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Chapter 586: Seven Breaks, the Valley of Floral Fragrance

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The white-clothed man held a seven-leafed crabapple flower in his left hand.

The pale pink petals were glowing, and the stamens were trembling, giving off a faint fragrance.

“Excuse me, are you looking for this person”He pointed at Yu Lingdis chest and asked.

Yu Lingdis eyes were fixed on the seven-leafed crabapple in the mans hand, and he didnt make a sound.

“Legendary Beast Control Artifact”

The tall man called Number 33 asked a question, and Yu Lingdis pupils immediately constricted.


“It doesnt look like it…”

Yu Lingdi replied with telepathic communication, “Although there are shadows of those guys from Xu Yue Grey Palace, we cant rule out that there are people in this world who like to hold a flower.”

“Moreover, the most important thing is…”

“He doesnt have ghostly energy,” Number 33 answered.


Yu Lingdi nodded.

He stared at the seven-leaf begonia.

He had never seen it before, but he felt that he should have a memory of this object, but he couldnt remember it at the moment.

“Who are you looking for” Yu Lingdi asked.

The white-clothed man didnt say anything.

He put down his finger and glanced at Yu Lingdis chest.

Then, he withdrew his gaze and looked at the tall man beside him.

Number 33 was too tall.

Even the white-clothed man could only reach his chest.

When he looked up, he felt like he was looking up at a giant.

Yu Lingdi frowned and searched his chest.

He really did find something for him.

“Oilskin paper”

When he took this thing out, he realized that it was something that he had put into his chest after failing to ask the woman.

In other words, this white-clothed man had arrived a long time ago

He had been watching everything from the side

“You know him”

Yu Lingdi opened the drawing paper and the image of an old man in a straw hat on his face was flipped open.

The white-clothed man glanced at it and nodded slightly.

“Are you people from the Holy Divine Palace” He asked.

This time, the two people in front of him were in a daze.

Before they had the chance to question him, the white-clothed man looked at Number 33 and asked, “Divine puppet”


Yu Lingdis heart suddenly constricted.

“Hes not here with good intentions!”

The person in front of him clearly did not have any hostility at all, but all the pores on his body had exploded, as if he was being targeted by a hunter.

“Who are you” Number 33 asked in a muffled voice.

He knew that he was very easy to recognize.

However, only those who knew about the existence of the divine puppet and had come into contact with it before would be able to tell at a glance that he was different from a real human.

As for the ordinary people of the Cutting Path, if they had not faced the crazy pursuit of the white-clothed person, how could they have seen the divine puppet

In other words.

In this world, after seeing the divine puppet, how many people would be able to survive

From this sentence, it could be determined that the white-clothed person in front of him was extraordinary.

Yu Lingdi also deduced this in an instant.

He took a slight step back and half of his body hid behind Number 33.

The Hallmaster had said that there was always someone better than him.

Even though he had killed and captured many people from the cutting path in the past.

But the sovereigns throne was the sovereigns throne.

When he had not broken through to the next realm, it was the biggest obstacle.

Once the Cutting Path made the first move, there was still a one in 10,000 chance that he would be killed on the spot.

The two figures, one tall and one short, looked at the white-clothed person in front of them with a serious expression.

They knew that the person who had come was not simple.

The only fortunate thing was that this person did not seem to be hostile and even stood in front of the Holy Divine Palace so openly.

Subjective speculation suggested that they might be from the same camp.

The white-clothed man twirled the flower stalk of the seven-leaf crabapple and pondered for a long time.

Under the veil, a shallow arc was drawn.

“The people of the Holy Divine Palace…”

He murmured softly, then narrowed his eyes, a little confused.

“The people of the Holy Divine Palace, cant you recognize me”

Should I

Yu Lingdi was stunned.

He looked down and focused on the seven-leaf crabapple in the other persons hand again, thinking hard.

Number 33 scratched his head.

There was nothing he could do about it.

As a divine puppet that had been reloaded after it was scrapped, not only did he lose a lot of his memories, he could only obtain some information that had not been recorded yet through contact.

With a thought, number thirty-three was sure that this person did not exist in his database.



Yu Lingdi seemed to have remembered something as he repeated it like a demon.

A smile appeared in the white-clothed mans eyes as he said, “Northern Region.”

The wordsofts ounded like thunder in Yu Lingdis ears.

From the eastern region and the central region, these two regions that he was mainly responsible for, his mind expanded to the five regions.

A figure immediately appeared in his mind.

“First-grade Haitang…”

Yu Lingdi exclaimed, “You are Haitanger !”

“Yes, I am.”

The white-clothed man nodded and said slowly, “Saint Servant Jiu, Haitanger, is in charge of the Northern Region where your Holy Divine Palace is unable to take down the Seven Breaks — the Valley of Floral Fragrance.”

He pointed at the crumpled paper on Yu Lingdis hand and said, “The person you are looking for is my senior.”

“May I know what you are looking for”

The corner of Yu Lingdis mouth twitched, and he almost lost his entire body.

Saint Servant !

He had thought that this fellow would dare to stand out like this, that he was a fellow Daoist, and that it was possible that he was a helper that Wlder Wuyue had invited.

Who would have thought..

Saint Servant!

“Haitanger Saint Servant”

Number 33 was only stunned for a moment before he completely reacted.

He took a step forward and grabbed with his fingers.


The space was directly crushed by his five fingers.

And the head of the white-clothed man that was grabbed exploded on the spot.

However, after Haitanger exploded, there was no blood splattering.

Instead, when the head disappeared, it turned into a wisp of faint fragrance and disappeared into this space.

“Escape techniques.”

Number 33 was alerted and immediately retreated to Yu Lingdis side.

“Lets leave this place first!”

Yu Lingdi shouted decisively.

After knowing that the white-clothed man was the ninth chair of the saint servant, the information in his mind was immediately presented.

When fighting with this guy, he was most afraid of being attacked first.

This was because Haitangers bounded domain was comprehended in the Seven Breaks.

It was almost a mobile version of the Seven Breaks.

Whoever was trapped would die!


Number 33 was a warmonger, but the Hallmaster had warned him that during this mission, he had to listen to Yu Lingdis commands, so he naturally would not resist his orders.

But when he hunched his calf and wanted to bounce out of this place, Number 33s expression froze.

“Its too late.”

It was indeed too late.

On the small path at the entrance of the village where they had come from, the flower buds that had gathered at the intersection, the sides of the houses, the roofs, and the puddles of water had already quietly bloomed.

A faint fragrance lingered around the tip of their noses.

The two of them might have already been affected.

The scene before their eyes blurred.

When they came back to their senses, the scene was completely different.

The small village had disappeared without a trace.

The thatched hut behind them had also disappeared without a trace.

What replaced it was a sea of flowers that bloomed for thousands of miles.

The rich fragrance was like a poisonous gas that penetrated through every pore of ones body.

Looking up, the sky had also changed.

Everything seemed to be in disorder.

The sky was surrounded by the sea of flowers.

The only space left was the empty sky.

Gravity, dust, element..

All disappeared!

Yu Lingdi floated up.

He was in the sea of flowers.

With his body turned upside down, he felt that the sky just now had become the ground.

Everything that he had seen before had also turned into crystal-clear dew on the petals.

The dew was speckled, looking like a world.

It was extraordinary.

“The Floral Fragrance is poisonous.”

Number 33 reminded him and suddenly reacted.

“Oh, you have an element body.

The poison of the Floral Fragrance is useless to you.”

Yu Lingdis face was gloomy.

“But Im trapped.”

He knew that this was Haitangers “Valley of Floral Fragrance”.

To be able to name a persons sovereigns bounded domain with the title of one of the seven breaks, one could imagine how terrifying this bounded domain was.

“Yes, the rules have been disrupted.

I didnt notice it in advance.

Its my fault.” Number thirty-three was very distressed.

He was the divine puppet, and was supposed to be the most sensitive to the rules of the Order of the Heavens.

However, he did not know when Haitanger made her move.

“Its not your fault.

After all, this is the technique of the Seven Breaks.

It is known as the intangible blade.

Even if the Higher Void entered, it would not be aware of when it got lost.”

Yu Lingdi did not take it to heart.

He waved his hand.

“Patter patter patter…”

The sound of rain suddenly appeared.

However, the strange thing was that this rain actually came from all directions.

Not only did the rain fall from the sky, even the soles of his feet began to shoot out raindrops.

The four directions were mixed together.

The rain came from the nameless land and fell on the nameless land.

There was no way to use this method to locate it.

“Im lost…”

Yu Lingdis expression was somewhat ugly.

The situation that he was most afraid of had finally appeared.

He had been attacked by the cutting path first, and he had even been trapped in the other partys bounded domain.

Within it, the enemy was a god.

Even if he opened up his bounded domain, it would be of no use.

“I can try and see if I can break it open by force.”

Number 33 took a breath, and his stomach swelled up.

“Wait a moment.”

Yu Lingdi stopped him and said telepathic communication, “Since Haitanger is able to put down the matters of the northern region and come over, it means that Saint Servants situation is also very critical… wait a moment.”

“Wait for what” Number 33 was puzzled.

If they were to remain trapped in this flower world, the two of them would probably be completely lost.

At that time, even if they were able to break through space with brute force, the other party would probably not only have such a method.

Perhaps, under the banishment of multiple bounded domains, the two of them would not even be able to touch the door, so how could they leave

“Well wait for Elder Wuyue.”

Yu Lingdi did not panic.

Instead, he analyzed, “My distraction technique has already gathered information in the White Cave.

When the Small World opens, that side could have brought all the information directly over.”

“But once the distraction cant sense me, it can sense that something is wrong.

Elder Wuyue can also sense it and know that something has happened on our side.”

“And the only person who can attack us halfway is the Saint Servants helper.”

“After all, we are going on a secret trip.”

Number 33 nodded blankly and asked, “But what if What if Elder Wuyue cant take care of us”

After a pause, Number 33 added, “He called us here to help, not to ask for his help.”

Yu Lingdi couldnt help but laugh.

“Naturally, its not purely because of Elder Wuyue.”

He jumped in the air, but in the end, there was no gravity.

He directly bounced up, and in the blink of an eye, he was about to touch the sea of flowers in the sky.

A seductive red rose suddenly blossomed and turned into a sharp blade, stabbing straight at him.

Yu Lingdi turned sideways and curled his palm.

All the water from the red rose was extracted, and he died on the spot.

A ball of light green water with red mist condensed on his palm.

Yu Lingdi frowned.

“Its alive.

This flower isnt dead, but its real.”

He paused for a moment and looked around.

He had some understanding.

“If thats the case, I guess the spirit flowers and strange plants in thisValley of Floral Fragrance were really dug out from the Seven Breaks.

Their power is a little terrifying…”

Yu Lingdi waved his hand and scattered the water ball.

In the end, the nearby flowers and plants were attacked.

Instead, they seemed to have been nourished as they straightened up again.

A carnivorous flower opened its mouth and bit Yu Lingdis body until it exploded with a bang.

In the end, the latter transformed into a liquid form and reappeared on the flower branch.

“We can experiment here.”

Yu Lingdi continued the topic from before.

“Haitanger can trap us, but I have an element body and you are a divine puppet.

He cant do anything to us for the time being.”

“In that case, we can use this time to get a firsthand understanding of thefragrant flowers hometown.”

“At that time, even if Elder Wuyue cant spare the time to help us, we can still go out by ourselves.”

“How” Number 33 was puzzled.

Other than solving it by force, he couldnt think of a second way.


Yu Lingdis body bounced up from the carnivorous flower.

The latter copied the previous car and dried up and died.

“Theres so much water…”

He burped and said, “Dont forget, my elemental body is closest to the five elements watercourse.

Ive already understood the rules of the Shengshen Continent.”

“I cant cut the path, but its also because my path is as hard as a rock.

I can comprehend the Great Path of Heaven and Earth with the Seven Breaks.

Maybe I can succeed in cutting the path.”

“Thats impossible,” Number 33 analyzed seriously.

“I can help you deduce that the success rate is only 0.006279% .”

Yu Lingdi: “…”

He suddenly didnt want to talk to this guy anymore.

It was too depressing!

Such an accurate number had indeed shattered his fantasy.

“Its possible.”

Yu Lingdi regained his composure and sighed.

“I still have Lord Cangshengs feather token…”

“But it can only be used once.”

Number 33 hit him mercilessly again.

“Its gone once its used up.

Moreover, if you use the feather token on such a predicament, Lord Cangsheng will beat you until you **.”

Yu Lingdi: “…”

“Its okay, I have another method…”

“Stop talking,” Number 33 suddenly interrupted with a frown.

“He might be able to hear you.”

“Thats right!”

Yu Lingdi smiled instead.

“Why would I say this if he cant hear me I just want to say it to him.”

Telepathic communication ended.

Yu Lingdi waved his hands.

“Clap Clap Clap…”

Within a few miles of the Earths boundary, the sea of flowers and exotic plants were all crushed one by one, and the water was directly extracted.

The next second.


Yu Lingdi opened his mouth and inhaled.

His liquid body suddenly expanded to a height of several thousand feet.

Then, he twisted his waist and returned to his short and small body.


A burp.

Yu Lingdi raised his head and looked at the sky with a smile.

“Are you angry If you dont let me out, Ill suck dry your flowers and Lord Cangshengs arrow.

The kind that can shoot you into cultivation deviation.

Are you afraid”

“If youre afraid, then let me go!”


Next to the thatched cottage.

Haitanger couldnt help but laugh and shake her head.

She moved her gaze away from one of the colorful flowers on her left hand, which had a large bald patch, and focused on the puddles of water on the small road at the entrance of the village.

“Yu Lingdi… The Chief of the Spirit Division is actually just a sovereign”

He frowned and waved his hand.

On the puddles, white and pink begonias bloomed, sucking up all the water.

“A sovereign can do this”

He had a bad premonition.

But the begonias couldnt imagine how Yu Lingdi could break the realm.

The place where the fragrance of flowers came from was the Seven Breaks, which was said to be able to confuse the Higher Void and intoxicate demi-saint.

How could a mere sovereign be able to break it

By using Ai Cangshengs sinful bow

Not necessarily.

Just like what the divine puppet had said, Yu Lingdi would die if he used a feather token that could cut through the Higher Void just to break through a bounded domain.

With a pop, he took off the colored petal on the seven-leaf crabapple.

With a light stroke, a crack appeared in the void.

He threw the petal into the spatial crack and watched as the void was repaired, no longer thinking about it.

He looked into the distance and then in the direction of the White Cave.

The six-leaf crabapple in the hands of the crabapple in the hands of the crabapple, slightly absent-minded.

“Second brother, are you here too How rare….”


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