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Chapter 663: I Dont Know You, Please Dont Kill Me

“What is he doing”

Similar to the confused audience, in the VIP room, Xiaolian and Yao Yue were equally confused by Young Master Xus actions.

“Is it not a problem for him to be doing this” Xiaolian glanced at the calm Xin Gugu and asked Yao Yue.

Yao Yue hesitated.

She also stared at Xin Gugu for a long time.

“Theoretically speaking, although Young Master Xu is a little weird, he didnt break the rules…”

“Isnt it alright since he didnt break the rules”

Xin Gugu was frightened by their stares and couldnt help but find an excuse for Xu Xiaoshous actions.

“Hes just such a person.

No rule says he cant instigate others to do bad things, right Also, look at him.

Every 20 seconds, he gets rid of a group of people.

Hes very serious in the competition…”

Xin Gugu trailed off, his face red with embarrassment.

No matter what, Xu Xiaoshou was still one of them.

Although his actions were somewhat weird, it was to be expected!

Wasnt Xu Xiaoshou like this since he first met him

If he didnt do something like this, how could he still be Xu Xiaoshou

If he wanted to do something like this, what could he, Xin Gugu, do

Other than covering for him outside the arena, it cant be that he could find an explanation for the fellows actions, right

“Even I dont didnt know what Xu Xiaoshou was trying to pull off by doing all this,” Xin Gugu thought to himself.


Yao Yue and Xiaolian looked at each other and were speechless.

The situation in the northern zone was simply a wondrous sight in their eyes.

Young Master Xus combat strength was too high!

This fellow had only made but a few moves, but almost no one dared to ignore the golden light beads that were emitting from his body.

It was one thing to not dare to ignore him, but it was another thing to ask them to face Xu Xiaoshou head-on.

No one dared to do so.

Even Yao Yue felt that she might not be able to escape unscathed from the explosion of the golden light bead.

The contestants in the arena were all at the Innate Stage, but what ability did they have that could rival Young Master Xus abilities

“So this a Demi-Saints descendant huh…” Xiaolian muttered to herself.

At this point in the competition, everyone could see that Xu Xiaoshou had the highest combat strength among those in the arena.

In such a battle where the victor could be confirmed without any suspense, the people in the other zones didnt care much.

After all, they were engaged in bloody battles, and such battles usually meant they did not have the time to take notice of Xu Xiaoshous attacks, and thus still had the motivation to continue their battles.

However, almost all the contestants in the northern zone were being toyed with by Young Master Xu.

If Young Master Xu wanted to play with people, the contestants had to play along with him.

If Young Master Xu wanted that person in charge of serving and pouring tea, Xiao Wanfeng, to be toyed with, that person would have no choice but to allow him to do so even if he cried.

He was simply…

“Hes simply a devil!” Xiaolian shook her head and exclaimed in amazement.

In the beginning, there were a few inconspicuous players who wanted to take advantage of the moment when the attention of the crowd was attracted by Xiao Wanfeng to attack Young Master Xu sneakily.

However, although Young Master Xu had been floating in the air while smiling as he stared at Xiao Wanfengs pathetic movements, those who went to launch a sneak attack were all either crippled or killed by the golden light beads.


Young Master Xus performance was completely unlike that of a first-timer.

Or to put it another way, other than his momentary daze at the beginning of the match, which seemed to be because he was shocked by the smell of blood on the heaven geomantic battle, this Demi-Saints descendants following actions were even more in line with an executioner than any other executioner.

He was decisive and merciless!

He attacked anyone who he thought deserved it and killed anyone he thought deserved to die.

There was no solution at all!

“Its almost time.” Yao Yue suddenly spoke.

Although most of the peoples attention was attracted by the spectacle in the northern zone, she was paying attention to the people in the other zones at the same time.

At this moment, the heaven geomantic battle had already been going on for quite some time.

By this time, the five zones should be cleared and left with about 500-600 people.

In a short while, the number of people had reached the standard, and the extremely excited voice of the host appeared.

“Its time for the finals!!! Now, let us congratulate the contestants who are still in the arena.

You have 10 seconds to rest.

Next, let us enter the tense and exciting finals!”

Rumble —

The competition platform sank, and the fences that divided the zones rose away.

The contestants from the five zones all chose to stop.

This was an unwritten rule.

The heaven geomantic battle was too tiring.

Taking advantage of the short period when the battlespace was shrinking, everyone was adjusting their breathing, hoping to be in a better condition to deal with the upcoming battle.

Of course, there was one person who was an exception in the entire arena.

It could be said that while the other contestants were seizing this moment to adjust their breathing from their extensive battles and killings, this fellow had relaxed for the whole preliminary round.

The number of times he took the initiative to make a move, other than to save Xiao Wanfeng, could be counted with one palm!

“The nervous and exciting finals… huh”

The audience looked at Young Master Xu who was in the northern zone with a stoic expression, unconsciously repeating the hosts words.

Perhaps at any other time, the competition platforms upcoming finals would be the one competition that everyone would be looking forward to the most, but now…

“How is this tense How is this exciting”

“Young Master Xu had been drinking tea on the arena for the entire preliminaries! All he needs to do is build a toilet on the arena so that his input and output can be balanced and he can take care of everything on the spot.”

“Speechless, Im speechless! This is the first time Ive seen such a predictable battle.

Arent those people from the northern zone trash Doesnt anyone dare to launch a sneak attack Are they just going to let him be all high and mighty there”

“Hehe, sneak attack If it were you, would you dare to go Didnt you see how the previous few died Those exploding light beads…”

“Thats right, what exactly are those golden light beads Does Young Master Xu really have the explosive attribute That spiritual technique is too disgusting!”

“Young Master Xu!!! Please have a child with me… Ahhhhhhh, he, he, he, he looked at me!”

“Oh, these women are crazy.”

“The finals have begun So fast”

Xu Xiaoshou was full of curiosity as he watched the competition platform sink while the fences lifted into the air.

All of the contestants were forced to the central zone.

Then, these flustered fellows with ferocious expressions were all attracted by the almost spotless youth in the sky.

“He… Hes not bleeding”

Young Master Xus golden brocade clothes were too eye-catching in the arena that was crimson with blood.

The few spots of blood on his clothes were accidentally splattered onto him at the beginning of the battle.

Apart from that, not only was there not a single wound on his entire body, even his breathing was slow and steady.

It was as if other people were here to fight while he was here to travel.

“Oh my God, are the guys in the northern zone so cowardly”

“Is there not a single one who dares to fight Xu Deye Were they all scared by his title as a Demi-Saints Descendant”

“Shh! Shut it.

Youre from the southern zone, you didnt see how disgusting the scene in the northern zone was just now.

That guy…”

“What did he do”

“He, he, he…”

“Mm-hm Spill!”

“He… Sigh, you wont believe me even if I tell you, and I cant even describe it.

Why am I wasting so much time talking to you”


Some contestants had formed teams before entering the arena.

They had fought their way out of their respective zones and gathered in the central zone.

Some of them had witnessed the situation in the northern zone.

However, most of them had only raised their heads for a slight moment in the process of their killings.

Before the preliminaries ended, they didnt have the spare time to pay attention to the situation in the other zones.

If it was concerning the abnormal phenomenon around Young Master Xu, indeed, some of the contestants on the arena understood a certain degree of its power, but most of the contestants still had the intention of causing a scene in the arena.

Young Master Xu was a Demi-Saints descendant, perhaps everyones initial thought was to avoid offending him.

However, at this moment, their killing intent had already been unleashed.

Moreover, anyone who entered the heaven geomantic arena would be responsible for their own life and death.

Under such circumstances, who would not want to step on this Demi-Saints descendant as a stepping stone for them to ascend to the top instantly

“Young Master Xu…”

After being beaten half to death, Xiao Wanfeng found that he had entered the finals in a daze.

At this moment, he was completely dumbfounded.

His current mood was simply difficult to describe with words.

There was the feeling of relief after having narrowly escaped death, as well as the endless resentment toward Young Master Xu who had instigated his sufferings, but more than that, emotions were bubbling within him…

The various emotions he had from his life experience!

“Ive entered the finals” Xiao Wanfeng asked himself in disbelief, somewhat doubting whether whatever he was seeing was real.

He had once come to the heaven geomantic arena to experience the splendor of the battles within.

However, he had only glanced at the battles briefly before leaving because he was afraid of being affected by the aftershocks of the battles.

After all, the audience could ignore the aftershocks of the battles because they possessed the strength to directly enter the arena if they were angry.

As for Xiao Wanfeng, to put it bluntly, without the Hidden Sword Technique, he was just an ordinary person.

But at this moment, he, an ordinary person had entered the finals

“How did I qualify” Xiao Wanfeng scratched his head.

Only those who truly understood the heaven geomantic battle would know how intricate its design was.

If a person could enter the finals of the heaven geomantic battle, it meant that he had finished off almost four-fifths of the participants.

After all, this was a battle of one in ten thousand, which meant there were only about two thousand people left in the finals.

“I, Xiao Wanfeng, have won against more than seven thousand Innate and Acquired stage cultivators just by running” Xiao Wanfengs excitement at this moment almost overcame his anger towards Young Master Xu.

“Yes, you have entered the finals.

Dont doubt yourself.

Theres no need to belittle yourself.

Although youre not the best, you are indeed quite good.” Xu Xiaoshou landed beside him at the right time and encouraged him with a smile.

Xiao Wanfeng finally came to his senses.

The anger in his heart suppressed his excitement again and he glared at Young Master Xu.

“Why are you glaring at me”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely indifferent to this harmless glare.

At this moment, he only felt that he had turned into the cold-blooded Elder Sang.

Some things were indeed difficult to understand unless they reached a certain height.

Just like how he did not understand why Elder Sang would treat a junior from the Spirit Palace like that back then.

From his view back then, Elder Sangs actions were just like a devils, a big villain who had no humanity.

But when he reached a certain level, everything became clear without him realizing it.

“Maybe this is what it means to grow up!”

The only thing that made Xu Xiaoshou realize that he was somewhat illogical was that Elder Sang had become cold-blooded on certain matters only after he had reached the height where he could truly decide the life and death of a person.

However, at this moment, he was only at the Innate stage…

“What have you learned” Xu Xiaoshou asked cheerfully.

He had asked this question countless times previously when they were in the northern zone.

He had asked this question every time he made a move to save Xiao Wanfeng when he had lost all chances of survival, clearing out the contestants while he was at it.

However, Xiao Wanfeng was still glaring at him angrily.

Xu Xiaoshou could understand Xiao Wanfengs thoughts and feelings, so he didnt care about his attitude.

“You havent figured it out yet”

Seeing Xiao Wanfengs reaction, Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and said, “It doesnt matter.

There are still more battles to come.

Its enough for you to figure it out.”

However, this time, after Xiao Wanfeng glared at him angrily, he showed a thoughtful expression for the first time.

After all, it was only at this time that he had time to think.

“To be honest, I dont agree with your method, but it seems to be quite useful…” Xiao Wanfeng muttered to himself as if he had really realized something.

He had narrowly escaped death time and time again.

Even if he trusted Young Master Xu and believed that he would save him at the critical moment, but the feeling of helplessness at the brink of death was something that no human would want to face.

And at those moments, perhaps if it were the first or second time, no one would be able to have the reaction speed to be able to think of a way to solve the dilemma.

However, when this kind of life-and-death dilemma appeared for the third or fourth time… or even the thirtieth or fortieth time, it would be completely different.

Xiao Wanfeng was deep in thought.

He was good at thinking and summarizing.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to obtain his unique insights and alternative viewpoints after studying a type of sword technique.

And now, he had entered that state of insight again.

In his mind, the scenes of him escaping death time and time again flashed by.

Perhaps it could not be said that he had escaped death at all, but instead died time and time again.

After all, if Young Master Xu had not intervened to resolve the crisis…

Every time, whatever he was thinking in his heart would be disrupted by the little details of reality.

Be it due to the pursuers tripping over their feet, or two elements that werent interfering with each other exploded under the effect of a third element, which was not within his expectations… There were too many details!

If at that time, the pursuers actions could be as he had expected, then even if he was a mortal, he wouldnt be in a desperate situation in a large-scale siege.

But they would not do as he thought.

Then, how could he make them do as he thought

“Wait a moment Make them wait a moment”

Xiao Wanfeng felt that this idea was too ridiculous.

However, he was completely unaware that in the moments he was deep in thought, the circulation of path energy in his body seemed to have accelerated.

Others might not notice, but Xu Xiaoshou was close by, and his “Perception” could see all this happening.

At this moment, the competition platform had finished descending, and the partition fence was raised high up in the sky.

With a “clang” sound, it stabilized in its original position similar to before the competition started.

At the same time, the hosts excited voice rang out.

“Resting time is over.

Now, I announce… The competition continues!!!”

The contestants in the finals were instantly in an uproar.

Amidst the commotion, a distinct green figure covered in blood whooshed straight towards Xu Xiaoshou.

As if being the most aboveboard raider, she did not even attempt to hide her attack and charged straight towards Xu Xiaoshou.

Following her actions, she shouted, “You… Young Master Xu, I fought to the death in the southern zone, yet you were drinking tea here”

Xu Xiaoshou was moved.

He used his “Perception” to look at the twin-ponytails girl in the green dress that had been dyed with blood and immediately retreated.

With a tug of his hand, he lifted Xiao Wanfeng up high.

“Xiao Wanfeng, stop her!”

He could see that Xiao Wanfeng was having an epiphany.

He did not know what this guy could come up with, but since the situation was like this, he might as well give him more stimulation!

Mu Zixi was too terrifying.

The moment he entered the arena, this little girl had started contributing limitless curses, and any discerning person could tell at a glance that she was feeling resentful.

At this moment, only the familiar stranger in his hands might be able to stop this little girls impulsive actions!

To be honest, at this moment, all Xu Xiaoshou could think about was that he did not want to be bitten by a certain someone.

However, to Xiao Wanfeng, this sudden attack in front of him was coming from a true stranger!

She was like the group of pursuers in the northern zone, to him, there was no difference at all.

Even though the wooden spikes in the twin ponytailed girls hands were not as sharp as what the wood cultivators had used, and even though he had read about Mu Zixis information in the private room, who he remembered seemed to have a good relationship with Young Master Xu, at this moment, how could Xiao Wanfeng dare to bet that the other party would show mercy

His neck was being gripped by fate.

The only thing he could think of was what Young Master Xu had said.

“Stop her!”

— But how

Similar to the group of pursuers in the northern zone, if… if she could stop, he would have more time!

But how could she make her stop

The wooden spike was so close that Xiao Wanfeng didnt have time to think.

At this moment, Xiao Wanfeng, who couldnt even pull out the wooden sword on his back, could only stare in despair at Mu Zixi and shouted with all his strength, “Stop!!!”


White sword energy pierced through Mu Zixis body, completely freezing her in place.

Immediately after, the swords of all the contestants and spectators buzzed and vibrated.

The sound of the sword cries pierced through the entire arena in an instant, passing through the entire underground heaven geomantic arena, and echoed in a radius of ten miles, reaching Dongtianwang City, the Western City District, and the North Downtown.

Xiao Wanfeng, who had his eyes closed, had no idea what had happened.

He only continued to cry hysterically, “I dont know you..

Please dont kill me!”


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