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Chapter 694: What Kind of Person Was Masters Brother Xu

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The Pill Pagoda of the Imperial City.

The delegation of Tiansang City led by Chao Zhidao belonged to the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshous “good friends” were all here.

Zhao Xidong, Rao Yinyin, Su Qianqian, Tan Ji, Zhou Tianshen, and even Chao Qingteng…

The squads chosen from the delegation for battle were not assessed by the closeness of their relationship, but only by their individual combat strength and whether or not they could obtain a good ranking in the Imperial City Trial.

Xu Xiaoshou should have been the backbone of the delegations combat strength.

However, after that incident in the White Cave, he left without saying goodbye.

Leaving was one thing, but he had also taken off with Mu Zixi, a disciple of the vice dean with great potential.

Most importantly, on the eve of the White Cave, after the Tianxuan Gate had changed, Luo Leilei also left, and Zhang Xinxiong had been beheaded.

Mo Mo, the only one who had been able to suppress the Great Demon King Xu as an Outer Yard, had also disappeared as a suspected ghost beast host body, and her whereabouts had been sealed by the higher-ups of the Spirit Palace.

He Yuxing and Lan Xinzi, two of the core members of the Spirit Palace, had also vanished without a trace.

Later, they were exposed to be killed in the White Cave..

How great!

Tiansang Spirit Palaces Inner Yard Thirty-Three were originally the ones who had the best chance of breaking the best record set by Tiansang Spirit Palace in the Imperial City Trial in the past.

For some reason, all turned to a mess and all talent drained away.

The upper echelons of the Spirit Palace shared the same thoughts, it was like falling from heaven to earth.

As for why they didnt fall into hell..

Indeed, the talent accumulation of the Tiansang Spirit Palace was clearly not something that one could complete by themselves.

Among the members of the delegation of the Spirit Palace, needless to say, Zhao Xidong was the team leader of the Spiritual Law Division of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

He was only responsible for leading the team, and he was not participating in competition.

Rao Yinyin, Su Qianqian, and Tan Ji were the true combat strength.

Each of them had the ability to absolutely crush opponents of the same level.

As for members like Zhou Tianshen and Chao Qingteng, the reason they were able to participate in the competition was mostly because of the loss of more than half of the high-end talents of the Spirit Palace.

However, whats more was that one was an Innate Blade Will, while the other was an Innate Sword Will.

In the outside world, they were truly rare talents.

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This time, their participation could be seen as baptism.

Their glorious moments werent in this years competition.

Their original intention was to accumulate experience.

However, ever since Shi Ti and Ye Xiaotian accompanied the young lady carrying the alchemy cauldron into the private room for a secret discussion, another conflict occurred.

Even the inner walls of the Pill Pagodas private room and the barrier were blasted open.

This scene looked really familiar.

The representatives of the Spirit Palace sat together and looked at each other in dismay, their eyes filled with reminiscence.

“Say, that alchemy cauldron, that young lady, why does her style of doing things look so much like… him” Zhou Tianshen, who was still carrying the golden domineering blade on his back, asked hesitantly.

At this point, everyone knew that something had happened to Xu Xiaoshou.

As a good friend from the past, even Zhou Tianshen had been instructed not to say that name out loud.

Otherwise, if he was not careful, he would be captured by the Holy Divine Palace and interrogated.

“Big Brother Xiaoshou…”

Su Qianqian was carrying a huge white sword on her back.

Although she showed no emotion on her small face, once that person was mentioned, as the head of the family, she could not help but feel worried.

“Im fine.”

Rao Yinyin patted her young ladys thin and weak shoulders.

She curled her lips and said, “A good person doesnt live long, but a disaster lasts for a thousand years… the last time I saw him in the Lijian grassland, he didnt look like he was going to die yet.

Who knows, he might be living a happier life than us now.”

Su Qianqian rolled her eyes at her.

She couldnt bear to hear the word “Die”, but she didnt have the heart to respond at this moment.

Tan Ji, on the other hand, shook his head as he listened.

He didnt want to think about his tragic experience after encountering that person in the White Cave.

He just sneered at Zhou Tianshen, “Look at you now, telling everyone that they look like someone else whenever you spot them.

Why dont you tell me that the girls gender is also like him Maybe youll be right that hes the one who transformed into that person!”

Zhou Tianshen snorted and retorted wantonly, “Tan Ji, youre not the team leader now.

Its Zhao Xidong! Even if it was up for somebody, it would still be Senior Sister Rao.”

“After leaving the White Cave, youre at most on the same level as me now.

Dont even think about using your status as senior brother to suppress me.

You and I are both ordinary participants.

Thats all.”

Zhou Tianshen had had enough of Tan Jis rash acts in the White Cave.

This guy was too arrogant!

It was also at that time that Xu Xiaoshou came over and suppressed Tan Ji while Zhou Tianshen had a good time watching.

However, after Xu Xiaoshou left, this guy acted in such insolence that it was like he didnt know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Usually, other than asking for trouble, he was always trying to get some compensation for himself being crushed by someone that day.

“Zhou Tianshen, dont forget how he treated you!” Tan Ji eyes were solemn as he coldly replied.

Because Xu Xiaoshou was known as the so-called “Saint Servant, Xiao Shi Tan Ji”and “Saint servant, Zhou Tianshen”, the two of them had even been questioned by white-clothed people after the battle at the White Cave while returning to the Spirit Palace.


They were the white-clothed people for Gods sake!

At that time, the two of them were scared out of their wits.

They couldnt recall what the white-clothed people claimed the two of them had done in the past during the interrogation.

Openly hooting at the red-clothed people and publicly disciplining the white-clothed people

How dare they

How dare Xu Xiaoshou!

“Hehe, with your cowardice…” Zhou Tianshen shivered when he recalled those memories, but he shrugged nonchalantly, “You talk quite arrogantly, but if something were to really happen, wouldnt your legs be just shaking”

“Didnt you f*cking have the same reaction back then” Tan Ji flew into a fit of rage.

“What are you yelling at” Zhou Tianshen snorted, “Just pray that you become a Master (stage) earlier than me when the Imperial City Trial ends.

When I break through to the Blade Sect, Ill be the first to kill you.

You little scoundrel, scoundrel with no balls!”

“No balls”

The corner of Tan Jis mouth twitched violently as he stood up abruptly, “Zhou Tianshen, why dont you try call me that again if you have guts”

“No balls means no balls.

Did you not understand because of my accent” Zhou Tianshen was thick-skinned.

He was currently unable to defeat Tan Ji, but the other party also did not have the right to beat up a genuine participant like him.

Otherwise, Tan Ji would not be able to bear the punishment of the Spiritual Law Division.

“All of you shut up!”

At this moment, Zhao Xidong squatted on the table and spat out the bristlegrass hanging from his mouth.

He hawked and said, “Go into the private room.

The dean is calling for you.”

“Calling for who” Zhou Tianshen was stunned.

“You, you, you, you, you, and…” Zhao Xidong counted heads one by one.

Finally, his gaze landed on Su Qianqian.

He paused for a moment and said, “Everyone who knows him, go over.”

Rao Yinyin raised her eyebrows in surprise as she was also among them.

The few people who were called out did not expect that while they were talking about Xu Xiaoshou, the person in the private room over there was actually related to him

Were they going to go over and… be interrogated

The few of them stood up with hesititation.

Under the lead of Zhao Xidong, they entered the private room after the barrier had been repaired.

Inside the private room.

Shi Ti and Ye Xiaotian sat upright on the mahogany bench.

The lady who had caused trouble earlier was standing by the side.

She didnt sit down and just stood there.

“Youre here”

Ye Xiaotian saw the few of them enter the room and nodded in greeting.

Then, he turned to Hua Ying and said,

“These are Xu Xiaoshous senior and junior brothers.

If you have anything you want to ask, feel free to ask! But remember, what you ask today should not be leaked to the outside.

Otherwise, the one who will be in trouble is not us, but you.”

Hua Ying nodded her head.

After carefully sizing up this group of young boys and young ladies, her expression was a little dull, especially because there was a young girl with a sword on her back who looked like she was still underage..

“These are all Masters Brothers friends” Hua Ying began to have serious doubts in her heart.

In her impression, Masters Brother was on the same level as Supreme Master, Bai Lian.

How could such a powerful existence have friends who looked even younger than her Juniors

“M- you guys, how are you”

Hua Ying wanted to greet them as “Hello, Masters Brothers.” After all, they were Masters Brothers and juniors.

She should address them as such.

But with personal consideration…

Hua Ying really couldnt call them that.

She was also a person with self-respect!

“Sis, whats wrong Do you know Xu Xiaoshou” Zhou Tianshen was the first to speak.

When he carefully examined the alchemy cauldron beside the girl, he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

He wasnt the only one.

Most of the members of the Spirit Palace felt the same way.

Zhao Xidongs feelings were especially strong!

“Uh, yes.”

Hua Ying nodded, after a moment of hesitation, she asked, “My Ma… Oh, Xu Xiaoshou.

Im Xu Xiaoshous distant relative.

I want to come over… to visit my family! Yes, to visit my family, but I dont really know this person.

I want to ask, what…uh, what kind of person is he”

Hua Ying felt that she had contemplated on her words countless times.

Her first reaction was that she could not reveal to this group of young people the fact that she was Masters Brothers Martian Nephew.

However, ut to if she were to lie, it would be a little embarrassing.


A person who disdained to and who did not need to lie, was putting on a disguise at the last minute.

Even she herself felt that it was full of loopholes.

However, Zhou Tianshen did not care much about it.

When he heard that the other party was Xu Xiaoshous relative, the smile on his face bloomed.

“Shes one of us!”

“Why are you looking for Xu Xiaoshou”

“Let me tell you, Xu Xiaoshou is a very interesting person…”

Zhou Tianshens interest was immediately piqued.

He took a step forward and was about to pull the woman over to sit down, but was glared at by Ye Xiaotian, “Talk about serious matters only.”

Hua Ying immediately turned around with a surprised look in her beautiful eyes and tilted her head a little.

Talk about serious matters only… why did these words sound so obedient

Ye Xiaotian ignored her.

That was what he thought.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou was not in a good mood, he had to at least leave a good first impression in front of his Martial Nephew.

This could be considered his final gift to Elder Sang.

If he could not protect Elder Sangs disciple, he had to at least save Elder Sangs disciples face.

Then, he saw Zhou Tianshen stop in shock and withdraw his hand that was about to pull Hua Ying over to sit down and chat.

He even withdrew his steps.

Ye Xiaotian immediately frowned, “Say it! Arent you on good terms with him If you have anything to say, just say it.

We are indeed on the same side.

Dont worry and dont be afraid.

This is not a white-clothed interrogation.”

Hua Yings beautiful eyes widened once again.

White-clothed, interrogation

She turned her head with great difficulty and looked at Masters Brother Xus one-armed friend.

She was shocked.

Everyone, are you really serious about what youre saying

Zhou Tianshen waved his hand and chose to retreat, “Sir, if you want me to ridicule Xu Xiaoshou then I have a lot to say, but you want me to talk about serious matters…”

He swallowed his saliva and searched in his mind at the speed of light.

Then, he realized that it was exactly as he had expected that he could only say, “I have nothing to say.”

Hua Ying:

In the private room, there was an awkward silence.

Ye Xiaotian narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous look appeared in his eyes, “Then you can treat it as an interrogation and modify… cough, yes, say it directly!”


This time, Zhou Tianshen was in a difficult position.

His gaze moved back and forth between the dean and the young lady, and he found it hard to speak out.

Hua Ying interrupted at the right time, “Actually, if theres anything that isnt suitable for you to say, you can just tell me directly.

I am one of you, and I want to use your words as the basis for finding him.

So, its best if you can… be more realistic”

At this point, Hua Ying began to doubt herself.

What kind of person was Uncle Xu

Was what he had done so embarrassing

Zhou Tianshen turned around and looked at the crowd to ask for help.

He realized that everyone had silently retreated to the door.

Even Su Qianqian had done the same.

He was the one who had stood out the most.

Zhou Tianshen fell silent.

He went forward and picked up the kettle on the table.

He poured a glass of water to moisten his throat.

“Xu Xiaoshou is a decent person,” Zhou Tianshen concluded.

“Hmm” Hua Ying nodded.

She looked forward to the next part.



Zhou Tianshen was speechless.

There was noso!

What happened next did not meet the deans requirements.

They… They were not serious!

But under the yearning gaze of the young lady, and under the exhortation of the principal.

One of their own…

Zhou Tianshen consoled himself, and he tried his best to pick and choose.

“Speaking of Xu Xiaoshou, hes quite formidable.”

“If we were to talk about his glorious deeds, he was the champion of the Outer Yard Windcloud Competition of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

He participated in the Inner Yard Tianxuan Gate, then went to Tiansang City, then went to the White Cave.

After that…”

“Yes, he disappeared after that.”

Zhou Tianshen nodded solemnly and shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had nothing more to say.

What about killing Wen Chong in the Outer Yard Windcloud Competition and then killing Zhang Xinxiong because of that…

What about participating in the Tianxuan Gates experiential learning, and the Tianxuan Gate almost blowing up the barrier after that..

What about going to Tiansang City, first exploding the Pill Pagoda, then the explosion of the City Lord Mansion..

What about going to the White Cave, harming people in the name of others, first erupting the Spirit Fusion Swamp, then playing tricks on the red-clothed people in the Lijian Grassland, and after that joining the Saint Servants, following the cheif of Saint Servants to fight the white-clothed people…

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Zhou Tianshen avoided talking about them and selectively ignored them.

He knew everything.

After all, the things that Xu Xiaoshou did after these incidents were restored by the parties involved, and Xu Xiaoshou was also thoroughly investigated.

But even if he knew, Zhou Tianshen couldnt say anything.

These things were really not serious and appropriate!

“Of course, during this process, Xu Xiaoshou didnt do anything out of the ordinary,” Zhou Tianshen added as he thought about it.

He felt that he was trying too hard covering things up, so he explained, “Thats the general story of him.

If you really want to get to know him, its useless to just listen.

You have to experience them yourself.”

Hua Ying shook her head in confusion.

She felt that the one-armed man had said a lot, but he didnt seem to have said anything.

“Thats it”


“What else”

“Nothing else.”

“But Im looking for someone!” Hua Ying was stunned.

She wanted to alchemize this one-armed man, but when she remembered that he was a friend of Masters Brother Xu, she held it in, “What about his appearance What does he look like How tall is he How much does he weigh Does he have a portrait”


Zhou Tianshen took a sip of the water in his hand, and when he heard that, he immediately burst out laughing, “Portrait Youre asking me for a portrait Im afraid you dont know that even I dont know what Xu Xiaoshou looks like right now… uh.”

Facing Ye Xiaotians eagle-like gaze, Zhou Tianshen calmed down and answered seriously, “Theres no portrait.

If you want a description, I can give you a rough description.”

He gestured and said, “Hes just this tall, quite thin, and his face… Well, his face is okay.

You can look at it, just a little bit less handsome than mine, but theres no point in talking about his face.

You wont be able to find him.”

“If you want to find Xu Xiaoshou, you have to look for him based on his style of doing things.

This fellow is like this, sis, listen to me…”

Zhou Tianshen stood up in excitement as he spoke, but he suddenly realized that he could not quite describe Xu Xiaoshous style of doing things.

That was because this persons practices were also not appropriate!

Zhou Tianshen glanced back and saw that the group of companions behind him still had no intention of stepping out to help.

He could only scratch his head as he frowned and said, “Sis, are you busy If you have time, follow me.

I can roughly point out a clear path for you.”

“Clear path” Hua Ying was still in a daze.

The more she heard, the more confused she became, so she could only follow along with the one-armed mans words.

“Yes, the only clear path.”

Zhou Tianshen solemnly nodded, “I can at most give you a rough description..

In this Imperial City, who lives the most like Xu Xiaoshou This is the clearest path.

There is no other way!”


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