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Chapter 685: A Change In The Heaven Pearl

Jiang Qi pondered.

She could find the reason for the Eighth Sword Deitys actions in every matter and every link.

Taking the last question as an example, the Eighth Sword Deity was concerned because the First Pavilion in the Sky suspected the existence of “Yu Gu of Lei Family.”.

— but that was the problem!

The Legendary Eighth Sword Deity was said to not have any logic in his actions.

He would act as soon as he thought of something.

How could he have so many reasons

Jiang Qi hesitated.

She was really confused by herself.

Was she thinking too much, or thinking too little

At this moment, Jiang Xian saw that there was no response to his question.

He turned around and saw Jiang Qis low brows.

She had a pensive look on her face and her eyes narrowed.

“So, your so-called 70% probability deduction…”

“Its not 70%!”

Jiang Qis eyes suddenly lit up and she said excitedly, “90%! Theres a high probability that even if the mastermind behind the First Pavilion in the Sky isnt the Eighth Sword Deity, it still has a lot to do with the Saint Servant.”


Jiang Xian sneered.

Things had already come to this, and the probability had increased

“Why” He asked.

Jiang Qi smiled.

She suddenly had a plan in mind.

She asked in return, “Young Master Jiang, do you think Im smart”

Jiang Xian didnt understand what she meant, but he couldnt deny it.


“How smart”

“If the Jiang family doesnt care about cultivation level, just in terms of wisdom, you can be ranked in the top three.

That is if the elders of the family, the higher void, and the demi-saint are excluded.” Jiang Xian gave her the greatest affirmation.

It was because of this that Jiang Qi was brought along with him to carry out the mission.

Jiang Qi asked again, “Then, Young Master Jiang, do you think the Eighth Sword Deity is smarter, or am I smarter”

This time, Jiang Xian was stumped.

His first reaction was, of course, the Eighth Sword Deity is smarter.

However, before this, he had never seen the Eighth Sword Deity.

Everything was based on hearsay.

During the face-to-face conversation just now, he had been suppressed.

Whether he was smart or not was another matter.

It was all because the other partys pressure was too much.

This did not show how intelligent he was.

Jiang Xian was unable to answer such a question for a moment.

Jiang Qi looked at Young Master Jiang in silence and suddenly burst out laughing.

“Young Master Jiang thinks too highly of me.

The said person from the legend of theThree breaths for innate stage, three years for Sword Deity is definitely smarter than me.”

“Think about it, when a person who is definitely smarter than me and is facing someone like me who thinks highly of herself, they will definitely play me around in an intangible way.”

“Im at a disadvantage at this point.

I have nothing to say.

After all, he is the Eighth Sword Deity.”

“But even though I dont know where I lost in the middle… if I just look at the outcome and ignore the process…”

Jiang Qi said calmly, “He, the Eighth Sword Deity, made me doubt myself and also made Young Master Jiang doubt me.

The root of all this is because he heard my unfavorable deduction about the First Pavilion in the Sky.”

Jiang Xian suddenly straightened his back.

He also realized something.

Jiang Qi continued to speak with assurance, “Since a smart person used such a trick to make me doubt something, then the thing he wanted me to doubt is most likely true.”

“So, this time, I am certain of the 90% probability that the First Pavilion in the Sky has something to do with him, the Saint Servant!”

Jiang Xian was shocked.

He almost fainted.

It took him a long time to figure out what Jiang Qi meant.

“I dont quite understand the thinking of smart people like you, but as far as I am concerned…” Jiang Xian understood, but he frowned.

“Your deduction this time is not based on the facts.”


Jiang Qi smiled happily.

This time, her deduction was indeed based on the fact that the other party could guess her intention.

This was rootless duckweed, and in principle, it could not be used to prove it.

But a womans sixth sense told Jiang Qi that this time, she should not be wrong!

“Its not important.”

Jiang Qi waved her hand and said, “Even if we can conclude that the First Pavilion in the Sky is controlled by the Saint Servant, this time, it really doesnt matter because he is the Eighth Sword Deity.

If he wants to protect the First Pavilion in the Sky, we cant touch it at all.”

“Thats true…” Jiang Xian agreed after giving it a thought.

Much had been said and he had already guessed the entirety more or less.

As long as that person was the Eighth Sword Deity, any intelligence would be useless.

Without the level of a demi-saint, who would dare to provoke that man

Outsiders may not know, but Jiang Xian knew.

That day, even Gou Wuyue of the Seven Sword Deity was defeated by a withered branch of the Eighth Sword Deity.

His defeat was simply a pretense.

Bazhunan was still Bazhunan.

The Eighth Sword Deity would always be there.

If he was not that extraordinary, how is it that outsiders could not resist this absolute myth

“So” Jiang Xian spread his hands helplessly.

“So we lost aHeaven Pearl, Jiang Tai and Jiang Yu, and yet we cant make a move against the First Pavilion in the Sky”

“Thats not true.”

Jiang Qi looked as if she had the pearl of wisdom in her hand.

To be able to fight against such a legend, even though she was usually taciturn, she felt a surge of emotions at this moment.

“What do you mean” Jiang Xian asked.

Jiang Qi said, “We cant attack, but we shouldnt be the ones to deal with the Saint Servant!”

“You mean…” Jiang Xian suddenly thought of something and said, “Let the Holy Divine Palace deal with it”

“Yes,” Jiang Qi nodded.

“We just need to spread the news that the Eighth Sword Deity has arrived in Dongtianwang City.

We dont need to think about what will happen next.”

“Will it be okay” Jiang Xian was worried.


At this moment, Jiang Qi straightened her back and said to the young man in front of him, “Young Master Jiang, dont forget that you are the descendant of a demi-saint.

For someone of your identity, you do not need to care about the Chief of the Saint Servant.”

“Its just a small matter.

Its not enough for the Eighth Sword Deity to come back and provoke us.”

“Also, when the Eighth Sword Deity enters the city, would he only come to our family”

“Its only a matter of time before the information is spread out.

What we did was only to add fuel to the fire in the dark.

Thats all.”

Jiang Xian was greatly relieved after hearing this.

Only then did he remember his identity.

Indeed, the most important reason why the Eighth Sword Deity did not dare to hurt anyone today was that the other party did not want to offend a demi-saint.




At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open, revealing Jiang Si and Jiang Lan who entered at the same time.

Although Young Master Jiang said that he would give the guards a holiday today, how could Jiang Si and the others go far when their master was in trouble

They just left the manor and found a high vantage point to keep an eye on the situation in the manor.

As soon as they received Jiang Qis telepathic communication, they hurried back.

“Young Master Jiang.”

At the exact moment when they entered the gate, Jiang Si apologized, “It was my fault for not being able to protect you just now.



Jiang Xian raised his hand.

He didnt like to listen to such hindsight.

Everyone knew what had happened just now.

Whether Jiang Si was here or not, it wouldnt matter at all.

“Ill give you a mission,” he instructed.

“What mission” Jiang Si raised his eyes.

Jiang Xian narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment.

Suddenly, he came to the tea table and picked up the teacup that the Eighth Sword Deity had played with just now.

He put it into his spatial ring and said,

“Go find the Night Cat and spread the news of the Eighth Sword Deity entering the city.”


On the other side.

“Vanishing technique!”

“Take the easy way out, take the easy way out, take the easy way out…”

Xu Xiaoshou slipped away very quickly.

This round of impersonating the Eighth Sword Deity was too successful.

Not only did he get the internal intelligence of the Jiang family and thoroughly investigate the situation, but he also took theHeaven Pearl along the way.

After changing into his invisible form, Xu Xiaoshou entered the private room of the Little Wine House.

He ate a sumptuous meal, and after he was done, he started playing with theHeaven Pearl that he had obtained.

He was very curious about it.

“The Eye of Heaven, huh…”

When he had just taken over the pearl, he had not been able to examine it immediately.

Now that he looked at the pearl carefully, Xu Xiaoshou could see the round eyeball inside.

It was filled with an extremely mysterious and unknown power.

This power was especially mysterious.

Xu Xiaoshou had experienced the charm of the cutting path level before, but at this moment, he actually felt that the power of theEye of Heaven was even more mysterious than the path level was.

“Jiang Xian relied on this thing to sense junior sistersGod Devil Eyes”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

TheHeaven Pearl was obviously using the ability of theEye of Heaven to add a crystal ball and array into it to sense external objects.

The power of theEye of Heaven is the main reason that Xu Xiaoshou didnt know how to use it.

Mnemonic spells

Drip blood on it for it to recognize its owner

Xu Xiaoshou tried all kinds of methods that he could think of, but theEye of Heaven remained in deep sleep and didnt move at all.

“Lets go back and show junior sister!”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou had decided to give up.

After all, he didnt know how to use this thing at all.

The reason he had snatched it from Jiang Xians hands was to prevent the other party from using it in the future.

In this way, he would not be able to sense Mu Zixis location.

After eating and drinking his fill, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

“Waiter, get the bill.”

The waiter from the wine house ran over.

After paying the bill, Xu Xiaoshou pushed three more spirit crystals over and asked, “Im new to this place.

Has anything big happened in the Imperial City recently”

“Thank you, sir.”

The waiter who received the tip was very excited.

A tip of three spirit crystals was not a small sum.

Although the person in front of him was dressed shabbily, he was very generous.

After thinking for a moment, the waiter replied seriously, “If we are talking about the recent major events, then it must be the Imperial City Trial.”

“What a coincidence.

I heard from a guest in the tavern this morning that the exact time of the Imperial City Trial has been set.

If nothing goes wrong, it will be ten days later, at the Yunlun Mountain Range.”

Ten days later, at the Yunlun Mountain Range… Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

This was basically the same information as what Xiaolian had given him.

“Are there anything else” He asked.

“Im not sure about the rest of the details, but since the Holy Divine Palace has already released the news, there should be no mistakes.

As for the specific rules of the trial, they will not officially announce it until ten days later,” The waiter replied.

Xu Xiaoshou caressed the Heaven Pearl and asked, “Is there anything else important”


The waiter replied, “Recently, Young Master Xu came to the Imperial City.

I heard that he is a demi-saints descendant, and he is very ostentatious.

He rented the Pilgrimage Tower and renamed it the First Pavilion in the Sky.”

“Then he participated in the heaven geomantic battle and won the entire battle with overwhelming force.

However, he gave the championship to a mortal.

Because he violated the rules of the Holy Divine Palace, he was suspended this morning.”

“This happened yesterday.

It caused a huge commotion.

Everyone was discussing it.

They all feel that this demi-saints descendent might not be qualified for the trial.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard this.

Im suspended

The waiter didnt notice his expression, he still smiled and said, “Young Master Xu was too much.

He clearly knew that the heaven geomantic battle was hosted by the Holy Divine Palace behind the scenes, yet he still dared to cause such a big mess.

He reaped benefits from the confusion and gave up the championship.”

“If he really wants to play this way, then doesnt that mean that whoever Young Master Xu wants to let participate in the Imperial City trials can go Whoever he wants to give a spot to, that person will get it”

“That would be too sinful of him!”

The waiter had a look of disdain on his face.

“Im just annoyed with these big shots who rely on their background and operate in the dark, dont you think so”

“Being despised, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

His head hurt when he heard that.

He never thought that he would hear the news of him being suspended from the competition through a taverns waiter.

Apart from that, he was also ridiculed coldly.

“Maybe he didnt operate in the dark but relied on his strength to win the competition.

Perhaps he gave it up just because he was magnanimous” After pondering for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but argue for himself.

The waiter sneered, “Demi-saint family.

How rich are they Even if they tried their hardest to beat a pig up with only panaceas and elixirs, they would still be capable of defeating an invincible pig in its innate stage.

Sir, youre new here.

You dont understand how deep the waters of the imperial city are!”

“Despised, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou kept quiet.

He decided to give up this topic and not lower himself to this villains level.

It seems that no matter which world it is, there would still be many people who hate the rich.

“Is there any other information” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

The waiter turned around and looked at the other guests who had not been served yet.

He was a little anxious, but he weighed the spirit crystals in his arms and suddenly felt relieved.

“Then Ill give you a big one!”

“Speak.” Xu Xiaoshou was looking forward to it.

The waiter bent down and said in a low voice, “Do you know about the Sky City”

“A little,” Xu Xiaoshou replied.

The waiter sneakily looked back.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, he lowered his voice and said,

“There was a rumor in the market last night that the Sky City was about to descend on Dongtianwang City.

Its not false, but it was sealed by the Holy Divine Palace.”

“This time, its going crazy again.

I guess some big shot released the news and wanted to stir up more trouble in the Imperial City.”

“I think its unrealistic.”

“But the Sky City is a sacred place.

Its rumored that theres a saint-level foundational root, so its better to believe it than not.

If you want, you can chase after your dream.”

The waiter sighed as he continued.

“However, that would be hard for me…”

He had only achieved the acquired stage two days ago, and he is trapped by his livelihood.

It is already considered pretty good for him to be a waiter here.


Before Xu Xiaoshou could react, the waiter seemed to have thought of something and said, “Before this news came out, I heard that the Night Cat has a Spirit Gem Trade Fair, and there are also some clues about the void token.”

“Sky City, the Sacred Secret Land.

Other than these two names, it seems to have a nickname called Abyss Island.

When I think about it…”

The waiter shivered.

“Its terrifying to think about it!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that the Night Cats efficiency was quite high.

In just one night, even people from such a small tavern knew about Abyss Island.

Now he is relieved.

It seemed that the Night Cat was not an organization that did not work for money.

Seeing that the waiter still had work to do, Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to pester him further.

After he had asked all his questions, he gifted another bottle of small elixirs, allowing the waiter to leave.

Just as he was about to get up and leave, theHeaven Pearl in his hand suddenly hummed slightly.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He lowered his head and saw the “Eye of Heaven” in the crystal ball moved slightly in the white fog and turned to look in a certain direction in the small tavern..


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