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Chapter 660: Brother, Calm Down

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In the VIP private room.

Xiaolian didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she looked how Young Master Xu made his debut.

She tilted her head and asked, “Is this appropriate Are we just going to let him do whatever he wants”

Yao Yue had a smile on her face.

“Its fine.

Hes a little flirtatious, but hes still a demi-saints descendant.

No matter how strange the request is, we have to satisfy it.”

“After todays match, even if we lose the earnings from all the bets, the Heaven Geomantic Arena will still be able to earn it back in the next few days through other methods with Young Master Xus exaggerated stunt.”

Bet… Xiao Wanfengs emotions were slightly stirred as he listened to the conversation between the two.

Previously, he didnt know of Young Master Xus strength, but after learning that this was a master swordsman, who wouldnt want to place their bets

“Brother Xin.”

Xiao Wanfeng nudged Xin Gugu with his elbow and asked weakly, “Arent you going to bet I still have 200 Spirit Crystals with me.

I think I can bet on Young Master Xus win.”

“Bet on Young Master Xu”

After being stunned initially, Xin Gugu was amused.

He pointed at the resentful double-pigtailed girl in the arena through the windowsill and asked, “Do you know this girl”

“Mu Xiaogong”

Xiao Wanfeng looked at the contestant information on the table that Yao Yue had sent over earlier.

He remembered this girl.

When Young Master Xu had said her name back then, his expression had been a little strange.

She was a strong contender for the championship.

In the previous match, she had used her Innate (Stage) cultivation level to burst out an ability that was almost equivalent to that of the Sovereign Domain.

That caught the eye of everyone.

However, with master swordsman, Young Master Xu around, any candidate for the championship would only have a chance in the next match… Xiao Wanfeng was very certain.


Xin Gugu shook his head seriously, “Her name isnt Mu Xiaogong, shes called Little Great Aunt Mu.

If you want to bet, then bet on her to win!”

“Why” Xiao Wanfeng didnt understand.

Even Yao Yue and Xiaolian looked over at the same time, their faces full of curiosity.

“Mu… little great aunt”

This form of addressing her was a little weird!

“Does she know Young Master Xu” Yao Yues raised an eyebrow.

More than just knowing… Xin Gugu cursed in his heart.

This was the only person who had any control over Young Master Xu.

He glanced at Mu Zixi in the arena and could already imagine all the emotions that the little great aunt had under her dark expression.

There could only be one reason for that.

It was all because someone had snatched all the glory that she had accumulated in the previous match.

In this moment, she was definitely pouring her heart and soul into cursing that guy.

Xin Gugu felt a chill when he thought of the cursing.

They had been traveling together for half a month, and he had been fortunate enough to hear this young lady mumbling to herself a few times.

Every time, he was shocked by the curse words that she never repeated.

He believed that Xu Xiaoshou could also hear it.

After all, that fellows ears seemed to be even more sensitive than his own Sovereign (Stage) hearing.

However, it was very obvious that Xu Xiaoshou had already learned to be immune to her cursing and was able to remain as calm and still as an ancient well.

Even if he could ignore it on other days, the two of them were now on the same stage, and on a competition platform at that.

If this did not spark any reaction, he, Xin Gugu, could even write his name upside down, the kind that did not carry his surname!

“Bet on her.

Bet on that Mu Xiaogong.”

Xin Gugu pat Xiao Wanfeng on the shoulder and did not explain much.

“When the competition ends, you will know why.”

Xiao Wanfeng was very hesitant.

“What about Brother Xin Who are you betting on”


Xin Gugu was stunned.

He thought of the gold card that was used for renting their accommodations.

There was still a lot of money left in it, and Xu Xiaoshou did not take it back.

Xin Gugu had never owned so much money in his life!

He felt that if Xu Xiaoshou did not want the gold card, then it would only be suitable to for it to continue being glued tight to his chest and not be taken out.

Why would he take it out

Who are you kidding!

Who would dare to touch the almighty Xin Gugus money!

Xin Gugu clutched his chest and shook his head firmly.

“Gambling is not good.

I dont like gambling.”


Xiao Wanfeng was puzzled.

It was a game that could be won easily.

If he bet on Young Master Xu, he would definitely win.

“If I say I wont bet, then I wont bet!” Xin Gugu was clearly a little frustrated.

Who is this person Does he also want my money to take a stroll out there

Even if its a 99.99% rate that Mu Zixi will definitely earn, but what if something crops up

Thats the money for buying a house at their next destination!

Does he, Xiao Wanfeng, know the importance of a house

Thats freedom!

Without this gold card, what else would protect his, Xiao Wanfengs, first pavillion in the sky

“Speaking of which, why are you still here”

Xin Gugu frowned and sized up Xiao Wanfeng again.

“Uh…” Xiao Wanfeng was confused.

“Then where should I be Ill go and place my bets So, who will Brother Xin bet on”

Then, Xin Gugus eyes swept over and became fixated on the tea tray in Xiao Wanfengs hand.

The fragrance of the tea emanated and there was hot steam rising from it.

It was freshly brewed.

Then, Xiao Wanfeng choked on his words and seemed to have realized something.

His entire face began to turn green at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then, Xin Gugu shifted his gaze to the windowsill and pointed his chin at Xu Xiaoshou in the arena.

He did not say anything.

Then, Xiao Wanfengs face grew increasingly green until it turned purple..

Xiao Lian and Yao Yue looked at each other.

They were a little shocked when they saw this silent oppression.

He only asked you to gamble, and you asked him to die

“Little, Little Xin, Brother Xin, no, I, I, I… I take back what I said just now.

Its fine if you dont bet.

If gambling isnt good, I wont bet either!” Xiao Wanfeng was dumbfounded, he swore that he wouldnt dare to ask Brother Xin to gamble in the future.

“Miss Yao Yue, help him with the procedures… the job of serving tea and pouring water isnt easy to do.

Its worth ten thousand spirit crystal per month!”

Xin Gugu paused for a moment, silently cursing in his heart.

10,000 Spirit Crystals!

I have nothing to say…

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!”

A few thick bars of iron fences fell from the sky and heavily hit the deep ditch in the center of the competition platform, separating the entire arena into five large areas.

It was completely different from the atmosphere in the private room.

After entering the arena, the contestants could completely feel the charm of this stage.

There was no barrier, no cover.

The thundering shouts from the audience seats that could tear the sky apart pierced through their ears, heavily bombarding their minds.

In just an instant, Xu Xiaoshou felt the blood in his body boil.

He was actually affected by the fervour in such a venue.

His soul seemed to be assimilated with the rest of the contestants, and the suppressed desire to rage in the depths of his spiritual altar seemed to be ignited in an instant.

“Berserk… Resist!”

With a fierce blink, Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his impulse.

He was somewhat shocked.

Though the battle hadnt even begun in this arena, he could still feel his mind wavering, was about to directly activate the “Raging Giant” mode!


In his trance, he couldnt help but look at the information bar.

“Perception” was unable to eliminate the roars, so he could only choose to block them out mentally.

However, it was clear that the information bar did not care about the insignificant stuff.

As long as he could sense it with his “Perception”, whether it was noise or not, whatever he could do would be arranged.

“Watched, passive points 9999.”

“Cheered, passive points, 9999.”

“Encouraged, passive points, 9999.”

“Called, passive points, 9999.”

“Expected, passive points, 9999.”


“This is insane!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

The series of eye-catching “9999” shocked him to the point that he was seeing stars.

In such a short period of time, nearly 100,000 passive points had entered his account

“What the ** is going on Is this the real activation method of the passive system” Xu Xiaoshous teeth were chattering.

He was not on drugs, but he felt that every cell in his body was trembling as if he was high.

“Passive points: 826,161.”

Xu Xiaoshou silently remembered this lucky number.

He counted it very clearly.

This was a six-digit number!

“Ladies and gentlemen—”

The hosts voice, which was sicker and crazier than any of the contestants, rang once again.

“Although I know that many of you here already know the rules of the competition, I will have to repeat it again!”

“The Heaven Geomantic Battle is divided into five zones.

The number of participants for each battle can reach up to 10,000!”

“Each of the five zones will contain 2,000 people!”

“When all the zones are left with 500 contestants, the barriers will be lifted, and there will be no more distinctions of zones.”

“At that point, the remaining 2,500 people will all enter the finals and compete for the final champion spot.”

“Yes, we will not record the second place in the Heaven Geomantic Battle because only the champion can obtain the extremely rare qualification to participate in the Imperial City Trial.”

“Each person can only obtain one of the champions official tickets.

Those who have obtained it will be forbid from entering the competition thereafter.”

“As for the eliminated ones, they will be allowed to join the next Heaven Geomantic Battle whenever they want as long as they wish to do so!”

“Now, I declare todays ninth match of the Heaven Geomantic Battle…”

The hosts hoarse roar dragged on, and the tens of thousands of spectators held their breaths at the same time.

Under the gaze of countless pairs of intensely passionate eyes, it was as if the entire arena had been ignited by a raging fire.

After the hosts voice stretched to its limit, it finally hit the bottom and rebounded.

It was as if his lungs and liver were about to explode from his roar, and his roar instantly resounded throughout the entire arena.

“The match begins!”


What responded was the roar of a primitive beast that was part of the king of beasts.

It rose from the ground of Heaven Geomantic Arena and instantly pushed everyones emotions to the extreme.

With the spectators ravenous stares and the bloodshot gazes of and contestants, the contestants finally tore apart all restraints at this moment, revealing their most primitive and barbaric desires to the world.

“Kill! ! !”

“Xu Fa Ther, bring out your abilities as a demi-saints descendent and kill them all for this old man!”

“The King of beasts, this roar is your declaration of war.

Charge for me—”

“Father Xu! Father Xu! Father Xu!”

“… Fuck!”

“Xu Fa Ther! Xu Fa Ther! Father Xu! Father Xu!”

“… damn it, theres no way to intercept those cheers.

Mu Zigong, Little Loli, charge for your old man and kill that son of Xus.

This old man here will allow you to tie another ponytail!”

“Luo Yin the great muscle tyrant, kill them, and youll be the champion.

What demi-saint descendent Hes just a gigolo.

One punch! Thump, Thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, and youll punch him till he flies!”

“Kill! ! !”

The deafening growls almost destroyed the clarity of Xu Xiaoshous spiritual altar.

By the time he reacted, the entire northern region had changed.

Blood was flying everywhere!

Severed heads, broken limbs, red bones, flesh and blood…

Weapons were clanking, spiritual sources were raging…

Water, metal, wood, earth, wind, fire, lightning..

Bare-handed, he faced a sword-wielding man.

Behind him, a spear-wielding man was skewered into three balls of human meat skewers..

Relatives and friends who were madly beating up lone players were blasted into a pile of charred meat by the lightning magician who was flying in the distance…

The shadows that were hidden in the dark was caught from their hiding spots by two or three burly men and cut into pieces…

“Fuck, is this for real”

The bloody scenes one after another really shocked Xu Xiaoshou.

When he entered this place and was observing the fight from the resting area, what he saw was already the later stage of the Heaven Geomantic Battle after the big elimination.

At that time, everyones strength had depleted, and they had regained some composure after the earlier bloodshed.

But now, this exciting scene at the beginning of the competition where people had their “lives on the line” was like ice water splashing on his face.

It really woke Xu Xiaoshou up from his original intention of coming for the passive points!

“This… is reality”

“This is the essence of this world”

From a rookie in the Spirit Palace, from the escape of the White Cave, from nothing to something, till where he is now.

Every time, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had grown up, really grown up.

Reality would always remind him that he was still too inexperienced!

In the Spirit Palace, there were elders protecting him, and there were rules protecting him.

He felt that being forced to breed and being assassinated by his fellow disciples were already very heartless situations he had been through.

It wasnt until the City Guards and the White Caves encounter that he felt that everything in the Spirit Palace was childs play.

Those Ghost Beasts, Sovereign (Stage), Cutting Path (Stage), and even the higher void (level) were the true nightmares.

The arrangements of those saints were the terrifying vortex that controlled the fate of the world.

But now, reality had reminded him again.

The people he, Xu Xiaoshou, knew were all decent people.

They were all decent people with noble statuses, who had lived very well, and were very dignified.

In this world, there was still a real low.

The people still tearing off all their ordinary disguises for a spot in the imperial city trial.

They went on stage, naked and offering their blood for the championship.


Xu Xiaoshou felt like he was dreaming.

The flying broken finger flew was far too unrealistic.

The blood that poured down like rain was even emitting warmth in the air, releasing its residual heat.

But life, one by one, disappeared in front of him.

“A dream”

At the same time, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he wasnt dreaming.

Instead, he understood the most essential and calmest thing amidst this impulsive and hot-blooded scene: if it were not for their own dreams, why would they even be doing what they do in this current moment


The arena was filled with people who were green with envy.

They did not care that there was someone in this arena who would suddenly fall into a state of reflecting because of the fresh blood that poured before him.

In their eyes, this state of being in a daze meant that a newbie had entered the arena and was intimidated by the blood.

This was a common occurrence.

At the same time, this also meant that they would soon lose one of their competitors.


A ray of spiritual light slowly magnified in front of their eyes.

It was a hand with five fingers that eventaully turned into an Eagle Claw, and there were black grime and blood stains hidden under its fingernails.

It was wrapped with spiritual source, and it was obvious that it was aiming at the major artery in their neck.

Xu Xiaoshou could even catch a glimpse of the owner of the Eagle Claw from the gap between his five fingers.

His face was covered in blood, and he was baring his teeth.

It was a ferocious, confident, and crazy face!

I dont recognize him.

But, he wants to kill me


The person was extremely fast.

At least, this was publicly acknowledged by him and the people around him.

ThatHeavenly Mysterious Golden Eagle Claw was a peak Innate (Stage) spiritual technique!

The metal attribute was even more of an Innate elemental power.

It was widely recognized as the strongest attribute and there was no other like it.

This spiritual technique was used to deal with a newbie who was lost in thought because the scene was too bloody.

It was purely because the opponent had eight large light curtain screens featuring him.

It was purely because..

This persons surname was Xu, and he was the demi-saints descendant, Xu!


A clear and loud slap tore through the head that was in the Eagle Claw users imagination.

Xu Xiaoshou winked at the guy who had been slapped to the ground before him.

Then, he squatted down as he maintained his height above him.

“Brother, calm down.”

The person opposite him was stunned by the slap.

His head was tilted.

He saw many of his companions who had also quieted down.

They were rushing halfway, but they all stopped.


“Brother” Xu Xiaoshou pat his face.

It was already a little swollen.


The Eagle Claw user finally reacted.

He roared angrily and turned his head to see the face that was right in front of him.

An opportunity!

“Im going to kil—”


Another crisp and clear slap.

The Eagle Claw users head tilted again.

He saw the frozen expressions of his companions, as well as the strange figures that were stunned when they turned their heads as if they were playing “Red Light Green Light” from when they were young.

“ ”

“What happened”



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