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Chapter 682: the Absolute Dominance of Eighth Sword Deity!

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To tell the truth.

From the moment Xu Xiaoshou entered this room with the vanishing technique to the moment he heard Jiang Qis words, his heart turned cold.

There is no lack of smart people in this world… he once again confirmed this view.

Perhaps because Jiang Qi didnt have enough information, she did make a slight misjudgment about the First Pavilion in the Sky.

But basically, she had guessed correctly that the Saint Servant was using Xu Deye as a pawn!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was very glad that he had come over.

If he hadnt come, the Jiang clan would probably start targeting the First Pavilion in the Sky.

By then, it wouldnt matter whether he was exposed or not.

What really mattered was, if he had become a target, the implementation of his plans would be difficult and almost impossible.

Since he was already here, he would make sure their plans would go wrong.

No matter how accurate their judgment was, Xu Xiaoshou would make them doubt themselves.

Just like this moment.

The three people from the Jiang clan were talking about Bazhunan.

Then out of nowhere, Bazhunan suddenly appeared in the room out of nowhere, which almost scared them to death.

“Dont panic, Im not here to kill you.”

Xu Xiaoshou was in a black robe and his voice sounded unperturbed and calm.

He had a lot of experience in the technique of acting.

Whats more, Xu Xiaoshou was ready for this a long time ago.

Since he obtained the sword cognition, and heard all the legends about Bazhunan, he had been preparing for this.

Was he not even scared

If he said that he was not scared at all, that would be a lie.

But he was confident too; he had mastered stealth, transformation, and sword cognition.

On top of that, he had met Bazhunan before and knew very well the way Bazhunan moved and spoke.

He was certain that the Eighth Sword Deity (a.k.a.

Bazhunan) he played looked so real that even if the real Bazhunan were here, he would be shocked.

This group of people in front of him might be nervous and uneasy, but facing the leader of the worlds number one evil organization..

Would they dare to make a move first

At least Xu Xiaoshou was sure that no one below the high void (level) would dare to attack him/the Eighth Sword Deity first!

Just like right now, after saying one sentence, he fell into silence and merely stared at the two sovereign (stage) who were facing each other with their swords drawn.

The latter was already starting to panic.


“In this world, no one dares to use a sword to point at me.”

Even if the person in black robe didnt say anything, almost at the same time, both Jiang Si and Jiang Qi were thinking the same thing: he was an undefeatable swordsman.

Their hearts both sank and were frightened.

The two of them lowered the tip of their swords almost at the same time and placed it in front of them, changing to a defensive posture.

Only then did the man in the black robe shift his gaze toward Jiang Qi.

This small detail made Jiang Qi even more nervous.

She knew that there were too many fanatical fans of the Eighth Sword Deity who tried to be him.

Every time those people came out, they tried using similar but fake looking ways to prove to the world that they were the real one:

“I am the Eighth Sword Deity!”

But this person in front of her was clearly different…

He didnt say anything, but his silence was more powerful than any words!

Even though there was still a little doubt in her heart, Jiang Qi didnt dare to say anything again.

The more she said , the more trouble she might get them into.

According to the legends, the Eighth Sword Deity was unruly and cruel who would give people death orders just because he thought their tone was inappropriate.

The four people in the room were all nervous for different reasons; a silence fell in the room.

For a while, only heavy breathing could be heard.

Unlike the three people from the Jiang clan, Xu Xiaoshou was deliberately brewing this kind of atmosphere.

This wasforce.

It was also his way to take control of the situation.

The room was silent for more than ten breaths.

After theEighth Sword Deity finished scanning the three persons and seemed to have remembered everyones appearance and aura, he said, “You can leave.”

He was talking to Jiang Si.

Jiang Si was stunned, and he became even more nervous.

He almost lost his ability to think.

Because the “Eighth Sword Deity” was only speaking to Jiang Si, Jiang Xian, who was behind him, felt relieved.

After gathering his thoughts, he quickly understood what the “Eighth Sword Deity” was thinking.

Before he showed up, the “Eighth Sword Deity” must have been in the room for a while, and have heard Jiang Qis words.

Perhaps, at the beginning, his target was only himself, but Jiang Qis words made him want to talk to her as well.

After all, smart people enjoyed talking to other smart people… Jiang Xians mind spun crazily.

Thinking of this, he immediately waved at the Jiang Si.

“Get out.”


Jiang Si panicked.

He couldnt just walk away and let his young master die.

If he died, he couldnt live anyway.

“I dont kill people.”

Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth.

Jiang Xian wanted to speak, but as soon as he heard him talk, he decided to swallow his words.

The three people of the Jiang clan, quickly returned to the position of the “Eighth Sword Deity”.

They were so fast and in sync, as if they had gone through rigorous training.

Xu Xiaoshou leaned against the back of the chair, his hands and legs outstretched.

The door was wide open, as if it would let anything in.

From a high vantage point, he looked down at them with disdain.

“I dont want to kill anyone, but only people I choose are allowed to stay in this room and talk to me.

After you go out, tell the others and dont let them come in.”

“There can only be three living people here.

Do you understand what I mean”

Xu Xiaoshou softly said to Jiang Si.

But Jiang Si didnt understand him at all.

At the moment, his mind was a mess.

While Jiang Si was struggling to understood his words, Jiang Xian got it immediately.

Jiang Xian knew what Xu Xiaoshou wanted.

He didnt want to kill, but it didnt mean that he wouldnt kill.

Just as he had expected, the Eighth Sword Deity only wanted to talk to smart people, and in the face of his absolute combat strength, a throne meant nothing.

What usage could a cutting path (stage) be

“Get Out!”

Jiang Xian shouted at him in a stern voice, “You need to take everyone out of the manor; its an order.

As to you and Chaotian the elder, todays your holiday.

All of you must get out of the manor.

You can go anywhere today, just dont come back!”

Jiang Chaotian is a long time guard of cutting path (stage).

The Eighth Sword Deitys message was clear: there would only be three living people in this house; anyone else who stayed would be dead.

Among the three who stayed: one was himself, one was Jiang Xian, and one was Jiang Qi.

Even though some of the guard might have entered the cutting path (stage) , it meant nothing to him, and he could still kill him easily !

Jiang Qi, who was standing at the side, got the message.

But to her surprise, Jiang Xian also kept a clear mind at this crucial moment; she immediately turned her head and gave him a look of appreciation.

This was the kind of mentality they needed now!

Jiang Xian was much more mature than his peers in terms of his ability to remain calm and think clearly.

She wasnt worried that the Eighth Sword Deity would break his promise.

Just like they were afraid of him, he probably didnt dare to underestimate Jiang Xians demi-saint status.

The Eighth Sword Deity probably didnt want to make enemies with the Jiang clan for no reasons, which was why he said he wouldnt kill if they left.

Jiang Si was still hesitating.

He still didnt get the message.

He was still worried what would happen if he left and Jiang Chaotian elder couldnt come in either.

That would leave only his young master Jiang Xian and Jiang Qi facing the Eighth Sword Deity head-on.

— How could they survive

That was the Eighth Sword Deity!

“Get out of here! Scram!”

Jiang Xian was furious.

Jiang Si was so stupid.

He was always dropping the ball.

“Three people.

Ill give you three breaths time.”

After he said that, Xu Xiaoshou raised four fingers at Jiang Si.

When Jiang Si saw the straight thumb, his mind suddenly became clear.

He immediately understood what would happen to the fourth person in the room.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

He gave Jiang Qi a look which was like saying, “Take care.” Then, he went out and locked the door behind him.

“Lets Go!”


He heard the sound of Jiang Si gnashing his teeth and Jiang Chaotians old and helpless voice from outside.

Xu Xiaoshou was relieved.

That Cutting Path (stage) was a smart man.

He knew that it was useless to enter the room.

That was enough.

Once the “Power” was formed, everything would go in the direction hed like to.

Now only the three of them were left in the room.

His plan would go smoothly.

Xu Xiaoshou casually took the information book on the table and put it down after flipping through a few pages.

He smiled and said, “It seems that theres no need for me to introduce myself.”

On the front page of the slightly wrinkled information book, the portrait of the Eighth Sword Deity looked exactly like himself.

They even wore the same as outfit and the gaze looked similar as well.

— Why would he need to introduce myself

The only thing that Xu Xiaoshou was curious about was how the Jiang clan got such an accurate portrait of the Eighth Sword Deity.

Even the gaze was so vivid.

He didnt think too much about it.

Instead, he look at Jiang Qi directly.

His gaze landed on her sword, and he spoke very causually:

“Originally I didnt come here for you .”

“But youre a little too smart.

Some of your predictions came close and might disrupt my plans.

Thats why Ive kept you here.”

“You dont mind, do you”

Jiang Qi could only force a smile.

What else could she say

I do mind

If she wanted to live longer, shed better keep her mouth shut, right

“Of course…”

“Hiss!” Before she could finish, Jiang Qi felt a pain in her palm.

Under the gaze of the Eighth Sword Deity, the spiritual sword in her hand actually buzzed and then flew toward the his hand in joy.

Behind him, Jiang Xians eyes widened in fear.

He recognized the technique he was using—it was the famous “sword observation technique!”

Sword observation technique not only allowed the practitioner to cultivate sword cognition, but also it would greatly benefit the spiritual sword itself.

The broken sword Qingju (sword) had been nurtured by the technique and transformed from an unknown spiritual sword into a famed sword.

It was precisely because of this that all the spiritual swords in the world respected the Eighth Sword Deity.

Those who were called would follow his order obediently.

Even though they were not owned by the Sword Deity, they were still happy.

Jiang Qi was also familiar with the legend of sword observation technique.

Although she did not know much about the details, she had heard the saying about “how the spiritual swords adored the Eighth Sword Deity” so many times that she could almost memorize it.

Now that she had seen the legendary technique with her own eyes, she was shocked beyond belief.

She was the owner of her spiritual sword, and the Deity hadnt even moved a finger.

With just a glance, her sword was gone

If they were going to duel, how could any swordsman be able to defeat this man

“Good sword.”

Xu Xiaoshous fingers caressed the swords body; he sighed with heartfelt emotion.

Under the influence of the sword observation technique, this sovereign stage spiritual sword, which was one of the best in grade three, started trembling out of blue, looking like someone controlled by drugs.

It was the swords first time (under the influenced of the technique), and first time was always violent and crazy…

The ringing of the sword lasted for more than ten breaths; its trembling stopped only after Xu Xiaoshou stopped touching it.

Xu Xiaoshou put the sword on the table.

The spiritual sword actually buzzed, as if it was about to fly over.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help laughing.

He got hold of the spiritual sword, threw it to Jiang Qi, and said, “Control it.”

Jiang Qi took the sword.

However, the sword seemed to not want to recognize its master anymore.

It struggled to return to Xu Xiaoshous arms.

Jiang Qis face turned pale.

She gripped the spiritual sword with all her might and put it back into the sheath.

She held the connection between the sheath and the hand guard, which restrained the madness of the spiritual sword.

“He must be the true sword deity!”

Jiang Qi was shocked.

This man was the real Eighth Sword Deity!

It was a small detail that she noticed.

Perhaps he deliberately revealed it, or perhaps he was excited to see a prey and cherished sword like gold.

But without a doubt, when the spiritual sword was in her hand again, Jiang Qi could feel that the spiritual quality of the sword was different.

So excited, so intense..

In this world, there was only one person who could make the spiritual sword undergo such a transformation with just one hand, and the technique he used could be nothing but the famous sword observation technique!


“Lets get down to business.”

A faint voice pulled the two back from their wild thoughts.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the chaos in the information bar and knew that the two person in front of him were no longer able to stir up any waves.

He immediately turned to the main topic and looked at Jiang Qi.

“Youre very smart.

Why dont you guess again, what is My Plan”



.” Jiang Qis back was instantly drenched in sweat.

“I dont dare to speak recklessly.”

Xu Xiaoshou was holding the teapot on the table; he did not pour, just played with it.

When he heard that, he casually waved his sleeve, and two chairs flew out.

He said, “Dont be nervous.

Sit down and think it through before you answer.”

Jiang Qis face was as pale as paper.

When she heard of him, it was no different from saying, “You still have one last chance to speak.

Answer carefully!”

This time, she decided to be frank.

Since she was going to die anyway, there was no need to be afraid of offending him.

“I guess senior wants to disrupt Dongtianwang City and spread the information about the sacred and secret land,”

“After all, theSaint Ascension foundational roots in the sacred land is too powerful.

As long as it attracts outsiders over, it will be easy to set a trap again, and muddy the waters… uh, profit from it…”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He thought to himself, this woman was much smarter than he thought.

None of the women hed known could be compared to her!

How did she figure this out

He continued asking her, “How do we profit from it”

Beads of sweat rolled down from Jiang Qis forehead and entered her eyes.

She did not notice it at all and seemed more tense up, “Senior, I heard that youve been to the sacred land before.

I think the sacred land is in chaos is part of your plan.

As to what your plan really is I dont dare to pry.”

“Yes, you dare!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and pointed at the chair.

Without further ado, he said, “Sit down and keep going.”

Jiang Qi sat up straight with a smack.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Jiang Xian again.

The latter did not say a word and directly moved his butt up.

His upper body, however, still seemed to be standing straight, and his entire person appeared to be in a daze.

He really knows how to act… Xu Xiaoshou instantly saw through Jiang Xians thoughts.

Jiang Xian wasnt stupid.

Xu Xiaoshou could tell this from the confrontation he had with him in front of the Plenty Gold Company.

Indeed, all Jiang Xian needed to do was exaggerate his nervousness in front of him.

Even if he made a mistake, he would have an excuse to say that he was too nervous.


Xu Xiaoshou smiled and decided to ignore fim.

He looked at Jiang qi and said, “Tell me more, why do I want to profit from Abyss Island”

Abyss Island… Jiang Qi closed her eyes.

What she was best at was knowing the ins and outs of the situation.

In the end, the sacred secret land was only a respectful name the outsiders gave to the Abyss Island.

People from the Abyss Island wouldnt use it at all.

And what the Eighth Sword Deity inadvertently revealed..

When people thought he died, he was really locked up in Abyss Island!

Jiang Qi had given up her hope of survival.

If she didnt say it, she would die.

If she said it because he asked, there might still be a chance of survival.

She decided to tell him the boldest speculation in her heart.

“I think….

senior was probably planning to release all of them!”


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