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Chapter 611: I Know Nothing!

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A blue figure in the void stopped and took a glance in the direction that they were heading.

Then, he looked to the other side.

“Dragon Melting Realm, White Flames, Sang Qiye…”

Gou Wuyue knew that his old opponent was declaring war again.

Looking at how great the White Flame was, the longer they waited, the worse the White-clothed would fail.

If he chose to fight, he would lose his targets who are the Chief Saint Servant, Bazhunan, and Haitanger.

“Do I have to choose one among them”

Gou Wuyue hesitated.

Rationally, he was inclined to give up the White-clothed troops for the mission.

He wished to follow Bazhunan until he took him down.

Since that man had sealed his sword, this might be the only chance for the Holy Divine Palace!

However, at the same time, a strong emotion urged Gou Wuyue.

Bazhunans favor, White-clotheds injuries, Sang Qiyes invitation…

At this moment, he had no other choice but to take the challenge.

“We sent too few people!”

Gou Wuyue sighed.

To put it another way, the Holy Divine Palace did not send too few people.

The Saint Servants backup this time was beyond everyones expectations.

A large number of Saint Servant experts and the people in charge came over from everywhere.

They only sent the troops and manpower to deal with a Storyteller.

After discovering the presence of Chief Saint Servant, they called for emergency backup.

However, they would not be able to control this sudden situation.

They might need more backup support…

Yet, they did not know the current situation.

With the information they had, they couldnt call for more help.

The Holy Divine Palace would never provide that as well.

Most importantly, after the headquarters was informed about the manpower in the four battle domains, the backup was still not provided.

That explained the problem enough.

“Is it a test…”

Silently, Gou Wuyue looked at where the White Flames exploded.

He knew that his loyalty to the Holy Divine Palace and his trustworthiness would be revealed in this battle.

He said that he would enter the Holy Divine Palace again on the day he succeeded.

Yet, it was normal for outsiders to guess whether his heart was sincere.


“I have a true heart originally, but my true heart has gone to waste.”

Gou Wuyue knew that this time, he might not be able to keep his loyalty.

The seven hundred White-clothed men who were searching the mountain did not show up.

He only met a few of them along the way.

It showed that the Storyteller had made a silent move.

But no one noticed, no one knew!

Instead of chasing after Bazhunan, Gou Wuyue was even more certain of Sang Qiyes determination to fight!

If he accepted this challenge, the Storyteller would probably trap the White-clothed, but he wouldnt harm them.

As for the five Saint Servants, likely, only one of them could survive in the end.

That was the only way out.

If the headquarters did not support them, none of these Saint Servants were easy opponents.

As long as they gained some battle achievements, then…

“Then, there should be another test, right”

Gou Wuyue knew how difficult it would be, but he could not explain himself at all.

No one would listen to his explanation even when this battles outcome was announced!

Thinking of this, Gou Wuyue could not help but laugh.

Without further ado, he disappeared in a flash.

He gave up on chasing the Bazhunan and flew in the direction of Sang Qiye.

If he could not explain himself, he would just follow his heart!

On the other side.

“Hes coming.”

Elder Sang tilted his head and looked in a direction.

His eyes were relieved and solemn.


Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

He was still wondering if Yu Lingdi died in Elder Sangs body, being so quiet.

Perhaps, at the very last moment, Yu Lingdi would act like he did last time.

He would appear somewhere and let out an eerie laugh.

Then, he would say, “Im just teasing you.”


Elder Sang did not elaborate.

Instead, he came back to his senses after this small interlude.

He looked at the person in front of him and said, “Xu Xiaoshou, let me ask you.

Have you joined the Saint Servant”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He did not intend to get away with it.

Perhaps he couldnt tell others about it, but he was assured that he didnt have to lie to Elder Sang.


The old man sighed, shook his head silently, and did not speak.

“Shouldnt I”

Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Previously, Ive asked you about the Saint Servants, but you did not say anything.

Whats up now Shouldnt I Sigh!”

Elder Sangs joints slammed hard on his head with a thud, and Xu Xiaoshou cried out in pain.

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”

Elder Sang was disappointed.

“Thats not the case, but the timing isnt right.”

“When I took you in as my disciple, I was afraid that your identity would be exposed before you become strong.

Hence, your identity was kept a secret.”

“Later on, I took your junior sister in.

It was largely to put on a good show so that you wouldnt be exposed…”

After a pause, Elder Sang added, “Of course, part of it was because your junior sister is very talented.”.

Xu Xiaoshou remained silent.

At this moment, he really wanted to let his junior sister out of the Yuan Mansion so that she could listen to these.

However, Elder Sang seemed to feel quite chatty.

He was no longer stammering like when he was in the Spirit Palace.

He continued,

“After joining the Saint Servant, I believe that you must have come into contact with Bazhunan.

You should roughly know about the organization.”

“I believe that you should know my identity as well.”

“Previously, I did not allow you to know about the Saint Servant.

I even wanted to cut off all your curiosity and interest in it.

I was afraid that you would fall for it too much and would be taken in too early.”

“Now that I think about it, alas, a mans plan is not as good as Gods plan…”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“What comes after a repression is a rebound.

Shouldnt you tell me about this so that I can judge it myself”


Elder Sang did not comment, but he had another answer in his heart.

Bazhunan met this kid too early, too early indeed.

If Xu Xiaoshou was allowed to learn and get to know it, he wouldnt have waited till now.

He would have been taken in even earlier.

After all, in this world, who could resist the temptation of that man

“Its useless to talk too much.”

Elder Sang waved his hand, obviously not wanting to talk about the past.

His gaze drifted away for a while before he came back to focus.

His voice sounded a little hurried.

“Since youve joined the Saint Servant, Ill tell you everything.”

“I told you about the theory of the world cage on the night of your apprenticeship.

Its not just an empty talk.”

“Its true.

I hid in a remote place like Tiansang Spirit Palace because I had nowhere else to go.”

“Everyone in the world thinks that the Holy Divine Palace is a righteous sect while the outside world is an evil sect.

The Saint Servant naturally became the latter.”

“But, do you know the truth”

“The other way round” Xu Xiaoshou looked surprised, but he seemed to be able to reasonate.


Elder Sang hit the young mans head hard again, causing him to grin in pain.

“Dont let anyone mislead your judgment.”

He warned sternly, “In this world, there is never absolute justice or evil.

I dont have time to talk to you about this.”

“You only have to remember that the Holy Divine Palace exists for a reason.”

“The Saint Servant exists for a reason, too.”

“But at the same time, the two are opponents.

The reason behind it is also worth thinking about.”

“In fact, Bazhunan and I are not on the same page and have parted ways… Therefore, I hope that you can think about the reason and have your own judgment when you make a decision in the future.”


“Are you making a will”Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him.

Why did his tone sound so wrong

Elder Sang never talked so much in the past, but why did he act so different today

Damn it, he sounded like an old mother to a son whos leaving home!


Elder Sang waved his hand and punched this ill-mannered fellow into the deep pit on the ground.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou took quite a while to crawl out of the pit.

“D-d-d-old man, just you wait…”

That was a scream in his heart.

“Xu Xiaoshou!” Elder Sangs expression became even more serious.


Xu Xiaoshou crawled out of the pit with a pained expression.

He did not dare to stand up.

He squatted and looked up.

“Do you remember what I said” Elder Sang was not joking at all.

“Yes, yes…”

“Get serious!”

This time, Elder Sang was discouraged.

He felt very helpless to see this young man acting so uninterested.

“Im being serious.

I dont know why you keep hitting me!” Xu Xiaoshou was upset.

“Is that what you call being serious”

“Isnt it just a Ghost Beast”

Xu Xiaoshou mumbled.

In an instant, Elder Sangs eyes were filled with surprise, and the dark circles under his eyes became even deeper.

“You knew about it”

“Mm hmm.”

Elder Sang turned around and took a glance, “Tell me about it.”

Xu Xiaoshou wiped his butt and stood up.

Hr took a few steps back and said, “Im not sure if I got it right.

Please stand still and dont move.”

After a pause, he continued.

“The Holy Divine Palace is indeed righteous.

In fact, they do not only hunt Ghost Beasts, but they also study them.”

“Whats more, Ghost Beasts are not only extradimensional beings.

Some of them are human… human-shaped”

“Anyway, I can see that some of them have consciousness, and they really dont look like a newly born extradimensional creature.” Xu Xiaoshou thought of the grey mist figure.

Elder Sang was frightened.

He didnt expect that.

Xu Xiaoshous source of information had been blocked for such a long time.

Where did this fellow learn about this

“How did you know” He couldnt help but ask curiously.

“I saw a little Red Coat whose body exploded with ghostly energy.

Very few people know about this,” Xu Xiaoshou answered.

“Red Coat”

“Yes, there is a ghost beast host body in the Red Coat.”

Elder Sangs pupils trembled.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly realized that this was a big deal.

So the higher-ups of the Saint Servant were just making guess and didnt know about it

“Go on,” Elder Sang regained his composure.

Xu Xiaoshou clicked his tongue and didnt know how to continue for a moment.

“This Red Coat is, if not mistaken, Gou Wuyues personal disciple…”

He first added, and then he got a little uncertain.

“But now, I seriously doubt whether that Moonless Sword Deity knows that his disciple is the ghost beast host body.”


His voice paused for a moment.

Elder Sang could not give the answer for a moment.

Based on Gou Wuyues personality in the past, no doubt this man would not allow it to happen to his own people.

But now, this man joined the Holy Divine Palace.

As a high-ranking official, with so many secrets in his hands…

No one could say for sure whether a person would change according to his fortuitous encounter.

“Even Elder Sang cant tell for sure…”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly speculated.

After their conversation, Elder Sang did not say much most of the time.

However, Xu Xiaoshou could basically gauge it just from his undisguised expression.

It was almost certain that what he discovered in the White Cave was true.

At the same time, he was also extremely confused about this.

He should not believe what outsiders said.

However, Elder Sang was undoubtedly a person who could be confided and asked questions.

Xu Xiaoshou did not wait for the opportunity to speak.

He continued, “With that… The reason why the Saint Servant rebelled against the Holy Divine Palace is clear.”

“If he doesnt become a saint, he will become a servant.”

“They know that the Holy Divine Palace is not only righteous on the surface, but they are also secretly doing some shady things.”

“These cannot be put on the surface.

Maybe its not righteous to speak openly about it.”

“Maybe, the Holy Divine Palace wants to wait until the research results are available before announcing it… Its all a different story.”

“Despite knowing all these, they are still against it.

I think the Saint Servant is not that simple, right”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated as he spoke.

He looked at Elder Sangs expressionless face and pondered for a moment.

Then, he said in a weak tone, “You… Pfft, the Saint Servant has other reasons”

“What reasons” Elder Sang gave him a sharp glare.

“Hiss,” Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill down his spine.

“I dare not to say.”

“Little brat…”

Elder Sang kicked him at the right time.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was prepared for it.

With a whoosh, he ducked and dodged.

“Say it!”

Elder Sang recalled Xu Xiaoshous extremely accurate deduction before he left the Spirit Palace.

He shouldnt let this guy mess around.

He had to figure out how much Xu Xiaoshou knew.

“Shall I really say it”

“Youre asking for a slap…”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately started blabbering, “Theres a place called Abyss Island.

There is a Saint on the island.

I dont know if its a Demi-Saint or a real Holy Emperor.

The human-shaped Ghost Beast… Could it be them…”

Elder Sangs pupils constricted and his eyelids immediately drooped.

However, Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” was so sharp that he caught this detail on the spot.

He spoke faster, “Theres an extradimensional space crack in the White Cave that connects to Abyss Island.

Theres a Saint on the island, and he gave me a famed sword.”

“I dont know where the Infernal lineage came from, but the Infernal Fire Seed you fed me must have been taken when the White Cave opened.”

“And your master is Demi-Saint Infernal of the Holy Palace.

Demi-Saint Infernal shouldnt be that wretched Saint.”

“Then, before you left the Holy Palace, or rather, when you couldnt stay in the central region anymore and tried to find a remote place to live in seclusion…”

“Your master, who is also my grandmaster, certainly didnt give you a mission.

He asked you to come and find the famed sword-flame Python!”

“In fact, you are too powerful and cannot enter the White Cave.

Thus, you asked me to carry out a mission that you set up yourself, but its unnecessary.

Its a mission to find the four swords.

Thats all…”

“Ill go..

Dont do anything to me.

I know nothing!”


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