit of consciousness, she was able to condense the pythons body back.

However, the remaining power of the thunder calamity in her body was still not something she could resist.

She watched as the Storyteller reappeared on her head.

She mobilized 120% of her strength and finally when the Fourth Sword was about to come into contact with the dragon scales on the python head, she flapped the eight wings of the Holy War Black Angel.

Even the Storyteller who was in such a state did not dare to hold the Fourth Sword tightly.

If it was inserted into her body…

What would be the outcome She would be able to meet it!

To a swordsman who had obtained the recognition of the Fourth Sword, the vicious sword was a supreme treasure, a supreme spiritual weapon that could increase his combat strength.

But to outsiders, even if they were at the peak of the Cutting Path, even if they had the power that could only be obtained from the Nine Death Thunder Realm, if they grasped the Fourth Sword, they would die!


The eight wings moved.

The Red Twin Dragon Python dodged at light speed and disappeared in front of the Storyteller.

Jiao Tangtangs blurry consciousness had yet to be activated, but the incomplete body formed by Perception in the snakes eyes had already turned back.

“This is really powerful!”

“You can even temporarily suppress the Orange Origin Death Calamitys attack.

You are simply the most perfect existence!”

The Storyteller licked his red lips, his face was covered in blood.

However, he had already predicted that the Red Twin Dragon Python would be able to dodge the attack.

“Such a powerful ghost beast can even suppress the power of the thunder calamity.

If you became mad again, what kind of scene would it be”

The Storyteller went crazy.

Without even thinking, he directly threw out the Fourth Sword in his hand.

“Come on, hold on.”

“Burst out all your strength and let them see your potential!”

All the Red Coats who was standing at the edge of the battle shuddered.

This pervert was indeed a madman!

While everyone was still worried about their own safety, this Storyteller was able to use his own body as an experiment.

Not to mention personally experiencing the Red Twin Dragon Pythons attack power.

He still wanted to use the Fourth Sword to provoke the other partys so that they would go mad

If the double ghost beast host body at the Nine Death Thunder Realms stage were to go mad again…


Xin grabbed Lan Lings hand.

“Cant you break the array yet”

Lan Lings body trembled.

Her entire body was drenched in sweat, and she could not help but look down.

It was already difficult enough to deal with that perverted man in the red dress.

Why were you trying to get involved

“Let go!”



The Fourth Sword transformed into black lightning and shot towards the Red Twin Dragon Python.

The eight wings moved.

The Red Twin Dragon Python was just about to dodge.

However, among the people present, the speed was even faster!


In the nine heavens, the thunder calamity changed from orange to gold.

A golden light as thick as a wrist fell from the sky.

Like a divine sword, it pierced through the eight wings of the Red Twin Dragon Python.

From Heaven to Earth, it was nailed firmly in the void.

Pure Golden Light Calamity!


The painful roar was interrupted by the energy of the Pure Golden Light Calamity.

Golden thunder calamity power burst out from the cracks on the gray-red pythons body.

The scene looked as if it was going to explode completely, and it was too horrible to look at.

And the Red Twin Dragon Python, which was completely unable to move after withstanding the power of thunder calamity, faced the Fourth Sword that was passing through in front of it…

It could not avoid it at all!


How terrifying was the sword that was infused with the Storytellers spiritual source power

But even so, with the advancement of the Fourth Sword, it could only move from the pythons head to its body.

Halfway through, it was powerless to move forward.

The Red Twin Dragon Pythons body was too long!

In addition to the mixed thunder calamity energy in its body, the Fourth Sword could not penetrate it at all.

Even so, starting from the pythons head, devil veins were directly imprinted on half of the Red Twin Dragon Pythons body.

“AO –”

The gray ghostly energy in the pythons eyes was directly replaced by devilish energy.

A shrill cry echoed in the void and it sounded pitiful.

“Half of its body”

The Storyteller looked at the Red Twin Dragon Python that was only half-soaked in the devil veins and could not help but be stunned.

“How can it be only half of its body”

A red light flashed in his eyes and he directly rushed forward.

“Im here to help you evolve!”


Using the dagger, the spatial power, and the Way of the Heavens power, he barely broke through the pythons skins defense.

The Storyteller plunged his head into the pythons body.

In the next second, the bloody red-dressed man rushed out from the pythons flesh with a slender black vicious sword in his hand.

“Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash…”

“Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi…”

He coiled around the pythons body and flew, one step at a time.

The black vicious devilish sword energy was sent into the pythons body one by one from the cracks in the pythons skin that had been opened up by the power of thunder calamity.

The Storyteller worked hard for a long time before flying high up into the sky around the pythons tail.

He was completely excited.

Such cute prey was simply hard to find in a lifetime.

How could he not have fun today

“Second Brother, take the sword!”

The excited Storyteller even forgot that the Second Brother had not been discovered yet.

Without any scruples, he threw the Fourth Sword in a certain direction without turning his head.

He wanted to have the Crazy Red Twin Dragon Python alone.

At this time, he no longer needed the Fourth Sword!

Under the gazes of the Red Coat, the vicious sword flew through the air, but no one dared to intercept it.

“Go for it, go for it.”

The Storyteller wiped the sticky blood on his forehead, bent his waist, bent his knees, and clenched his small fists, cheering on the Red Twin Dragon Python that was completely covered in devil veins.

With only half of his body and one arm left, he didnt even care about his injuries.

His eyes were filled with the double ghost beast host body that was about to be demonized by the devil invasion.

“Xin Gugu…”

Jiao Tangtang looked at the incomplete human figure in the snakes eyes as if she was once again seeing the last scene of the Blood Sea blooming.

“Is this the best I can do…”

She couldnt even maintain the hatred anymore.

Jiao Tangtangs last bit of consciousness was finally completely swallowed up by the intense devilish energy.

“Im sorry, Big Sister cant avenge for you.”


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