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Chapter 558: Three Questions, Three Lives


The Storyteller, who was in mid-air and was about to watch a good show, suddenly felt his legs go weak and he staggered.

Wen Ming

If it was another name, no matter how young and talented he was, his impression of the Storyteller would not be very deep, even if he had heard it before.


Wen Ming

Wasnt this name mentioned by his brother before, and was even called an extremely interesting person

The Storyteller had searched through almost all the young people in the White Cave, but he could not find the Wen Ming that his brother mentioned.

So, Wen Ming was actually Second Brothers disciple

It was precisely because of this that his brother was very interested in him

The Storyteller suddenly felt that the development of the matter was somewhat absurd.

He had searched the entire White Cave but was unable to find the person.

At this moment, he had directly obtained it from Second Brother!

“Could it be that this is another Wen Ming”

He was somewhat puzzled, but immediately denied it.


“It cant be that there are two Wen Ming in this small White Cave, right”

“And then one brother took a fancy to him and the other one took a fancy to Second Brother”


The corners of his mouth twitched, and the Storyteller rolled his eyes.

“Who are you kidding!”

But no matter what..

Brother had a male disciple, and he was a very interesting male disciple!

“Heehee, Heehee.”



“Wen Ming…”

Yu Zhiwen fell into deep thought.

Such a peerless expert would not joke with a little girl like her for no reason.

However, she had never even heard of this Wen Ming!

Turning her head, Yu Zhiwen looked at Lan Ling.

However, the confusion in the latters eyes did not even need to be asked.

Yu Zhiwen knew about Red-robed and the others, so she did not recognize this person at all.

“I see.”

She nodded lightly and followed the Saint Servants Second Brother to continue, “I dont know much about Wen Ming, but I have this question because I have a friend whose ability is very similar to seniors.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.


Little Yu had seen all kinds of his abilities.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed that he could really be related to the Saint Servant.

However, Elder Sang was elder sang himself.

Before knowing him, and even after knowing him, Xu Xiaoshou did not know the relationship between Elder Sang and the Saint Servant.

He would not pour ** on his head in front of the people of the Holy Divine Palace.



Xu Xiaoshou forced a smile and said indifferently, “The Way of the Heavens is impermanent.

I have given many opportunities in this world.”

“Maybe you have a few friends who happened to get my ability.”


Xu Xiaoshous face fell as he said, “What does this have to do with me”

Yu Zhiwen was anxious.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshous ability was not that simple.

This was definitely not something that could be achieved by ordinary opportunities.

As she thought about it, she wanted to open her mouth again.

But at this time, Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward and directly interrupted her exit.

“Also, Red-robed, white-clothed, or the Holy Divine Palace…”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head indifferently.

Killing intent appeared in his eyes.

He said coldly, “When I want to ask a question, I will ask it myself.

When I am interested in answering your questions, I will also answer it.”

“But at this juncture, do you think that you still have the right to ask a question”

He looked down with disdain.

Air currents and ripples spread out in the air.

It was as if the space could no longer withstand the pressure and collapsed.

“Be careful!”

Lan Ling protected Yu Zhiwen behind her.

The person in front of her was the “Saint Servant”.

The Storytellers perverted actions were in front of them.

No one knew whether this straw hat old man, who did not have all the information, was also a temperamental person.

If one really asked too many questions, they would be irritated.

Perhaps he would really make a move and kill all the Red-robed people present!

“How about this.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the red-robed people, who were suddenly on high alert, and said with interest, “Since you like to ask questions so much, Ill give you a chance.”


Lan Ling and Night Guardian felt a sudden joy in their hearts.

They each had a lot of questions in their hearts.

If they could really get the answer from the second son of the Saint Servant at this time, it would indeed be a very good opportunity.

However, in the next second, the joy on the faces of the two people directly stiffened.

The second son of the Saint Servant in the void slowly raised a bony index finger and said with a smile, “One question, one life… Tell me everything you know and tell me everything you know.

How about it”

“Resisted, passive points 16.”

“Feared, passive points 18.”

“Cursed, passive points 19.”


The heart of the Storyteller twitched.

Damn it, he was even more ruthless than himself!

“Second Brother, dont do anything reckless.

I said, in the White Cave, try not to move if you can…”

“You want to participate in the game too” Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around.


He immediately fell silent.

He took a step back and drew the boundaries of the game.

The other party didnt say anything.

What you heard just now was just farting.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”



Yu Zhiwens pretty face instantly stiffened.

She stuttered and couldnt speak.

“Senior, this is a little too much.”

Lan Ling braced herself and stood out, saying, “We dont plan on playing games or anything like that…”


Xu Xiaoshou raised his brows, “Youre not playing again”

The next second.

The aura of swallow the mountains and rivers that had been accumulating continuously gathered wildly as their gazes focused.


The space in front of Lan Ling was directly crushed.

At the critical moment, a green light that bloomed in mid-air directly brought her out of the explosions range.

“Peng Peng…”

“Peng Peng Peng…”

Lan Ling, who had survived a disaster, felt her heart beat wildly for a moment.

She sensed that the old man in straw hat was holding back.

Perhaps it was because he did not actually want to kill anyone.

Otherwise, with just a glance, the one who might be crushed was not the void but herself.

However, this sudden wave of attacks also made all the red-robed cultivators realize.

None of the Saint Servants people were normal.

The communication methods of normal people didnt work on these fellows at all.

They would only have the opposite effect.

Temperamental emotions were the true portrayal of the old man in the straw hat!

“Damn it, did I miss…”

Xu Xiaoshou almost frowned.

Fortunately, he forcefully suppressed his impulse and looked at the place where Lan Ling had reappeared without a change in expression.

The temperature in the air rose again.

Everyone felt a strong sense of discomfort and a sense of danger.

Night Guardian had accumulated his aura to the maximum.

If he really needed to make a move, even if he was no match for her, he would definitely go up first.

Lan Ling, Yu Zhiwen, they couldnt die.

“Senior, wait!”

At the critical moment, Yu Zhiwen actually spoke again.

This time, even the Storyteller couldnt help but admire this little girl.

Not everyone could speak freely under such circumstances.

Moreover, she was only a junior!

Xu Xiaoshous half-raised hand paused, and interest flashed in his eyes.

“You have guts.”

“You should be the only one here who dares to play this game.”

After pausing for half a breath, he continued with a smile, “But the next question is a life.

Have you thought it through”

At this moment, the red-clothed people at the back all broke out in cold sweat.

A question, a life!

Even under such circumstances, that little girl from the Holy Divine Palace still dared to talk nonsense..

She wouldnt die!

After all, she came from the Holy Divine Palace and had a big background.

However, if she continued to make trouble, wouldnt it mean that one of her lives would be taken away the moment she opened her mouth

Even the Night Guardian couldnt help but frown.

Yu Zhiwen indeed had a big background.

However, at this juncture, a mere junior would only be of no help if she meddled blindly.

Just as he was about to stop her, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear:

“Trust her!”

To the side of the Night Guardians eyeball, it was actually Lan Lings telepathic communication.

Was she crazy

This thought immediately popped up in his mind.

However, he suddenly realized that even Lan Ling agreed with Yu Zhiwens actions..

Did she discover something

Did he overlook some details during this process

Or was that Yus exit and plan actually Lan Lings excuse

She felt that Xin by her side was also feeling a little strange.

Night Guardian hurriedly stopped her and also sent Black Flame away with a glance.

All the Red-robed looked at Lan Ling.

However, they saw Lan Ling staring at Yu Zhiwen, and her gaze also shifted.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the red-robeds venue completely fell.


Even if there was a secret mission, the way he died was too sullen!

Xu Xiaoshou naturally sensed that something was wrong with Red-robeds atmosphere, but he didnt say anything.

For him, he needed someone to infuriate him at this moment.

Following that, he made his move.

Red-robed had no choice but to resist and eventually blew up the ancient books space.

This was the true path of survival.

Otherwise, if he turned around, Xu Xiaoshou would have nowhere to go.

He couldnt possibly say, “Storyteller, let me out first, then you guys can fight”


That would be ridiculous.

Even the dumbest person could realize something, let alone a Storyteller.


Xu Xiaoshou laughed sinisterly, then looked at Yu Zhiwen and spoke again.

“It seems like you have a great background.

Even Red-robed can make you the leader… someone from the Holy Divine Palace Headquarters”

Yu Zhiwen nodded without fear.

“Yes, I am Yu Zhiwen, my master, Dao Xuanji.” She raised her head, wanting to see how the second son of the Saint Servant would react.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sky and waved his hand indifferently.

“Time is limited.

Three questions, three lives!”

He didnt care about Dao Xuanji or anything else.

Even if your master is the Eighth Sword Deity, dont think that you can see any fluctuations from my “Transformation”.

The arenas atmosphere was very stagnant.

All the red-robeds faces turned black.

Even the Storyteller was a little nervous because of the second sons inexplicable actions.

“When this guy goes crazy, he wont even take his own life, right”

“I dont think he said it had to be someone in Red-robed…”

“Feared, passive points 14.”

“Cursed, passive points 17.”

Yu Zhiwens Gem Star Eyes didnt even tremble, as if she really didnt care about human lives.

She only said calmly, “I can play the game, but I need to pay on credit.”


It was not only Red-robed and the others who were suddenly stunned.

Even Xu Xiaoshou himself was momentarily dazed by Yu Zhiwens showy actions.

Human lives, credit..

That was not right.

This girl was not like this in the past.

Why would she say such a ridiculous word like credit, and at this moment

“Youre very interesting.”

Xu Xiaoshou squeezed out a creepy smile and nodded.


The Storyteller took another step back for no reason.

He felt that there was some transformation in the situation.

His Second Brother seemed to have gone crazy..

Could it be that he actually took a fancy to this bold little girl !

Want to refine human elixirs

Using Dao Qiongcangs niece

“Hiss ~” the Storyteller felt a chill run down his spine.


“Senior just saidone question, one life.

This little girl really took it seriously.”

After saying this, Yu Zhiwen smiled sweetly and waved her hand.

In mid-air, three white skeletons with confused eyes suddenly appeared.

Their strength was around the Grandmaster Level Elixir Master.

“Roar Roar Roar!”

The moment Fang appeared and regained his senses, the three white skeletons began to babble.

They raised the heavy weapons that grew out of their hands and turned around to slash at Yu Zhiwen who was behind them.


Yu Zhiwen clasped her hands together, and three obscure rings of light emerged from the white skeletons body.

In an instant, apart from a few moans that were devoid of any nutrients, the movements of these weak-minded white cave lifeforms were restricted.

Yu Zhiwen had a smile on her face as she said, “One problem, one life.

This little girl is playing strictly according to Seniors rules.

Isnt this going too far”

The Storytellers expression froze.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in mid-air, also subconsciously twitched the corner of his mouth.

For a moment, he didnt have the time to use transformation to control it.

All the red-robed were stunned, and then they let out a sigh of relief.

So that was the case!

Wasnt this girl a little too smart

“Little tricks… are not desirable.”

After the corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched, killing intent burst out from his eyes.

“If you want to play like this, then my answer to your first question…”


The smile on Yu Zhiwens face froze.

The first question… did she ask it

“Too much.”

When these two words were spoken, everyones mental state instantly exploded.

This was the first question

Yu Zhiwen also slowed down for a long time before she reacted.

All those with a questioning tone were considered questions

“Cursed, passive points 11.”

“Resisted, passive points 17.”

“Insulted, passive points 6.”

Xu Xiaoshou completely ignored everyones emotions.

With a shift of his gaze, the three white skeletons were sent flying by the aura.

Then, his eyes focused.


A faint sound appeared.

White Flame suddenly appeared on the body of the flying white skeleton.

In just a few breaths time, the three white skeletons that were also of the fire attribute were directly burned into nothingness without the spiritual source protection.

Not even ashes were left behind.

They had vanished into thin air!

“White Flame…”

Everyone was shocked.

This attack without any scruples instantly extinguished the remaining hope in everyones hearts.

Thats right!

This was the Saint Servant, this was the Saint Servants second son!

The so-called rules were originally set by him.

If others wanted to ignore it, it would only be a matter of a word.

Moreover, this straw hat old man, who looked very abnormal, seemed to be the kind of person who would abide by the rules

Xu Xiaoshou indifferently withdrew his gaze and gave a sizzle.

“This old man isnt someone who doesnt abide by the rules.

If you, little doll, want to play word games, then you can only say that youve lost.”

“These living beings that havent even fully developed their spiritual intelligence arent even worthy of being called living beings.”

“Destiny is bestowed by the Great Path.”

“Master, youre only close to the Great Path and have the right to participate in the battle for the Holy Path.”

“The throne is the true path of Enlightenment.

Only when youve started to enter the door can you give birth to your own wisdom.”

Xu Xiaoshou counted his fingers and said indifferently, “If you want the white skeleton to pay for your life, you can.”

“Bring out the white skeleton at the sovereign stage.

If its a living being with the strength, it must have already gained wisdom.”

“At this time, this old man will play the word game in the life game with you.”


Yu Zhiwens face instantly turned pale.

Xu Xiaoshou was unmoved and continued, “Moreover, if you still dont agree with this point of view, this old man believes that if you want to play the word game, you have to learn it seriously.”

“Because this thing can not be overlooked due to personal nervousness.”

“At least…”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“This old man just added a sentence,three questions, three lives. Do you remember”

Yu Zhiwens body trembled slightly.

How could she remember

She felt that this old man was tricking her!

But she turned her head.

If she couldnt remember her strength, then all the experts at the level of the Cutting Path would have a photographic memory.

Seeing the ashen expression on Fang Hongyis face, Yu Zhiwen understood something.

Her heart began to tremble.

Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Red-robed and said with a smile, “Now, due to some well-known reasons, one of you has already died.”

“Can you understand”


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