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Chapter 560: I Am Xu Xiaoshou!

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Xu Xiaoshou

Xu Xiaoshou again

Why are all of them Xu Xiaoshou !

At this moment, it had to be said that everyone present was very curious about Xu Xiaoshou, whom they had never met before.

“Who is he”

“Speculation, passive points, 17.”

“Suspected, passive points 3.”


Those who didnt know Xu Xiaoshou were so tempted that they wanted to dig out the invisible man and see him naked.


Those who knew Xu Xiaoshou..

Night Guardian was completely absent-minded.

He had seen Yu Zhiwen by Xu Xiaoshous side before, but he only had a slight impression of her.

He didnt expect that this girl would be affected to this extent just by traveling together.

Was it good

Or was it bad

“Thats not right.”

With his thoughts in a mess, the Night Guardian suddenly stopped.

The most important thing at hand was not how Yu Zhiwen was doing.

It was whether the Xu Xiaoshou she was talking about was really present

Or was Xu Xiaoshou that fellow

“Miss Zhiwen…”

Night Guardian looked at the straw hat old man in the sky and spoke hesitantly.

However, as soon as his body moved, Lan Ling appeared in front of him in a flash and stopped him.

As a woman, she could clearly sense Yu Zhiwens current emotions.

There seemed to be something wrong with her.

This didnt seem like the girl she had seen before.

She was extremely intelligent and was only interested in the Way of the Heavens energy movement.

On the contrary, her current words were full of emotions.

“Zhiwen, tell Big Sister that Xu Xiaoshou is really present”

Lan Ling transmitted her voice softly, and her gaze couldnt help but drift towards the distant straw hat old man.

“He, and he… Whats the relationship between them”

No one knew the answer.

Even at this moment, no one dared to make wild guesses.

Because the slightest carelessness could very well result in the annihilation of the entire army.

And the only person present who seemed to have seen through something was suppressed by the Saint Servants Second Brothers terrifying aura at this moment.

It was as if one could die on the spot if they continued to speak nonsense.

Lan Lings fingers moved slightly, and the spirit mark was formed.

But at this moment, she actually discovered in shock.

She could no longer control the Heaven Sealing Array!

Even if she wanted to teleport Yu Zhiwen away, the array didnt listen to her at all!

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Apart from red-robed, the only person who could control the great array was the Xu Xiaoshou that Yu Zhiwen mentioned.

Did he make a move

“Surprised, passive points, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou touched the straw hat with one hand and raised it with a smile.

Then, he used the back of his other hand to rub his scalp.

Among the people who had already lost their minds, no one noticed that the straw hat had been replaced with the other hand.

In the next second, he returned to his open palm and a white flame started to burn.


A faint sound was heard in the sky.

The people in red-robed immediately looked at him.

“Is he going to make a move”

“Is he going to admit defeat…”

Even the Storyteller on the other side had all sorts of questions in his heart.

However, when he saw White Flames move, he could not help but swallow his questions.

“Feared, passive points 19.”



Xu Xiaoshou praised from the bottom of his heart, “That friend of yours is indeed impressive.

To be able to teach you so many things, it seems that he has had a deep impact on you.”

No one noticed that in the middle of Bai Yan, there was a box-shaped machine disk.

Cardinal Wheel!

After being secretly switched, Xu Xiaoji, who had once again transformed into the Ji sword and inserted it into the indentation, was trembling in the terrifying heat.

He felt that he was about to melt.

But without Xu Xiaoshous orders, he did not dare to even moan.

Everyone knew that this was a critical moment.

If he were to make a slight mistake and cause the great demon king Xu to fall into a desperate situation, then he, Xu Xiaoji, wouldnt have long to live!

“Pu Pu…”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at the Cardinal Wheel in the flames in his palm.

He dared to take out this thing to control the heaven-sealing great array in front of everyone because of the “Vanishing technique”!

When he tried to use theVanishing technique in the Yuan Mansions space, Xu Xiaoshou had already realized that this awakening technique was the same astake the easy way out.

Although it couldnt disappear others, the latter couldnt teleport others either.

However, the awakening technique had its own unique characteristic.

As long as it was related to the host, the spiritual object that formed a bond with the host was within the scope of the awakening technique.

Take the easy way out.

He could teleport his clothes away at the same time to avoid the embarrassment of being naked after teleporting.

The same was true for the Vanishing technique.

Spiritual clothing could disappear, and sabers could disappear.

In the underground, the Cardinal Wheel, which was linked to the body with the Ji Sword, could also disappear.

However, the Vanishing technique still consumed a lot of energy.

The fact that Xu Xiaoshou could take out the cardinal wheel meant that Yu Zhiwen couldnt stay here for long.

“This girl is too smart…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a bit bitter.

He recognized Yu Zhiwen as a friend.

However, sometimes, not everyone could easily ask for a friend, and they could also easily shoulder the responsibility.

There were too few foolish people like Xin Gugu who did not care about their lives and only cared about rushing forward.

Zhou Tianshen was the only one who did.

Yu Zhiwen was different.

She had her own background and her own camp.

It was just like how she had been enlightened when she decided to leave her.


Some people were born with their own destinies.

“In the end, we are just passers-by who have traveled together for a few days.”

“And the Holy Divine Palace is your final destination.”


Xu Xiaoshou was full of unpleasantness.

He could understand Yu Zhiwens way of doing things.

After all, if he was a member of the Holy Divine Palace, for the sake of the Red-robed and his own camp, he would definitely do everything he could to unlock the secret of the so-called “Second Brother of the Saint Servant” and let his own people escape from danger.

But understanding was understanding.

Objective and subjective feelings were completely different again.

At least.


An emotion that seemed to have been betrayed rose up involuntarily.

It could not be washed away, but it could not be taken away.


“I lost.”

Xu Xiaoshou said with a face full of indifference and a smile.

His next words made everyones heart tremble.

“So, the game is over!”

“You guys won, but unfortunately, the criteria for winning was given to you guys.

However, you guys didnt mention the spoils of war.”

Everyone in Red-robed was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and sighed while everyone was in a daze.

“But the debt that I have yet to collect has been on credit for a little too long.”

When he finished speaking, Lan Ling immediately realized that something was wrong.

“Be careful!”

After a loud shout, she stepped on the ground and was about to jump to Yu Zhiwens side.

But at this moment, a light suddenly descended from the sky and instantly enveloped all the red coat.


With a swoosh, the voices overlapped.

The dozen or so people in red coat were actually separated in an instant and were teleported to an extremely distant place.

“Zhiwen! ! !”

Lan Lings eyes were about to burst.

All of the Red-robed had been teleported away, leaving only Yu Zhiwen behind.

Even if one used their toes to think, they would know exactly who this straw hat old mans target was.

But, Yu Zhiwen couldnt die!


Lan Ling stretched out a hand, and her footsteps directly staggered in the air.

— Powerless!

The scene seemed to have frozen too late.

Lan Ling stared straight into the distance, her vision completely out of focus.

She had never thought that the place that she had never cared about in the past would become the end of the world at this moment!

As far as her vision could reach.

In the direction where the Second Brother of the Saint Servant was, he suddenly disappeared.

It was exactly the same as the scene she had seen just now.

When he reappeared, he was already beside Yu Zhiwen.

The next second.


Flames soared into the sky.

The white flame drowned out all the scenery in his eyes.


“Run –”

At the instant when the heavenly flame was extinguished, it was as if there was an exhausted voice roaring from within.

Lan Ling was stunned.

It was gone!

When the white flame was retracted back into the hands of that straw hat old man, Yu Zhiwen had already vanished into thin air.

At that time, after the three white skeletons with master physique were attached to the white flame, the scene of their bodies and souls being destroyed in an instant could not stop replaying in Lan Lings mind.

“Yu Zhiwen is dead”

Her heart skipped a beat.

Lan Ling knew that the situation was serious.

Dao Xuanjis disciple was dead

Hallmaster Daos martial nephew was dead


That was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was that “Run” before she died..

What did that mean

At this moment, Lan Ling felt as if her brain was a paste, and she was completely confused.

Previously, when Yu Zhiwen said that she had a plan through telepathic communication, she had told Xu Xiaoshou about the possibility of Xu Xiaoshou being present.

She expressed her support.

And in Yu Zhiwens plan, if the Second Brother of the Saint Servant did not dare to answer her question directly.

It was equivalent to indirectly acknowledging the existence of Xu Xiaoshou.

Moreover, if the other partys tone was to defend and try to distance themselves from the relationship between the two.

This further proved that Xu Xiaoshou and the second son of the Saint Servant actually had an unexplainable, unexplainable bond.

And the most terrifying, and also the most unbelievable speculation.

If the second son of the Saint Servant became angry from embarrassment because of the problem and attacked in advance, even taking out the ability to control the heaven-sealing great array..

Perhaps it was not possible for Xu Xiaoshou to be present.


The second son of the Saint Servant was Xu Xiaoshou!

In fact, even if Yu Zhiwen did not mention it, Lan Ling had vaguely realized something.

The second son of the Saint Servant did not attack for a long time.

He even deliberately did not use that terrifying aura to crush her, as well as all the other small details and small performances..

Was it because he did not want to do it, or because he could not do it

This question did not only pass through Yu Zhiwens mind.

Lan Ling also thought of it!

Even according to Lan Lings own speculation.

It was almost certain that this second brother of the saint servant was also very likely to be fake.

Without Yu Zhiwen saying anything extra, she only needed to observe the reaction of the second brother of the saint servant for a while more before she could decide whether to make a move in the end.



What did this “Run” mean

At this moment, Lan Ling was really confused.

According to her and Yu Zhiwens speculation, the Saint Servants Second Brother was so angry that he attacked and directly ended the game.

The target he chose to attack was still the person with the weakest cultivation level — Yu Zhiwen.

Then, he was 120% Xu Xiaoshou!

“But thisRun…”

Lan Ling swallowed her saliva and was terrified.

“Could it be that my speculation is wrong”

“Zhiwen, she, she found that her speculation was wrong at the last moment.

There is still an uncertain factor at the scene that can prove…”

“The Second Brother of the Saint Servant is not Xu Xiaoshou !”

“Doesnt that mean…”

Lan Ling felt a chill down her spine.

“The person in front of me, the person in red, is going to face the second son of the Saint Servant and the seventh son of the Saint Servant in his prime”

“How could he attack !”



In the air, the old man in straw hat, who was smiling evilly, had left an indelible shadow in everyones heart.

Xu Xiaoshou licked the corner of his mouth.

With a flip of his hand, he revealed the object in his hand.

“Cardinal Wheel! ! !”

Lan Ling went crazy and cried out in an intangible manner.

This move of the Cardinal Wheel had mixed her thoughts, which had originally been rolled into a ball of hemp, into an unsolvable dough!

The group of Red-robed still did not know what the ball was, but when they heard this, their faces were filled with shock.

Cardinal Wheel!

Everyone had heard of this thing.

But why was it in the hands of the Second Brother of the Saint Servant


Lan Ling pointed at it.

Her fingers were trembling, and she could not say a word.

She was completely dumbfounded.

The Cardinal Wheel was in the hands of the Second Brother of the Saint Servant

The Cardinal Wheel was in the hands of Xu Xiaoshou

Xu Xiaoshou was the Second Brother of the Saint Servant

Xu Xiaoshou was not the second son of the Saint Servant

How did the second son of the saint servant get the Cardinal Wheel

If Xu Xiaoshou was him, would he have the guts to show the Cardinal Wheel

Or was the Cardinal Wheel in the hands of the real second son of the Saint Servant Was Yu Zhiwens speculation really wrong



Lan Ling covered her head and pressed her temples with her thumb and index finger.

Her bulging eyes instantly turned red.

She was stunned.

At this moment, Lan Ling suddenly felt that her brain was not big enough.

“Lan Ling…”

Xin moved closer to her worriedly.

He could feel that everyone present, including Lan Ling, the second son of the Saint Servant, and even the little girl, Yu Zhiwen, were using a method that he could not understand..

They were fighting!

And it was a great battle!

But he could not tell..

“So, who won at this moment”

Xin asked with difficulty as he looked at night guardian in a daze.

Night Guardians face was also filled with confusion.

Previously, when he was not distracted from his judgment, he still had some power to think.

But now..

Lan Ling had become so crazy.

What result could Night Guardian give

This old man had long withdrawn from the battle, you happy bald head who did not know anything!

Im so envious! !


“B-second Brother…”

The Storyteller looked at his second brothers calm gaze and then looked at him with the box in his hand.

He felt his mouth dry up.

As expected.

Second Brother spoke:

“Didnt you have another question that you wanted the little girl to clarify”

“Isnt it just aCardinal Wheel”

“Didnt you see it when I was using it underground”

“Whats wrong Whats your reaction now”

“How did you say it just now Let me think…” Xu Xiaoshou turned his head, his eyes flashing with reminiscence.

The Storytellers legs went soft.

“Second Brother, dont think about it.

Dont think about it.

She has always been on your side.

Dont worry.”

“But, whats going on…”

He pointed at the woman in Red-robed, who had a crazy look on her face, then glanced at the Cardinal Wheel and asked with trepidation.

Xu Xiaoshou sizzle and looked at Lan Ling, who was being guarded by the Night Guardian, Xin, and Black Flame.

He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “What That little girls dying cry interfered with your judgment”

“How funny!”

“Hehe, hehehehehehahaha…”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have recalled the funniest joke.

His laughter went from being suppressed to being unrestrained.

It echoed in the space of the ancient book.

He suddenly stopped smiling.

His face was serious and his expression was serious.

“Why arent you deducing”

“Thats right.

I didnt expect any of the things that you thought.

I am a brainless person.”

“As you wish, whoever gets the Cardinal Wheel will be able to control the Heaven Sealing Array, and that person will be…”

“Whats that guys name again”

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and thought for a while, then suddenly said, “Oh, thats right, Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Thats right, Im Xu Xiaoshou, just like you guys think.

I… No, Im that little girls friend.”

“Hehehehe…” Xu Xiaoshou could no longer hold back his laughter.

He even began to wipe away his tears with the hilt of his sword.

“Hahahaha, this is too interesting.”

“What you think is perfect, this is great.”

“I am Xu Xiaoshou!”


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