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Chapter 564: Escape

Inside the White Caves extradimensional world, the gray destructive airflow was sweeping and surging, and was then sucked into the spatial fragment by the black holes suction force.

Just as the entire space was in complete chaos, and the Small World of the white cave seemed to be on the verge of collapse.


Xins figure stepped out of the spatial crack with one foot.

He looked left and right, clearly having lost his direction and orientation.

As far as the eye could see, other than the mess in the sky and the land that was ten thousand miles in the same miserable state, what other landmarks could bring back memories

“Shouldnt we return to the Lijian Grassland…” Xins lips opened, but he couldnt close them.

“Put me down.”

Lan Ling finally recovered from the turbulence of the spatial fragment.

She shook her head fiercely, and then Xin put her down from his back.

As soon as she stepped into the air, she immediately opened her hand and formed a seal with her fingers.

“Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array, open!”

With a command.

The area within a radius of ten kilometers lit up with a weak light.

Dense path patterns interweaved and formed a huge net that covered this area.

Xin instantly understood.

“This is the Lijian Grassland”

He looked at the area covered by the path patterns with his mouth agape.

Obviously, this area was the area where theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array was located, which was the Lijian grassland and beyond.

But at this moment, where was the grassland

The Lijian Grassland, the grassland was gone, even the sword was gone..

Pure my ass!


A shout came from beside him.

Xin turned his head to look and realized that Lan Ling, who had also escaped from the ancient books space, didnt have any extra time to think about those irrelevant problems.

She had already put all of her heart and energy into theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.

The purpose was to borrow the power of the great array to forcefully stop the White Cave from collapsing, so that it would not be affected by the explosion of the ancient books space and would directly explode.

Even Xin knew that if the White Cave world really exploded like it had done before…

Then the result..

The explosion of an ancient book was enough to make all the red-robeds hair stand on end.

If the White Cave really exploded, not many people would be able to walk out alive!

“Da Da Da.”

One after another, red-robeds figures stepped out of the spatial crack.

Some time ago, in the ancient books space, there were only 16 or 17 red figures left.

Now, only 11 or 12 of them had landed in the sky above the Lijian Grassland.

“Lan Ling!”

The first thing the Night Guardian saw when he landed was Lan Ling, who was struggling to hold on.

He wanted to help, but he was completely powerless.

“Dont worry about me.

Lets take a look at the rest of the White Cave and see where the experiencer is.” Lan Ling turned her head and said, “White Cave, I cant hold on for long!”

The Night Guardians heart skipped a beat, and he immediately went back to work.

The experiencer who entered the Lijian Grassland had no choice.

In a situation where death was inevitable, they had done their best to release the afterglow.

However, for those experiencers who had never entered the Lijian Grassland, red-robed would not let them die with them in such a situation.

Such a sacrifice was meaningless.

Moreover, once they got out, they would not be able to explain it to the surrounding powers of the White Cave.

What should they say

“The arena of the Heavens energy movement” The Night Guardian asked.

“Your Juniors entered the White Cave, and because of an accident, all of them died”

There was nothing to say!

Even more so!

The Night Guardian did not think too much about it.

He immediately merged his spiritual senses into the way of the Heavens energy movement.

He borrowed the dark element and the secrets of the heavens to expand his field of vision.

At this moment, there was no need to accurately search.

As long as there was a slight fluctuation of life force and the scent of a human, he would definitely be a survivor.


“Theres no one!”

Night Guardians face immediately turned green.

Not only was it impossible to detect the presence of a human, there wasnt even a hint of life force within a radius of dozens of kilometers!

“Theyre all dead”

Xin raised his eyebrows, and his forehead was covered with wrinkles.

He said in disbelief, “The arena exploded, and everyone died”

Night Guardian was silent, unable to say anything.

The arena exploded.

Even with the spatial fragment as a barrier, the impact on the white cave was still not small.

Lan Ling, who was struggling to maintain the great array, already knew this.

Even Red-robed felt that the explosion was troublesome.

Could the experiencer in the White Cave survive

“Not all of them might die.”

Black Flame stepped out of the spatial crack and said, “Dont forget, we cant contact the outside world in the White Cave.

The people outside will definitely not be able to contact us.”

“Its impossible for all the Red-robed troops to die at once.

In the end, they didnt even leave a signal.”

“Therefore, the people outside will definitely be able to sense that something happened to us in the White Cave and cut off contact.”

“Under such circumstances…”

He didnt say it explicitly, but at this moment, Xin suddenly understood.

“You mean that Elder Wuyue and the others have already taken all the experiencer out in advance”

Black Flame didnt respond.

He only raised his head slightly and looked into the distance.


Everyone looked up at the same time.

At this moment, the noise stopped, and the surroundings became quiet.

Those subtle but persistent sounds also entered everyones ears.


“Its raining in the White Cave” Xins face was full of surprise.

In the space above them, fine and dense raindrops were continuously falling.

However, due to the shattering of space, they had yet to be completely repaired.

These raindrops could only stay in the air for less than a breaths time before they completely disappeared.

However, if one were to look at the spot where the raindrops were falling from above…

The raindrops fell and disappeared.

This process was repeated repeatedly.

However, the spot above them was still continuously seeping water.

Under such circumstances, the raindrops that continuously dripped from the nine heavens formed a curtain of rain.

It was like a three-meter-wide barrier that separated the upper and lower levels of the white cave.

“How can it rain in the White Cave”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The White Cave was a scorching place.

Here, even a single breath was filled with scorching fire elements.

How could it suddenly rain in such a place where Yin water could not be found

“Somethings strange.”

The first thing that came to mind for the Night Guardian was the Storyteller.

After all, he had never seen anyone else besides the Red-robed.

As if they had made an agreement, the Saint Servant and the Sleeveless one disappeared together.

“Be careful!”

The letter was as if it was facing a great enemy.

Spiritual senses immediately covered the surrounding area and flashed to Lan Lings side to protect her.

“Wheres the communication team”

He shouted, “Immediately send the situation here to the outside world.

The Storyteller and Sleeveless are not people we can take down.”

No one responded.

The scene was deathly silent.

Black Flame sneered, “You brainless blockhead.

The communication team has also entered the ancient books space, but do you think that they can withstand the explosion and break through several layers of spatial fragment at the same time”

Xin was stunned.

Turning his head back, he saw a group of Red-robed with large areas of torn clothes.

These people all looked very familiar.

They were the people who usually rushed to the front line with him.

Thats right!

These people with rich battle experience could walk out from the layers of spatial fragment that were pushed in by the explosion.

But what about those communication troops that were not good at fighting

Xin closed his eyes and remained silent.

Everyones eyes dimmed and they lowered their heads slightly.

The atmosphere was a little stagnant.

No one spoke, only the sound of the rain that was constantly making noise in the sky.

Everyone actually understood that this mission was very hard.

There was even a Storyteller and the Saint Servant, Sleeveless.


Before the battle had even begun, the other party had already used an ancient book, space blockade, and detonated it.

Half of their own people had died

“This should have been Gou… Wuyue Sword Deitys mission!” Xin suddenly shouted.


Lan Ling suddenly turned her head and glared at him.

Xin immediately lowered his head again.

Thats right, so what if it was his mission

They belonged to the Holy Divine Palace to begin with.

Although they belonged to different camps of red-robed and white-clothed people.

But they were all one family.

This kind of thing was not intentional.

They did not let him in.

Could it be strange

It could not be strange!


“Wait for the outside world to contact you again.

Take the Communication Jade with you”

Night Guardian raised his hand and patted Xins shoulder lightly.

His nose twitched and he turned his head to look to the side.

His eyes were empty as if he had completely lost focus.

“Its possible that the Storyteller isnt here anymore.”

“His ancient book space needs to be prepared in advance.

Otherwise, its impossible for him to duplicate theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.”

“If he doesnt duplicate all of them, the rules will be missing.

If he wants to create a brand new ancient book space, he has to complete the rules of the Heavenly Path.”

“Even he cant do such a thing.”

“So, its impossible for him to use that kind of method against us again.”

“And with Lan Ling here, its useless for him to come out once hes in control of the great array…”

The Night Guardian paused for a moment, and Xin immediately followed up, “What do you want”

He was very familiar with this situation.

Last time, near the Spirit Fusion Swamp, the Night Guardian spoke in the same tone.

Then, he stepped on the road to find Xu Xiaoshou alone.

The Night Guardian gently shook his head.

“Ill leave this place and the White Cave to you, but… Lu Ke, dont die!”

With that, he turned around and flew away.

“Ill go with you!”

Xin instantly became anxious.

Who didnt know that Lu Ke was in the hands of the Second Brother of the Saint Servant

If he let the Night Guardian go alone, wouldnt he be looking for his own death

“Protect Lan Ling.”

Black Flame pressed Xin down and said seriously, “Ill go.”

Xins eyes turned dark.

“Can you do it”

Black Flame: “…”

He didnt even want to say anything and jumped up.

But at this moment, a burst of “Hehe” laughter suddenly came from above.

“Hehe, your opponent, isnt he him”

Black Flame suddenly raised his head.

But he saw that above his head, at some point in time, a figure in a shabby red dress had appeared.

“Story, Teller!”

Black Flame gnashed his teeth and suddenly understood something.

“Youre waiting for the Night Guardian to leave”

“Hehe, hes getting smarter.”

The Storyteller pinched his fingers and said coquettishly, “After all, that old fellow has the power of the higher void.

I wonder if you all have one copy of this thing, or is he the only one who has it”

Black Flames heart sank to the bottom.

One copy for everyone

I want to!

However, even the red-robed troops of the Holy Divine Palaces headquarters couldnt do this.

Moreover, it was his chance to watch the Night Guardian.

“Whats the point of you staying here” Black Flame said in a low voice, “You said yourself that you dont want to kill anyone, and theres no one here for you to kill!”

The Storyteller smiled as he looked at everyone and finally landed on Lan Ling.

“Amazing, to be able to control the great array to such an extent.”

“Its true that they might not be able to kill the few of you, but its highly unlikely that they would be able to hurt you with this array.”

The Storyteller rolled his eyes and said, “How about this, well each stay here.

If you dont move, they wont move either.

How about it”


This time, even Lan Ling who was controlling the array was in a daze for a moment.

What kind of saying was this

If the enemy doesnt move, I Wont Move

“Why is this so” Black Flame squeezed out a voice from between his teeth.

“What on earth do you want to do !”


The Storyteller rolled up his fingers and pouted as he sighed.

“Its just that someone asked someone to stop you.

Theres no other reason.

They were used.”


All the Red-robed were stunned.

The next second, they reacted.

Second Brother of the Saint Servant!


Take the easy way out

“Two steps to heaven!”

“Three steps to immortality!”


Xu Xiaoshou found the space node from the ancient book and returned to the White Cave.

He didnt even dare to delay for a second.

After running the “Vanishing technique”, the continuous teleportation to the body of the spiritual source is empty before it stopped.


Xu Xiaoshou heaved a sigh of relief.

Xu Xiaoshou had dispelled the vanishing techniques state.

These two great awakening techniques consumed too much spiritual source.

As he was still in the White Cave, he did not dare to let his spiritual source be in a state of deficit.

Even though he was full ofHigh Spirits, he still took out a few cans of infernal energy liquid from the white skeleton and gulped them down.

Only then did he feel a little safer.


Clenching his fists, Xu Xiaoshou finally felt relieved.

From the Battle of Wits and courage in the ancient books space until he was almost forced to make a move, then the situation was reversed under the wordrun, and finally, the space exploded..

This series of experiences almost drained his brain.

Now, Xu Xiaoshou could not even be bothered to think.

He just wanted to find a quiet place to lie down and sleep soundly to recover his energy.

But he couldnt!

Now, he was still in the White Cave.

Even if he lived in peace, he would still think of danger.

He hadnt completely escaped the danger, so how could he have the chance to sleep

Peace was reserved for the dead!

“Its time to go out.”

He calculated quickly.

Xu Xiaoshous homesickness was extremely strong.

At this moment, he only wanted to return to Tiansang Spirit Palace.

He wanted to return to the spiritual affairs division and listen to Elder Qiaos ridiculous laughter.

He returned to the council hall and stroked the principals soft white hair.


Other than Elder Sang, who else was in Tiansang Spirit Palace Xu Xiaoshou missed him dearly!

“How do I get out of here”

Using the spiritual source to separate him, he held the Fourth Sword in his hand.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts stopped.

His plan was only to get out of the ancient books space.

He would only disappear and teleport after he came out.

That was all.

He didnt have time to think about the rest in the ancient books space.

“Lijian Grassland”

An absurd idea arose in his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the only way to get out of the world other than the normal way out of the white cave — to use the Cardinal Wheel to control theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array and teleport himself out.


He must be crazy!

Go back

He would only be courting death if he went back!

Xu Xiaoshou instantly dismissed this crazy idea.

He began to calculate in his heart again.


In his mind, the fixed time broadcast once again emitted the long-lost call from the extradimensional cracks.

Xu Xiaoshous mind moved.

But at this moment, a relaxed and pleasant voice filled with surprise appeared behind him.

“Xu Xiaoshou”


Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously turned his head in shock.

He was dressed in a red-robed with his sleeves fluttering in the wind.

The voice from behind him was merely a Night Guardian who had just tried it out.

When he saw the so-called “Second Brother of the Saint Servant” in front of him, he turned his head back in alarm.

The smile on his face froze on the spot.

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth also twitched.



Their eyes met.

“Pitter patter…”

The rain continued to fall, and the atmosphere was not harmonious.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou finally diverted his attention and hurriedly put it on the Information Bar.

“Being tracked, passive points, 1.”

“Being peeped, passive points, 1.”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”


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