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Chapter 574: The Target

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“Its going to explode!”

Night Guardian, who had subconsciously retreated, suddenly saw the Storytellers figure disappear into this space.

His heart trembled.

Time seemed to have stopped.

At this moment, Night Guardian had mixed feelings.

His rationality told him that his stomach definitely could not digest this second version of the Pure Energy Light Spot.

He had to retreat.

Otherwise, it was very likely that Xu Xiaoshou that kid would cause serious injuries in the White Cave.


But at the same time, if he wanted to retreat, then what about the White Cave

This was a very real question.

Night Guardian was not a Storyteller.

He could not laugh at the impending explosion and then turn his head and ignore it.

Red Coats duty was to protect the White Cave and the space where the Ghost Beast was born so that more information could be dug out from this place in the future.

Moreover, if he retreated at this moment, not only would the White Cave explode, but his comrades in the Lijian Grassland would…

What should he do

“Dont tell me Im going to become a psychopath who came all the way here to swallow another Pure Energy Light Spot” Night Guardian was about to die from anger.

He felt that Xu Xiaoshou was his nemesis.

Every time that kid attacked, he would hit his weak spot.

Should he choose to be righteous or should he escape…


He didnt have time to think for too long.

When he truly saw the pros and cons of the White Cave, the Night Guardian couldnt think only for himself.

Some people, some things, were born to be destined.

With such a Red Coat on his body, he was destined to be the Night Guardian.

He couldnt choose to escape at this moment!

“Damn you, Xu Xiaoshou, dont let me catch you–”

As his heart roared, the Night Guardian turned around to face him the moment the sky was completely shattered.

He opened his mouth.


He swallowed it with his mouth!


The scene was about to erupt at any moment.

The Night Guardians action of swallowing it into his stomach was ultimately a little too slow.

Just the energy that leaked out was enough to turn the area within a radius of tens of miles into ashes in an instant.

The space, the land…

It was simply impossible to withstand the power of such an explosion!

At the moment when ice and fire interweaved, the music score of destruction sounded.

Gray air currents broke the dam, and the entire space of the White Cave began to shake violently.



In the distant Lijian Grassland, almost at the same time, everyone turned their heads and looked in the same direction.

“Whats going on”

Xins pupils constricted.

Such explosive power was even more violent than any explosion he had seen in the White Cave.

In fact, in terms of single-point explosions, the commotion this time was almost comparable to when the ancient book space was blown up.

“You and the Night Guardian fought” Xin couldnt help but ask as he turned to look at the Storyteller.

“Scared me to death, scared me to death…”

The Storyteller who was squatting in the air couldnt help but pat his little heart, his face filled with lingering fear.

“This Wen Ming is too reckless!”

He was also looking at the direction of the explosion from afar, his eyes filled with complicated emotions.

He was scared yet he admired and loved Wen Ming very much.

“Hes so strong, he can already do this at such a young age.

If hes nurtured…”

“Wen Ming”

The Red Coat side didnt pay any attention to the Storytellers mumbling.

They were very familiar with this name.

Wasnt Wen Ming the disciple of the Saint Servants second-in-command

Wasnt he… the person who was suspected to be Xu Xiaoshou

Was he the one who caused this explosion


Xin was stunned.

This commotion was obviously caused by the fight between the two Cutting Path Levels.

It was caused by the confrontation between the Night Guardian and the Storyteller.

How could a junior do it

“Nothing is impossible.”

Hei Ming said with a dark face, “It has already come to this point.

Cant you see it clearly”

“The so-called Saint Servants second-in-command might not exist at all.”

“If there were Storyteller, Sleeveless, and Night Guardian over there, it would be impossible for such a fight to break out…”

Hei Ming could not continue.

He was not stupid.

As the former commander of the Red Coat, he could already think of something.

If the Saint Servant really had two people in that place, even if it was the Night Guardian, it would not be possible to stir up any waves.

The only explanation was that it could only be the land of explosions.

There was no such thing as two people working together.

But who else could be left in the White Cave at this moment

Other than the people in the Lijian Grassland, only the Storytellers avatar, the second-in-command of the Saint Servant, and the Night Guardian had gone elsewhere.

And according to the above speculation, the second-in-command of the saint servant could not be in the land of explosions.

On top of that, the Storyteller murmured, “Wen Ming…”

Hei Ming closed his eyes heavily.

He was tricked!

The so-called second-in-command of Saint Servant might really be fake.

He was actually Wen Ming.

It was also very likely that he was that Xu Xiaoshou!

“Lan Ling.”

Hei Ming turned his head to look at Lan Ling, his eyes filled with doubt.

If the truth was really like that, then there was only one question left that had not been solved.

These questions should have been deduced in the White Cave.

Why did everyone only realize it now

“Lan Ling, that Yu Zhiwen…”

“Theres no problem with Zhiwen.”

Lan Ling was also in a trance.

Her worldview was about to be blown apart by this explosion.

However, she still shook her head and interrupted Hei Mings question.

“Theres no problem with Yu Zhiwen!”

After repeating this sentence repeatedly, Lan Ling seemed to be more certain of her inner thoughts.

She said, “Someone from the headquarters cant be the Saint Servants accomplice.”

“So, the one who should be suspected is not Zhiwen, but…” as Lan Ling spoke, her voice weakened.

She really did not want to admit it!

But the truth was that everyone was fooled!

“That Saint Servants second-in-command is Wen Ming, and is also Xu Xiaoshou.”

When this sentence escaped her mouth, all the Red Coats minds buzzed and went blank on the spot.


Xin looked over in disbelief.

He wanted to say something but stopped himself.

He couldnt say anything.

Then, he turned his shocked gaze to the Storyteller.

Even though he didnt say anything, everyone had the same question in their minds.

“If thats Xu Xiaoshou, how could the Storyteller not recognize him”

Lan Ling also turned her gaze to the Storyteller.

This was also what she was puzzled about.

This was the key point that confused everyones thoughts!

The Storytellers face suddenly turned red.

“What are you looking at!”

He stomped his feet angrily and said, “Are you guys stupid Do you really think that the people from the headquarters would not lie to you”

“Dont change the topic…”

Before Xin could finish, the Storyteller interrupted him loudly.

“In my opinion, Yu Zhiwen and Wen Ming have that kind of relationship.”

“Dont forget, that girl is a woman!”

“Do you understand the thoughts of a woman!” the Storyteller retorted with a question that stunned Lan Ling.

Thats right!

She could do it without doubting Yu Zhiwens position.

But as a woman, how could she not know.

Sometimes, some things really could not be controlled, making people forget where they were standing.


After a long silence, Lan Ling shook her head resolutely again, “Xu Xiaoshou can become the second-in-command of the Saint Servant, but the storyteller still cant recognize him”

“Do you think he cant imitate the wordrun”

All the Red Coat were stunned.

This was a very bold speculation.


Similarly, at that critical moment, how could Xu Xiaoshou be so quick-witted to use the wordrun to directly destroy everyones speculation

This was not a simple word!

To shout out this word, meant that Xu Xiaoshou had to understand all the Red Coats and even the Storytellers thoughts in the ancient books space.

However, how could he know how far the Red Coats guesses about him had gone

How could he know that the Red Coats guesses about him were exactly the same as what he knew

He couldnt do it at all!

If it was the second-in-command of the Saint Servant, he might be so experienced and vicious that he could grasp the hearts of people perfectly.

However, all these deductions were based on the assumption that the second-in-command of the Saint Servant was actually Xu Xiaoshou.

And if he was really Xu Xiaoshou…

How could such a young man be like an old fox, toying with everyone present


As Lan Lings thoughts reached this point, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck her brain, causing her eyes and brows to hurt.


Everyone was wrong.

— Mental inertia!

This was the answer to everything!

Before they started making all their deductions, everyone had unknowingly stood on high ground to judge that young man.

No one thought that a young man could achieve such a feat in the land where the Cutting Path was entrenched.

However, based on the current deduction, Xu Xiaoshou did it when he was in the ancient books space!

He had indeed managed to toy with everyone!

Then, with such a battle record, could Xu Xiaoshous thoughts really be the thoughts of a young man

No matter how bad his thoughts were, his brain was definitely better than all the people standing on the Lijian Grassland at this moment.

This included Lan Ling herself!

“Blacklist, number one…”

Lan Ling suddenly came to a realization.

After understanding everything, she felt that the Night Guardians method was too extreme.

At this moment, she hated herself for not realizing earlier that the Night Guardians words were correct.

“The danger level of that young man, Xu Xiaoshou, is higher than that of the Sealed Ghost Beast!”

The danger level wasnt just about the same, but higher!

Lan Lings vision lost focus.

She could see further than the Night Guardian.

Judging from the battle results in the ancient books space, it didnt even take long.

Only five or six years…

No, it could even be two to three years or even one year!

As long as Red Coat couldnt capture Xu Xiaoshou in the shortest time possible…

In the future, they wouldnt even have the chance to touch the corner of his clothes!

“Xu Xiaoshou, isnt he too scary…”

At this moment, Lan Ling simply could not imagine the true face of that young man whom she had never met before.

What exactly did he look like

Did he have three nostrils and two tongues For him to do such a thing!


White Cave, an unknown place.

This place was like a world that had fallen into a deep slumber.

One could not even see ones fingers.

However, the second time, it was stirred slightly by the sudden movement.


The huge spatial crack tore at everything in the void.

Old Woodcutter laid on the ground, bored to death.

He looked at the darkness above his head.

“Is it going to explode outside”

“Whos causing trouble”

“Didnt I already tell that damn s*ssy not to clash with Red Coat”

Cen Qiaofu stood up uneasily and looked at the location of the spatial crack with worry.

“I havent finished handling my matters yet…”

It was clear that this was a place protected by the Holy Emperors power, so it was impossible for any movement from the White Cave to be transmitted over.

It was also almost impossible for outsiders to discover this location.

But this was the second time!

If it wasnt for the commotion outside that caused the White Cave to explode, it wouldnt have affected this space.

“Is it really starting”

Cen Qiaofu paced back and forth, occasionally glancing at the spatial crack with a frown.

Even in this place where there was no concept of time passing, he was very clear.

It had actually been a long time since the Chief entered the spatial crack.

“Hes still not coming out”

If it wasnt for the other partys reminder to wait for him here before entering, Cen Qiaofu would definitely have jumped into the spatial crack at this very moment.

“Could it be that he couldnt find the person and ended up falling into the spatial fragment by himself”

“Can he withstand it”

Cen Qiaofu was frightened by his own guess.

He thought of Chiefs frail body.

When he didnt move, it seemed as though even a gust of wind would be able to destroy his body.


That was an understatement.

A gust of wind would definitely be able to destroy his body!

“Could it be that he really fell into the spatial fragment”

Cen Qiaofu tightened the small ax on his waist.

After thinking for a while, he didnt dare to waste time on the spot.

He got up and was about to enter the spatial crack to explore.


At this moment, a figure appeared to be flying from the crack.

In the next second, as if he had run too far, he flew and shot out from the crack.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

“Cough, cough…”

The intense coughing sound that came after the suppression reverberated continuously, followed closely by…


The pungent smell of blood spread.

Cen Qiaofus entire face turned green, “Were you lost”

“No, I wasnt.”

The masked man subconsciously wiped his mouth, but he only wiped a layer of wet cloth.

He pressed hard on his lips to squeeze the blood out.

Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief and wanted to say something.


In the end, he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Cen Qiaofu: “…”

The corner of his mouth twitched a few times.

He was too lazy to comfort him anymore, so he went straight to the point and asked, “Where is he Have you found him”

“Yes,” the masked man replied and took a few deep breaths.

The heaving of his chest finally calmed down.

“How was it”

“Based on the results, its not bad.”

“Just the conclusion”

Cen Qiaofu heard this, and his eyes narrowed, “What about the process Did you make a move again”

“There was nothing I could do.

That old man said that he had found a candidate.

At first, he didnt want to cooperate at all.

If I didnt make a move, he would have wanted to immediately drive me out,” the masked man sighed.

“A candidate” Cen Qiaofu was stunned, “Who”

The masked man immediately rolled his eyes.

“Do you think he will say who is it”

“Uh, thats true,” Old Woodcutter smiled embarrassedly.

“But its not difficult to guess.”

The masked man took a deep breath.

Without waiting for Cen Qiaofu to ask, he said, “Its not easy for a crack to appear on the Abyss Island.

For it to appear in the White Cave this time, its a one in a million occurrence.”

“In fact, based on my own speculation, this is probably the result of their plan after many years.”

“If those old men want to come out, they must seize this opportunity.”

“And the crack is in the White Cave.

Where can they find a candidate”

“Theres no other place at all.”

Cen Qiaofu responded with an “Mm”.

He looked at the masked man loosening his grip and could not help but grit his teeth, “Speak slowly.”

“Okay,” the masked man nodded and exhaled before continuing, “Since they dared to pluck the fruit when the White Cave opened this time, it means that they have found a satisfactory candidate.”

“Then which candidate do they fancy in the White Cave”


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