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Chapter 697: Junior Sisters… Seductive Voice

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“How can there be such a weirdo in the world” As Xu Xiaoshou watched the Storyteller and Lei Shuangxing leave, he dug his ears that had just been washed while he wondered in his heart where on earth could a person like the Storyteller be raised.

The Saint Servants was full of weirdos, and the Storyteller was the weirdest among the weirdos.

As he was thinking as such, he heard footsteps coming.

Obviously, everyone had returned.

“Xu Xiaoshou!” As soon as Mu Zixi entered the building, she pounced over energetically.

She had been following that fake “Young Master Xu” all day outside, and that person seldom spoke more than two words, which made her feel suffocated.

The moment Mu Zixi came to the front of Xu Xiaoshou, her nose twitched, and her gaze became suspicious.

“Xu Xiaoshou, where did you go to fool around!” Mu Zixi raised her eyebrows and questioned.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Was his junior sisters nose a dogs! How could she still smell the Storytellers perfume Didnt he just wash it off

He pushed his junior sister away, who had been sniffing on him till she was at his ear, stopping the little girl who was like she would climb to the top of his head and said, “Stop fooling around.

Didnt I tell you to call me Young Master Xu outside”

“Well there are no outsiders here…” Mu Zixi mumbled.

She rolled her eyes as she pointed fiercely at her senior brother.

“Dont think of changing the topic.

Where did you go fool around!”

“Hanxiang Brothel,” Xu Xiaoshou simply said.

“Huh” The little girls eyes instantly became dull, believing in his words.

The word “Hanxiang” lingered in her heart and she felt uncomfortable all over.

She held her head in disbelief, “Xu Xu, Xu Xiaoshou! I didnt expect… you to be such a person!”

At this moment, everyone could see the shock, disappointment, and dispiritedness in Mu Zixis eyes as she staggered backward.

Mo Mo shook her head and smiled.

Seemingly not having the heart to watch Young Master Xu tease his junior sister like always, she pulled a chair and sat down as she asked, “The Storyteller came”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshou was surprised, “You met him just now”

Was it that the Storyteller and Lei Shuangxiang had coincidentally bumped into Mu Zixis and the others on their way out

“No,” Mo Mo shook her head, “Its just that I remember his special fragrance.”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

She subconsciously twitched her nose, only then did she come to her senses.

She sighed a breath of relief in her heart.

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She finally remembered that this special fragrance was the perfume of the Storyteller.

“Damn Xiaoshou! How dare you lie to me…” The little girl pouted.

She had been tricked, but surprisingly, at this moment, she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

She did not make a big fuss like she usually did.

Instead, she muttered silently in anger.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored her.

He turned his gaze to the small bronze cauldron in Mo Mos hand that was burning with red sandalwood incense.

He recalled the scene where he had a heart-to-heart talk with those people from the Jiang Clan.

“You may have been exposed,” He said.

“Huh” Mo Mo froze.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to stare at the small bronze cauldron.

“Someone must have recognized your Legendary Beast Control Artifact.

Perhaps you should change it.

At the very least…”

He looked at Xin Gugu.

Xin Gugus Legendary Beast Control Artifact was a staff, which he had turned into a small necklace that he wore on his neck.

Ordinary people would not be able to recognize it.

“At the very least, you should transform it or make it smaller,” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Xin Gugus necklace and said, “Just like he did.”

This time, before Mo Mo could say anything, Xin Gugu went forward and sat down, then said, “Young Master Xu, youre taking it for granted.

The Legendary Beast Control Artifact needs to be suitable to be sealed, there arent many Legendary Beast Control Artifacts that are compatible with the seal attribute, let alone those that can morph forms.”

He touched his necklace and continued, “This item of mine is a high-grade product from the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

Its ability to morph forms is extremely strong.

I reckon that for Mo Mos Legendary Beast Control Artifact, its already pretty good it has the seal attribute.

It shouldnt be able to morph forms.”

Mo Mo nodded in agreement.

If her Legendary Beast Control Artifact could morph forms, she wouldnt have carried a small bronze cauldron around all the time.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and didnt say anything.

If that was the case, the matters at hand would be a bit difficult.

Although Mo Mos small bronze cauldron was just a small clue that ordinary people wouldnt be able to detect, if someone intentionally paid attention and studied it, they could indeed figure out something from this clue.

“Who” At this moment, Mo Mo spoke, but her voice changed to a hoarse, neutral, and muffled voice, “Who has discovered my identity”

The grey mist figure…

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

He did not expect that this matter would force the grey mist figure out.

“Rong Dahao, do you know him”

“…” The grey mist figure remained silent.

It was obvious that he didnt remember such a person.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed, “He mightve seen your existence before, so even though Mo Mo changed her appearance, he still recognized her through her features.

I say, arent you too careless! How could you not be vigilant even when your features have been noticed by others”

Xu Xiaoshou lamented as he rebuked, “That guy recognized you the moment the two of you brushed shoulders, yet you had zero vigilance and still possessed my friend while swaggering through the city”

The grey mist figure was silent for a moment before saying in a muffled voice, “Kid, watch your tone!”

“Come again You are now my bodyguard!” Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid of him in the least.

With the Eighth Sword Deity as his backer, the grey mist figure was just like the Monkey King who had been suppressed at the foot of the Five Finger Mountain.

Even if he had extraordinary abilities, he couldnt make a move against him.

“Rong Dahao, I remember him,” At this moment, Mo Mos voice appeared, she seemed to be searching her memories, “It should be that fatty back in the White Cave.

He should also be a descendant of a major faction… Oh yeah, that day at the Plenty Gold Company, he seemed to be around.

But, how did he recognize me”

Mo Mo didnt understand.

When she was in the White Cave, even if Rong Dahao was by her side, he had concealed himself very well.

Later on, when she had entered the Spirit Fusion Swamp and met the Storyteller, the grey mist figure had suddenly taken over her body.

The memories from then on were as if they were lost.

The difference in memory caused her to only remember the moments when she had interacted with Rong Dahao normally, and she had no memories of the following scenes at all.

In fact, when the grey mist figure appeared, Rong Dahao was also in the ice barrier, and he had witnessed the process of Mo Mos transformation.

As such, when they met at the Plenty Gold Company that day, Rong Dahao recognized Mo Mo…

However, with the difference in memory, Mo Mo took no notice of it, never thinking that she had exposed herself.

It was ultimately the grey mist figures fault.

Mo Mo immediately frowned, her tone filled with reproach, “You didnt recognize him”

The grey mist figure retorted, “How would I remember an ant I only remember those at least at the Sovereign stage and have the combat strength of the Cutting Path stage.”

Mo Mo said, “Well failure is often due to carelessness.

The weak people that you have overlooked may very well put me in a dangerous situation.”

The grey mist figure snorted, “Ha, whats the point of saying so much Rong Dahao, right Wont everything be fine if we just kill him”

Mo Mo rolled her eyes, “Rong Dahao is with the Jiang Clan, and Xu Xiaoshou just returned from the Jiang Clan.

This means that the matter is already serious.

Jiang Xian already knows about you, and the whole Jiang Clan might also know about you!”

The grey mist figure simply said, “Well, lets kill them all!”

Mo Mo was speechless for a moment, “… Thats a Demi-Saint Family!”

One person talking to oneself in two voices, such was the scene.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt the only one who was taken aback.

Even Xin Gugu, Mu Zixi, and the others had never seen such a ridiculous scene where two people were in the same body and were blaming each other.

The few people present all felt out of place.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a headache coming.

He quickly waved his hand to stop them, “Okay, stop! Dont say anymore.

The Jiang Clan cant be destroyed.

Mo Mo is right, they are a Demi-Saint Family, you cant destroy them just because you want to.”

Mo Mo turned her head, but it was the grey mist figure who sneered, “Thats because your scale of thinking is too small.

Even if its a Demi-Saint Family, as long as its not the close relatives of the Demi-Saint, I can wipe them out without anyone knowing.”

For a moment, Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss for words.

Thats right.

He didnt dare to act rashly because he was worried by the Demi-Saints descendants “Legend of immortality”, but the grey mist figure was a “Saint” in the first place.

Under the premise the grey mist figure had the seal attribute, perhaps he could really silence Jiang Xian and the others who knew the situation without raising any notice.

However, after thinking about it again, Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and said, “Dont be rash.

We know Jiang Xian knows about this, but we dont know how many people behind him know, so its useless to just kill him alone.

If we do this, we might even alert the enemy and make the matter worse.”

The grey mist figure snorted, “Isnt it just a hornets nest Just poke it if you want to! Either way, we can just kill all the hornets that come at us!”

Xu Xiaoshou, “…”

This was perfectly fitting of the grey mist figures personality!

However, that was a demi-saint family.

Even if he, Xu Xiaoshou, wanted to stir up trouble in Dongtianwang City, he couldnt do it like this.

If he poked it at the hornets nest in such a manner, he would be exposing another matter…

At that time, if the matter blew up, not only would he have failed his mission as being a saboteur, he would also have to go deal with the other matter.

Putting the failure of the mission aside, his life might be at risk then.

“Is there a compromising method” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

He did not want to kill anyone easily.

The method of the grey mist figure was simply not feasible.

“No, just kill him…” Before the grey mist figure could finish his sentence, Mo Mos voice came out again, “Yes, just seal their memories.

I dont want to kill anyone either, so Ive always used this method in the past.”

Xu Xiaoshou, “…”

He was once again amazed by this scene of one body with two voices and the stalemate between them.

It was just f*cking weird!

“Alright, you two keep an eye out and find an opportunity to do it… if Jiang Xian and Rong Dahao are at the trade fair tomorrow night, just act as you see fit,” Xu Xiaoshou held his forehead.

“Kill him directly…” Before the grey mist figure could finish his sentence, Mo Mo interrupted him again, “Sure, lets do it this way!”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The grey mist figure stopped.

The last curse he contributed was his unyielding stubbornness.

Mo Mo also returned to her quiet appearance.

Her mouth no longer spat words of killing and murder.

Xu Xiaojis legs were trembling as he listened from the side.

To think that he had originally thought that Mo Mo was the most gentle person by the Great Demon King Xus side, and only now did he find that she had such a terrifying side to her, saying things like killing everyone and wiping everyone out with such ease.

The battle between the two voices caused Xu Xiaoji to tremble.

He was thinking that the Yuan Mansion was the best place for him to be, he simply shouldnt be here.

Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to interfere in Mo Mos matter.

As long as he had mentioned it, he believed that with the grey mist figures many years of experience of walking the world, he would have ways to prevent being recognized.

However, Xu Xiaoshou could not ignore the matter regarding his junior sister.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and called Mu Zixi over to ask, “Recently, have you felt anything wrong For example, did you always feel like someone wanted to kill you or something like that”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

Xin Gugu, who was at the side, immediately felt his scalp go numb.

Good lord!

His eyes were wide open.

The scenes where Mu Zixi had previously repeatedly said to him “I feel that someone wants to kill me” but they couldnt find anyone immediately surfaced in his mind.

“How do you know” Xin Gugu exclaimed while he was amazed in his heart.

If Xu Xiaoshou had been by their side, he would not have been surprised that he would be so alert.

After all, Xu Xiaoshous sixth sense was more sensitive than a womans.

But now, Xu Xiaoshou hadnt been with them, yet his sixth sense for his junior sister could be extended to such an extent… What kind of godly ability was this!

“You do have that feeling” Xu Xiaoshou had only asked casually.

He did not expect that Xin Gugu was the one who would give a positive reply while his junior sister remained silent.

“What happened just now when you guys were walking on the streets” Xu Xiaoshou wanted to know more details.

“Hm,” Xin Gugu nodded.

“During the trip just now, Mu Zixi had… Oh, forget it, you tell him!” He gave up on explaining since he couldnt make sense of it anyway and pushed the person in question forward to tell the story.

Mu Zixis heart was still immersed in the pleasant surprise of “how did Xu Xiaoshou know about this”, “so Xu Xiaoshou has been secretly protecting me”, “Xu Xiaoshou does care about me”, and “Xu Xiaoshou didnt go to the Hanxiang Brothel”.

She was imagining the scene that her eldest senior brother would appear elegantly whenever something happened to her and would stroke her head with his big hand while saying “Its okay, Im here”, but before the image could be completely formed, she felt a pain on her face.


Xu Xiaoshou patted her face, “Wake up, what are you thinking about!”

Mu Zixi shook her small face, and her cheeks trembled.

Her face turned red as she stammered, “Uh… Um, where, where were we”

Xu Xiaoshou simply couldnt understand how his junior sister could be so aloof while they were talking about serious matters.

He asked with a headache, “Did you feel any danger on the streets just now”

“Oh, yes, yes there was…” The little girl blinked in a daze before her thoughts returned to the right track.

She opened her mouth to say, “I kept feeling that someone was watching me in the dark, but Xin Gugu didnt believe me when I told him about it.

He kept saying that there was no one…”

“Hey, how can you say I didnt believe you!” Xin Gugu stomped his foot, saying angrily, “I was just saying that, but I was looking for the person in secret, okay Dont talk nonsense! Its just that I couldnt find the assassin you were talking about.”

“Hmph!” Mu Zixi pouted, her face was full of disbelief.

Her gaze shifted between her senior brother and Xin Gugu.

She compared the two in her mind: One could still sense she was in danger when he wasnt by her side, and the other couldnt sense anything even though he was always by her side.

“Useless,” She mumbled.

“Me” Xin Gugu was stunned.

He felt like a mute that had taken a dose of bitter medicine, and could only silently suffer.

“It should be that then…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not think much about the little girls thoughts.

His thoughts jumped to the “Yama” as he frowned and said, “When I went out this time, not only did I go take an item from the Jiang Clan, I even met a masked man on the way.

They call themselves the “Yama”, and they should be after you…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused and stared at his junior sisters eyes.

“Your eyes!”

Mu Zixi couldnt stand such a direct and burning gaze.

She slightly moved her eyes away and tilted her head.

“Oh, yes, is that so…”

Xu Xiaoshou took out the Heaven Pearl and asked, “Do you know this thing”

Mu Zixi turned around and looked at it.

Her mind was still blank as she weaved her fingers and denied, “No, I dont recognize it!”

Xu Xiaoshou:””

She didnt recognize it

This was unexpected!

Why did it seem like his junior sister was still in the clouds

“Take a closer look.

Its impossible that you dont recognize it…” Xu Xiaoshou stuffed the Heaven Pearl into Mu Zixis hand.

The moment Mu Zixi came into her senior brothers warm hand, she became even more flustered.

“I, I, I really dont recognize…”

“The Eye of Heaven,” At this moment, Mu Zixis voice stopped.

Her voice turned into a seductive female voice that could stir ones heartstrings.

The First Pavilion in the Sky fell silent abruptly.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He recalled hearing this voice.

At that time, when his junior sister had said the words “Three Loathsome Eyes” at the entrance of the Plenty Gold Company, she seemed to have said it in this seductive voice as well.

Xin Gugu was also stunned.

He had never thought that a loli like Mu Zixi would have such an ability! To think that her voice could become so… seductive! It was simply unreal!

Mo Mo was equally stunned.

What stunned her was that she had thought Mu Zixi was the most normal human being by Xu Xiaoshous side, yet now she had discovered that Mu Zixi was like her, a ghost beast host body!


A sound broke the silence.

It was the sound of Xu Xiaoji collapsing to the ground.

Xu Xiaoji was simply at a loss for a reaction.

His gaze darted across the people in front of him, and his eyes glazed over.

The Great Demon King Xu, ghost beast host body No.1, ghost beast host body No.2, ghost beast host body… No.3

Oh my god!

Xu Xiaoji held his head in his hands.

His mind went blank as if he had been struck by lightning.

He was shouting in his heart, “What kind of combination was this Lord Aje, please come back quickly and bring me back to the Yuan Mansion.

I dont want to be in this damn place anymore!”


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