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Chapter 690: My Sister, Shes Already in a Very Sorry State

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Dongtianwang city, Central Zone.

The procession of Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky today was truly spectacular!

At first, there were indeed only a few people.

However, after the news spread out and others knew that Young Master Xu rarely showed up on the street, with a few people walking in the front, people started lining up behind them to follow.

Some served tea, some poured water, some held wine, and some carried a large fruit platter..

Even though these people were clearly not from the First Pavilion in the Sky, they were still being lofty and respectful, trying to make Young Master Xu take a fancy to them, so that they could get a position in the First Pavilion in the Sky.

But todays “Young master Xu” was not the same one of yesterday.

In the face of such a scene, not only did he not enjoy it, but was disgusted by it.

Xu Xiaoji was extremely afraid!

He did not expect that the Great Demon King Xu were just out on the street could attract this voluntary and long line up behind him !

What kind of terrifying impact was this

However, because of Xin Gugus exhortation, he could not simply chase those people away, but could only smile stiffly as if he was agreeable.

At the same time, he was hoping that the Great Demon King Xu would return so that he could end this torturous journey of being out on the streets.

The City Guards came a few times.

However, after chasing away a few groups of people, they found that this method was ineffective.

They could only split a small part of their forces at the end to maintain the order of Young Master Xus parade out on the streets.

They strictly controlled the number of people in the rear to keep the people away from affecting the traffic.

“Youre banned from the competition!”After swimming all the way from the Central Zone and then coming out of the heaven geomantic arena, Mu Zixi was a little disappointed.

She looked at Xu Xiaoji and said, “Why is that I still want to see Lord Xu go onto the stage and made those incredible kills again!”


Xu Xiaoji trembled as he heard this.

What kind of ability did he have to have Mu Zixi and Xin Gugu, the ferryman of the real Great Demon King Xu, come to protect him one day

Along the way, other than coldly glaring at others and apologizing through telepathic communication after, in fact, strictly speaking, Xu Xiaoji rarely spoke.

He was so weak that he couldnt even speak.

He could only be the Young Master Xu who was silent and taciturn all day long!

Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Mu Zixi could only return to the back of the line out of boredom.

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She walked at the back of the line and teased the people behind her who were carrying wine and fruit plates.

She thought to herself that Xu Xiaoji was indeed boring.

He was not as entertaining as her senior brother at all.

He was like a real lump of wood.

She pinched a peeled orange and stuffed it into her mouth.

Mu Zixi pretended that no one was around as she circled around.

However, her mind was not completely focused on the flattery of these people.

Instead, she felt a little strange.

It was a bright and sunny day today.

Why did she still have the feeling that there was someone peeking behind her

“Xin Xiaoku,” Mu Zixi jumped to Xin Gugus side and said through telepathic communication, “I suspect that someone wants to kill me.”

Xin Gugu:”…”

He was speechless.

He had heard Mu Zixis words no less than five times today.

When he first heard of it, Xin Gugu become very alert.

He was patrolling between the rear of the line-up and the surrounding crowd with spiritual senses to see where the assassin was at.

However, along the way, not only did he not sense any danger, he even revealed this information to Mo Mo who also shook her head and denied it, saying that she did not sense anything unusual.

If Xu Xiaoshou was here, they might be able to ask him for advice.

After all, this guys sixth sense was more accurate than a womans.

But todays “Young Master Xu”..

Xin Gugu glanced at Xu Xiaoji, whose footsteps were somewhat stiff, and secretly shook her head.

She thought to herself,Xu Xiaoshou, you should come back soon.

Have you even said that this guy knows how to act

If it werent for so many people following him, any Sovereign Pill casually coming up to strike up a conversation would have this guy on his knees right away!

“Are you hallucinating” Xin Gugu replied to Mu Zixi.

It seemed like she didnt care much and was slightly annoyed, but in fact, she didnt dare to relax her attention.

Maybe there really was an assassin in the dark, and they only stared at the ignorant “Young master Xu”or Mu Zixi

Without Xu Xiaoshou, Xin Gugu, who was responsible for protecting the team, didnt dare to let anything happen to the people in the team.

Especially Mu Zixi!

“Maybe…”Mu Zixi chewed on an orange and bounced away.

To be honest, after five consecutive errors in her perception, she wondered if she had been by her senior brothers side for too long that she felt insecure after he was gone.

The team continued to move forward aimlessly.

If Xu Xiaoshou himself was here, he would probably have many more goals for today.

For example, The Alchemist Associations Examination Badge, and causing some troubles at the Magic Pill Technicians Association.

However, when Xu Xiaoji came to lead the team, the group understood that they only had one thought: to create an alibi for the real Young Master Xu, as for causing some troubles…

Hehe, just the fact that Xu Xiaoji was able to walk without spraining his ankle was already a blessing in disguise.

At the top of a certain high-rise building that no one was paying attention to.

The northern wind whistled as it blew against the long-robed man standing at the top of the high-rise building.

This man was dressed in dark blue, and his entire body was hidden in a wide-sleeved robe.

His face was covered in a Yama mask, under the mask, he directed his gaze shockingly in the direction of Young Master Xus team.

“This… is the owner of theGod Devil Eyes”

The sound of the wind blowing from the top of the tall building took away the masked mans mumbling to himself.

This half a day of attention, along with the information he had collected in the past have made him actually nervous about this guy, and he was hesitating whether or not he should make a move at this moment.

It could be seen that the true core of this group was not this little girl who possessed theGod Devil Eyes.

This optimistic and lively silly girl only had an innate cultivation level.

Even if she posses the God Devil Eyes, she would not be able to create any waves in the hands of a perfect Sovereign Cutting Path Level Expert.

The only thing that made the masked Mans heart palpitate was another young man, same as him.

“Xin Xiaoku…”

The masked man stroked the longsword by his waist.

His left thumb pushed back and forth at the hilt of the longsword.

The longsword went back and forth in the process of unsheathing and returning to its sheath.

The sound of it knocking against the top of the tall building was heard.

He was weighing and thinking.

“I can clearly sense that the Sovereign Cutting Path Level is not complete.

Its impossible for him to be someone who has mastered the Upanishad.

How could this guy give me such a dangerous feeling”

“A special ability user”

“But I cant see how special he is…”

The masked man took off his gloves and scratched his head.

He seemed to have remembered the rules again and then obediently put on his gloves and touched the hilt of the sword again.

He suddenly made up his mind.

“F * ck!”

But at that moment, the communication bead on his body rang.

“Beep Beep Beep Beep”

The masked man was stunned.

He squatted down on the tall building and took out the communication bead, “Hello, Lord Netherworld Did you miss me…”

“Return to the team,” the other side replied indifferently.

The masked man paused for a moment and looked at the group of people gradually walking back to the First Pavilion in the Sky and said, “Ive been watching them for so long.

Its already been tough for me, if I return to the team like this…”

“Return to the team.”

“Oh, okay.”

The communication bead had lost its sound.

The masked man did not even know if the other party would be able to hear his last humble reply.

However, he was a little curious about why they had agreed to take action together today and suddenly the Lord Netherworld wanted him to return to the team so quickly

Could it be that the others had already completed their mission.

Had he delayed for too long

Squatting down and turning his head around, the masked man looked at the grill that was hidden by his robes.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “It hasnt been too long, has it”

However, it was hard to disobey orders.

He could only remove his mask and reveal a young face, finished all the meat skewers on the rack in one gulp and put away the grill as well.

Then, he jumped down from the top of a building that was dozens of stories high.


As he cursed in his heart, the masked man walked into the darkness of the Imperial City and stepped into the dark zone of this land of light.

In the depths of the damp alley, a rattlesnake suddenly pounced out and bit the squeaking mouse, swallowed it in no time.

The masked man stopped and took off his mask.

He squatted down again and watched the rattlesnake eat.

The silence lasted for a long time.

After a long period of silence, the masked man finally turned around and looked up at the sunlight leaking from the eaves by the alley.

He was in a daze.

“When will I be able to have a decent meal, my Lord Netherworld…”

The masked man held his face.

His strange red pupils were rotating, sometimes enlarging and sometimes shrinking.

However, he inadvertently revealed a trace of confusion that was incompatible with those bewitching eyes.

“Ta, ta, ta.”

Suddenly, a clear and rhythmic knocking sound came from behind.

Following that, there was also the sound of barely noticeable footsteps.

The masked mans pupils moved, and he immediately put on the Yama Mask in his hand.

He stood up and looked back.

The person who came was a blind man holding a cane.

He was so young, yet his eyes were so blind.

What was more serious was that his face was pale.

At a glance, it was obvious that this person was not born blind.

“Theres a dead end ahead.” The masked man pointed to the back and said kindly, “This road is blocked.

Looking at you… Do you need help”

He looked like a normal young and strong man.

For the poor man who was blind, he was full of compassion and did not hesitate to help.

The blind man stopped and stabbed the crutch in his hand into the ground.

He opened his mouth and said with some difficulty, “A blind man will not cross the alley.”

The masked man was stunned, “So”

“Cross one alley, made one kill.” The blind man raised his crutch.

The masked man was shocked.

When he put down his mask and took off his robe, he had helped too many poor people in this world.

Therefore, he did not think that a few strands of spiritual source in the energy reserve, which was probably a blind spiritual cultivator who had cultivated for a few days, could pose a threat to him.

However, from what he heard, the other party was here to kill someone

“Kill who Kill me Im a good person…” the masked man said.

He even took off his mask with sincerity in his bewitching, scarlet eyes, “I am really good person!”

“Bounded domain,”the blind man said.


The masked man raised his eyebrows.

Had it been too long since the person across from him had spoken His words were as precious as gold… it was difficult for others to understand his meaning!

The blind man said, “If youre a good person, then when you die, dont make a sound so as not to scare others.”

Only then did the masked man truly understand the other partys intention.

He lowered his head silently and looked at the rattlesnake that had just swallowed a rat by the side of the alley and was suffocated by the intangible aura of this place.

“I dont like being a rat.

Im a snake,”he said.

“Bounded domain.”The masked man said.

“Why are you like this I dont want to kill you.

I can see that youre even more pitiful than me!”

“But I want to kill you.”

“Why”The masked man stared at the other guy in a daze.

His gaze landed on the his walking stick, and he felt that it was somewhat familiar.

Moreover, this person, this face, he seemed to have seen it somewhere before

“There are too many sins in this world that have inexplicably descended on too many innocent people.

You have already enjoyed the benefits of the power that caused the sins, so why are you still so greedy, targeting people that you shouldnt be targeting”

The blind man seemed to be a little agitated.

He gripped his crutch tightly and continued, “Whether its snakes or rats, they are both products of darkness and are born to be the source of sins.

Why do they still have to devour each other Isnt it good to find a quiet place to linger on”

The masked man finally became serious.

He remembered the crutch and the man.

He asked, “Saint Servant”

“Saint servant, Lei Shuangxing.” The blind lifted the crutch.

The moment the famed sword the Divine-beating Crutch was pulled out, the rattlesnake in the corner broke into two.

“The end of the snake,”Lei Shuangxing said sternly.


The masked man did not know what he had done wrong that could make the other guy so agitated.

He immediately get up and wanted to leave this godforsaken place.

Lord Netherworld had told him not to provoke the Saint Servant now as much as possible.

However, he barely moved when the Divine-beating Crutch that had already been unsheathed pointed in the air, and the wall in the depths of the alley shattered with a bang.

“Ugh…” at the same time, the masked man held his throat, and blood flowed out from the gaps between his fingers.

He couldnt believe it.

This person had pierced through his throat with a sword

“Master Swordsman”

But how could a master swordsman have such great power

In fact, the masked man had never seen the special force of the sword after it had pierced through his throat.

That force was similar to a strand of the Galaxy Sword Aura but the Silver Sword Will Possession that didnt feel the same as the Galaxy Sword Aura.

“Youre not the Master Swordsman!”

The masked man was shocked, “Ancient swordsman, sovereign of the way of the sword !”

“Bounded domain,”Lei Shuangxing said calmly.

“Did I offend you You want to come all the way here to kill me” The masked man panicked.

It was indisputable that ancient swordsman was the strongest under the same realm.

Even if he was at the complete Cutting Path Level of the sovereign with a pair of scarlet eyes on him…

The person opposite him was a pure member of the Lei family, a Saint Servant, and a holder of the famed-sword, the Divine-beating Crutch.

He was even more of a rare sovereign of the way of the sword!

Although he did not know why the information he had received was wrong that he had mistakenly thought the other party had stopped at the master swordsman realm.

But now was not the time to think so much.

“Snakes and rats devour each other.

Arent you devouring snakes and rats right now” The masked man fired off a barrage of words in a very urgent manner, “How much better can aSaint Servant be than the King Yama Isnt he also an existence that can only be begging for compassion in a filthy corner”

“Bounded domain.”

“Crazy Man!”

The masked man pulled his body out again.

This time, a bloody light exploded in his eyes with entire body was enveloped by a scarlet colour.

He then turned into mist and disappeared into form.

After escaping from the alley, he directly cut open space and plunged into it.

However, inside the black hole, it was supposed to be a spatial fragment but after the masked man entered the spatial crack, it was still the streets of Dongtianwang city as far as the eyes could see.

The flow of people was still the same.

The women and men were shopping with vegetable baskets.

The shouts of the pedlars were so clear..


The masked man was stunned and he lost his footing and bumped into a middle-aged man who was passing by.

The men looked back and saw a blind man with a pale face.

After he was hit, he pulled out a Divine-beating Crutch and thrust it into the masked mans chest.


Blood spurted out, and the masked man felt the scene in front of him getting blurred.

He was still in the alley, and the Saint Servant, Lei Shuangxing who should have been far away, was now facing him.

The men was fake, and the Divine-beating Crutch was real!

This famed sword had really been thrust into his chest, with that strange… Sword Will and Galaxy Sword Aura

The masked mans body trembled as he connected all the latest information he gathered about the Saint Servants chief in his mind.

“Sword Cognition” He lowered his head with difficulty.


“Fantasy Sword Technique” The masked man recalled the scene he saw after entering the spatial fragment.


“But, I clearly used Blood Escape, and I dont want to fight with you.

Ive already escaped ahead of time!” The masked man felt unwilling.

“Perhaps, this is the illusion created by the Fantasy Sword Technique.

Also…” Lei Shuangxing paused and reached out to touch his eyes, “Dont forget, your eyes, its original surname is Lei.”

“Im unwilling, I havent made a move yet!” The masked man struggled violently.

It was too painful!

This strike with the famed sword in his chest and Sword Cognition was too painful!

More importantly, the strike with the Sword Cognition had almost sealed all the spiritual source in his body.

No matter how hard he struggled, he couldnt resist it.

“Im such a good person…”two streams of blood and tears flowed down the masked mans face.

He hadnt even begun to use all of his abilities, but the other party seemed to know him like the back of his hand.

All of his abilities were being targeted and completely restrained.

A perfect-stage sovereign of the Cutting Path Level shouldnt be defeated like this, as if he was falling apart and was got to break ranks while facing the sovereign of the Way of the Sword.

Defeated without making a single move.

This was too ridiculous!

This was not even something that could be written in fictions.

This should be a dream.

The masked man still had a sliver of hope in his heart.

“Perhaps you are a good person, but unfortunately…”

Lei Shuangxing sighed and pulled out the Divine-beating Crutch.

Sword cognition remained in the masked mans body, making him realize that all of this was real and not a fantasy realm.

“You shouldnt have targeted her.”

Lei Shuangxing said as he easily cut off the mans head and sent it into the spatial ring.

His eyes were tightly shut, and the faint light leaking from the eaves shone before his eyes.

But it was still darkness in front of his eyes.

The Divine-beating Crutch that had not been stained with blood was sheathed.

Lei Shuangxing stood under the faint light, using his loneliness to respond to the gloomy embrace frm the entire vast world of darkness.

He stood there in silence for a long time with his back facing the headless corpse that had fallen to the ground.

He frowned as if he was explaining, but at the same time, he seemed to be blaming himself.

“My sister, shes already in a very sorry state.”


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