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Chapter 601: How Is This Sword

Gou Wuyues eyes shone brightly as he held onto the famed sword.

At this moment, everyone could sense that the last barrier between the famed sword and the Sword Deity had finally disappeared!

At the very least,harmony… was the only adjective that everyone present could find between the Sword Deity and the sword.


Gou Wuyue held his sword.

His eyes were filled with fighting spirit, and his aura was rising.

“In the past, I didnt know that it was you from the White Cave, so I brought many people here.

But you killed my subordinates.

You used that as a reason to hinder me in every aspect.”

“Chang Yis actions reminded me that Yu Lingdis advice has made me realize something…”

“This battle should end here.

At the very least, I cant let you do whatever you want anymore.”

Step by step, he pressed forward.

Everyone felt that the air in the arena was about to be crushed by his aura.



In the Valley of Floral Fragrances bounded domain, numerous bewitching flower buds cracked open and turned into powder.

The energy was about to be replenished, but it was crushed by the Sword Deity on the spot.

Wisps of the Sword Will rose from the myriad of broken flowers.

Bringing up any form of reciprocation from the flowers was pointless.

All the flower petals in the scene instantly shattered and withered under Gou Wuyues aura at this moment.

Wherever the Sword Deity went, everything would be destroyed!

Haitangers expression changed slightly.

There had never been a Sword Deity in the northern regions Seven Breaks, and he had never seen the power of a Sword Deity.

Therefore, in this bounded domain, he had even wanted Gou Wuyue to draw his sword, in order to find out the true upper limit of his own bounded domain.

But now…

Why would he need to draw his sword

Just as Gou Wuyue had said, he would never be an opponent to him.

He was still one step away from reaching the Higher Void.

No matter how strong the bounded domain was, if it was to be broken, why would he need a Sword Deitys sword

Just the idea was enough!

Gou Wuyues mind was not on the so-called breaking of the bounded domain.

Even if the White-clothed people were completely trapped, the only opponent in his eyes had always been the Bazhunan.

“You want to kill me” Bazhunan asked.

“You have really changed…”

There was disappointment in Gou Wuyues eyes.

He looked at the lonely gourd and sighed, “Abandoned the faith you had in the past, lost your will to fight, used human kindness to gain benefits, pushing and shoving left and right…”


Gou Wuyue raised his voice, “There is the nameBazhunan in this world, but Bazhunans soul has ceased to exist!”

Bazhunan smiled and did not comment.

“The world has a high opinion of me, but I am who I am…”

“A child is not a fish, so how does a child know the happiness of a fish Similarly, you are not me, so how dare you say that I do not have the soul of the past”

“But the Bazhunan of the past would not challenge a chivalrous swordsman to a battle.

Such nonsense!” Gou Wuyue was extremely furious.

The Voice of Nulan pointed its sword at the person in front of him, and the Sword Will of the Void fluctuated.


An explosion sounded, and the Valley of Floral Fragrance exploded amidst the rolling Sword Will.

Under the fury of the Sword Deity, the so-called Seven Breaks forbidden replicas of the Sovereigns Domain was like a joke.

In the blink of an eye, it vanished.

The space turned into crystal shards that broke apart, and the bounded domain shattered.


Haitangers figure fell, and he opened his mouth to spurt out blood.

When the blood splattered, the Sword Aura surged.

Sword Will entered the from the mind, and through the backlash of the bounded domain, it exploded Sword Aura on Haitangers body.

“Sizzle, sizzle…”

The furious Gou Wuyue had not even used his sword.

Haitanger, who was at the peak of Cutting Path, had already been injured by the Sword Will and became drenched in blood.

“Brother Haitanger!”

The Storyteller cried out in panic.

He wanted to force his way through and fly over.

But just as his body was about to move, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

“Sword Aura”

A grave expression appeared on his face.

The Storyteller immediately formed a seal with his fingers.

However, it was already too late for him to defend himself.

The White Sword Aura that emerged from the energy reserve had been burning ever since it was born.

In an instant, it was as if a green seedling had grown into a towering ancient tree.

It broke through the energy reserve and penetrated his entire body from top to bottom.


The Storyteller straightened his waist and abdomen.

His entire body was pushed high into the sky by the Sword Aura.

A complicated and misty expression appeared on his face.

“Painful, painful…”

“Be gentler~”

Gou Wuyue acted as if he had just made his move.

The famed sword in his hand did not even move slightly in the direction of Bazhunan.

Instead, he muttered something:

“Mo Sword Technique, Mo Sword!”

The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, suddenly emitted a green luster.

Immediately after, a green sword shadow appeared under the sword body.

Gou Wuyue gently spun the hilt of the sword, the green sword shadow followed the Voice of Nulan and created a faint mark.

When the sword tip was fixed downwards, the sword shadow overlapped with the sword body, creating a leisurely ripple in the air.

“Natural Flow, Receiving Order Path–!”

With a soft whoosh, Gou Wuyue merely pulled the famed sword back, and there was not much movement.

However, the Storytellers eyes rolled back, and his entire body seemed to spasm as he began to tremble violently.

His appearance was even worse than when Xu Xiaoshou was taking drugs!


With a loud shout.

As Gou Wuyues famed sword was pulled backward, the White Sword Aura that exploded from the Storytellers body was forcefully pulled back into its body.

Once again, the Sword Aura pulled away in Gou Wuyues direction.

“Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, bzzt!”

The Sword Aura turned from white to green, got slower, and then returned to the famed sword in Gou Wuyues hand.

As the Sword Aura shot out of his body, the Storytellers body shook and was completely dyed red with blood.

The green sword dragged thread-like blood from the Storytellers body and directly returned to Gou Wuyues famed sword.

It was then swallowed by the Green Sword Shadow under the sword body.

The sword shadow became even more blurry and dim.

“Mo Sword Technique”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely stunned.

Ever since he had been taught the system of the ancient swordsman by Gu Qingsan at the City Guards, he had also gone to cram in some more knowledge on his own.

Even though there were very few records of the ancient swordsman system in the world, the famous Nine Major Sword Techniques was still passed down.

The Mo Sword Technique was one of them.

This sword technique was extremely difficult to cultivate.

The basics required the use of Sword Will to comprehend and condense theMo Sword that was half-real and half-fake, which was also the Green Sword Shadow.

It could be said that for most ancient swordsmen, this initial step was enough to be difficult for everyone for half a lifetime.

Because of the comprehension of Sword Will to form a substance, this path itself had the same benefits as the formation of Sword Cognition.

How difficult was Sword Cognition

It was clearly evident how difficult it was to create the eighth Sword Deity.

Therefore, in order to achieve this step, the first step was Master Sword Intent.

This was a condition that only the Way of the Sword and the realization quality could satisfy.

For most people, even if they achieved the Sovereign level of the Way of the Sword, they might not even be able to comprehend the first step of the Mo Sword Technique.

As one of the Nine Major Sword Techniques, the Mo Sword Technique followed in all directions.

Without the first step, they wouldnt be able to obtain the stepping stone to enter the Mo Sword Technique.

Everything that followed would be empty talk.

As a result, the Mo Sword Technique was known as one of the most difficult sword techniques to cultivate.

Basically, an ancient swordsman wouldnt choose to cultivate it.

After all, it was too difficult!

Xu Xiaoshou had never expected that the Moonless Sword Deity was proficient in the extremely rare Mo Sword Technique.

“Mo Sword…”

His gaze focused on the Green Sword Shadow.

Xu Xiaoshou understood that the power of this Mo Sword could not be described as not terrifying!

The manifestation of the will between the real and the fake allowed Mo Sword to ignore all physical and mental defenses, but at the same time, when it caused damage, it could also add a double layer to the attack.

Who would be able to withstand that

An ordinary Sword Will Possession.

The human was the sword and then stripping the Sword Aura from the human body…

What Gou Wuyue did, Xu Xiaoshou could do as well.

However, he was not confident that with just this little trick, he could injure the Storyteller to that extent!

“Old Gou…”

The Storytellers body withered in the void.

On the other side, the incarnations that had been sent flying earlier were also panting and cursing.

But they didnt dare to get close!

The Storyteller also knew that the most terrifying part of the Mo Sword Technique wasnt the damage from the long-range Mo Green Sword Aura, but the close-range attacks.

A Sword Deity that had an absolute attack that couldnt be defended against, what kind of explosive damage would it cause Outsiders had no way of knowing!

Gou Wuyue looked away from the dead body and did not bother to deal with the other Storyteller clones.

This guy was also very disgusting.

No matter how much effort he put in, he might not be able to find the original body.

The body was too mystical!

This was clearly a technique that only a demi-saint could master.

Since the Storyteller really knew this technique, then he should not be the first target he wanted to kill.

“Bazhunan, you can attack a subordinate that I value and use this as an excuse to force me to draw my sword, but have you ever thought about it”

Gou Wuyue looked at the person in front of him and said with a cold voice, “What you value is also worthless in my eyes!”

As he spoke, the tip of his sword shook, and a green sword shadow overlapped in the air, pointing at Cen Qiaofu!

“Gou Wuyue, have you forgotten what you owe me” Bazhunans eyes turned cold when he heard this.

“This and that are different matters.”

Gou Wuyues Heart Path was stable, and he did not stir up any more waves.

“My mission today is to capture the Saint Servant and bring him to justice.

As for what I owe you privately… worse comes to worst, I can save you from the prison of the Holy Divine Palace.”

“You dont want to live anymore” Bazhunans four fingers trembled, and he curled up slightly.

Gou Wuyues gaze shifted, and he noticed the other partys small movements.

The corners of his lips curved, and he seemed to be smiling.

“Bazhunan, if the path you chose was to seal your sword, do you think I would believe you at this moment… that you can draw your sword”

With that, Gou Wuyue tapped his toes, and he floated past Bazhunan.

He did not even have the slightest bit of defense as he stabbed Cen Qiaofu with his sword.

“Haitanger, escort the Chief and leave first.”

“Ill cover the rear!”

Cen Qiaofu roared and charged forward with his ax.

He raised his ax in the air.

Faced with Gou Wuyue, who had attacked first, there was no fear in his eyes as he cleaved down Mount Hua.

Sword Deity, to put it bluntly, was only in the Higher Void State.

No matter how godly he was, he was still only in the Higher Void with slightly stronger offensive power.

That was all.

If he were to comment about the Higher Void…

He, Cen Qiaofu, was not afraid of anyone!

After all, there were not many Higher Void in this world who was around his age.

In his eyes, this Gou Wuyue could only be considered a great-grandson!

“Pan Xian Axe, Yin Yang Splitting Dawn!”

Under the ax, the sky was directly cut from light into darkness.

The arenas spectators found it difficult to distinguish the situation.

However, the darkness only lasted for a moment before a golden light suddenly flashed and broke through the clouds from bottom to top.

“This is…”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to see a golden stairway rising into the sky.

The shadow of the stairway was dozens of feet tall at the first step.

It connected the sky in the darkness as if one could enter the Celestial Court from there.

“Stairway Style!”

The crowd suddenly exploded.

Someone among the White-clothed immediately became excited.

“Its Elder Wuyues Stairway Style!”

“Eh, this is…”

Some people were excited, while others were puzzled.

“Are you stupid You dont even know theStairway Style No wonder you only have a saber and not a real swordsman.”

“Listen carefully.

Our headquarters has an extremely forbidden area called theStairway to Heaven on Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

Do you know this”


“The Stairway to Heaven connects to the Divine Realm, but at the same time, there is also the heavy pressure of divine power.”

“That place is difficult for even a Sovereign to take a single step.

Even a Cutting Path wouldnt be able to take many steps.”

“At the very least, even if one wanted to walk on it, he would have to walk in the human world.

Everyone would be able to witness it.”

“But at that time, Elder Wuyue had just entered the realm of the Sword Deity.

He went to the Stairway to Heaven to improve himself.

He even created his own style, theStairway Style.

He destroyed the heavy pressure below the clouds with a single sword and stepped into that uninhabited world.”

“No one knows where he ended up because that might be where the Spiritual Gods are.”

“But theStairway Style has been passed down for a long time!”

White-clothed chatted noisily, Xu Xiaoshou listened and was fascinated by it.

But soon, his attention was attracted back to the battle again.

After all, he was one of the few people present who could see half of the battle in the darkness.

Cen Qiaofus ax, which had overturned the Way of the Heavens, was deflected by Gou WuyuesStairway Style.

It was as if the Stairway to Heaven had been flipped back.

He used the power of Tai Chi to counter-attack.

The moment the golden Stairway to Heavens was lifted up, Cen Qiaofu lost control of all his strength.

His body and the Pan Xian ax were sent flying at the same time.

He couldnt even hold his weapon for a moment.

One move and it was broken.

The Way of the Heavens returned to normal, and the light returned.

Everyone immediately looked to the side, only to see Gou Wuyue casually strike with his sword.


A black line appeared in the air.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

Point of Path!

He might not know theStairway Style, but he had personally experienced the 3000 Sword StylesPoint of Path from Gu Qingsan.

At that time, that fellow was unable to restrain his strength, and the bucket-sized Point of Path was enough to send him scurrying away.


If it wasnt for Gou WuyuesPerception, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt even have been able to observe the appearance of that trace of line in Gou Wuyues Point of Path.

Just how many years of cultivation were contained within this casual flick and point!

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

The battles between Innate Stage masters were always earth-shattering and awe-inspiring.

But to observe the Battle of the Higher Void…

Either Yu Lingdi would be crushed in one move, or Gou Wuyue would destroy the enemy with two swords.

This was truly a silent and sleek battle!

As expected, the battle between the weak was the one where the thunder was loud and the raindrops were small.

The battle between the strong was always unpredictable and in an instant, another turn of the tide may happen again!

There wasnt the slightest bit of surprise.

Cen Qiaofus body that was sent flying into the air couldnt be controlled at all.

As his expression changed in shock, he suddenly felt pain between his eyebrows.

In the next second, his entire skull exploded.


Along with the explosion of Cen Qiaofus skull, there was also an entire area of void space within a radius of a few miles.

Gou Wuyue slowly withdrew his sword.

The fragments that had exploded in the void had already been secretly strung together by the Green Mo Sword Aura.

Along with this action of retracting his sword, they were all sent back one after another.

Exploding sky.

Mending the sky again!

A person of quality would not leave behind trash on the battlefield.

The power of the Higher Void that he had grasped perfectly seemed to have gone through multiple calculations.

The green Mo Sword Aura flowed back, mending the sky.

At the same time, it jumped straight into Cen Qiaofus body, which had just exploded the power of the Higher Void in an attempt to escape.

Then, it pulled his body back toward the direction where Gou Wuyue had sheathed his sword at the speed of light.

Gou Wuyue turned around and looked at Bazhunan, his face expressionless.

He turned the famed sword in his hand, creating many green afterimages in the air.

Then, he lifted the sword upside down, the sword body sticking to his elbow, and the tip of the sword moving backward.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle…

The Voice of Nulans Sword Aura flowed back into Cen Qiaofus body, and Cen Qiaofus body was brought behind Gou Wuyue.

“How is this sword”

Gou Wuyues gaze was still fixed on Bazhunan.

He asked softly as he leaned back.


The moment he leaned back, the famed sword was sent into Cen Qiaofus headless bodys heart.


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