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Chapter 559: I Have a Friend Called Xu Xiaoshou

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How could he understand !

The moment Xu Xiaoshous words were spoken, the red-robed members lost their composure.

If they had not been well-trained, they would have cursed at the saint servant and Yu Zhiwen.

Resisted, passive points 12

“Glared at, passive points, 17.”

“Cursed, passive points 19.”

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze casually.

“Now, the second question.”

With a whoosh, the crowd in red-robed couldnt hold it in any longer and began to stir.

But before the chaos started, Lan Lings lips opened and closed slightly, as if she was telepathic communication.

In less than half a breaths time, the crowd behind immediately returned to silence.

Yu Zhiwen gave her a grateful gaze.

Even though she didnt believe theSaint Servant in front of her, she still had some thoughts about thisSaint Servant in front of her after a series of tests.

It was too similar!

Whether it was the way he spoke or his temperament, even if they were deliberately distorted, they were slightly different.

However, Yu Zhiwen had been in contact with that person for quite some time.

There was a certain charm in him that others might not be able to tell.

However, she trusted her intuition.

“Moreover, its not just intuition…”

Yu Zhiwen turned her head around, her eyes flickering.

“It can be said that this second-in-command of the Saint Servant is already the strongest person with combat strength among the people present.”

“And according to his temperamental character, if it were anyone else, they would have already been killed by me after I stopped him twice.”

“Why did he stop obediently”


“He crushed everyone again and again.

It seemed like he was going to make a move, but in reality, it was all psychological suppression.”

“This person, his true strength hasnt even been fully unleashed once…”

“Yes! Once!”

“Is it because hes disdainful, or is it really not”

Yu Zhiwen pondered and felt that she had figured out a little possibility.

If the second son of the Saint Servant only displayed this level of ability…

Relying on the Infernal Original Seed, the three days frozen calamity..

It seemed that if it was really Xu Xiaoshou, he would be able to do it

“The most important thing is that they are too alike.

Although the Saint Servant said that he didnt know them… but if the two of them dont know each other at all and only rely on an insignificant opportunity to form a bond…”

“Can they be so alike”

Thinking up to this point, Yu Zhiwen was already certain in her heart.

Even if the second son of the Saint Servant couldnt be Xu Xiaoshou, it must have something to do with him.

After all, judging from his actions just now…

If she thought about it from another angle, she faintly felt that he was protecting his own people.

“Do you want Xu Xiaoshou to have nothing to do with the Saint Servant…”

Yu Zhiwen did not turn around, but she could already feel Lan Lings encouraging gaze.

She had given everything to her.

Was this the feeling of trust

If she still made a mistake in her judgment under such circumstances..

Her thoughts paused.

Yu Zhiwen knew that the game had already begun.

At that moment, she had no way out.

In front of her, she could only go all out!


“Since Senior has already said this, then Ill admit it.

Three questions, three lives.”

Ignoring the resentful gazes behind her, Yu Zhiwen continued, “But you also said that youre not a person who doesnt follow the rules.”

“Then, since its a game, according to the rules, there will definitely be a win or loss.”

“If we only ask three questions, we will have to sacrifice three lives.”

“The arena is a game of results.

There is no winning or losing.”

“In other words, no matter how good the girl is… no matter how sharp the questions are, she will still lose.”

Yu Zhiwen paused and looked.

She said without any fear, “Then, how do you decide if we win”


The Storyteller immediately laughed out loud.

You still want to talk about rules when playing with Second Brother

It was already good enough for you to ask questions, but you actually still want to win!

However, it had to be said that Yu Zhiwens thorough consideration of all of this had already caused the Storyteller to think highly of her.

In such a tense atmosphere, she was actually able to analyze so calmly and even contend with an expert of the current era without any disorder.

It was truly admirable.

“What a pity, shes just a girl.”

The Storyteller shook his head, but in the end, he wasnt too interested.


Xu Xiaoshou knew that Yu Zhiwen was indeed extremely intelligent.

But after two consecutive waves of attacks, he still had a whole new level of respect for this girl.

After pondering for a moment, he waved his hand.

“A very goodquestion.”

The Red-robed crowd didnt have the time to wait for a long time before they were instantly crushed by Xu Xiaoshous specially emphasizedquestion.

Thinking about it carefully.

Thats right!

Yu Zhiwens tone just now seemed to be really skeptical..

“How do we determine whether we win”

But, this also counted

For a moment, the people in red-robed, including Yu Zhiwen, were so angry that their livers hurt, but they were helpless.

“Resisted, passive points 18.”

“Cursed, passive points 16.”

“As for the definition of winning or losing…”

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and pondered for a moment, then said slowly, “As long as your question can interest me a little, then you win.”

He spoke with conviction, and Red Coats face indeed turned green.

This subjective judgment again

This was simply playing rogue!

“Then, what kind of question…”

Yu Zhiwen subconsciously followed the straw hat old mans words, but was suddenly startled awake.

Damn it!

So it was all guided by his words

This old fox was too cunning!

If he really asked another question, wouldnt the game be directly terminated

Yu Zhiwen immediately changed the topic, “The interest that I think Im interested in should be the same as Seniors.

Its when you dont dare to answer my question directly that youre interested!”

She deliberately emphasized her tone in order to prevent the straw hat old man in front of her from saying, “The game is over.”.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes shone with a gratified light.

“Very good, you are very smart.”

“But people live in this world.

Every step of growth requires a price.”

“No matter who you are, or what your background is, no one has the obligation to teach you and lecture you without holding back, without charging any fees.”

As everyone listened, they already felt that something was wrong.

As expected, in the next second, Xu Xiaoshou said the most unpleasant words.

“Today, you little girl have grown up and know how to speak, but the price is between you red-robed and the others…”

“The second person is already dead.”

Yu Zhiwens expression instantly changed.

Lan Ling, Night Guardian, and the others were collectively speechless.

The faces of the red-robed people behind them all turned ashen, and they once again became anxious.

“Cursed, passive points 12.”

“Criticized, passive points 18.”


“The third question.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he extended his middle finger and retracted his thumb and index finger.

Yu Zhiwen didnt dare to speak carelessly at this moment.

Only god knows if she accidentally said something at this moment, this old man straw hat would be able to end the game and kill people wantonly.

If that was the case, then she, Yu Zhiwen, would have committed a great sin!

“I have some speculations, I dont know what to say…”


Yu Zhiwen spat heavily.

This damned upbringing!

With a red face, she did not care about the other partys reaction and directly said,

“I wont hide it from Senior.

The friend that I mentioned earlier, Xu Xiaoshou, should be here.”

“When we were controlling theGreat Array earlier, we encountered a wave of attacks.”

“And if Senior Lan Ling and my judgment arent wrong, then there should be someone trying to seize control of the Great Array.”

The Storytellers brows suddenly moved.

It was very obscure.

However, Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat when he saw it.

He immediately used his spiritual senses to look inside and looked at the Information Bar that he had almost forgotten.

As expected.

As he flipped through the information bar, there were a series of “Cursed”, “Cursed”, and “Resisted, passive points ”.

Occasionally, there were a few “Suspected”.

Furthermore, the passive points were always “ 1”.

During this period of time, facing so many big shots at the same time, Xu Xiaoshou found it difficult to pay attention to the small details in the information bar.

It was only at this moment that he noticed this crucial information!

“Oh my God, could it be that Little Yu has already guessed something”

“How can she be so daring…”

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly horrified, and his heart couldnt help but beat faster.

He wanted to stop this girl from continuing to speak.

However, in his “Perception”, the storyteller already had a rather interested look on his face.

Obviously, this guy had connected it to his previous attempt to break through the ancient books space and escape from this place.


Yu Zhiwen had previously said that if he didnt dare to answer her question directly, it meant that… he had lost.

Winning or losing wasnt important at this moment.

However, under the precondition of being emphasized in advance, if he still didnt dare to face it, then he must have a ghost in his heart.

Intangible, it was equivalent to acknowledging Yu Zhiwens words.

“Good guy!”

This time, Xu Xiaoshous horizons were really broadened.

“You didnt pay much for the tuition fees, you little girl.

Your academic results actually improved by leaps and bounds…”

It had to be said that at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was a little flustered.

He felt that the situation was a little chaotic.

But at this moment, there was no way to stop it.


Xu Xiaoshou asked back indifferently, perfectly concealing the various emotions that were surging in his heart.

Yu Zhiwen did not reply.

She had learned to be smarter.

This old man in front of her must have an unclear relationship with Xu Xiaoshou.

Otherwise, it was impossible for such a subtle trick to be so similar.

Yu Zhiwen, who had already learned not to reply to Xu Xiaoshous words, directly regarded the old man in the straw hat as Xu Xiaoshou at this moment and said to herself,

“According to the information from our red-robed, in addition to my own judgment, it is impossible for there to be an expert at the spirit array master level or above near the Lijian Grassland.”

“And without these conditions, no one can successfully touch the core of the Great Array in such a short time.”

“Even if the core of this Great Array was copied by Senior Storyteller.”

As she spoke, she turned her gaze to the Storyteller.

The interest in the Storytellers eyes grew.

“Little girl, youre very powerful.

You can actually see that this Great Array isnt the other array.”

“Thats right.”

He proudly nodded.

“Its different from theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array in the White Cave.

It took them a whole day and a half to successfully copy all the great arrays here.”

With a glance, it was done.

Everyone felt their scalps go numb.

It was obvious that the storyteller wasnt even an ordinary spirit array caster.

But he used the ancient books space to forcibly copy all the path patterns of the Divine Secrets Array.

It was the type that could be operated!

“Only one and a half days…”

Even as a divine sorcerer, Yu Zhiwen was shocked.

Imprinting the complicated Heaven and Earth Great Array in such a short time, wasnt this inhuman

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

His mood at this moment was completely not on the topic that the storyteller had changed.

There was something wrong with Yu Zhiwen!

The way she spoke had a sense of déjà vu.

He did not know where he had felt it before, as if something was brewing.

But at this moment, the things that she was talking about were one after another.

If he did not connect them together, he would not be able to understand her final meaning.

“What exactly are you trying to express” Xu Xiaoshou did not interrupt her in the end.

After all, if she admitted defeat in advance…

The arena might end in tragedy.

“What Im trying to say…”

Yu Zhiwen was secretly glad that she wasnt interrupted.

The old man in the straw hat didnt stop her, so no matter what the final result was…

At least, she tried her best.

“Its just a hunch.”

Yu Zhiwen said calmly, “I still have the same words.

I have a friend, his name is Xu Xiaoshou.”

“All the prerequisites mentioned before can be applied to anyone, but to him, they are all invalid!”

“Oh” The Storytellers curiosity was immediately piqued.

The figure of the young man who broke out of his ancient books space and fled for his life appeared in front of him.

Was he really that outstanding

“Expected, passive points, 1.”

Without waiting for the straw hat old man to react, Yu Zhiwen knew that she couldnt stop, so she sped up and said,

“My friend is very outstanding.

Elder Night Guardian has seen it and acknowledged it.”

She pointed at the Red-robed Night Guardian and said continuously, “My friend once broke part of the blueprint of theThirty-six heavens sealed array at the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City with a glance.”

“And a spirit array caster with such a foundation is also a high-grade spirit array caster who has touched the divine secret technique.

As long as he uses an item as a support, he can control the Heaven Sealing Array in a short period of time!”

“That is…”


As Yu Zhiwen spoke, her eyes suddenly bulged and her words were completely choked, as if she was under great pressure.

In the next second.


Her knees crashed into the air and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Zhiwen!” Lan Ling cried out in surprise.

Everyone was shocked.

This sudden change..

When they suddenly turned around, they saw that second brother of the Saint Servants pair of terrifying black eyes were staring fixedly at Yu Zhiwen.


Lan Ling directly cursed.

In the game, she actually interrupted him in advance and even made such a vicious move against a junior.

Was this the bearing of a powerful expert in this world

“Second Brother!”

The Storyteller suddenly shouted loudly, and his tone was already somewhat impolite.

He was also frightened by Yu Zhiwens words.

For some reason, the box-shaped object that second brother had taken out from underground suddenly appeared in his mind.

And when he first discovered Second Brother, Luo Leileis insignificant reminder seemed to be directly magnified at this moment.

Everything seemed to be in a line.

“Second Brother, let her speak.

What exactly is that thing” The Storyteller stared straight at his Second Brother.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored it.

How could he let Yu Zhiwen speak

Sure enough, his premonition wouldnt be wrong.

This girl was crazy.

She had grown too fast.

She had actually reached the point where she could use words to trap him step by step.

After three days of separation, he would treat her with new respect.

The ancient people were truly not deceiving him!


“Cough cough, cough…”

Yu Zhiwen wiped the blood at the corner of her lips.

She felt the aura that should have been enough to crush everyone present, but when it landed on her body, she faintly felt as if she had been stopped.

She tugged at her red lips that were overflowing with blood and was actually smiling.

“S-senior, youve lost.”

Yu Zhiwen struggled to say this sentence again.

She called him Senior.

In her eyes, it was already the same as her peers.

No matter how much she didnt Xin.

At this moment, she already knew.

This person who dared to wantonly scold and act recklessly in front of so many cutting path and more than a dozen sovereign thrones was really… Xu Xiaoshou!

“How dare he…”

“How dare he !”

Yu Zhiwens heart was filled with mixed feelings.

It turned out that Xu Xiaoshou had really arrived at this place ahead of time.

He was everywhere!

“Impressed, passive points 1.”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw this message, he already understood something.

He ignored the furious crowd.

At this moment, he only wanted to understand what had happened to Yu Zhiwen.

She was clearly just a silly and sweet girl..

“Who taught you these things Was It also your extraordinary master Have you been lying to me”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the experience he had with this girl was somewhat unreal.

Did people really have to wait until they were separated before they could see the truth clearly

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

What did she hear

Telepathic Communication !

Since when did Xu Xiaoshou know telepathic communication

She looked around for a while, but no one noticed.

Obviously, it was really Xu Xiaoshous voice!

At this moment, Yu Zhiwen smiled.

Her starry eyes curved, and her pretty face felt dizzy.

Under the heavy pressure, she actually straightened her body and stared straight at the old man.

It was not telepathic communication.

She raised her chin, and her stubborn voice spread throughout the whole place.

“Its still the same… I have a friend, his name is Xu Xiaoshou.”

“He taught me!”


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