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Chapter 567: Spread Your Wings, Wings of Freedom!


The rain was high in the sky, and the land was barren.

The shattered space and half of the sky that had been dyed black by the darkness corresponded with this strange and contradictory world of the White Cave.

People couldnt see hope.

The world also had no life.

“Is he dead”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was a dark giant, could hardly control his emotions under the continuous infusion of devilish energy from the Fourth Sword.

Even though he knew that the most friendly and kindest plan for him was to let go of the Fourth Sword in his hand.


Could he

Under the birds eye view, amidst the sound of the wind,.

The disheveled Red-robed Night Guardian with different heads and bodies suddenly disintegrated like a bubble phantom.

Black spots fluttered in the wind and landed on the bumpy land.

It did not make any sound.


The world suddenly became quiet.

Other than the sound of the rain, there was nothing else.

The Night Guardian had disappeared.

If he had just used the black sword cognition to break it and died for nothing, it was impossible for it to disintegrate so completely.

At the very least, he had to leave behind a corpse with his head separated, right

In other words..

“Watched, passive points 1.”


When his spiritual senses detected this piece of information, Xu Xiaoshous heart thumped like a drum.

He instantly disappeared from where he was and turned into nothingness.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Good job, Xu Xiaoshou!”

The voice came out of nowhere and suddenly came from all directions.

It gathered in one place and the echo shook.

The figure of the Night Guardian did not appear.

However, his emotions, which were filled with amazement and shock, were vividly displayed along with the scattered voices.

“Where is it”

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

He did not think that a mere sword cognition could allow him to cross so many great realms and directly destroy the cutting path.

But at this moment, when he heard the voice of the Night Guardian, there was no trace of it.

The other party was very likely not even slightly injured.

In other words, his so-called all-out attack.

Was completely ineffective to him

“Disappear, cant appear!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was maintaining the vanishing technique, even took a step forward and looked back cautiously, afraid that an expert at the level of the Cutting Path would have the ability to break his awakening technique.

There was no response.

Fortunately, the Night Guardian did not seem to have noticed him.

But this “Gaze”..

Xu Xiaoshou was very flustered.

Very flustered.

The other party did not appear.

His own “Perception” seemed to have lost its effect at this moment.

He was no longer able to capture the source of the sound.

“Watched, passive points 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, this old man is really scared by you.

I have to say, your growth, your strength, your spiritual technique…” the Night Guardians voice appeared once again.

“No matter what, its something rarely seen in my life.”

“In you, I can even see a trace of the Eighth Sword Deity when he shocked the world.”

“A mere White Cave and a mere Tiansang Prefecture cant trap you.”

“As long as you walk out of this corner, everyone in the world will be shocked.”


The Night Guardians voice stopped, and the echo floated between the black holes.

He changed the topic and said, “But why do you want to walk in this direction”

His voice was filled with disappointment:

“Ive told you more than once.

Those who are like you, who think highly of themselves, have already fallen decades ago… hundreds, or even thousands of years ago.”

“Your path has already been taken!”

“More than once!”

“Why dont you wake up”

With a deafening roar, the void in a certain place in the sky fluctuated, and the Night Guardians figure appeared.

He was dressed in a broken red robe and half of the sky was stained with ink.

He stared at the empty space in front of him.

Behind him, there was not even a trace of dawn.

“Xu Xiaoshou, ah, Xu Xiaoshou…”

The Night Guardian shook his head, sighed, and said, “You are only an innate master.

Do you really think that the gap between your realms can be made up by external force”

“Over there!”

Xu Xiaoshou took the easy way out in a single step.

The Fourth Sword that the Night Guardian did not have time to react before he directly swung them.

Only when he was close to his neck did he come into contact with the disappearing state.

Night Guardians pupils suddenly constricted.

In the next second.


Blood filled the sky, and a sword beheaded him.


But the dark spots fell again.

The sky was filled with the sound of unbridled mockery once again.

The figure of the Night Guardian appeared once again.

This time, he appeared on the other side.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and glared at him.

He gently pulled out the Fourth Sword in his hand.


The void suddenly cracked.

The terrifying speed of the sword-drawing technique instantly tore through the void, directly splitting the Night Guardian on the other side into two halves.


The mocking laughter that sounded like a nightmare sprinkled down as the dark spots scattered.

Xu Xiaoshous mind was somewhat muddled.

He felt that he had been affected by an illusion.

However, “Perception” could break the illusion.

After each sword strike, he could also feel that he had come into contact with a real person, his true body.

Night Guardian was already dead!

But he was still alive!

“Whats going on”

He didnt dare to think too much.

When another Night Guardian appeared, Xu Xiaoshou chose to disappear.

He was afraid.

If this old man couldnt be killed, then what was the point of his meaningless actions

“Xu Xiaoshou, ah, Xu Xiaoshou…”

“I can let you kill me, I can let you kill me, but you tried your best, but in the end, it was all for nothing.”


Night Guardian lowered his head and sighed.

He snickered, “How long can your disappearing technique last”

“This kind of spirit technique that defies the Way of the Heavens can not appear on a mere innate skill.

How long can you last”

“When your spiritual source is exhausted, what will you use to block my finger power”

“With your incorruptible tongue, or your so-called will”

Xu Xiaoshous body stiffened.

He looked into his sea of energy reserve.

His sea of energy reserve was about to dry up.

Vanishing technique consumed too much spiritual source.

Therefore, this was also the reason why every time he used it, he had to immediately remove it.

But now.

If he didnt use it, Xu Xiaoshou would definitely die!

But if he used it, when his “High spirits” were full, he wouldnt be able to withstand it.

When his spiritual source was exhausted to the last drop..

Xu Xiaoshou recalled the first time he tried to “Take the easy way out”.

At that time, his spiritual source was exhausted and he fell from the sky.

One could imagine how the berserk giants posture was lifted and his spiritual altar was lost.

There was no need to fall.

There was no need for the Night Guardian to make a move.

The Fourth Sword that could directly take his life!

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

The sudden angry rebuke from the Night Guardian interrupted Xu Xiaoshous thoughts.

He raised his hands angrily and smashed them into the air.

“I didnt kill you because I saw the possibility in you.

I admire you and have given you opportunities again and again.”

“But why do you always let me down”

“You could have caught me off guard and killed me.”


Night Guardian waved his hands furiously, and the torn cloth on his body shook violently.

“But if one of me dies, thousands and thousands of me will come out again.”

“I can give you a chance, but they wont give you a chance.

Do you understand”

In the endless darkness, thousands and thousands of red lights suddenly lit up.

Upon a closer look, it was actually countless Night Guardian, countless red-robed.


“Cutting path”

Countless Red-robed Night Guardian had the same expression and actions.

All of them had mocking expressions as they spoke in a mocking tone:

“I have been cutting path in the Shengshen continent, and the path cant even trap me.

How can a mere innate kill me”

“And you”

Tens of thousands of Red-robed raised their heads and laughed.

After a long while, they said, “You cant even break through the world of White Cave.

You even need to disguise your pursuit of freedom.

You havent even transcended the cage of the way of the heavens…”

“You want to kill me”

Night Guardian stopped laughing and said with a solemn face, “The way can not be broken, the bird in the cage; the sage can not be established, the dreamer… You, Xu Xiaoshou, are just an innate expert, what can you do”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and suddenly disappeared.

In an instant, the dark giant that was emitting a strong devilish energy appeared in the sky again.

Xu Xiaoshou felt completely relieved when he faced the Night Guardian once again.

“Where the heart is, press forward with indomitable will.”

His deep and hoarse subwoofer cannon sound reverberated in the sky.



“What a goodwhere the heart is, press forward with indomitable will!”

Night Guardian laughed loudly and slowly extended a finger.

In an instant, the space shook and the world shook.

It was just like what he had said before.

Just a single finger and a wisp of white fog that lingered on it.

An aura of desolation and invincibility spread from it and covered the heart of the dark giant on the opposite side with a thick haze.

“Your words are nice,” Night Guardian said softly.

“Then, how can you withstand the strength of one of my fingers”

“You dont dare!” Xu Xiaoshou said firmly.

“You dont dare to kill me, and you dont dare to startle this world.”

“Under the precarious situation of the White Cave, you dont even dare to use the power of the Cutting Path.”

“Because youre afraid!”

Night Guardians face twitched when he heard this.

“Stared at, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou continued, “A battle at the sovereign stage can already affect and even cause the original White Cave world to collapse.”

“And in the current state of the White Cave, even without a battle at the sovereign stage, just a tiny bit of power that surpasses the sovereign stage can be used as the last straw to crush the camel.”

“You, Night Guardian, might be able to escape from the situation of the White Caves explosion.”

“Where are your companions”

Night Guardians eyes narrowed, killing intent surging in his eyes.

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”

“In the end, you cant let go.”

Xu Xiaoshous voice became gentler.

“Youre the same as me.

You also have something to worry about.

Its just that your faction is different and your choices are different.”

“If the White Cave explodes, the Storyteller will not let Red-robed off easily.”

“He can make a move in secret.

With a light pull, he can subdue all the Red-robed around the great array without anyone knowing.”

“Therefore, you dont dare!”

Xu Xiaoshou raised the sword in his hand and swept his gaze across the area.

The sword will and aura of heaven and earth pushed back the killing intent of the Night Guardian.

“If you, the Night Guardian, use the power of the Cutting Path to kill me, your companion will die.”

“If you use the power of the sovereign stage to kill me, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will not die.”

“The reason why you will talk so much nonsense with me is because you can only say that there is nothing you can do!”


Xu Xiaoshou raised his head and laughed as if he was a Night Guardian.

He even removed the berserk giants posture.

He held the Fourth Sword in his hand with his spiritual source and said,

“Although you are cutting path, a mere White Cave will still trap you.”

“Although I am innate, I can stand here.

Even if I want to die, I will not be defeated!”

“You, and I.



Xu Xiaoshou stretched out his hand and gestured to each other.

“In this small white cave, there is no difference at all.

A battle between trapped beasts, a clown playing with a pearl.

That is all.”

The scene fell silent.

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”

“Blown away, passive points 1.”

“Lauded, passive points 1.”

Night Guardian laughed.

He laughed silently.

The thing he admired most about Xu Xiaoshou was never the dazzling spiritual technique on this young man.

It was his speech, his thinking, and his ability to maintain a clear and rational judgment in a chaotic situation.

Thats right!

Xu Xiaoshou was absolutely right!

The White Cave, which was in imminent danger, could no longer withstand the little damage from the experts at the sovereign stage or the Cutting Path level.

If the battle here went too far, the White Cave would collapse.

If the Storyteller received feedback from the Lijian Grassland, he would certainly know everything.

After all, he was chasing after the so-called Second Brother of the Saint Servant.

The Storytellers memory of Xu Xiaoshou was still stuck in his identity as the “Second brother of the Saint Servant”.

The feedback from the battle here was that the Night Guardian had caught up with the Saint Servant and had made a move.

However, the Night Guardian definitely couldnt beat the Second Brother of the Saint Servant.

That meant that the Saint Servant had killed the Red-robed.

They had attacked the Cutting Path and the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace!

This feud was formed.

Lan Ling and the others also knew.

Then, they should be silenced!

The Storyteller would never allow Red-robed to return to the Shengshen continent with such information.

And even if it was a different situation..

The Night Guardian had defeated the Second Brother of the Saint Servant, not to mention whether it was possible.

The result of the battle was that the Storyteller had to come over to support.

If the Red-robed and the Saint Servant were to really start fighting, would the Storyteller let the Red-robed over at the Lijian Grassland think of a backup plan before the Storyteller arrived

“Youre too smart.”

Night Guardian smiled and put down his finger.

“Sometimes, I even suspect that you, Xu Xiaoshou, have been possessed by some old monster.”

“You flatter me.”

Xu Xiaoshou flipped his hand and put away the famed sword.

With a squeeze of his fingers, five fire seeds jumped out of his fingers.

He continued, “You have some considerations for the Night Guardian, but I, Xu Xiaoshou, am not so particular about it.”

“You have your perseverance, and I have mine.”

“And my perseverance is just that I dont want to go with you.

I just want… To live.”

Xu Xiaoshous gaze skipped over the Night Guardian and saw this dark, messy, lifeless world.

He flipped his left hand again and kept the Fourth Sword.

He casually put his fist down.

In his palm, a resplendent ice lotus bloomed.

Ice in his left hand and fire in his right hand.

At this moment, even the Night Guardian was shocked once again.

“Its another two abilities…”

“Infernal Original Seed, Three Days Frozen Calamity”

“Its really all in his hands” The Night Guardian was stunned.

The destructive aura that bloomed between the left and right ice and fire resisted each other.

Under the influence of Xu Xiaoshou, it faintly had the power of tai chi fusion.

At the moment when the ice and fire intersected, gray energy mixed together, forming a dense fog.

The image of the spirit fusion swamp being destroyed appeared in the Night Guardians mind.

Werent these two powers the same as the spirit fusion swamp, where they formed horns with fire and Ice

“So thats how it is, so thats how it is…”

Realization dawned on the Night Guardian, and a hint of panic appeared in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what are you trying to do !”

“What are you trying to do…”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a low, mocking sigh.

He suddenly raised his head, and his eyes were filled with madness.

“I cant kill you, Night Guardian, but as long as I blow up this White Cave, I can still escape!”

He suddenly clasped his hands together.

The power of the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity were forcefully combined.

At that time, he had tried out a half-style spiritual technique in the Yuan mansion, but because the Yuan mansion space could not withstand even the slightest bit of the power of the explosion, he gave up halfway.

Now, Xu Xiaoshou had nothing to worry about.

Ice and fire mixed together, and mournful songs filled the ground.

The two completely different forces merely touched each other.

The rules of the heavens and earth order in the White Cave world were like the path patterns of a spiritual array.

They suddenly lit up and rapidly spread out in all directions.

They were like two wings of freedom, with Xu Xiaoshou as the center point.

One side was blue, and the other side was white.

In between the heavens and earth..

Spread out its wings!


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