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Chapter 598: Face Part 2

Sealing his sword

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

What did this mean

There was no one there to explain it to him.

“No, no, no.”

The masked man shook his head repeatedly, raised two fingers, and drew a line in the air.

His Sword Fingers swam past, slicing up the air itself.

“Does this even count as sealing the sword” He asked.

“This is just sword energy.” Gou Wuyues voice was low as he spoke.

“What about this”

The masked man pulled out a snow-white greatsword and slashed through the air.

This time, the sword energy tore through space, separating the two sides, as if it was cutting this place into two worlds.

Xu Xiaoshou watched from behind, his teeth aching.

Epitaph of City Snow, Su Qianqians sword.

How could he have the nerve to take it out

Oh, he was the Eighth Sword Deity, Bazhunan, so it was fine..

Gou Wuyues eyes narrowed, and he said again, “This, is not your sword.”

“Then wheres my sword”

The masked man spread his hands and threw Epitaph of City Snow back into the spatial ring.

Xu Xiaoshou was listening from behind.

He subconsciously wanted to hand over Fourth Sword, which was in his hand, but he suddenly realized that a white Galaxy Sword Aura had exploded in his body.

He was instantly pinned down by this burst of Galaxy Sword Aura!

“D*mn you, Bazhunan, just you wait.

When I become stronger, Ill take you all down,” Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart.

The masked man had done all this in secret, and his face was completely unmoved.

He stared at Gou Wuyue and said, “My sword is in your hand.

Do you dare to let me try using it”

“Hum –”

The Voice of Nulan trembled slightly, as if it was moved.

Gou Wuyue tightened his grip on the sword in his hand and said coldly, “Dont think that I dont know what youre planning.

Are you taking another path”


The masked man laughed softly.

“I am indeed taking another path.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand.

“Lets go.”

With that, he took another step forward, treating Gou Wuyue as if he was air, and handed his back to the other party.


Gou Wuyue roared angrily.

However, the masked man was unmoved.

Seeing this, Cen Qiaofu and the storyteller followed him again.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to be careless, and hurriedly got stuck in the middle of the three people, allowing the three big shots to escort him forward.

“Is it really not important”

Stealthily, he used his “perception” to scout behind, but Gou Wuyues footsteps seemed to really be stuck.

Seeing that the masked man had left, he could not take a single step forward.

“Big Brother still has a lot of face!”

The storyteller giggled as he stepped forward and was about to grab the masked mans shoulder, but the latters steps were hasty, and the storyteller missed.

He grumbled, “Smelly big brother…”


Cen Qiaofu took the lead.

The Pan Xian Ax slashed forward, and a hole was directly split open in the country-toppling heavenly barrier.

All the white-clothed people who had dodged to the back were anxious.

Everyone knew that if the saint servant and the other two really ran away, the consequences would not be easy to bear.

However, if the person in front of them did not reveal his identity, it would be fine.

But if he did…


Eighth Sword Deity!

Who would dare to go forward and stop him

“Elder Wuyue…”

It was not only the holy divine guards who were muttering silently.

Even the controller of the nation-overturning heavenly barrier, who was hiding in a blind spot in the eighth palace, was also stunned by the scene that was transmitted over from the void.

Just like that, he was released

“Dong dong dong.”

Under the unbridled rain, everything was deathly silent.

Under the situation where no one dared to act rashly, the masked man took one step at a time and pulled away from Gou Wuyue from behind.

The light barrier of the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield was quickly repaired by the power of the controller from afar.

However, Cen Qiaofus ax immediately hacked open a hole.

The power of the higher void was definitely not something to be trifled with.

Without the human resistance, the Saint Servant swaggered out of the place, while the others could only stare with wide eyes.


Even when he passed through the light curtain of the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield, Xu Xiaoshou still could not believe it.

He came out just like that

Was it that simple

The battle to the death in the White Cave did not happen at all.

The masked man revealed the identity of Bazhunan.

was everything resolved


Xu Xiaoshou slowly turned his head.

He did not dare to look at anyone else.

After thinking for a while, he gave Cen Qiaofu, who looked amiable, a confused face.

Cen Qiaofu laughed involuntarily.

He understood what this young man meant.

Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly froze.


At the same time, the storytellers body flashed and appeared in front of his brother, as if he was blocking some great enemy.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

He was the slowest to react.

But his “perception” was also the clearest.

He didnt know when.

Under the torrential rain, two figures, one tall and one short, had already appeared on the road ahead.

That tall man was taller than anyone Xu Xiaoshou had seen in the past.

If it wasnt for the fact that this guy actually had human skin, Xu Xiaoshou would have really thought that it was the white skeleton from the white cave that had escaped.

And the short one on the side…

“Who is this”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely shocked.

His battle experience with the various big shots in the past told him that judging from this persons aura, he was only at the Sovereigns cultivation level.

However, how would he dare to lead a number of people to block the path of the Saint Servants party of four, who even Gou Wuyue didnt dare to stop

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Huge bean-sized raindrops fell on the ground.

At this moment, everyone felt that something was wrong.

Ever since the short sovereign-level cultivator appeared, the rain in the arena seemed to have undergone a qualitative change.

Even Xu Xiaoshous Master Physique started to feel pain.

“Attacked, Passive Points 211.”

“Attacked, Passive Points 165.”

“Attacked, Passive Points 198.”

“Recoil” no longer seemed to have the perfect defensive power.

Even the effect of “toughness “had become negligible.

Under the bombardment that averaged over a hundred times per second, Xu Xiaoshou felt his footsteps stagger.

He had no choice but to activate the spiritual source barrier.

However, the barrier could not withstand the pounding of the rain at all.

In a moment, the water droplet broke through.

“Feiruo Heavy Water!”

The storyteller encountered the same situation at the side.

The good thing was that the space around Xu Xiaoshou had multiple folds.

No matter how strong the rain droplet was, it would be bounced away by the spatial power when it was next to it.

“What Feiruo Heavy Water”

It was not only Xu Xiaoshou who had such a question.

Even Cen Qiaofu, who had blocked the attack of the rain droplet, asked.

“Spirit Division, Master of Water-type Upanishad, Yu Lingdi!”

The storyteller enunciated the name of the person.

Then, his gaze fell on the tall man on the side.

“So, is this the divine puppet”

Cen Qiaofus pupils suddenly shrank.

He didnt expect two powerful figures to appear at the very last moment.

“You are the one who rained in the White Cave”

Cen Qiaofu took a step forward and blocked the Saint Servant and the other two behind him.

“Be careful.”

At this time, the storyteller did not dare to joke anymore.

He reminded in a low voice, “That divine puppet has the Power of the Higher Void, and that Yu Lingdi… has killed the higher void!”


Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshous eyes popped out.


He repeated the key words in disbelief.

He really hoped that the storyteller would say, “Sorry, I misspoke.”

But he did not.

The storyteller only nodded solemnly.

“Although someone else had also helped to kill the higher void, this guy really did kill the higher void.”

“Even if one person could not take him down, he could still fall with his throne cultivation and even capture cutting path.

This is an indisputable fact.”

“And the legend is far more than that.”

“Perhaps the information I have is limited.

This guy already has the strength to destroy the higher void by himself!”

The storyteller was mainly responsible for the central region, so he naturally knew more about the information in the central region.

And the more he knew, the more serious his expression became.

Cen Qiaofu was also shocked by his introduction.

He had heard about this fellow from the chief sovereign in the White Cave, but he had never thought that a mere sovereign could actually have such power.

This was simply terrifying!

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his throat was a little dry.

“You said that he can cut through the higher void, is it the normal higher void, or…”

“Higher void, is there any normal higher void”

The storytellers retort made Xu Xiaoshou choke until he almost had a stroke.

Is he f*cking insane

I, Xu Xiaoshou, with my innate cultivation level and the might of Aje, was able to barely kill a sovereign.

And thats already pretty good.

Youre telling me that this sovereign can kill the higher void

Xu Xiaoshou secretly glanced at the masked man in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why there was an existence in this world that could kill even the Eighth Sword D

It turned out that geniuses were all gathered together, and he wasnt the only one.

It also turned out that he was the only clown present!


“Bang, bang, bang…”

Holes started exploding open in the ground as if it had been smashed by big hailstones.

But this was not hailstone, it was rain!

The rain was fierce.

Yu Lingdi reached out his hand to touch the torrential rain.

The raindrops passed through his body, and each drop of rain passed through his body, and his aura became stronger.

“Elder Wuyue, this doesnt seem like your style”

He raised his head and looked into the distance with a smile.

“You called me here so that I could personally witness you letting the saint servant leave”

“Its fine if you dont let me see it, but if I see it, how can I go back and report it”

“You want me to pretend that I dont see it”

Yu Lingdi shook his head in distress.

“I cant do that.”

“Me too.”

Number 33 said in a low and muffled voice from the side.

He even stretched out his hand and scratched his head.

“The hallmaster wants me to be an honest child.”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately attracted to this tall man.

No matter how well he imitated his voice, he could still hear the mechanical voice from the tall mans mouth.

“Divine puppet”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Aje.

It was no surprise.

Aje was the first generation, a defective product of Dao Qiongcang.

This guy should be his proudest work… complete body


Yu Lingdi retracted her gaze and looked at Cen Qiaofu who was standing in front.

“Lets cut the crap.

Lets assign the opponents.

Ill be in charge of one.”

He raised a finger and pointed at…

Xu Xiaoshou!

“Xiao Shi, Tan Ji.”

Xu Xiaoshous face instantly darkened.

F*ck, there are three big shots in this place, and youre picking on the weakest of them all

“Judging from your cultivation level, you havent reached the cultivation level of a master, right”

Yu Lingdis expression turned a little funny.

“Im very curious.

How did you manage to emerge alive given your cultivation”

“I emerged from the White Cave and also from Elder Wuyues intimidation.”

He shifted his gaze down and stopped at Fourth Sword in Xu Xiaoshous hand.

With this sword, Elder Wuyue would definitely not let this brat off.

However, this fellow was still alive at this moment, which meant something..

“Im also very curious as to how you managed to break through myValley of Floral Fragrance.”

A clear and cold voice suddenly drifted over from afar.

Following this, Xu Xiaoshou saw a white-clothed man stepping on a crabapple in between the lotus steps on the horizon.

At first glance.

Xu Xiaoshou finally saw the appearance of the so-called senior expert, which he had not seen for a long time.

That demeanor of a banished immortal, coupled with the six-leaf crabapple flower in his hand, made him look like an immortal official who did not live in the mortal world!

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously glanced in the direction of the storyteller.

This type should be the type he would like, right

As expected, when the storyteller saw the person who came, his face flushed red on the spot, and his face could not help but blossom with endless brilliance.

“Brother Haitanger!”

Sss —

Xu Xiaoshous goosebumps immediately stood up.

That delicate voice could even make a dead person stand up.


Did they know each other

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual light flashed in his mind.

Looking at the storytellers excitement that did not seem to be fake, he suddenly realized a crucial problem.

“Are they part of us”

He turned his head and asked Cen Qiaofu.


Cen Qiaofu nodded.

“The 9th Saint Servant, the person in charge of the northern regions Valley of Forbidden Floral Fragrance, Haitanger.”


The Northern Region! The Valley of Forbidden Floral Fragrance! The 9th!

Xu Xiaoshou had never even seen this so-called Haitanger, but just from those few short adjectives, he could already imagine the strength of the person who came.

This was the Saint Servants foundation

He wanted to leave, but there were people coming to pick him up and send him off

The masked man looked calm.

Looking at Haitanger who had stopped in the distant sky to avoid the storyteller directly pouncing on him, he frowned and asked, “Why are you also here”

“If I dont come, can you guys handle it”

Haitanger paused for a moment and said, “Walking out of here, there are still seven hundred sacred divine guards waiting outside.

Even if we pass through the blockade of the 700 Holy Divine Guards…”

He turned his head to look at Yu Lingdi and said, “Ai Cangshengs evil sin bow is also watching.”


The masked man raised his eyebrows and was a little surprised.

“Isnt he watching Shen Yi”

Haitangers expression was calm.

She could not even see the slightest joy of reunion after such a long time.

If it were not for the masked man talking to him, outsiders would not even be able to tell that the two of them knew each other.

He only coldly said, “A person who can live in the Gui Zhe Holy Mountain and yet the entire continent is within its range.

Whats the difference between staring at one and staring at two”

The expression of the masked man became even more surprised.

“The entire continent”


“You were shot”


Haitanger suddenly fell silent, and the masked man silently lowered his head.

“Theyre all improving…”

He pondered for a long time and sighed.

Finally, his gaze landed on Yu Lingdi again.

“This friend.”

As he spoke, he took a step forward.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was watching from behind, was a little stunned.

From his tone, could it be that these two knew each other

He was Bazhunan, and his face was so big

What was he trying to do

It was beyond reason, but the scene that had been expected appeared once again.

The masked man acted as if nothing had happened.

He walked until he was in front of Yu Lingdi and Number 33 before he stopped.

He said sincerely, “From the tone of the two of you just now, you should have had a misunderstanding with Haitanger.

But now that Im here, give me some face and this matter will be over.

How about it”

Ever since he met Xu Xiaoshou, the masked man discovered a more efficient way of fighting than the way of the sword.

He said.

This was a super spiritual technique that could end everything without bloodshed.

Those who were not thick-skinned could not use it!

In the past, he prided himself that it was impossible to do so.

But now, at this moment, the masked man felt that he could try anything.

At the very least, he had successfully used a favor to deal with Gou Wuyue, who could have severely injured the saint servant.

Yu Lingdi was stunned.

He asked in surprise, as if he had gotten to know the person in front of him again, “Who are you”

“It doesnt matter who I am.

The important thing is that Gou Wuyue has given me face.

He is your senior.

Why dont you follow him and give me some face as well”


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