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Chapter 683: Detail Monster VS Detail Monster

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What a woman!

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had met his opponent.


Who was this person

How could a nameless pawn have such a thorough understanding of his well thought plan

It was one thing for her to know her own thoughts.

But she even figured out the Eighth Sword Deitys plan Just like him.

As the old saying went, “There is always someone whos better than you… ” The ancient people did tell the truth!


However, no matter how turbulent his heart was, Xu Xiaoshou remained unmoved on the surface.

He only gently turned the Teacup and said with interest, “Very bold speculation.”

Jiang Qi was speechless for a moment.

She could see that the Eighth Sword Deity had no intention to kill them.

Thats why he didnt get angry at her.


This was a very good signal.

But at the same time..

The Old Fox was indeed an old fox.

She had already said that much, ready to risk her life just to see something from his eyes.

But in the end, not even a hint of surprise could be seen!

His reaction was more like how a senior was delighted by her thoughts.

His words were noncommittal.


Of course, he didnt give his opinion at all.

Strictly speaking, after a round of conversation, the Eighth Sword Deity knew all her thoughts.

He probably even had a clear idea of the future reaction of the Jiang clan.

But what about himself

Jiang Qi sighed helplessly in her heart.

She hadnt gotten anything.

“Thats enough.

You can go sit over there.”

Xu Xiaoshou ended his questioning and pointed at the door as he spoke to her.

He always controlled where the conversation should go.

He spoke the same lines as his role required.

He would never be so impulsive as to deny Jiang Qis thoughts on behalf of the Eighth Sword Deity.


Too much denial was equal to confirmation.

A truly strong person would never bother to clarify things.

On the contrary, people who did not get an explanation would question the truth of their own ideas.

Sometimes, clever people were too clever for their own good.

Even though people got the correct idea in the beginning, had they got no feedbacks, neither denial nor confirmation, they might start questioning themselves

and ended up with the wrong conclusion.

No one knew the trick better than Xu Xiaoshou.

All he needed to do was carrying on with an attitude of “Understanding”, “Knowing”, and “Enough, you can go somewhere else to play”.

That was all.

After hearing his instruction, Jiang Qi found herself full of doubts.

But the Eighth Sword Deity wouldnt talk to her anymore.

The only thing she could do was to follow his instructions and move her chair back.

But she made sure she was still slightly ahead of Jiang Xian.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

She was being protective.

She figured out that he would question Jiang Xian next.

But she was afraid that Jiang Xian wouldnt be able to withstand the pressure, so she moved to his side.


With her like a big tree in front of her, Jiang Xian could at least feel at ease.

Jiang Qi thought she hid her intention well, but it couldnt be too obvious to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Sit by the door.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the door and said calmly, “I allowed you to listen in here because you are very smart.

When your young master cant answer or dont know how to answer, you have three opportunities to speak on his behalf.”

Jiang Qi looked back at her young master in despair.

At this moment, her eyes were full of messages like “Youll have to fend for yourself.” and “Just try your best.”

Then she moved the chair back and sat behind Jiang Xian.

Xu Xiaoshous gaze also fell on Jiang Xian at the same time.

“Peng Peng!”

“Peng Peng!”

A moment ago, Jiang Qi was in front of him, and seeing her there was helpful for him to stay calm.

But now that Jiang Qi had left, even if she was still behind him, Jiang Xian felt the pressure of taking on the legendary Eighth Sword Deitys by himself.

He was so nervous that the thumping of his heart was heard by everyone.

Jiang Xians face was a little red.

He tried his best to control his heartbeat, but found it impossible.

He might be able to do it if it were someone else.

Someone from cutting path (stage) , higher void (level) ..

Jiang Xian was confident that he would not lose his composure like this.

But the person in front of him was different.

He was the Eighth Sword Deity!

He was the legend of the Eastern Region!

After gaining fame in the central region, he also left an indelible impression on the people of the northern region.

He was such a mighty figure that at his peak times, no one could compete with him.

Now the mighty figure who had stood at the peak of the world was now staring straight at him..

“Peng Peng!”

“Peng Peng Peng!”

Xu Xiaoshou gazed at Jiang Xian, and his gaze stayed for more than ten breaths.

Only when Jiang Xian was covered in cold sweat with blue veins popping out did he withdraw his “Force” and chuckle.


I am not going to kill you.”

“Senior, if you have anything you want to ask, go ahead!” Jiang Xian said through gritted teeth.


Xu Xiaoshou was very satisfied with his attitude.

“You have thethree loathsome eyes, right As far as I know, this is the eye technique of the Lei clan.” His voice was calm, but his words were like a cannon that hit Jiang Xian directly.

With a bang, the mental preparation that Jiang Xian had painstakingly built up collapsed in an instant, and his mind went blank on the spot.

Jian Xian had never thought that his question would be so sharp.

In an instant, it hit his weakest point.

Indeed, Jiang Xian had received the Jiang clans mission because of the “three loathsome eyes”.

But he had not expected that the Eighth Sword Deity would also target him for the same reason.

“Yes.” Struggling to stay unperturbed, Jiang Xian said in a humming voice.

Xu Xiaoshou was still calm.

“You saidYes.

Are you answering my first question, the second, or… the third, both”

Jiang Xian struggled in his heart for a long time before he finally said with a trembling voice, “The third.”

Behind him, Jiang Qi thought to herself,this is not good.

Young Master Jiang had already fallen in the trap the Eighth Sword Deity set from the very beginning.

Although there were some questions that he had to answer, he should at least beat around the bush.

Then He could try finding out some information along the way, or he divert the topic elsewhere.

But this “Third” was a direct answer.

There was nothing else.

His opponent was controlling the direction of the conversation!

Hold on… Jiang Qis heart was clenched, and she was secretly encouraging her young master from behind.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to ask, “Since its the three loathsome eyes of the Lei family, how did it appear on you Dont tell me that you were born with it”

Jiang Xians mind was blank, and he could only answer numbly, “No, I wasnt born with it.”

“Oh, acquired (stage) …”Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“If acquired (stage) , how did you get it”

Jiang Xian subconsciously opened his mouth.

At this moment, Jiang Qi, who was behind him, saw that things were not looking good, interrupted.

“Senior, you should know that the Lei family has the Eyes of the world.

The scroll on the three loathsome eyes was acquired by the Jiang clan.

Young master Jiang cultivated technique because he was extremely talented.”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at her and raised two fingers.

He did not speak to Jiang Qi but looked at Jiang Xian again.

“Is it like what she said”

By now, Jiang Xian had come to his senses as well.

He realized that he had fallen into the trap of this powerful opponent.

The saint servant was the orphan of the Lei clan; thats why he had “one tear and two lines.”

And the Eighth Sword Deity was the saint servants chief.

He showed up here at this moment.

Perhaps he had come to seek justice for the Lei family.

If he admitted that this eye was not acquired (stage) but put in..

Thinking of this, Jiang Xian went weak at the knees.

If he told the truth, he probably even couldnt choose know how to die!

“Yes.” Jiang Xian steadied his state of mind, shook his head slightly, and calmly replied.

“Deceived, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

When he smiled, Jiang Qi, who was behind him, felt nervous immediately.

Everyone could see that there was something fishy about Jiang Xians reply.

Would the eighth sword deity notice that detail… Jiang Qis heart jumped.

“You repliedYes, but youre shaking your head.” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but laugh.

Hearing this, Jiang Xians entire body froze.

As expected… Jiang Qi sighed as well.

As expected, it was impossible for the old fox not to notice such a small detail of lying.

“Tell me, how did the Jiang clan obtain the three loathsome eyes” Xu Xiaoshou didnt care about Jiang Xian just lied.

Someone junior to him just lied mischievously and he was not surprised at all.

Thats all of Xu Xiaoshous reaction.

What he really wanted to do was to see through peoples facade.

The ability could be gained by experience.

It wasnt worth mentioning at all to show off.

Jiang Xian was already so terrified that he couldnt speak.

It was part of the secrets of the clan.

At this moment, it was too difficult for him to determine whether he could tell it or not.

When Jiang Qi saw this, she spoke once more, “Senior should probably know the battle years ago in which many factions were involved.

All the factions that participated in the battle had split up the benefits later on…”

“It was nothing to be shamed about.

The strong preys on the weak, thats all.”

Jiang Qi hurriedly explained before continuing; she sensed his mood change, and was afraid.

“What the Jiang family received was the scroll of thethree loathsome eyes.”

“Im sorry for lying just now.

Young Masters three loathsome eyes was indeed not cultivated by himself, but acquired (stage) .”


She changed the topic and said, “This pair of eyes definitely didnt come from the Lei family.

They were from the seniors of our clan who died after they cultivated thethree loathsome eyes.”

Jiang Xians eyes lit up.

“Yes! Thats the truth!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him as if he was an idiot.

However, when his eyes fell on Jiang Qi, he couldnt hide his approval.

This woman was really smart.

She thought of such a perfect excuse in such a short time.

No wonder she could figure out the thoughts of the Eighth Sword Deity.

What a clever girl.

She was quite the opposite of Jiang Xian.

Xu Xiaoshou kept his thoughts to himself, and did not speak to Jiang Qi.

It was as if he had said that he would not ask her anymore, and he meant it.


Xu Xiaoshou raised three fingers.

Jiang Qi panicked when she saw it.

She thought of what the Eighth Sword Deity had said just now, that she only had three opportunities to help him.

Now, there was only one left!

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Jiang Xian again.

This time it was not only Jiang Xian who had the illusion of facing a giant.

Even if he did not use “Force”, Xu Xiaoshou felt he was looking down and scrutinizing Jiang Xian.

“In thethree loathsome eyes (technique), what abilities have you mastered” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Mind-changing Aperture!”

Jiang Xian answered without thinking.

He knew the answer well.

“The ability of the three loathsome eyes is too powerful.

With my current cultivation level, I can only master a little power of the mind-changing aperture.”

“You only know themind-changing aperture” Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

“Yes!” Jiang Xian nodded without hesitation.

By now Jiang Qi could sense that something must go wrong.

She wanted to remind Jiang Xian.

However, she could not waste another opportunity.

Besides, it seemed that it was already too late..

Because after Xu Xiaoshou got his confirmation, he said flatly, “If you only know themind-changing aperture, then how could you sense the power from Lei Shuangxing”

Lei Shuangxing

Jiang Xian and Jiang Qi were startled at the same time.

This time, they came to their senses.

It turned out that the Eighth Sword Deity was not here to seek justice for the Lei family.

He was here because Lei Shuangxing, who was with him, had also mastered the eye technique of the Lei family, and sensed the “three loansome eyes” because of the power of his bloodline

Jiang Xian subconsciously looked back.

This time he was really panicking.

If he continued talking, there would really be nothing left.

He couldnt say anymore!

How could his opponent know his weakness every time he asked

How terrifying..

Seeing Jiang Xian look at her, Jiang Qi shook her head slightly.

She couldnt open her mouth easily anymore, or else she really wouldnt be able to turn the situation around.


Unable to get a response from Jiang Qi, Jiang Xian could only grit his teeth and answered.

“Mythree loansome eyes can also sense the existence of Lei shuangxings eyes!”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly rolled his eyes in his heart.

‘Sense My A * s!!

Whether Lei shuangxing was in Dongtianwang City or not was questionable.

If you could sense the power of Lei Shuangxing, you would have directly taken down Mu Zixi that day.

By now Xu Xiaoshou also came to the conclusion that these two could lie easily.

He decided to tease him, “Alright, then tell me, you have thethree loansome eyes.

What does Lei Shuangxing have”

Behind him, Jiang Qis heart sank instantly, and her entire body shook.

She glanced in the direction of the information book and thought to herself, its over.

Lei Shuangxing..

Hes blind!

In her nervousness, even she herself forgot that it was impossible for Lei Shuangxing to still have his eyes.

Because the whole Lei clan lost their eyes in the battle, and Lei Shuangxings surname was Lei.

So, the Eighth Sword Deity had been trying to trick them all the time

Jiang Xian was not smart enough to realize this.

He was still trying to make things up.

“Lei Shuangxing, his eyes, his eyes, are…”

With a smack, Xu Xiaoshou directly threw the information book on the table in front of Jiang Xian.

When the page flipped open and Lei Shuangxings white face appeared with his eyes tightly closed, Jiang Xian closed his eyes heavily.

… hateful, abominable, and shameful!

“The eye of heaven.”

Jiang Xian gave up resisting.

In front of someone as powerful as the Eighth Sword Deity, he felt like he was naked.

Even his thoughts were transparent.

He shouldnt even have tried lying because it was useless.

“I sensed it with the eye of heaven, but what I sensed wasnt Lei Shuangxing, it was someone else!”

Jiang Xian said heavily, “Senior, I really didnt target the saint servant.

The person I sensed was a woman, not Lei Shuangxing.”


This time, Xu Xiaoshou was surprised, and he stopped spinning the cup.

He leaned forward slightly, and even his head leaned too.

But he retracted his head so fast that it was barely noticeable, and it was as if he didnt move at all.

Then he calmly repeated “Another person”


Jiang Xian replied.

It was impossible for him to notice the Eighth Sword Deitys reaction.

However, Jiang Qi, who was behind him, saw it clearly and she was stunned.

“Just now, he did move!”

Jiang Qi was certain that for her sovereign (stage) attention she couldnt be wrong.

Just now, when the Eighth Sword Deity heard that there seemed to be another Lei familys orphan alive, it was impossible for him to fake the surprise and joy that came naturally.

However, his self-control was so great that once he sensed it, he recomposed himself immediately.

Even though his reaction was barely noticeable, Jiang Qi still caught it.

She had been watching him and trying to find a breakthrough.


“According to his reaction, he probably doesnt know the person who possesses the eye of the Lei family and followed Xu Deye, and he definitely isnt the mastermind of the First Pavilion in Heaven.”


“If hes not the mastermind, then werent my speculation moments ago all wishful thinking !”

As she thought about it, Jiang Qis eyes suddenly became empty.

Her heart was in a mess, and her almost collapsed!


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