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Chapter 587: More Strikes


“Elder Wuyue!”

In the Eighth Palace, at the entrance of the white-clothed tent, Chang Yi called out loudly.


A voice came from inside the tent.

Chang Yi immediately opened the curtain and entered.

In the tent, the pure white table and chair wood ornaments emitted a kind of magic power, as if it could completely smooth out the impetuousness in a persons heart.

On the high chair in the Middle Hall, the middle-aged swordsman in a light blue robe was wiping the voice of Lan, the famed Sword Slave, with a towel.

Gou Wuyue raised his head and asked, “Whats the matter”

“Its like this.”

Chang Yi felt that his heartbeat had been calmed down, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

“The investigative unit sensed the infernal power earlier.”

“If nothing unexpected happens, the Saint Servants second-in-command, Sleeveless, might be nearby to receive them.”

“Then, they sensed the purest water-type energy.

In theory, the Chief of the Spirit Division, Yu Lingdi, might have already arrived.”

“But he disappeared!”

“Disappeared” Gou Wuyues hand that was wiping his sword paused.

“What happened”

“Im not sure.”

Chang Yi shook his head.

“The reconnaissance team couldnt sense the existence of another person, but the disappearance of the water-type energy could only mean that the Chief of the Spirit Division, Yu Lingdi, was trapped.”

“Is it possible…”


Chang Yi had not finished speaking when Gou Wuyue immediately interrupted him with certainty, “Sleeveless is not good at stealth.

If you can sense him, then you really have sensed him.”

“Just continue to track his tracks.

If he wants to receive the Saint Servant, he wont be able to run far.”

“And Yu Lingdi, that kid, has disappeared…”

Gou Wuyue lowered his eyes and thought for a while, then pointed with his hand.

“There should be someone else.”

“Someone else”

Chang Yi did not dare to ask this question.

However, the bewildered expression on his face had already exposed everything.

Gou Wuyue smiled.

“Why Are you afraid”

“No, no…”

Chang Yi immediately denied, “I just didnt expect that a mere white cave could attract so many people.

No one could have thought of it in the beginning, right”

Gou Wuyue nodded in agreement.

“No, they didnt.”

“The trigger of everything was that the storyteller just happened to come here, and the Chief Saint Servant just happened to enter the White Cave.”

“The subsequent developments were all part of the calculations.”

“I blocked the entrance, so they couldnt come out.

Naturally, they had to think of a way to come out.

Calling for reinforcements was the most direct way.”

“However, if they can use the White Cave as the root node to lure the snake out of the cave, it would be best if they could capture the Saint Servant in one fell swoop… I reckon that the Saint Servants Chief has already guessed this idea.”


Gou Wuyue smiled as he sheathed the famed sword that had been polished to a shiny luster.

“Even if he guessed it, I want to do it as well.”

Chang Yis heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

This wave of targeted attacks, coupled with fishing enforcement, could very well turn a small White Cave into a storm that would shake the entire continent!

The question was, could he withstand it

If the Saint Servant had really called everyone over…

Could Elder Wuyue alone withstand all of this


If he could withstand it, he wouldnt be able to deal such a heavy blow to the white-clothed troops that had rushed over from the central region by himself.

“Dont think too much.”

Gou Wuyue could see that little wing was very worried.

He waved his hand and carried the voice of Lan behind his waist.

He stood up and said, “Yu Lingdi, its not that easy to trap that kid.”

“Although he is still a sovereign and has not broken through the Cutting Path, no matter how strong the Cutting Path is, if we really want to fight against him, we will eventually be worn to death by his strange water-type ability.”

“To be able to sit as Chief of the Spirit Division, which only belongs to the spiritual cultivator among the six divisions, and is also known as the most profound of the spiritual cultivators on the continent, is not that simple.”


Gou Wuyue slowly walked down the stairs and slightly frowned.

“Who can trap him the moment he appears”

“Saint Servants people” Chang Yi asked constructively.

“For now, but who among the Saint Servants has the ability to do that” Gou Wuyue asked again.

“I dont think so.”

Chang Yi was not sure.

After all, there were only a few people among the ten chairs of the Saint Servant who had been active on the continent.

If all of them were exposed, they would not have been able to maintain the ten chairs so perfectly for so many years without losing a single one.

“There is!”

“There is indeed such a person!”

Gou Wuyue walked to Chang Yis side.

Only then did he remember something.

He stopped and said in a serious voice, “Immediately! Send a message to the northern region.

Inform the people of theValley of Forbidden Floral Fragrance of the Seven Breaks to push forward with all their strength!”

“If the obstacles in the exploration of the Seven Breaks become smaller, it means that Haitangers original body is no longer here.”

“And if the obstacles are increased…”

Gou Wuyues lips curled up.

“Then she really is no longer here!”


Chang Yi did not have any information on this person in his mind, so he was completely confused.

“The matters of the Northern Region are not within your responsibility.

Just do as you are told.” Gou Wuyues tone became serious.


Chang Yi immediately nodded his head and was about to leave.


Gou Wuyue immediately called for his men.

“And… yes, theres more.”

“Get Someone to knock down all the strongholds of the Southern Region that are suspected to be Xu Yue Grey Palace.

At the very least, they wont be able to free up their hands and feet.”

Gou Wuyue paused for a moment.

“Also, send people to keep an eye on the Half-Moon Residence of the Southern Region, the great desert ridge of the Western Region, and the City of the Dead Bodhisattva of the Central Region!”

“These places are now the biggest strongholds suspected to be the saint servants.”

“Especially theCity of the Dead Bodhisattva!”

Gou Wuyues tone became heavier, and his voice became colder.

“Absolutely, absolutely.

Dont let those guys inside come out!”


Chang Yi shouted as his heart trembled.

Although he had only heard of theCity of the Dead Bodhisattva in the central region, he did not know anything about the other two places that were not in the scope of battle.

However, this didnt stop him from starting to adjust the level of danger for this operation.

That was the city of death forger!

The City of the Living Bodhisattva was also known as the Holy Land for alchemists, weapon forger, spirit array caster, and so on.

City of the Dead Bodhisattva..

That was the true slaughter cape of a region.

It couldnt even be described with words!

It was said that half of the white-clothed guards had either died or gone mad in a year.

That was a place of fear where only the true elites of the white-clothed could withstand the pressure.

A sinful city that needed Lord Cangshengs personal supervision and could not even spare half a cup of teas worth of time!

“Cross Corner Street.”

Gou Wuyue seemed to have thought of something and said sternly, “Especially the Cross Corner Street.

Its best to get someone to make a big commotion, but dont be too obvious.

Just ask Ai Cangsheng for the details.”

“In short, dont let that person come out.”

Chang Yis footsteps softened when he heard that.

The Cross Corner Street

The “Cross Corner Street” in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva where the “Bloody Popes Cross” was hung

“Is it to guard against that person who has the title ofThe Gate of Hell, known as God… to kill his way out of the Gate of Hell… and come out” Chang Yi swallowed hard.

Gou Wuyue nodded silently.

Then, he laughed and slapped Xiao Yis back.

“What are you afraid of”

“Im not asking you to personally guard it.”

“Besides, Ai Cangsheng is watching.

As long as you bring my words to them, they wont be able to do anything, let alone come out,” Gou Wuyue comforted him.


Chang Yis tone became a few notches higher, almost breaking, as if he was trying to boost his courage.

“Dont go, theres more.”

Gou Wuyue grabbed the dazed guy and asked, “Hows the matter that I asked you to do last time”


Chang Yi was stunned for a moment, but he immediately reacted.

“Senior, are you talking about the matter at Fringe Moon Immortal City”


Gou Wuyue nodded.

Last time, in the Azure Dragon Prefecture, during the battle with the Saint Servant, Sleeveless, an Eighth Sword Deity ran out, and he claimed that the person wasnt.

Therefore, Gou Wuyue gave the order to search for the two peak ancient swordsmans power in the Eastern Region.

Chang Yi naturally could not forget this matter.

“There is no result.”

He first shook his head and concluded, then said in detail,

“According to the information from the two branches, the burial sword tomb is still the same.

Let alone entering it, we cant even get close to it.”

“And the demi-saints sword will is still brewing inside.

Sword Deity Wen Ting probably wont have the time to come out of the continent at the last moment.”

“So, the possibility that the person from the burial sword tomb is pretending to be someone else is eliminated.”

Gou Wuyues breath sank when he heard this.

“Wen Ting… has he already reached this step”

He muttered, somewhat fascinated.

The voice of Lan on his back trembled, seemingly unwilling to be outdone.

“Im sorry.”

Gou Wuyue patted the famed sword, his voice sounding somewhat disappointed.

“Its not your problem, its my own problem.

Over the years, it has indeed been abandoned a lot.”

Chang Yi listened until his forehead was covered in sweat, not daring to reply.

He understood that ever since he joined the Holy Divine Palace, the Wuyue Sword Deity had been constantly on the move.

His way of killing had indeed improved.

However, the true way of the sword could not be achieved by killing.

In the past, the Wen Ting Sword Deity could only hide behind the Eighth Sword Deity and could not even squeeze into the ten thrones.

But now, he had already reached that realm a step earlier..

Of course, Chang Yi only dared to think about these words in his heart.

It was impossible for him to say it out loud, whether it was from the standpoint of the Holy Divine Palace or that of Elder Wuyue.

He wiped off his sweat at lightning speed and continued, “In addition, we also went to the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

At the beginning, no one was willing to stand out.”

“Its possible that there really was no one.”

“But there are more possibilities… After all, those guys were brought out by the Eighth Sword Deitys in-name disciples.

Theyre very stubborn, so its normal that they dont want to show up.”

“When the time comes for them to be executed, Eldest Senior of Kongtong is willing to show up.”

“But the moment he stepped forward, the conclusion was broken again.”

“After all, other than this in-name disciple of the Eighth Sword Deity who is qualified to imitate the original body, no one else has the strength to do so.” Chang Yi shrugged helplessly.

Gou Wuyues thoughts were pulled back.


“He still considers himself eldest senior brother”

“Yes.” Chang Yis expression was somewhat respectful.

“After all, in this world, the person who most disbelieves that the eighth sword deity has fallen is this eldest disciple of the Eighth Sword Deity who single-handedly created the power of the new generation of ancient swordsman, Xiao Kongtong!”

“Ha, Little Kongtong…”

Gou Wuyue snorted, not taking it to heart.

“Its most likely him.

Hes dawdling.

Hes probably on his way back.”


Chang Yis expression froze.

Why were these words so subjective

“You dont believe me” Gou Wuyue was interested.

“If you dont believe me, lets make a bet”

“What bet”

“As long as you continue to get people to block the entrance of the Fringe Moon Immortal City, Im certain that the so-calledEighth Sword Deity wont appear in the battle at the White Cave.

Do you dare to make a bet”

Chang Yi was stunned.

This method really worked!

If it was true that eldest senior of Kongtong had made the final move against Saint Servant, Sleeveless, in Azure Dragon Prefecture, as long as they blocked the Fringe Moon Immortal City, it would definitely be difficult for the other party to escape.

As he expected..

“I dont want to bet.” Chang Yi shook his head resolutely.


“I cant afford to lose.” Chang Yi rolled his eyes slightly, touched his waist, and tightened his underwear.

“Hehe, if you dont want to bet, then forget it.”

Gou Wuyues rare good mood was dampened, and he was a little dispirited.


He waved his hand, “Dont forget everything I told you before.”


Chang Yi then shouted heavily, and took large strides back.



Fang Lin arrived at the tents curtain, and a soft sound cut through the air.

Chang Yis pupils suddenly constricted, and he suddenly turned his head.

“Who is it!”

He turned around angrily, and saw a tiny spatial crack open in the empty space in the center of the tent.

“Stowaway !”

At this moment, Chang Yis little heart was in his throat.

The White Cave was broken

A Saint Servant walked out from the inside

“What are you doing!” He immediately roared.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside the tent.

“How can someone be teleported directly into the main tent with so many layers of encirclement” Chang Yi was burning with anger.

He wanted to stab the bunch of idiots outside.

Was this really trash

Was the Great Array for decoration


“Senior, dont panic.

Well be on standby!”

“Elder Wuyue, Ill save the Emperor.

Who dares to sneak in !”


Exclamations sounded from outside the door.

There was a sense of lingering fear, but they were also quite excited.

All of them seemed to be rubbing their fists and preparing for battle.

After waiting for too long, they could finally vent their emotions.

However, no matter how chaotic it was outside, no one dared to open the curtain of the main tent.

Even if it was an unprotected curtain, even if it was a gust of wind, it could cause outsiders to spy on it.


Chang Yi shouted loudly.

The outside world immediately became deathly silent, as if everyone had vanished from the face of the earth.

Gou Wuyue raised his eyes to look at the crack in the air, somewhat stunned.

Others might not be able to see it, but he could clearly feel it.

The aura that came out of it was the one that had been secretly spying on him ever since he stepped into the Eighth Palaces earthly realm.

He slowly extended his hand.

Gou Wuyue stopped Chang Yis impulse to open the bounded domain.

“Its not the White Cave that cracked it, but someone else”

Chang Yi immediately came to an enlightenment.

His heart trembled, and then he became even more shocked.

If it wasnt the Saint Servant, who else could break through the White Caves spiritual array and directly reach the main tent of the central army

“Cough, cough”

A tentative cough came from the crack.

Then, an extremely low voice came from behind:

“Elder Qiao, cant you go out first Why are you pushing me !”

“Thats the Wuyue Sword Deity! Sword deity, sword deity! Do you know !”

“What if I go out first and the other party kills me as an enemy without any explanation My new girlfriend is still waiting in bed…”

“You little thing!” A flustered voice interrupted this nonsense.

Immediately after.



From the spatial crack, a young man who was rubbing his butt fell out.

He stumbled into the main tent of the central army and almost fell to the ground.

“Damn Old Qiao…”

“Cough Cough!”

The moment Zhao Xidong appeared, he could feel two gazes that could kill him on the spot landing on his body.

The hair on his body stood on end.

“Hello, Senior.”

After bowing to Gou Wuyue, he immediately turned around and bowed to Chang Yi more than 90 degrees.

He said loudly, “Greetings, Elder Wuyue! Elder Wuyue, I have heard of you for a long time.

I respect you very much…”


Only then did he realize that something was wrong.

Thats right!

The one who bowed earlier had a sword on his back

Standing still, Zhao Xidong broke out in a cold sweat.

He did not dare to stand up and could only lower his waist and lightly move his feet.

He turned his bow towards the middle-aged man with the sword on his back.

“Hello, Elder Wuyue, er, hello…”

Chang Yi was stunned.

He looked at this thing that appeared out of nowhere and was truly shocked.

This young man!

What kind of joke was this

He came out of the spatial crack unscathed

He treated the white-clothed groups protective spiritual array as if it was nothing

The most terrifying thing was, how could you only be..

“Master expert !”

“Youre a Master !”


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