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Chapter 701: Who The H*ll Taught You to Raise the Price Like This

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In box number one, a grey-haired middle-aged man slammed the wine jug on the table onto the ground.

He did not deliberately suppress the sound.

Instead, he removed the soundproof array in the room so that everyone at the trade fair could hear the angry voice from the Holy Divine Palace.

“Calm down.” Cheng Ji waved his hand, signalling for the person in front of him to calm down.

“Is the Night Cat crazy”

Chu Lisheng pointed at the void token that suddenly appeared on the high platform, he blew his nose and glared.

“The last time I went to talk to the Night Cat, what did they tell me Its a clue to the Abyss Island!”

“Its just a clue.

If they wanted us to buy it, we would have bought it.”

“And now…”

Chu Lisheng was furious and said in disbelief, “D*mn, these guys dont want their lives anymore.

Do they want money So they just took out the void token to trade”

Cheng Ji didnt say anything.

As the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palaces branch in Dongtianwang City, he banned the outside factions from trading the void token.

The lower echelons didnt know about this news.

It was impossible for the top power in the Imperial City not to know about it.

Night Cats actions were the same as pulling out a tooth from a tigers mouth.

They were testing their bottom line!


Cheng Ji narrowed his eyes as his wrist spun unconsciously, he said indifferently, “If they took it, so be it.

Coincidentally, during this period of time, the rumours of the Void Island spread like wildfire in the Imperial City.

We can see which faction dares to take down this void token.”

“This is clearly a clue that Night Cat released!” Chu Lisheng was furious.

He was the person in charge of the Imperial city trial.

In secret, he was the Prime Minister of this sacred Secret Lands event too.

Night Cat suppressed him previously.

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However, they appeared amiable on the surface, but behind his back, they were pulling out all the stops.

It was definitely a slap to Chu Lishengs face!

“Calm down…” Cheng Ji looked at him calmly, “A mere Night Cat.

Do you think they would dare to leak information about Abyss Island If theres no one else behind them, even if they got guts, they wouldnt dare to do such a thing.”

Chu Lisheng did not dare to agree with these words.

“Hall Master Cheng, if the night cat doesnt have the guts, then whats the reason for their current actions”

He pointed at the void token that caused the entire trade fair to chaos with excitement and said in a resounding voice, “Night Cat, he did this, after the trade fair is over, I can bring my men and confiscate all their assets!”

Cheng Ji raised his eyebrows.

“Now it was not to that extent…”

He paused for a moment and shifted his gaze, gesturing for Chu Lisheng to sit down and have a calm conversation.

After the person in front of him angrily flicked his sleeves and sat down, Cheng Ji continued to speak:

“Think about it, regarding the Pixiu Mountain incident, there was indeed a large faction that obtained the void token.”

“After that, Night Cat released the news that they had a lead on the void token.

At this time, it wasnt difficult for a discerning person to guess that this void token was obtained by Night Cat.”

“But without any evidence, he couldnt touch anyone.”

Cheng Ji smiled, he sighed.

“Then, do you think its better to continue to control the Void Tokens clues and guide everyones mind so as to maximise the benefits… or do you think you can get more by handing over the void token at the trade fair”

This was simple logic.

The answer, of course, was to hold the void token and release it at a critical moment to maximise the benefits.

Chu Lisheng was blinded by the night cats actions.

Now that he got this point, his mind immediately turned around.

“Master Cheng, you mean…”

“Theyre afraid!”

Cheng Ji said firmly, “Someone asked the Night Cat previously to release the information… with the night cats power, he could even carry the pressure from the holy divine palace and do as he was told.

“After that, the Night cat immediately changed his hands to the void token.

That means that this faction that interferes with the dark situation in the imperial city has quite a strong background.”

“Its even bigger than the night cat” Chu Lisheng was stunned.

It was already difficult to deal with the night cat.

After being in the Imperial City for so many years, even the holy divine palace had no choice but to give the Night cat some face.

This could be seen from the fact that Cheng Ji personally came to the trade fair.

However, if one were to say that there was an even more powerful faction behind this local tyrant that was stirring up trouble in the dark…

“What do you mean” Chu Lisheng was a little embarrassed after he calmed down.

He was ashamed that he did not see through such a simple line in the first place.

Cheng Ji leaned back on the sofa and said, “Its very simple.

Whoever dares to touch the void token will be suspected.

Or perhaps, after the trade fair ends, whoever is still keeping an eye on the void token will be implicated!”

“As for what we have to do…”

Cheng Ji spread his hands.

“We just wait.”

Chu Lisheng came to a realisation and asked, “After the trade fair ends, Ill send people to keep an eye on the void tokens whereabouts.

Then, well follow the clues and find out who it is”


Cheng Ji nodded, then the corners of his lips curled up.

“But we still have to settle our things with the Night cat afterwards… Lets wait and see first.

The good show has begun!”

The show had indeed begun.

A void token threw a stone to ask for directions, and the atmosphere at the trade fair exploded.

Amidst the clamour, the black-robed beast-faced man lightly tapped his hammer.

He did not like to keep people guessing.

After seeing that everyones interest had been lifted to the highest, he immediately said,

“Sacred Secret Land, Sacred Dao Foundation.

Everyone knows these, so theres no need for me to elaborate.”

“Void token, as the key to opening the sacred secret land, is priceless in itself.

But when you come to the trade fair, it needs to have a clear price that can be traded.”

The black-robed beast-faced man raised his hammer and said solemnly, “Night Cat is sincere.

The void token is priced at a low price of 100 million.

How much this thing is worth depends on everyones interest!”

With that said, the entire arena fell silent.

Everyone looked at each other and hesitated.

The arena was silent.

The fact that the night cat could take out the void token as the cornerstone treasure of this trade fair was beyond doubt.

What the representatives of the major powers were worried about was the fact that the number one box was the eyes and ears of the Holy Divine Palace.

If they took the void token, would they be in danger

However, after waiting for a long time, the number one box did not say anything other than the first loud bang.

This time, everyone could treat it as the Holy Divine Palaces silent response.

They agreed!

In the private room, an animal-faced person immediately raised a sign.

“200 million.”

This voice instantly dispelled everyones doubts.

This was an opportunity that couldnt be missed!

That was the “Sacred Secret Land”, a blessed land that was known to have the “Foundation of the Holy Path”.

Normally, even if they searched for the void token, they wouldnt be able to find it.

But now, this black token was lying in front of them.

Who could remain calm in the face of such an opportunity

“300 million!”

“500 million!”


“One billion!”

The terrifying increase in the price instantly calms everyone down.

They had only opened their mouths a few times!

This void token had soared to one billion

One billion spirit crystals wasnt a sum of one hundred thousand or one million.

If everyone sold it, they could make up the sum.

If they really wanted to make a deal at this price, even if most of the faction present wanted to take out such cash, it would be extremely difficult.

“Why isnt there anyone in the private room bidding”

At this moment, the people in the private seats were somewhat suspicious.

The people bidding this time were all people below the stage.

The leaders of the major factions who were actually sitting in the private room were all standing still

Some of the people who were on good terms with the beast-faced man and knew him very well started to discuss telepathic communication.

“Whats going on I feel that the void token is probably not only at this price, but theyre not bidding…”

“The Holy Divine Palace is blocking the information!”

There were quite a few people who understood what was going on, so some of them replied, “Void token is actually a forbidden item… we can take it.

Those at the highest level will be targeted by the holy divine palace if they bid once.”

“Thats true… but whats going on Isnt this a little scary”

“Then just sit still and do as they do!”

The scene went through a climax and cooled down once again.

The black-robed beast-faced man on the high platform was unmoved.

He only raised his hammer indifferently, as if he would gladly accept any price the void token sold for.

“Three bids, three hammers.

Everyone, are you going to give up on the void token”

“Currently, Trader 83 is in the lead.

One billion going at once…”

With a loud thud, the black-robed man knocked the hammer on the wooden tray.

“Two billion!”

A voice came from the second-floor box.

Everyones heart jolted as they looked over.

The box was silent.

It was as if the other party was still as calm as before even after doubling the price.

Everyone began to speculate.

There were not many factions in the Imperial City that were able to take out two billion spirit crystals so calmly.

Amongst them, most were corporations and chambers of Commerce.

Those factions and organisations on the surface were unable to gather so much.

The most they could do was to barter.

The corner of the black-robed mans mouth, which was hidden under the Beasts face, also curved.

He said indifferently, “Box 13, bid two billion, two billion going once…”

“Two and a half billion.”

Another box spoke out.

Everyone turned their heads in unison.

Box 99.

“These people…”

The faction that was participating for the first time was shocked.

These people really didnt use spirit crystals as a spirit crystal, right

They were so exaggerated at raising the price

“Three billion!”

On the other side, box 13 once again made a bid, crushing it to death on the spot.

After everyone turned their heads, they turned their heads again.

Their actions were comical, but they didnt realise it at all.

They just wanted to see how box 99 would react to this.

However, this time, Box 99 didnt make a sound.

It seemed that the price had reached such a level that it made ppl feel pain.

Inside Box 172.

Xu Xiaoshou and the others were shocked by this series of price battles until their jaws almost fell out.

Among them, Liu Lu was the only one who had his jaw dislocated on the spot.

This fellow pressed his hands on the windowsill, and his entire person was in a state where he was seeing stars.

“Three billion…”

It wasnt that he had never seen a three billion large order transaction before.

Back then, the first pavilion in the sky was three billion.

But now, it was different!

This was added up by a few hundred million, and the amount had climbed up time and time again.

That impact was simply enough to shatter a persons soul!

Liu Lu looked at the simple black token on the high platform and felt that the trade fair in front of him was filled with spirit crystal that fell from the sky.

This was too unreasonable.

So this was how the Spirit Gem Trade Fair was played


Was this how the major factions of the Imperial City played

This was only the first trade item.

Behind it, there were still hundreds of people waiting…


Behind them, Xiao Wanfeng and Xin Gugu collapsed on the sofa almost at the same time.

They looked at each other, and a strong sense of inferiority rose in their eyes at the same time.

This money had destroyed their usual self-confidence.

The key was that they had been tortured by Young Master Xu to the point where they did not have much self-confidence.

Now, there were even more ruthless characters.

The power of money really made them dizzy.

“I surrender.”

Xin Gugu patted his head, his face full of shock under the Beast Mask.

Mo Mo was shocked too.

The way the big faction of the Imperial City played had really opened her eyes.

In the private room, she was considered one of the few people who could still maintain a calm expression.

But there was one exception…

Mu Zixi jumped in front of Xu Xiaoshou with a thud and slapped her senior brothers arm, which was obviously numb from the shock.

“Young… Young Master Xu, play with them!”

“Raise the price and crush the number 13 private room.

I know youre very rich!”

The little girls face was full of excitement.

She felt an unknown power in her body being stimulated.

She wanted to participate in this money war too.

This was too interesting.

It was even more fun than blowing people up.

“Get lost!”

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, pulled this sticky thing away.

He only had 70 spirit citadel left in his card, which was seven billion spirit crystals.

It wasnt like he didnt have a void token.

What was the point of raising the price!

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head to calm himself down.

What he knew about the inside story of the Abyss Island, and what the various factions knew, was probably not much.

However, in terms of the entire Imperial city, there were probably quite a number of them added together.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was thinking about Box 13 and Box 99.

What exactly were these noobs that didnt know and were trying to compete for the foundation of the Saint Ascension Path…

Or had they understood everything, but they were still unafraid of the holy divine palace and were arrogantly bidding

Below the stage.

The scene was completely silent.

The black-robed Beastman once again swung his hammer, and there was a thud.

“Box 13, three billion going once…”

Mu Zixi was anxious when she heard this voice.

She pounced over again and grabbed her seniors arm, shaking it.

She said bitterly, “Play! Play with them!”

She was happy to look at the scene.

She wished that she could snatch Xu Xiaoshous card and participate in this!

“Box 13, three billion going twice…”

When Xu Xiaoshou heard this voice, he suddenly thought of his three void tokens.

Indeed, he didnt need to bid to buy the void token.

But if he could raise the price, wouldnt the value of his void token be doubled later

If the other party didnt raise the price, wouldnt he be able to control the entire scene by taking all four void tokens

One had to know that there were factions that feared the holy divine palace and factions that knew the inside story of the Abyss Island…

However, these were all small numbers!

With the temptation of the Holy Path Foundation, the number of factions that didnt know anything was much greater than the first two…

“Just play! Just play!”

His arm was shaken so much that it felt like it was no longer his.

Beside him, Mu Zixi acted coquettishly while her entire body wanted to climb onto Xu Xiaoshous body.

She wanted to entangle her senior brother and use the tree seed to control this mans thoughts!

Xu Xiaoshous heart calmed down.

He glanced at box number one and made a decision.

He pulled out his hand and rubbed his junior sisters head.

Pointing forward, he said dotingly, “Ill give you a chance.

Call him a B*Stard!”

Under the Beast Mask, the little girl was stunned.

The green light in her eyes shot out on the spot.

“Box 13, three billion, three…”

On the high platform below, before the black-robed Beast Mask Mans voice could finish, a loud and excited voice came from box 172.

“Five billion!”

In the box, Mu Zixi rushed to the windowsill and threw Liu Lu out.

She spread her legs and swung her two ponytails.

She pointed down angrily and shouted in a delicate voice, “If you have the guts, then raise my price!”

At this moment, Mu Zixis voice was able to swallow the mountains and rivers.

She felt that she was the master of money, the King of Spirit Crystal, and the winner of the whole crowd.

She was unrivalled!

At the same time, there was a bang.

Xu Xiaoshou stumbled, and the strength in his hands suddenly went out of control, hitting the table directly.

He recovered from his dizziness and looked at his junior sister who was full of aura.

He was completely stunned.

“ ”

“Five, five billion”

“Who the h*ll taught you to raise the price like this Your Spirit Crystal is not money! ! !”


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