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Chapter 636: A Disaster Caused by a Grape

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For the first time, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly sense the source of this sneeze.

It was not a whim, but because he had a foreign object in his nose that itched him.

His head lowered with the sneeze.

In his view, Xiaolian seemed to be in a daze because of the special location of the fruit flesh.

What Xu Xiaoshou saw in front of him was the grape that had been spurted to Xiaolians smooth thigh.

He was stunned for a moment.

The atmosphere froze.

It was clearly the other partys fault for crushing the grape first, so he should be angry.

However, he should be angry, but because of the second location of the grape, it made Xu Xiaoshou feel awkward and difficult to be angry.

Out of the blue, he stretched out his hand and pressed down on the pulp.

It was delicate and tender.

It was also a little warm.

“No, theres nothing…”

However, it was useless to cover it up, because the juice flowed out from between his fingers and thighs under the pressure.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a kind of excitement within him.

The spiritual source in his body rotated.

Gradually, the juice was evaporated by the high temperature.

With a wave of his hand, the dried fruit pulp flew away from under the coffee table.

Xiaolian finally reacted.

Her eyes lowered and her face turned red.

She said in anger and amusement, “Do you think Im Blind”


Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to apologize, but on second thought, he was now Young Master Xu, and it was not intentional.

The other party was in the wrong first!

“You promised that there wouldnt be a third time” His face was raised, and his voice was frighteningly cold.

Xiaolian was stunned.

What had he just done

With this question, she forgot about the other party touching her thigh.

Only then did she recall that the condition for this person to reach a deal with her was “there wont be a third time”

Looking at the face in front of him that had completely turned cold, suddenly, Xiaolian did not know how to respond.

Xu Xiaoshous toes were actually already firmly pressed against the ground.

He was about to seize the opportunity to pursue and use his identity as young master Xu to suppress this embarrassment.

Suddenly, he felt an itch in his nose again.

This time, the itch came from deeper.

As if because he was talking, his muscles squirmed and squeezed out the foreign matter that was deeply embedded in his nostrils.


Unable to overcome his bodys instinct, he sneezed again.

This time, both of them lowered their heads.

They could see a black line more clearly moving along Xu Xiaoshous nostrils and landing on Xiaolians thigh again.

The position was slightly higher.

The scene froze again.

Even Xiaolian did not expect that such a strange thing could happen twice in such a short period of time!

It was clearly just a simple peeling and feeding, why..

Why did things turn out like this

Before she could react, Xu Xiaoshous hand had already reached out twice in a familiar manner and gently pressed on it.

As time passed by, the feeling was even clearer and warmer.

Xiaolian was confused.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“What… are… you… doing !” She was so angry that her delicate body was trembling, and her face was as red as a ripe apple.

Xu Xiaoshou looked up.

Under her gaze, it was no longer appropriate for him to pluck the fruit seed away.

He only said coldly, “The fourth time!”

The veins at the corner of Xiaolians eyes bulged, and her entire body tensed up.

The heat coming from her thigh made her feel both embarrassed and fearless.

Apparently, she had an impulse to send this lecher flying with a kick.

But as she was thinking about this, before she could even move her body, there was a banging sound from the door.

An excited servant with a report card rushed in.

“Miss… Miss…”

The voice stopped abruptly.

The servant rushed towards the door, but no one was in sight.

He looked back again.

The man and woman sitting on the sofa were leaning against each other in a position that was close to zero.

They bent over each other as if something was going to happen in the next second.

The sofa was only that big.

One of them was cold and stern while the other was flushed red.

Most importantly, the mans hand was still on the womans thigh…

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Impressed, passive points 1.”

“Praised, passive points 1.”

The temperature of the air instantly dropped to freezing point.

Time seemed to have frozen.

The servants heart finally thumped and he closed his eyes at the speed of light.

He had used all of his cultivation levels to minimize his presence.

Then, under the gaze of those two burning and biting gazes, he quietly retreated step by step to the door.

Abruptly, the door was closed.

Xu Xiaoshous heart wailed.


This young masters illustrious reputation…

Xiaolians chest rose and fell rapidly.

At this moment, she felt her heart palpitating faster until it reached her throat.

She was so furious that she wanted to kill young master Xu, who had ruined her innocence, but…


The door suddenly creaked.

The two of them were on high alert at the same time.

Their bodies froze, and they looked away again.

This time, no one came in.

However, a small corner of the door handle was clamped, and the report was slowly pulled out.

It was so glaring in their eyes.

At this moment, time suddenly became very long, very long…

“Dong… Dong… Dong…”

Only when there was an extremely serious knock on the door outside did the soul of the man and woman on the sofa finally return to their bodies and react.

Xiaolians beautiful eyes instantly widened.

She did not care about the knock on the door anymore, and her entire body tensed up.

As she exerted force on her slender legs, she could clearly feel that the lines and texture had completely changed.

“Ambushed, passive points 1.”

Almost the instant before this message popped up, Xu Xiaoshou covered Xiaolians angry cry with one hand and pressed down on her neck with the other hand before pushing her back onto the sofa, he used his body to block her movements.

“You did this!” He took the initiative to strike first.

The situation made Xiaolin feel dizzy.

She struggled with all her might, but she was completely unable to break free from Xu Xiaoshous immense strength.

It was like a sheep meeting a lion.

Even if her spiritual source surged, the person on top of her could completely suppress her with just her physical strength.

“Refuted, passive points, 1.”

“Resisted, passive points, 1.”

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”

Her eyes were wide open, but other than glaring at Xu Xiaoshou, there was no way Xiaolian could resist Xu Xiaoshous actions.

Shaking his head, he looked at the person beneath him with disappointment.

His left hand covered the other partys red lips, not giving him a chance to speak at all.

“Ive said before that there is no third time, but I never thought that there would be a fourth time.”

“Furthermore, Ive asked you if the doors and windows were locked, and your answer wasYes.”

“I trusted you so much, yet you lied to me time and time again.

This transaction…”

He took a deep breath and was about to speak.

There was a knocking sound at the door, and a strange movement was heard for the third time.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou froze on the spot.

Has the Plenty Gold Company gone mad

The servant had seen the scene just now, and his thoughts had naturally gone astray.

What, he still dared to open the door again

The two of them turned their heads almost at the same time.

Once the door was opened, the servants exclamation from outside could not be hidden anymore.

“Hey, you cant go in… No…”

“Get lost!”

A white-haired old man ignored the dissuasion and jumped in with an excited expression.

“That ointment is a masterpiece.

This old man cant wait for even a moment.

I just want to see just what kind of person is able to create… HMM”

His voice stopped abruptly.

As he looked at them, his glance quickly swept over.

The only thing the old man did more than the servant who had rushed into the room earlier was to lower his head.

Because this time the man and the woman were lying on the sofa.

Their eyes met.

The room instantly fell silent.

The old mans eyes bulged, and his face was filled with shock.

The half-filled report card in his hand seemed to show the intense argument that had happened outside the door.

At this moment, the report card was crumpled under the immense force that had gone out of control, and it let out an ear-piercing sound.

“Being stared at, passive points, 1.”

Under the gaze of a man and a woman on the sofa, an old face with his eyes wide open could still put on a mysterious smile at the corner of his lips.

It seemed to have a profound meaning.


Passive points, 1.”

The next second.

The old man seemed to have gone back in time as he slowly and silently retreated.

The door was also gently and quietly closed.

As the door was closed, one could still vaguely hear the noises outside.

“Idiot, why didnt you tell me earlier!”

“I said no, I said no…” The servants voice sounded extremely aggrieved.

“But you didnt say that, that…”

“What should I say What should I say!”

Immediately, the door was locked.

The room returned to dead silence.

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Resisted, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally realized that the two of them were not in the right position.

He jumped up.

This wave…

After this wave, Young Master Xu felt that there was really no need to pretend anymore.

It was already fully formed!

Xiao Lian was still fiercely resisting.

She suddenly lost her restraint and also jumped up from the heavy sofa with a kiss.

Her first reaction was not to cry out in surprise or attack.

Instead, she quickly tidied up her clothes and sat upright.

The two of them seemed to have been silenced at the same time.

Their minds were clearly filled with mixed emotions, and all sorts of words were stuck in their throats, but they could not say a word.

That was a long wait…

They spoke in unison, tacitly understanding each other.

They were all waiting for that solemn and solemn knock on the door to appear again, so as to break the awkward and dead silence of the room.

But this time, the people outside the door were obedient.

After waiting for a long time, there was not even a hint of noise, let alone a knock on the door.

Very well-behaved!

“Insulted, passive points 1.”

“Hated, passive points 1.”

“Peeped, passive points, 1.”

Without asking anything, Xu Xiaoshou knew how turbulent the woman on the other side of the sofa was.

He chose to break the silence.

“At this time, someone should actually open the door.”

The information bar stopped.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

Since the other party was still silent, Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and added, “Because the people inside are not opening, they may continue to wait until late at night or tomorrow.”

The information bar stopped again.

Xiaolians face, which had already cooled down, was once again filled with blood.

It was frighteningly hot

She jumped up and did not even dare to look back at Xu Xiaoshou.

She stomped her feet fiercely and strode forward.

Again, the door opened.

This time, Xiaolian was stunned.

Because the people standing in front of her were not only the servant and Elder Chou.

Dozens of elders from the medicine pavilion of Plenty Gold Company had white hair on their heads.

They were stroking their beards and scratching their cheeks, and their expressions were anxious.

Elder Chou was consoling them one by one in a sincere and sincere manner as he explained something in a profound manner.

Behind this group of people.

Because of the collective movements of the medicine pavilions elders, they had attracted the attention of the upper echelons of the trading firm to gather and watch, afraid that something unexpected would happen.

After all, these old men were the treasures of the trading firm.

Because of the appearance of the upper echelons of the trading firm and the group of old men, the commotion that had been stirred up by the side hall had attracted the attention of countless people passing by.

Although these people couldnt get close, they began to discuss this matter from far away.

Their expectant posture also attracted a large group of extremely curious people.

They began to gather together and discuss animatedly.

Xiaolians heart sank to the bottom.

She didnt need to listen to the content.

Just by looking at Elder Chous expression, she knew that her life was in danger.

“Is it over”

The moment the door opened, Elder Chou turned his head in pleasant surprise and was the first to jump to the front.

“Have you cleaned up everything inside”

Xiao Lian could not understand that.

“What about me…”

“I know, I know.”

Elder Chou interrupted her and lowered his head, chuckling.

He looked as if he was saying, “I know, I know very well.

After all, I was young once.”He raised his eyebrows and said, “You didnt do anything, right!”

Xiao Lians eyelids twitched and her face was full of black lines.


She was speechless for a moment.

Everyone had misunderstood her!

“Its really not what you think…” she explained weakly.

She knew that it was useless for her to say too much, so she made way for the space in front of the door.

“Come in first.”

Elder Chou then strode into the room.

Then, he took a deep breath and found that there was no strange smell.

Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction.

Even so, he still waved his hand and opened all the windows.

Ventilation was important.

Little Lians face turned red and her head was buried in her chest.

She almost dug a hole in the ground and stuffed herself in.

Why was it the old naughty child, elder Chou, who took the lead to come here this time

It was clearly just a report..

However, looking at the group of elders who had entered one after another with various expressions on their faces, she knew that theAmber Juicetaken out by the vile man on the sofa was stable!

The door was shut and locked from the inside.

Elder chou sized up Xu Xiaoshou from head to toe as if he was sizing up his grandson-in-law.

He then stroked his beard and nodded in satisfaction, “Young Master Xu”

Xu Xiaoshou sat upright on the sofa with his back straight.

“Greetings, seniors.”He did not stand up because there was no need to.


Elder Chous eyes playfully withdrew from Xu Xiaoshous body and the wine that was randomly spilled on the sofa.

The people of the medicine pavilion were not people who only cared about rules.

Moreover, in terms of rules, even if their seniority was high, this group of people did not have the qualifications to make young master Xu Stand Up and welcome them.

He went straight to the point, “This amber juice was developed by Young Master Xu”

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“May I ask something…”


Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the grade-10 alchemist badge on the coffee table.

He was as reticent as gold.

At this moment, all the old men present were stunned.

“Suspected, passive points 23.”

Elder Chou turned his head in the direction of Xiaolian in doubt, “Hey, is what he said true”

Subconsciously, she nodded her head.

After that, her earlobes turned red.

Her heart was even more frantic.

“Why are you asking me! Weve only just met, alright Nothing happened between us..

Hes right here.

Just ask him directly!”


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