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Chapter 590: Rain Poured on the Eighth Palace

The arena was silent for a moment.

Gou Wuyue revealed a victorious smile.

White-clothed watched with his nostrils wide open, each and every one of them dumbstruck.

In the crowd of onlookers.

“Its over”

Zhao Xidong also watched this farce come to an end.

He stretched out his hand, scratching his head for a long time.

He looked at boss Xiao in astonishment.

“What did you see” Xiao Qixiu also turned his head.

He had brought Zhao Xidong here to train.

The three of them had the same idea.

But it was very obvious.

When he saw the silly boys expression, he knew that Zhao Xidong didnt see anything.


After scolding him in a bad mood, Xiao Qixiu rarely opened his mouth.

He recounted the incident to the silly boy one by one.

“Bringing up the old matters again is to pull the relationship closer.

It depends on your attitude, and at the same time, raise your stance.”

“Pulling out your sword and facing each other is to verify whether you can kill Gou Wuyue or not.”

“Once the verification results are confirmed, the negotiations will officially begin.”

“HMM” Zhao Xidong nodded his head.

“If you really want to directly come over and ask for him, who will pay attention to you”

Xiao Qixiu sighed.

He understood Zhao Xidongs confusion, and then said, “You have to learn more about this kind of situation.

In the future, when you take over the spiritual law division, you will have to step in for everything.”

“So Then what” Zhao xidong still did not understand.


Xiao Qixiu had a headache.

“Cant you see it”



Xiao Qixiu turned around and followed Qiao Qianzhi who was dragging Ye Xiaotian.

He walked away and Zhao Xidong quickly followed.

“When the negotiations begin, it will be official.”

“Ye Xiaotian is not stupid.

Who doesnt know that if you anger Gou Wuyue, you will definitely die”

“However, as long as he doesnt die, no matter how bad the situation is, it wont be so bad that people will die.”

“Therefore, everything that needs to be said can be thrown out.”

Xiao Qixiu quickened his pace and sent a telepathic communication as he walked:

“However, Gou Wuyue is clearly not a pushover.

If he doesnt want to hand him over, he will use all kinds of methods to avoid it.”

“On the surface, the Tiansang Spirit Palace is still under the jurisdiction of the Holy Divine Palace.

Under the circumstances where he cant even be killed if he is angered, Gou Wuyue has no excuse to draw his sword again.”

“But in the end, he still failed!”

“That guy…”

Xiao Qixiu was obviously talking about the “Light” attribute, and his reaction speed was much faster than the others.

He sighed and said, “Theres no other way.”

“But we cant kill him, so why drag him away” Zhao Xidong smiled at the comical duo from the Spirit Palace.

The dean was dragged away by Elder Qiao, and he was still struggling.

Xiao Qixiu spread his hands helplessly.

“Space attributes.

If you wanted to resist, you would have broken free long ago.”

“Even if you cant kill him, there is a limit to it.

How to control it will be known by you, Elder Qiao.”

“Under such circumstances, if Ye Xiaotian were to vent his anger again, the situation might very well turn out to be out of control.”

“Thats why you, Elder Qiao, acted in time to stop him.

Your Dean also realized it, so he didnt resist.

Do you understand”

Zhao Xidong nodded his head in confusion.

Recalling the situation just now, he suddenly felt that the feelings he couldnt describe earlier had become clearer.

These old foxes..

“Then” He was a little hesitant.

“Just slip back to the Spirit Palace like that”

“Or else”

Xiao Qixiu asked back, “Can you beat a bunch of white-clothed people by yourself”

“Cough Cough.”

Zhao xidong choked and didnt dare to say anything.

He silently followed the Spirit Palaces comical duo and wanted to leave together.


“Squeak –”

“GI –”

The arena of white-clothed people seemed to have won a battle.

One by one, they began to laugh.

Some even stuck their fingers on their lips and let out strange, ear-piercing whistles.

Gou Wuyue did not stop them.

He only smiled as he watched the four of them leave.


Ye Xiaotian, who was in front of them, suddenly shook his body and broke free from Qiao Qianzhis restraints.

He stopped in his tracks.

Zhao Xidong did not brake in time.

With a thud, he hit boss Xiaos back.

Immediately, he crouched down and rolled around lazily.

As expected.

In the next second, a whip kick swept over and then a vicious downward chop.

They were all dodged!

With a boom, a hole was created in the ground.

“Brat, you should learn what you shouldnt, but you still remember a lot of little tricks.” Xiao Qixiu cursed in disappointment.

“Whats wrong”

Qiao Qianzhi asked from the front.

This question was not about the fight behind him, but about Ye Xiaotians sudden halt.

Not leaving

If he didnt leave, what could he go back for

To be looked down upon

Qiao Qianzhi was a little puzzled.

“Gou Wuyue!” Ye Xiaotian suddenly turned around and once again soared into the sky, even taller than Gou Wuyue by a full head.

This stance was as if a childs quarrel had ended and he had slipped away with his tail between his legs.

However, he finally came to the Enlightenment that he should increase his strength to ridicule the other party, and even used his actions to do so.

At this moment, Ye Xiaotians actions were extremely similar to this.

The clamor of the white-clothed Daoist child was instantly suppressed by his shout.

The corners of the white-haired Daoist childs mouth parted, and his smile was even more impudent than Gou Wuyues.

It was as if it was about to split open.

“Ye Xiaotian, you still want to do it”

Gou Wuyue was frightened by this perverted smile, and his voice immediately turned completely cold.

“Human, I didnt bring him out.

Even if I did, I wouldnt have let you have him!”

“Why arent you leaving Are you waiting to die” Gou Wuyue was really angry

“No, thats not what I meant.” Ye Xiaotian seemed to be laughing heartily, but he did not laugh out loud.

He raised his finger to his mouth, indicating for him to keep quiet.


White-clothed, who had returned to the heated discussion, was also shocked by his mysterious actions and quieted down.

“What are you listening to”

Gou Wuyue gripped his famed sword.

“If you dont scram, Ill really kill you!”


Ye Xiaotians eyes were filled with a smile as he whispered, “The good show youve been waiting for is about to begin.”

What did he mean… before Gou Wuyue could think further, his pupils suddenly constricted as he turned his head to look in a certain direction in the sky.

At this moment.


There was a slight tremor in the nine heavens.

Following that.


A large hole was directly opened!

Everyone looked on in shock, all of them shocked.

Such a crude realm-breaking technique was completely different from Ye Xiaotians spatial teleportation.

With one look, it was obvious that someone had charged over once again.

“Wu –”

Just as the white-clothed and the others were still somewhat dumbstruck, the spiritual array in this area suddenly emitted a warning sound.

In that instant, everyones expressions changed drastically.

“Enemy attack! ! !”

“Crap, enemy attack Activate the Protective Spiritual Array, activate it! Hurry!”

“Crap, this white-haired shorty is bluffing me.

I thought that someone else was coming to pick him up, but who would have thought…”

“The White Cave has been broken!”

When the last shrill cry rang out in the air, everyone stopped talking and immediately returned to their respective positions.

Formation formation, position, Qi condensation, ready to go..

The black hole in the sky gradually expanded.

At this moment, even Gou Wuyues pores slightly opened up.

White Cave, broken


The scene that would appear in dreams for many days had really appeared in reality.

No one had the relaxed posture of a dream.

They were all prepared for this moment!

The arena of life and death was also in the upcoming war!


A cool breeze suddenly swept through the entire eighth palace.

The sky darkened.


“Drip, Drip, Drip…”

A drizzle fell.

Soon after, it turned into the sound of “Pitter-patter” rain.


The group of white-clothed people were like frightened birds.

They did not even dare to touch the raindrops and used their spiritual source to separate them.

“This rain shouldnt be an enemy, right”

Seeing Gou Wuyue reach out to touch the rain without any defense, someone finally remembered something.

“Yes, there shouldnt be any water-type ability users in the White Cave.

None of the three people who entered the Saint Servants Cave are water-type.”

“This rain belongs to our own people…”

“Yu Lingdi!”

“Its the Chief of the Spirit Division!”

All of a sudden, everyone relaxed.

They had long heard that elder Wuyue had such a person among his helpers.

Gou Wuyue spread out his hands.

His eyes, which were silently comprehending everything, suddenly opened.

He said, “Everyone, pull out the spiritual source barrier.

This is the first-hand information that Yu Lingdi brought from the White Cave!”

When everyone heard this, they immediately dropped their guard and reached out to touch the first-hand information.


Raindrops fell on their palms, and frames of images appeared in their minds:

The great warriors of the Lijian Grassland had disappeared without a trace, leaving the experiencer who had not been recorded into the ancient books space in a daze.

White-clothed had entered the White Cave for the first time and retrieved all the experiencer.

A long period of blank waiting period.

Then, a cold light dot dotted the lLijian Grassland, and then an explosion descended, shaking the entire White Cave world.

Red-robed appeared..

Storyteller appeared..

Saint Servants second son appeared..

Masked Man, Cen Qiaofu, Wen Ming appeared..

Scene after scene, frame after frame, quickly flashed through the minds of many white-clothed people like a replay of a movie.

Everyone immediately understood what had happened in the white cave while they were waiting outside.

And most importantly..

“A declaration of war from the Saint Servants !”

When everyone opened their eyes again, their expressions were extremely grave.

“The Chief of the Saint Servant, the ten Higher Void, Fourth Sword movements, and… a declaration of war”

Everyone felt that their worldview had been forcefully expanded.

Because according to the information they had obtained before, the Saint Servant was not such a powerful organization.

According to what the Saint Servants Chief had said in front of Wen Ming, such power should have been uprooted more than ten years ago.

How could they allow it to grow

“You must be joking!”

“And that Cen Qiaofu, hes not from the Cutting Path, but the Higher Void”

“That storyteller, the peak of the Cutting Path He actually doesnt have the Higher Void and the one we were chasing earlier was just an avatar”

The information was rather sudden and explosive, and everyone couldnt accept it at the moment.

“Yu Lingdi, youve made a great contribution!”

Gou Wuyue clenched his fists.

He really didnt expect that the Saint Servant could develop to such a powerful level in just a few years.

Those people on the surface were clearly being imprisoned by white-clothed and guarded in a certain place.

If they wanted to move, thousands of pairs of eyes would immediately look over.

But in the dark, the Saint Servant actually had this kind of strength

“Be on guard!”

Gou Wuyue directly took the famed sword, the voice of Lan, into his hand.

With a shout, the spiritual array of the void enveloped in light, directly sealing off all the space in this area, including the sub-teleportation function in the spatial fragment.

“The only exit of the White Cave… Inside the Eighth Palace.”

Gou Wuyue slightly raised his chin, and sword will flashed in his eyes.




Under Ye Xiaotians teleportation, the people of the Spirit Palace had already landed at the edge of the arena.

The arena was a battle they did not intend to participate in.

Zhao Xidong listened to the exchange between Gou Wuyue and white-clothed, and he secretly stretched out his hand, reaching out to the outside of the spatial isolation, feeling the beating of the raindrops.

However, other than the coldness in his palm, there was no information at all.

“Whats going on”

“Am I being ostracized”

Zhao Xidong turned his head with a dumbfounded expression.

Xiao Qixiu narrowed his eyes and watched everything from the side.

“Its obvious that this water has a guide.

Youre not a white-clothed person, so he naturally wont pass on information to you.”

“Yu Lingdi, huh…” Ye Xiaotian muttered softly.

“Whos Yu Lingdi” Zhao Xidong asked curiously.

Seeing that the Dean didnt reply, he turned his gaze to Boss Xiao.

Xiao Qixius gaze was a little solemn.

“Shengshen continent, spiritual cultivator, spiritual source, element, Upanishad… you understand these, right”

“The others are alright, but I dont know much about Upanishad.” Zhao Xidong was very honest.

Xiao Qixiu analyzed step by step.

“On this continent, spiritual cultivator is the most orthodox system.

Even if the ancient swordsman is very strong, it is already an occupation that has been eliminated by the era.

It can not be mass produced.”

“The sovereign of this era is a spiritual cultivator!”

“And spiritual cultivators comprehend the heaven and earth element, cultivate the spiritual source, eventually comprehend the Dao, achieve the sovereigns throne, and even the higher realms.

Every step is approaching theprofound.”

“Just like this water…”

Xiao Qixiu looked at the rainwater in Zhao Xidongs palm and said, “Realization of the Way of the Heavens, the final realm of the water-type spiritual cultivator, and turning it into ones own power, is theprofound– the profound of water!”

“Hold the sword!”

Xiao Qixiu held his long sword and said, “It is the Upanishad of the sword.”

He then turned to look at Ye Xiaotian.

“Space is the Upanishad of space!”

“This is the end of a spiritual cultivator, the final comprehension of the Dao, and the presentation of power.”

“But there are too few people in this world who can comprehend the realm ofUpanishad.”

Xiao Qixiu sighed.

“Basically, everyones comprehension of the Dao is only at the stage ofborrowing,requisitioning, andforcibly controlling.”

“These are all laymens superficial understanding of the way of the heavens.

Most of the thrones youve seen, and even the way of Cutting Path, are still at this stage.”

“And the Upanishad is the true mastery!”

“In this world, theres only one place that truly cultivates talents in this area.”

“They dont pursue the fast Cutting Path.

They pursue the Sovereign Dao Realm, comprehending their own path to perfection, and only when they reach the final-stage of theUpanishad realm will they choose the Cutting Path.”

“That place is one of the six divisions of the Holy Divine Palace, the Spirit Division!”

“Spirit Division” Zhao Xidong raised his eyebrows.

He had only vaguely heard of it before, but he had never heard of it in such detail.

“Yes, Spirit Division.”

Xiao Qixiu nodded.

“This rain came from the Chief of the Spirit Division.

A terrifying existence who has truly comprehended the realm ofUpanishad, who can use the throne to battle and cut path, and who can even slightly shake the Higher Void — Yu Lingdi!”


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