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Chapter 646: Whats Up With The First Pavilion In The Sky

The next day, the sun was up.

Xu Xiaoshou grimaced as he got up from the wooden bed.

He felt a back ache as if he had been beaten up in his sleep.

It wasnt that he didnt want to sleep.

Normally, at this hour, he would still be in a state of deep cultivation.

But today, this wooden bed was really uncomfortable to sleep on.

Xu Xiaoshou regretted it.

He should have accepted the goodwill of the Plenty Gold Company.

Later, when he had time, he would call Xin Gugu to bring over all the furniture.

“Im about to break through…”

As his thoughts ran wild, Xu Xiaoshou murmured while habitually using his spiritual senses to probe his energy reserve.

To think about it, it had already been more than half a month since he stepped into the Upper Spiritual Level.

During this half a month, he had used very little medicine.

With the continuous passive cultivation of theBreathing Technique, Xu Xiaoshous cultivation level had far exceeded an ordinary persons.

It had increased by leaps and bounds.

“Mid-stage or late-stage”

Previously, he experienced breakthroughs too quickly.

After Xu Xiaoshou realized this, he deliberately slowed down his speed.

However, in terms of foundation, his cultivation level had been greatly boosted by Three Days Frozen Calamity.

The Infernal Original Seed also strengthened his foundation to an extremely solid state.

There was no barrier at all for him to break through.

As a result, Xu Xiaoshou did not know whether he was currently at the mid-stage or late-stage of the Upper Spiritual Level.

The only thing he could be sure of was that he was only one step away from reaching the final-stage of the Innate.

“Based on this situation, I should be at the legendary… Master Stage Threshold,” Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself happily.

At the “Master Stage Threshold”, he had to be wary of accidentally oversleeping and breaking through to the Master stage.

If that happened, he would very likely lose the qualification to participate in the Imperial City trials.

As for the first stage of the Master stage, it was the Heavenly Image State.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou was not worried about the process of comprehending the Way of the Heavens.

Throughout his journey, he had participated in and seen many battles.

All of them were playing with the great path.

A mere comprehension…

With his Sword Technique Expertise alone, Xu Xiaoshou guessed he would be able to break through to the Heavenly Image State after achieving the final-stage of Innate realm!

Thus, the final key fell on the Passive Points.

“Passive Points…”

Currently, he had over 100,000 Passive Points.

It was impossible for him to reach the Sovereign right after he reached the Master realm.

He had to prevent further trouble and face an opponent of a higher level later on.

Then, the Sovereign physique was also a must!

Therefore, he had to improve his strength until he could break through to the Heavenly Image State as soon as possible.

Passive Points had to be prepared at all times.

This way, the moment he reached the Master realm, Xu Xiaoshou would be able to fight against any Sovereign in the world.

Xu Xiaoshou had once thought of breaking through to the Sovereign Physique on his own.

Perhaps, he could take the first step of “Sword Technique Expertise”, with his own comprehension, he could then break through to the Sovereign.

But later, he realized that this was not feasible!

For the former, Elder Sang had indeed left the method in the jade scroll that contained the white flames cultivation method.

Yet, the process was too difficult.

He had to truly suffer a great loss before he could be reborn.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou did not want to go through this.

As for the latter, the Way of the Sword was too complicated.

He had mastered the foundation of the Way of the Sword that came from Sword Technique Expertise.

Yet, in order to break through to the Sovereign, he had to comprehend one of the 3000 paths in Ways of the Sword.

It was too difficult!

Although it was not impossible, both of them had a fundamental flaw.

It took too long.

Whether it was the cultivation of the Sovereign Physique or the comprehension of the 3,000 Great Paths, both would be time-consuming.

One had to accumulate years of painstaking effort, and the other had to go through a long period of seclusion.

If he were to spend so much time, Xu Xiaoshou might as well try to obtain Passive Points.

By then, he could easily upgrade Skill Point.

Why would he go through so much torment

After all, he only spent a few months to reach Master Physique and master swordsman.

If he had to undergo a few months of torment, he would rather spend time to earn Passive Points.

He believed the benefits of these two options were definitely incomparable.

“Its time to earn money!”

Xu Xiaoshou got up from the wooden bed and washed up.

After confirming his goal, he came out of the cultivation room.

The door opened.

The other two doors opened at the same time, Mu Zixi and Mo Mo appeared.

“Hey, both of you…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at both of them walking out simultaneously.

It was obvious that they were not coming for him, but to meet each other.

He could not help but ask in surprise, “Whats up”

“We are going out for a walk together,” Mu Zixi flipped her pigtails and looked very excited.


“You can say that.

Well walk around Dongtianwang City and find out about the Imperial City trial along the way,” Mo Mo was much more composed.

Obviously, she was not like Mu Zixi who only wanted to play.

If they left the Tiansang Spirit Palace, they would have to personally obtain the quota for the Imperial City trial.

As of now, it was impossible for them to join as soon as the trial began.

In the entire Tiansang Spirit Palace, there werent many people who

were qualified to participate in the Imperial City trial.

If they didnt get qualified before that, they would only be denied entry.

“Then go!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and said.

“Youre not going” Mu Zixi was a little disappointed.

If possible, she actually wanted to go with her senior brother and not with Senior Sister Mo.

Mo Mo had once hurt her senior brother and sister in the Tianxuan Gate.

Even though Mo Mo was possessed by another person at that time.

“Im not going.

I still have things to do.”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and warned, “Be careful not to cause any trouble.

If anything happens, call… contact me immediately, understand” He took out the communication bead.

“Dont worry.”

Mo Mo nodded.

In this city, Mo Mo feared no one but the red-clothed people.

“I wasnt not talking to you,” Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at his junior sister.

“Dont cause trouble, understand”

Mu Zixis big eyes were blinking.

She had an expression that said, “Im so cute, how would I cause trouble”

However, secretly…

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“Go, go, go!”

With the grey mist figure as the big bodyguard, Xu Xiaoshou was not worried.

After waving goodbye to the two women, he kicked open Xin Gugus door.

With a bang, poor Xin Gugu was woken up by the sound.

It was not long after he tried to fall asleep.

He looked like a resentful woman.

“Hows it” Xu Xiaoshou went straight to the point and asked.

Xin Gugu hid under his blanket and yawned, “Not so soon.

The two of them should have made an agreement.

He kept claiming to be from the Holy Divine Palace.

He asks us to let them go.

Otherwise, we will have to bear the consequences.”

“Holy Divine Palace” Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.


Xin Gugu said with lifeless eyes,

“Perhaps, the Jiang family was probed by the Holy Divine Palace when they entered the city.

So, they wanted to pretend to be from the Holy Divine Palace and probe us.”

“But their original intention was definitely not that.”

“Unfortunately, both of them changed their appearance and tone.

If they really stay silent, we cant do anything for the time being.”

“But dont worry.

Well give them two days.

They wont be able to keep any secrets.

Even if they dont want to, they have to tell us!”

Xin Gugu patted his chest and promised.

He was very experienced in such things.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, was not quite positive.

He suspected that the two raiders were sent by the Jiang family.

If that was really the case, after all, they were from the Demi-Saint family.

There were some things that these subordinates at the Sovereign stage could not reveal.

Furthermore, it involved the matter of the “Eyes of the World”…

“How about this”

After thinking for a while, Xu Xiaoshou said, “I will give you the authority of the pagoda bead.

You can stay inside for the time being and keep an eye on Jiang Xians movements.

Once there is an opportunity, inform me immediately.”

“We are not those who would sit and wait too.

Even if the Demi-Saint family want to mess with us, they have to pay the price of a tooth for a tooth!” Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

“Directly deal with Jiang Xian”

Xin Gugu was so shocked that he no longer felt sleepy.

He actually also suspected the raiders were from the Jiang family.

Yet, there was no evidence.

“The descendants of the Demi-Saint family are not like subordinates.

They must have some kind of amulet on them.

If we really deal with him, the Demi-Saint will probably take revenge…”

“What are you afraid of”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened.

Was he afraid of the Demi-Saint


However, he had the grey mist figure by his side.

Plus, he had the promise of Bazhunan.

He could just capture Jiang Xian and not kill him.

The Demi-Saint wouldnt be extremely mad if he only captured Jiang Xian, right

If they were so free, how could they live up to the name of Demi-Saint

They could have just been rookies!

“Okay, Ill keep an eye on Jiang Xian,” Xin Gugu agreed.

To be honest, Xin Gugu would only think about messing with a Demi-Saints successor.

He didnt expect Xu Xiaoshou to be so bold.

“Also, theres one more thing.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and said, “Keep an eye on Liu Lus whereabouts too.

Try and find a method to contact the Night Cat.”

The Night Cat, Xu Xiaoshou had been waiting for a long time.

He thought the person from Night Cat would appear last night.

He didnt expect these guys to be so calm.

The Xu family, the huge “Demi-Saint Family”, wanted to cooperate with them.

But until now, the Night Cat didnt show up.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed by now, the Night Cat should have begun investigating him.

As for the outcome of the investigation, it was not important.

Because there was nothing at all.

As long as the Night Cat showed up, there would be a connection linked to them…

Regardless of whether they wanted to cooperate or not, Xu Xiaoshou was only waiting for that opportunity.

Once he got the connection, no one from the Night Cat could escape.

To cooperate, that was something they must do.

He had set up a trap that the Night Cat could never avoid!

“Alright,” Xin Gugu nodded his head once more.

Even without the pagoda bead, he could keep an eye on these two and complete the mission.

“Finally…” Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment.

He looked at Xin Gugu who looked drowsy and fatigued.

He realized that Xin Gugu was a little exhausted.

During this period of time, there was hard work, tiring work, and delicate work… Basically, no matter what kind of work it was, Xin Gugu would be the one to do it alone.

As a Sovereign, Xin Gugu became like a servant ever since he followed Xu Xiaoshou.

When Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

“We need to recruit more people,” he said firmly to Xin Gugu.


Xin Gugus eyes instantly lit up, even the corners of his eyes shined with a golden light.

“Recruit more people!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and continued, “Its been hard on you during this period of time.

Ill recruit as many people as you want, and Ill take you out of the trivial matters and… earn money along the way!”

The sun rose high in the sky.

As the most prosperous part of Dongtianwang city, every household in the Central Zone started to get busy when the sun rose.

Gu Cheng walked out from the back door of the Holy Divine Palace and arrived at the Pilgrimage Square.

He was under the orders of Chu Lisheng, Vice Master Chu.

His mission today was to probe about the new faction, the First Pavilion in the Sky.

However, as he walked from the Holy Divine Palace to the Pilgrimage Square, Gu Cheng was still frowning.

Chu Lisheng, Vice Master Chus words still lingering in his mind, causing him to be puzzled.

“What do you mean by seriously interrogating them with a sincere attitude but dont provoke them”

What kind of mission was this

Gu Cheng was confused.

Interrogate them.

No matter what faction were they from, even if they had the Cutting Path to protect them, the Holy Divine Palace could still do a direct interrogation and ask their purpose of entering the city.

If they resisted, Gu Cheng could just summon people to fight against them.

However, Gu Cheng had to be serious and sincere at the same time.

He had to be careful not provoke them…

Gu Cheng was so confused.

He simply could not understand the mission today.

As he was thinking, he saw that the Pilgrimage Square, which used to be bustling with people, was now lined up with a long queue.

It extended from the Pilgrimage Tower and the venue of his mission, “The First Pavilion in the Sky”.

There were thousands of people in this group, but they were orderly.

In order to not hinder the traffic in the Pilgrimage Square, they deliberately made several turns along the queue.

There were a few walkways for people to pass through.

“Whats going on” Gu Cheng was a little confused.

With his spiritual senses, he could see the frontmost of the long line, at the door of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

There was a long chair and a wooden table.

On the chair sat a young man with an unknown cultivation level.

Beside him, there was a young Sovereign who was shouting loudly to keep the crowd in order.


Gu Cheng took a few glances and recognized the young man sitting on the wooden chair.

That was the target of his mission.

Young Master Xu of the Northern Regions Taixiang Xu family, Xu Deye!

The crowd was cheering and making noise.

Along the queue, all of them looked excited and chatty as if they were looking forward to something.

Gu Cheng had no interest to listen.

He frowned and walked past the long queue, straight to the front.


Xin Gugu saw that another guy was about to cut the queue.

With a whoosh, he arrived in front of the middle-aged man and said, “If you want to register, go to the back of the queue.

Even if youre the Sovereign, you cant mess up the order.”


Gu Cheng was slightly stunned.

He wanted to ignore this guy and go directly to the person in charge.

But after thinking about it, he had to be sincere…

He cupped his fists and said seriously, “Im Gu Cheng.

I have something important to discuss with Young Master Xu.


“Hurry up and get in line!”

Xin Gugu waved his hand impatiently, “Each of you has something important to discuss… In the end, you just want to cut the queue because youre a Sovereign.

You must know that if you want to join our First Pavilion in the Sky, the rules are the first priority.

Without the rules, you are nothing.

The Sovereign is also the same!”

Gu Cheng was dumbfounded.

He quickly explained, “I dont want to join your pavilion.

Its just that…”

“Youre not joining”

Xin Gugus voice immediately became louder.

He was arrogant beyond belief.

“If youre not joining, youre just wasting my time.

Hurry up and get lost!”

He waved his sleeves irritably.

It was already annoying enough for him to watch the order for the entire morning.

At this time, there was still such an insensible person.

How could he cut the queue without understanding what was going on

Another commotion appeared at the other end of the long queue.

Xin Gugu shouted in a low voice.

“Dont make trouble.

Otherwise, whether youre the Sovereign or the Cutting Path, well take you down directly.

Just line up and wait at the back.

If you want to meet him, follow the rules!”

With that, he disappeared in a flash.

Gu Cheng was really dumbfounded.

He only wanted to meet Young Master Xu.

Why was it so difficult

Was Young Master Xu a mortal Emperor or something He was only a young man.

The Holy Divine Palaces envoy, Gu Cheng wanted to meet him.

How could he refuse to

A surge of anger rose in his heart.

He wanted to use his cultivation level to approach them.

But on second thought, he had to be sincere..

Gu Cheng gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart.

He patted a young man in line beside him.

The man was wearing a patched hemp robe and holding a wooden sword upside down.

“Little brother, whats up with the First Pavilion in the Sky”


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