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Chapter 659: Flirtatious Father Xu, Flying Kisses Online


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In an ordinary private room of the Heaven Geomantic Arena.


“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

“That Luo Guy, I cant bear breathing the same air as him!”

“And that Cheapskate Chao Fang, if it werent for me and Luo getting injured, how could the championship ever land in his hands”

“Your hands flew into the opportunity… Uhhh, the opportunity flew towards your hands… HMM, wait so what slipped out of your hands again”


“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

Mu Zixi grabbed her two ponytails and jumped madly on the sofa.

She had been defeated!

The arena had only three people left in the last match.

The championship, which she was so close to getting, was snatched away from her by that Luo who was at the Peak of the Innate Stage.

He locked onto her, not caring that he was risking his life.

After both of them were injured, another guy who was not even as strong took advantage of this situation.

How could this little girl not be angry

“Im so pissed, Im so pissed…”

Mu Zixi rolled back and forth on the sofa which had already been wrecked, causing it to squeak loudly.

“Settle down now, didnt you also verify his technique”

Mo Mo looked at the little girl who was throwing a tantrum on the sofa and said with a smile, “Was that a bounded domain or something else and why is it that an Innate (Stage) was able to have that level of spatial power”

“Sob, sob, sob, sob, thats the world source…”

Mu Zixi had never been very guarded against her own people.

In her eyes, those who were allowed to follow Xu Xiaoshou by his side were pretty much familiar with each others roots and whatnot.

Moreover, compared to the world source, the secret that her Senior Sister Mo was actually a ghost beast host body was many times bigger.

Therefore, she thought that it didnt matter even if she told Mo Mo about the world source.

“That last world energy, although it looks like a bounded domain, its not.”

Mu Zixi turned her body over, she kicked her short legs toward the void and said, “That was the source of the world in the White Cave.

I swallowed it and refined it until now.

I finally figured out a way to use it.

It doesnt look like a bounded domain, but compared to an ordinary sovereign domain, it only has a weak aura of path.

The power… well, its very good.”

Mo Mo nodded in agreement.

She had been watching the battle in the private room.

She was also curious about the power of a “bounded domain” that Mu Zixi had unleashed at the last moment, which had caused a commotion among the crowd.

“Is that the source of the world”

Without much hesitation, Mo Mo skipped the topic and said, “Its okay if you lose this time, you can just join again in the next match.

As for Luo Yin, you have to be careful.

He seems to have his eyes on you.”

“Luo Yin…”

Mu Zixi gritted her teeth.

She couldnt understand why that guy turned into a mad dog to bite her in the end.

Mo Mos eyes were filled with worry.

“That Luo Yin is not simple.

His spiritual technique is not something that an ordinary person can learn.

His physical strength is almost the strongest I have ever seen other than Xiaoshous.”

“He also has the Master Physique” Mu Zixi wrinkled her nose.

“It shouldnt be a master physique, but it must be an extremely special spiritual physique, or perhaps… a sacred physique!” Mo Mo pondered and said, “Judging from the strength of his physical body, even if he doesnt have a master physique, he still has the power of one.”

“Hmph, Im not afraid of him.” Mu Zixi pouted.

“But in the next round, hell probably go up too.

You have to be more vigilant.

Its best if you can make use of the others to exhaust his strength in the early stages and then directly blast him out of the arena later on.” Mo Mo reminded.

“I wont!” Mu Zixi raised her small face and pridefully said, “Im already about to understand the power of the world source.

In the next round, Ill directly use my spatial power to send him away… No, Ill blow him up!”

“Its better to be safe than sorry.” Mo Mo showed a mild smile.

Honestly, she was very envious and fond of Mu Zixis personality.

At first, Mo Mo didnt have much feelings towards her, but the more she came into contact with her, the more she could feel the little girls temperament.

She was like a little sister, with a unique persistence that belonged to her own small world.

This kind of persistence could even be said to be stubborn, and outsiders would think that it was simply not desirable.

But because of her one-of-a-kind resoluteness, if one were to see it from a different angle, it was actually a different type of cuteness.

“Get ready, its about to start.” Mo Mo checked the time and looked at the window sill.

The windowsill on the second floor wasnt big.

She could only see the finals and the area slightly south of the competition zone, but the soundproofing effect was undeniably good.

Although the sound from outside couldnt reach her at all, when Mo Mo shifted her gaze to look at the arena, what she saw was the sudden excitement in the audience seats.

“Whats wrong” She was a little surprised.

What was going on The competition hadnt started yet, but the audience was already getting restless

“Senior Sister Mo, look, over there!”

At this moment, Mu Zixi pointed at a light curtain in the upper left corner of the windowsill and called out in surprise.

Mo Mo looked over in surprise, but she saw that the light curtain was obscured, so she couldnt see everything clearly.

However, after the “Heaven Geomantic Battle”, she knew that this was the special light curtain live reporting for the popular contestants before every “Heaven Geomantic Battle”.

There would be a portrait of the contestant, basic information, and a brief introduction on it in order to attract the attention of the audience.

Usually, such a benefit was only reserved for potential candidates of the championship from the previous few matches.

But now…

From the room they were in, they could only see the chin of a young man with a bit of stubble from the light curtain hanging down from the sky, and it was difficult for them to see the full picture.

However, in the screens brief introduction, the few words, “The Successor of the Saint”, could be seen.

That view combined with Mu Zixis reaction…

“Young… Young Master Xu” Mo Mo was surprised and a little suspicious.

“It must be him!”

Mu Zixis eyes were locked and she said with certainty, “Cant you tell that its him from that chin”

Mo Mo was stunned.

“You can tell with just a chin Didnt he change his appearance”

“Yes I can!”

Mu Zixis big eyes didnt even blink.

“Look at the stubble.

762 dots of stubble in total.

The numbers match perfectly.

Havent you counted them”

Mo Mo:

In the Heaven Geomantic Arena, the heat waves surged.

“Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to scream!”

“Tonight, let us welcome the most most most most most important contestant to the stage!!!”

Following the hosts insanely passionate cry, eight large light curtains fell from the sky.

On them were all the same stubble-covered, ruffian-like smile, showing the face of a handsome young man with a bit of a devilish charm.


The moment the light curtains fell, the audience burst into cheers.

This meant that another Heaven Geomantic Battle was about to begin.

However, in the next second, when they recalled the hosts opening speech that was unlike usual days and looked at the same young man on the different light curtains, everyone was stunned.

“The most most most most most important guest… he said “most” five times, who exactly is this guy”

“Didnt he say it six times”

“Your ears are blocked, its four!”

“Come on its five, you bunch of deaf people.”

“Fuck, are you crazy, whether its four, five or six, is that really important… The main point here is who that guy is, he monopolized eight of these light curtains all by himself, and hes a stranger to us.

What about our other champion candidates, who is this”

“Thats right, shouldnt the eight most popular candidates be put on the eight light curtains Where did Luo Yin Go Wasnt he suspected to be from the higher void families”

“These eight light curtains, not even Luo Yins muscular tyrant, as well as Mu Xiaogong and Loli Mu were able to go up.

Now that guys really something! So what if hes handsome, who does he think he is”

“Yeah, yeah, wheres my twin-pigtailed violent Loli… Fuck, I even bet that the twin-pigtailed violent Loli would definitely win this match.

Even Luo Yin gave up.

which armpit did this person come out from”

“PFFT, its scary to be uncultured.

Thats called a corner, not an armpit…”

“Shut up, you **er, you better shut the hell up!”


“Youre bull**ting, Ill hit the ** out of you with a meat whip so youll shut up for good.

You better believe it, **!”

“Uh, meat, meat, what”


The scene exploded in chaos.

Ever since the start of the fight in the Heaven Geomantic Battle, this was the first time that the eight light curtains had spotlighted one person at the same time.

The key was that this person was a stranger.

Which of the fanatics in the audience had not followed the battle from the beginning until now and watched the entire battle

However, they still did not recognize that young man.

In this situation where everyone was filled with doubt, even those who had no idea what was going on and those who came to watch the battle for the very first time had their curiosity piqued.

On the eight light curtains, following the appearance of that insufferably arrogant face that looked as if it was about to draw hatred, the words finally began to flow.

“… Xu, De, choke”

Someone read out the words word by word, and then his expression changed.

“XuFa-ther… Huh Father Xu”

“Fuck, what kind of **ing name is this I want to enter the arena! Is this guy trying to troll people Who would come up with such a **ing name”

“I strongly request for a system that calls for the contestants real name.

This person is here to cause trouble, right The arena has so many contestants worthy of being called your grandfather, and you dares to make us call you father”

“Get off the stage, get off the stage.

Damn it, wont he be beaten into a cripple”

“This grandpa here wants to make him grow grass and become a vegetable.

Fuck this guy…”

Some of the hot-tempered higher-ups, when they read the first three words one by one, were all a little mad.

They clamored and wanted to rush to the last-minute registration entrance to give that Xu “Fa-ther” a good beating.

However, in the next moment, the men who were about to step over the hurdles were all terrified.



“Dont move yet.

Look, what is that… Xu “Fa-ther”, a demi-saints descendant!”

“Thats it, the introduction is that short and sweet.

This is the first time Ive seen it, but… Oh My God, is this really someone with a demi-saint familys background Is he a demi-saints descendant”

“Fuck, this kind of person is here to join this level of a battle.

It cant be real, right”

“Impossible, even if he wanted to lie, the Heaven Geomantic Arena wouldnt help him.

This is an official organization, how could they be accomplices”

“… could it be that the Heaven Geomantic Arena has also been deceived”

“What the **! The Heaven Geomantic Arena is the only one designated by the Holy Divine Palace to be able to distribute the imperial city trial quota, how could it be deceived”

“Thats true, but a demi-saint”

“Fuck, he really is a father!”

“This is ridiculous.”

Everyone silently withdrew their legs from the hurdles and did not dare to act rashly anymore.

It turned out that this person who could suppress all the candidates for the championship in one move, as well as a few other people who were suspected descendants of higher void families, was someone with a real sturdy background.

A Demi-saints descendant..

“I give up.

The extravagant coverage they gave him was well-deserved.

I want to bet that he will lose!”

“Men, Im betting 100 Spirit Crystals that this person surnamed Xu will lose, and then another 10,000 Spirit Crystals that he will be the champion… Haha!”

“… Woah, youre awesome! Im also betting 3,000 Spirit Crystals that he will be the champion.”

“Little Loli, sob sob sob sob sob, Im sorry.

I want to bet that my father will win… demi-saints descendant, this is a real father!”

A Demi-saints descendant.

Once these four words were said, the entire arena was in an uproar.

The tsunami-like cheers were mixed with the endless fanaticism of the gamblers.

There was no need to meet, no need to doubt.

As long as the officials typed these four words, it would almost represent the ultimate winner of this match.


Thats equivalent to the entire Shengshen Continent and that they had an existence like the spiritual gods.

Even if such a disciple of an aristocratic family came out to play, how could he be inferior to the higher void familes in terms of face

To put it bluntly, just based on the few words “Demi-saints descendant”, which contestant would dare not give face to him

Was face more important, or was life more important

“Ladies and gentlemen—”

The host alone used his hoarse roar to suppress the crowd that was bursting with passion.

He let out with a wild growl with all the air his lungs could hold:

“Since the start of the Heaven Geomantic Battle, the first descendant of a demi-saint has appeared — Xu Fa Ther”

“He is the focal point of this match.

With him around, everyone present is just a supporting character.

You all understand that Im not exaggerating.

Im just speaking the truth…”

“Next, lets welcome Xu Fa Ther and his supporting characters to the arena!”

The crowd, which was supposed to be cheering once again, suddenly froze.

“Is the host kidnapped Why is he so biased this time Whats wrong with him”

“His script was probably changed, right How could he be praising one contestant to such an extent”

“Forget it.

Ill show him my respect by placing my bets first.

This time, I want a direct win yeah!”

“Wait, Dont you think something is wrong Surely the Heaven Geomantic Arena expects us to throw all our money into this Father Xu since they are showing such strong support for him right”

“If it turns out that he is in collaboration with the officials for some sponsored business and secretly pull the rug out from under us to drain our money, wont we suffer a huge loss”

“I doubt theyd dare If they dare to fight a fake match, we will directly file a lawsuit to the Holy Divine Palace!”

“Thats true…”

“Roar, Roar, Roar, Charge!”

No matter what, after the contestants, who had been cheering along with the host, entered the arena from the various resting areas and finally went on stage, the crowd erupted into another wave of cheers.

“Xu Fa Ther, Xu Fa Ther, Xu Fa Ther…”

Amidst the cheers, shreds of paper in all seven colours of the rainbow floated down from the sky.

Following which, a young man who was extremely coquettish and was blatantly trying to impress the crowd, rode his black sword and descended gracefully.

He was too flirtatious!

He was also the only one in the entire stadium who did not walk out of the rest area but flew down instead.

Even as he was facing the group of burly men below, he could control the black sword under his feet to slowly land while blowing dozens of kisses in all directions.

The entire arena cheered even more.

Compared to the men in the arena, this guy was fair and tender.

Someone coming from a demi-saint family could still act so shamelessly.

It was really unexpected for them to turn out to be a gigolo that liked to play so many fancy tricks.

The arena was filled with whistles.

No one knew what these men were excited about.

“Xu Fa Ther, Xu Fa Ther, Xu Fa Ther…”

The cheers were like a tidal wave.

At first, they were uniform and rhythmic.

These sound of these cheers was still at an acceptable level for ones eardrums.

But soon, as the rhythm became chaotic, the cheers began to change.

“Father Xu, Father Xu, Father Xu…”


“Xu Fa Ther, Xu Fa Ther… Father Xu, Father Xu…”


“Fuck, this name cant be read consecutively!”

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