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Chapter 655: Because They Dont Have The Money!

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“This way.”

With the help of Xiao Wanfeng, Xin Gugu, who had broken off his body from the wallboard, was speechless.

He could not help but lament that Xu Xiaoshou was becoming more and more like Caramel.

He did not dare to complain under a certain someones cold gaze.

Without wasting any more time, he went to arrange a room for Mei Siren.

Then, he received Xu Xiaoshous instructions and went to the Plenty Gold Company to prepare some new tables and chairs.

There were only two people left in the hall.

“Xiao Wanfeng, come here.”

After choosing a cultivation room, Xu Xiaoshou led Xiao Wanfeng inside.

An isolation spiritual source array was established.

Although he didnt know whether this array would be effective against existences like the Seven Sword Deity, it was still better than nothing.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe that someone as eminent as Mei Siren would be so bored as to eavesdrop on their conversation, so he immediately went straight to the point.

“Tell me about the Abyss Island.”

The Sky City, the Sacred Secret Land!

It was because of these two sentences that Xiao Wanfeng had the opportunity to enter the tower.

Although the conversation earlier did make Xu Xiaoshou look at this youth in a different light.

However, as of now, he seems to be one of those geniuses who has a 99% chance of dying in the future while pursuing their way of the sword.

After all, there are many geniuses on the continent, so there is no reason for him, Xiao Wanfeng, to have a unique opportunity.

The only thing Xu Xiaoshou could do was to help him since they already knew each other.

The rest would depend on this kids luck.

For now, he will just treat him like an ordinary person who knows some insider information!

“Abyss Island…”

Xiao Wanfeng was not unfamiliar with the place mentioned by Young Master Xu.

After muttering to himself, he understood that Young Master Xu actually knew quite a lot.

“What does Young Master Xu want to know” He asked.

“What do you know Tell me everything.” Since Xu Xiaoshou had already allowed this fellow into the building, he did not mind asking for more information and squeezing out everything Xiao Wanfeng knew.

“Oh…” Xiao Wanfeng thought for a moment and asked, “Young Master Xu, have you heard about the incident at Pixiu Mountain”

“Dont worry about whether I know or not.

You can start from the beginning.”


Xiao Wanfeng nodded and did not dare to ask any more questions.

He considered his words and said, “Then I will start from Pixiu Mountain.

Young Master Xu should know about it.

There is not much time left before the Imperial City Trial.”

“And although the Holy Divine Palace has not officially announced it, from the places where they have been making actions recently, if Im not mistaken, the location of this trial should be the Yunlun Mountain range.”

“The range of Yunlun Mountain stretches for tens of thousands of miles.

Among them, there are several famous majestic peaks of the Eastern Sky Realm.

Pixiu Mountain is one of them.”

“Outsiders might not know, but I accidentally found out that the final location of this trial should be Pixiu Mountain.”

“Accidentally” Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head.

“Yes, it really was an accident…”

Xiao Wanfeng didnt hide anything and continued, “After I followed the footsteps of the Eighth Sword Deity from the White Cave, I used the teleportation spiritual array to come to Dongtianwang city.

However, I didnt enter the city immediately.”

“For people like me who travel around, every world and every mountain of every city is a must to visit.”

“Unfortunately, after I came to Dongtianwang City, the first mountain I chose to visit was Pixiu Mountain.”

“However, at that time, I didnt know that Pixiu Mountain was the final location of the Imperial City trial that Dongtianwang City had prepared!”

Xiao Wanfeng paused for a moment and said in amusement,

“At that time, when I went to climb Pixiu Mountain, I was very surprised by the famous mountain.

It was the highest spiritual mountain that gathered the fate of the Eastern Sky Realm, however, why were there so few climbers”

“I didnt know that at that time, the Holy Divine Palace had already begun to evacuate the crowd and seal the mountain.”

“I was one step ahead of them and entered the foot of Pixiu Mountain.

Because I am not a spiritual cultivator, I was treated as a native of that place, so I was not expelled.”

As expected… Xu Xiaoshous guess was right.

This guy had entered the barrier set up by the Holy Divine Palace by accident because he did not have any spiritual source.

It had to be said that this was both a coincidence and fate.

Xiao Wanfengs eyes were filled with reminiscence as he continued, “There were actually many other families that entered the Pixiu Mountain with me before it was sealed.

However, those guys were smuggled in.

The major factions were not afraid of death and wanted to send people in to gather intelligence.”

“A part of the Holy Divine Palaces manpower was spread out in order to find these people.”

“Perhaps because of this prerequisite, even if I was discovered twice by white-clothed people, they still treated me as a native who had not returned home from hunting in the mountains and sent me back to the foot of the mountains.”

“At that time, I originally did not plan to enter the mountains again, but I vaguely felt a calling in my heart.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows when he heard this.

A calling

He suddenly thought of the light bead that the Great Infernal Ancestor, who was also the wretched saint, had given him in the White Cave.

During his time in the White Cave, he had received similar guidance and had always wanted to go to a certain place.

Thecalling that Xiao Wanfeng received couldnt be similar, right

Xu Xiaoshou shifted his seat on the wooden chair.

His body was no longer limp.

Instead, he sat up straight.

He didnt interrupt Xiao Wanfeng.

Instead, he became even more focused.


Xiao Wanfeng nodded.

“That call felt very magical.

It was like a guide.

I originally planned to leave the mountain and not wade into the muddy waters.

However, when I took a step in the opposite direction, that calling became stronger.

“It even evolved into a roar that gave me a splitting headache when I was about to leave the barrier.

It was right in my mind… it was very terrifying!”

Xiao Wanfeng had a lingering fear on his face as he spread out his hands.

“There was nothing I could do.

I could only climb up again.

I followed the direction of thecall orguidance and climbed up to the peak.”

“This time, it was very magical.

I even deliberately indulged my body in order to get the white-clothed who sealed the mountain to send me out of the world.

However, the more presumptuous I was, the more I couldnt come across anyone.”

“Just like that, I climbed to the top of the mountain easily and then stopped at the place where the call was the strongest.

I bent down and inexplicably dug out a command token…”

“A black command token!”

Xiao Wanfeng had a look of disbelief on his face.

This terrifying experience is similar to when one had done something while sleepwalking.

It was as if he had been possessed by a ghost at that time.

He had done something that he had never thought of but had actually understood.

It was simply shocking.

“Command token…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not care about how this fellow felt.

He only considered the keywords that appeared in his words and probed, “Void token”

“UH, yes.”

Xiao Wanfeng was a little surprised.

He did not expect Young Master Xu to react so quickly and even accurately say the name right away.

Xiao Wenfeng then continued, “Its the void token! The moment I dug out the void token, the power that protected me from being discovered when I went up the mountain disappeared, and the next second…”

Fear appeared on the young mans face as he spoke as if he did not want to recall that scene.

He clenched his fists and gave himself some courage.

He said, “The next second when I looked up, more than ten black-clothed men suddenly appeared beside me.

They just lowered their heads and looked down at me!”

“… I swear that before I dug out the command token, there was absolutely no one around me!”

“Those guys appeared out of nowhere, like ghosts, and there were more than ten of them… I was dumbfounded at that time!”

“Those ghosts were extremely powerful.

They were the leaders of the early stage of sovereign and the leader of the cutting path stage.

They were not from the Holy Divine Palace, and they did not belong to the same battalion.”

“According to the subsequent battles, they should belong to three groups of people.

I was just a mortal.

I was so scared that I almost pulled out my sword…”

“And then you pulled out your sword” Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He was also curious about what would happen when the young man pulled out his sword after hiding it for so many years.


Xiao Wanfeng looked embarrassed.

“I didnt even have time to pull out my sword before I was knocked out by someone.

If not for the tight grip on my sword, I might have lost my sword.”

Xu Xiaoshou paused, “…”

“Then how did you escape”


Xiao Wanfeng sighed.

“I was like a chess piece, fulfilling my mission.

I was heavily injured, but I didnt get anything.

Then, white-clothed found me and sent me out.”

“Fortunately, they found me in time.

Otherwise, you might not have been able to see me…”

“Wheres the command token” Xu Xiaoshou did not have the time to listen to Xiao Wanfengs complaints on some trivial matters.

However, as soon as he said that, he immediately reacted, he said calmly, “I understand now.

So, among the three groups of people who attacked you, one of them is the Night Cat.

The Night Cat snatched the void token and successfully escaped from the barrier of the Holy Divine Palace, preparing to hold thespirit gem trade fair”


Xiao Wanfeng had an expression that said, “Damn, how did you know” He then said hesitantly, “Young Master Xu… also sent people over”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

He just followed the flow of what he knew.

“Does the Holy Divine Palace know about this” He asked, “About the void token, that it was actually the Night Cat who took it from you.”

“They dont know… I think”

Xiao Wanfeng was a little uncertain.

“The people from the Holy Divine Palace arrived too late.

They had already completed the arrangements for Pixiu Mountain.

The manpower was scattered elsewhere… I seriously suspect that those who could arrive at the first possible moment were actually following an inexplicablecall.”

“What do you mean” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Because before I closed my eyes, I saw three ordinary people at the top of the mountain.

They should be the real indigenous people at the foot of Pi Xiu Mountain.

They have no reason to go up the mountain,” Xiao Wanfeng replied.

So that was the case… Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood.

He guessed that the guidance was not given to the spiritual cultivator directly, but to the ordinary people.

Could it be that the spiritual cultivator was inexplicably summoned and would usually choose to reject it

And the ordinary people could not reject it

Or perhaps, the call itself did not want to stir up a huge commotion, or perhaps, it could be said that the various major factions were making a big fuss over it.

It was purely for the sake of sending out the void token.

As for who would get the command token after it came out, it did not matter

However, why didnt the white-clothed people receive the instructions but instead, only arrive late

Other factions could find people, but white-clothed, as the master of Pixiu Mountain, couldnt find the ordinary people who received the guidance

“The call, or rather, guidance, how was it like” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


Xiao Wanfeng frowned and didnt know how to describe it.


Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth and spat out a strange tone.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Xiao Wanfeng stood up excitedly from his chair with a surprised look on his face.

He pointed at Xu Xiaoshou repeatedly, forgetting about respect for a moment.

“Its this sound.

Young Master Xu, you, you were also summoned by it”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

His face darkened and his mood suddenly turned bad.

Sure enough, it was Abyss Island!

It was no wonder that Xiao Wanfeng could not describe it.

It was because this voice, which was like the sound of the great path, was not something that humans could produce.

Xu Xiaoshou had learned it purely because of the “transformation” and the sound of the light bead every 15 minutes in the white cave.

It was hard not to remember it.

Xiao Wanfengs affirmation also meant that the call he had received came from the Abyss Island, just like what he had received in the White Cave.

Perhaps it was the work of the Great Infernal Ancestor, or perhaps it wasnt.

But it was definitely, definitely, 100% … This signal was released by the Abyss Island!

“Its those guys again.

What are they trying to do”

“When I was in the White Cave, they tried to lure me to the extradimensional cracks.

I didnt go, and in the end, Bazhunan went.”

“Now, they spent so much effort crossing worlds just to summon a few ordinary people to dig out the void token…”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and thought hard.

His intuition told him that this had something to do with the deal between Bazhunan and the Great Infernal Ancestor.

It also had something to do with the Imperial City Trial, which is a special critical period.

It too had something to do with his mission of being a **-stirrer.

However, he still couldnt figure out the obscure connections between them!

“How disgusting, this is…”

After the incident at the White Cave, Xu Xiaoshou knew that it is impossible for him to escape from these almighty plans.

He had grown up!

He knew that as a chess piece, even if he wanted to leave, he would definitely end up inexplicably walking from the other side of the world to the deepest part of the game.

Rather than that, he might as well think about how to escape, how to avoid those big whirlpools as much as possible, mediate between various factions, and escape calmly.

“Holy Divine Palace…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered, and his eyes lit up as he asked, “The Holy Divine Palace isnt as bad as you think.

They wouldnt have been unable to receive even the slightest bit of news and be completely unable to confirm that the void token came from Pixiu Mountain.”

“No matter how bad it is, they can still use all sorts of methods to deduce something…”

“If thats the case, after hearing those bits of news, they still dare to set the final area of the Imperial City trial at Pixiu Mountain”


As Xu Xiaoshou said this, his expression became firm.

“They will change locations!”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He was unable to follow Young Master Xus train of thought for a moment.

He had no idea where this fellows thoughts had drifted to as they chatted.

Why did he suddenly mention that the Holy Divine Palace would change locations..

But regarding this point, Xiao Wanfeng was still very certain.

“They wont change it,” He said firmly.

“Why” Xu Xiaoshous face fell.

Xiao Wanfeng didnt know how terrifying it was, but he knew that the Holy Divine Palace definitely knew.

Even if there is only a little bit of news or traces about Abyss Island, it is enough to affect the holy divine palaces fundamental interests.

Under such circumstances, the safest way is to directly change the final location of the trial and end it all!

Xiao Wanfeng had a helpless expression.

“Its impossible for the Holy Divine Palace to change the location.

Not to mention encircling half of the Yunlun mountain range as the trial ground, it will take a lot of time.”

“Even the manpower and material resources they have invested into the barrier around the mountain range over the past few months can determine this fact.”

Xiao Wanfeng paused for a moment and clenched his fist.

“The Holy Divine Palace will not change it.

They cant change it even if they want to….

because they dont have the money!”


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