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Chapter 708: Dong Ling

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Everyone froze on the spot.

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

That included Nangong Yin, who was stuck in the gap of the door.

President Dong Ling trembled a little while she walked forward.

All the people who werent on the stage and had heard the noise widened their eyes.

No one spoke a word.

Liu Lus knees had hit the ground with a loud thud.

He looked weak and limp.

Liu Lu turned around and looked at Xu Xiaoshou with widened eyes.

He couldnt believe his ears.

He only realized what was going on when he saw Xu Xiaoshous face.

“Young Master Xu must think the person in front of him is another nobody,” thought Liu Lu.

He was rendered completely speechless for a short while.

Xu Xiaoshou had only arrived in the royal city for a couple of days.

It was normal for him to not know the “old lady” stood in front of him.

“Young … Young Master Xu,” said Liu Lu while stuttering.

“Theres something you need to know.”

“Oh, just spill it!” exclaimed Xu Xiaoshou.

He was still enjoying the reaction given by his “audience”.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know why the audience had such big reaction.

He had just thought that they were stunned by his domineering aura.

Liu Lu took a deep breath and slowly stood up.

He then whispered in Xu Xiaoshous ear, “Young Master Xu, maybe you already know, but I would still like to remind you that thisold lady stood in front of you is the head of the Magic Pill Technicians Associations headquarters.

Shes President Dong Ling!”

The words made Xu Xiaoshous heart skip a beat.

“What did you just say”

“Startled, Passive Points, 1.”

Through the gaps left for his eyes on the mask, he could see the trembling figure in front of him.

It looked as if she was doing her best not to lose her temper.

Xu Xiaoshou then felt a chill down her spine.

“Startle, Passive Points, 1.”

He then turned to Liu Lu, only to see Liu Lu nod his head.

This meant that he had not misheard anything that Liu Lu had just said.

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“Startled, Passive Points, 1.”

Three startles in a row made Xu Xiaoshou jump in shock like a startled cat.

“Who did you just say she was President Dong Ling Shouldnt President Dong Ling be a really old guy with grey hair” asked Xu Xiaoshou in a really high pitched voice.

After a short period of complete silence, the crowd was supposed burst out into various discussions.

However, they were once more, silenced by Xu Xiaoshous words.

“Is he trying to get himself killed” thought Liu Lu.

“What the hell is he talking about” thought Nangong Yin.

“How dare he say such a thing in front of me” thought President Dong Ling.

“Wow! That guys really brace!” the audience exclaimed inwardly.

“Impressed, Passive Points, 142.”

“Praised, Passive Points, 166.”

“Pitied, Passive Points, 233.”

After Xu Xiaoshou said that, Liu Lu rolled his eyes and then fainted.

He collapsed on the floor with a loud thud.

At the other end of the corridor.

President Dong Lings face turned cold.

Underneath her Elixir Masters robe, President Dong Lings body was trembling at a very high frequency.

It was a clear sign of her being infuriated.

Her hair was afloat even though there was no wind.

Although they were indoors, there was still wind blowing.

With no prior warning, Dong Ling took a step forward and she was suddenly surrounded by a bright purple flame.

Her eyes had already turned red due to anger.

They seemed quite obvious under the bright purple flame.

This was a sign of Dong Ling being infuriated.

thought Dong Ling.

It was said that women never liked people talking about their ages.

In this world, people were used to treating people of the Sovereign and Cutting Path Stage with respect.

They were used to being polite and have manners.

However, sometimes they would forget the tiniest things.

For example, a thirty-four-year-old single woman wouldnt mind anyone talking about her behind her back, but there was one exception.

That exception in this case would be her age.

Dong Ling never liked others talking about her age.

“You little brat, let me teach you a lesson!” exclaimed Dong Ling.

President Dong Ling, who was covered by the purple flame reached out and made a grabbing gesture.

This action condensed the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy and trapped Xu Xiaoshou.

Then Dong Ling used the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy and pulled Xu Xiaoshou towards her.

The purple flame that surrounded Dong Ling formed into three giant palms, which were then sent towards Xu Xiaoshous face.

“Oh sh*t! Shes really mad!” someone exclaimed.

Everyone else in the room backed further away.

They didnt want to be involved in this fight, nor did they want to get hurt.

“Its the Primal Purple Fire!” someone else in the crowd exclaimed.

People in the crowd were shocked by President Dong Lings actions.

“Its really the Primal Purple Fire! Looks like President Dong Lings really gone ma … I mean infuriated! That guy doesnt look like hes at the Cutting Path Stage at all.

Is she trying to turn that guy into ash”

“I had never imagined that President Dong Ling would be so violent.”

“Looks like they were right, she may be old, but shes not someone to be messed with.

Whats wrong with that guy from room 172 anyway”

“Shush! Do you have a death wish or something Are you trying to get yourself killed”

“Oh yeah right!”

Only a while later did Zhou Tiancan came to his senses of what was going on in the room.

He then dived towards the purple flame.

However, when he was halfway there, he realized that he could use telepathic communications.

Then he used his telepathic communication skill to communicate with President Shi Ti.

“Thats him! Thats our guy! Hes the one that we came for.

Tell President Dong Ling to stop!”

“What the hell What are you talking about” Shi Ti turned and looked at Zhou Tiancan in utter surprise.

“Hes our guy”

Zhou Tiancan kept on nodding his head at Shi Ti.

He tried to signal Shi Ti that Xu Xiaoshou was the guy that they wanted.

Only after a while did Shi Ti come to his senses about the situation at hand.

The scene that was displayed in front of him reminded him of the terrible state that he was in at the Pill Pagoda.

“No wonder… ” thought Shi Ti.

Shi Ti only came to realize that doing something this big at the Trade Fair could only mean he was someone with connections.

“Dong Ling, stop!”

Shi Ti took a step back avoiding the center of the blast zone and shouted, “President Dong Ling, stop! There must be a misunderstanding.”

“Please, dont be so cruel,” called Nangong Yin as she rushed towards Xu Xiaoshou.

At the same time, another man in a black robe and mask came charging down from the roof.

It was the Higher Void State warrior protecting the Trade Fair.

No matter how powerful Dong Ling was, she would not be allowed to kill anyone at the Trade Fair.

Doing so would be an offence to the Trade Fair rules and regulations.

The power of the Cutting Path and the power of the Higher Void then started colliding.

Both forces were invisible to the eyes, but Dong Ling could feel it.

That was when Dong Ling realized what she was doing was a little too impulsive.

She could still punish the guy after the Trade Fair had ended.

The palms made from the purple flames stopped dead in their tracks just before they were about to come in contact with Xu Xiaoshou.

At the last moment, the palms made from the purple flames stopped dead in their tracks, but the flames that made the palms did not all stop in time due to the momentum.

The flame quickly swallowed Xu Xiaoshou and to the others in the room, the flame overwhelmed Xu Xiaoshou.

Shi Ti stopped dead in his tracks.

He wasnt stood too far away from where Dong Ling was.

Although his spiritual senses couldnt penetrate the purple flame, he could still see with his eyes that Dong Ling had held back her attack at the last minute.

“Well, its okay if you punish him a little.

You didnt need to let him off completely,” mumbled Shi Ti.

However, it was completely different for other people in the room.

Their spiritual senses werent able to penetrate the Primal Purple Fire, so all they could see was someone who provoked President Dong Ling and was vaporized by her.

Nothing was left of him.

“Is he dead” someone in the room asked.

When the purple flame disappeared, there was nothing left.

This dumbfounded everyone in the room and that included Dong Ling as well.

A person trapped by Heaven and Earth spiritual energy had just disappeared like that

“What the f*ck”

“Did President Dong Ling just murder someone”

“And she did that at the Trade Fair”

People started talking amongst themselves.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Dong Ling as she looked around the room.

Her warning rendered everyone in the room speechless.

There were quite powerful warriors present in the room who actually saw what happened.

That guy disappeared even though President Dong Lings attack didnt land on her.

This meant that even if Dong Ling didnt stop her attack, she still wouldnt have been able to touch him.

“Whats going on What happened”

People in the room who were at least at the Sovereign Stage were all shocked.

“I dont think that guys at the Sovereign Stage yet.”

“What just happened Did he teleport But I didnt sense any spatial fluctuations!”

“What a great spiritual technique! It looked as if that guy had just disappeared.

I wonder if hes going to sell it”

Everyone present wanted to see what would happen next.

They wanted to know how the guy who was caught by President Dong Ling managed to escape and disappear in front of so many people.

Some already knew that Xu Xiaoshou had used an escape technique to escape.

Others thought that Xu Xiaoshou was vaporized by Dong Ling.

Zhou Tiancan quietly returned to Hua Yings side and whispered, “Its him!”

He seemed very excited as he then ran to Su Qianqians side and whispered, “Its him!”

Su Qianqian nodded in response.

This calmed Zhou Tiancan down a little.

“Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

She calls himBig Brother Shou, she must have already recognized him,” thought Zhou Tiancan.

Hua Ying was a little confused still.

She turned and looked at Zhou Tiancan with a meaningful look on her face.

“Its definitely him!” said Zhou Tiancan with confidence.,

thought Zhou Tiancan.

Zhou Tiancan knew that Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky was someone roughly the same age as him.

He also came to participate in the Imperial City Trials.

This meant that Xu Xiaoshou would only be at the Innate Stage.

Being at the Innate Stage and was able to escape untouched from someone at the Cutting Path Stage in an undetected way could only be possible for one person; Xu Xiaoshou.

Hua Yings face became complicated.

She started fiddling with her fingers.

“I want you to tell me the true.

Is he really …”

“Yes, Im positive,” said Zhou Tiancan.

“Oh sh*t! Thats not good!” exclaimed Hua Ying inwardly.

Everything that had just happened was actually all because of her.

Hua Ying started everything because she wanted to see if she really had infernal power.

Then President Dong Ling got involved because she thought Hua Ying was picking on one of her students.

Although everything got violent because Uncle Xu called Dong Ling an “old lady”, it was still her fault for getting Xu Xiaoshou in trouble.

Hua Ying didnt learn much alchemy methods at the Holy Palace, but what she did learn was how to maintain a relationship with others.

She would definitely not put the blame on the her own Uncle.

“What should I do” said Hua Ying inwardly.

She could already picture the scene where her mentor; Bai Jin starts to perform human alchemy tests.

Hua Ying had no idea what to do.

“Well… ”

When everyone was in a confused state, Xu Xiaoshou appeared again from out of nowhere.

He was stood in a corner of the room.

“Look! Hes over there!”

“Hes not dead!”

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou reappeared, people started calling out.

However, before people started calling out, President Dong Ling glanced in Xu Xiaoshous direction immediately.

Others on alert are Nangong Yin, the Higher Void warrior and other strong warriors in the room.

Xu Xiaoshous reappearance this time really had everyones attention.

Most people were surprised at Xu Xiaoshou being totally unharmed.

“Attention, Passive Points, 267.”

“Surprised, Passive Points, 225.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 222.”

Dong Ling raised her brows in surprise.

She knew how powerful her attack was.

Even if the Primal Purple Fire didnt land on him, a grab from a Cutting Path Stage warrior should of harmed him.

However, the truth was that he looked perfectly fine.

“Hang on, since when did a Cutting Path Stage warrior become so nonthreatening” wondered Dong Ling.

Dong Lings attack had no effect on Xu Xiaoshou whatsoever.

Not only that, he had a relaxed face, like a Cutting Path Stage warrior was a nobody to him.

Dong Ling thought that she had mistaken his expression.

The truth was that Xu Xiaoshou reappeared at the corner of the room and he seemed not scared at all.

Like what had just happened was nothing.

Xu Xiaoshou however, was thinking about something completely different.

“Even if I wanted to cause trouble, I wouldnt cause trouble for the Magic Pill Technicians Association,” thought Xu Xiaoshou.

He could tell clearly from the places that Zhou Tiancan and Shi Ti stood that they were all together.

Since they were friendlies there were no need to get on the wrong side.

“About that… ”

Xu Xiaoshou had made up his mind to apologize first.

To be honest, it was him who called Dong Ling an “old lady” first.

As a man, he was able to take responsibility for his actions.

The best choice at that moment was to pretend to be weak.

As that thought crossed his mind, Xu Xiaoshou smiled and removed his mask.

He had a surprised look on his face.

“Oh, its Dong Ling, I do apologize if I have offended you earlier.

Im a member of the Magic Pill Technicians Association as well,” said Xu Xiaoshou.

He wasnt a high ranked member, only a tenth grader, but it was enough to prove that they were on the same side.

Xu Xiaoshous words rendered everyone in the room speechless once again.

No one had expected Xu Xiaoshou to act in such a way.

Dong Lings mouth started twitching and her face darkened.

wondered Ding Ling.

“Why you little brat!” said Ding Ling as she started to walk towards Xu Xiaoshou.

Then the people behind her all called out.




Nangong Yin was terrified that Dong Ling was going to started another fight.

As he moved the Higher Void Stage warrior moved as well and was about to intercept Doing Ling.

To everyones surprise, Shi Ti walked forward as well.

An old man who wasnt recognized by anyone in the room was actually the first person to reach Dong Ling.

Shi Ti came up to Dong Ling and said, “Calm down President Dong Ling, calm down.

Hes … Well … Try not to be so harsh on him.

Forgive him for his rudeness.”

After saying that, Shi Ti raised his brows as well and gave Dong Ling a meaningful look.

Dong Ling looked back at Shi Ti with cold eyes.

This look rendered Shi Ti speechless.

At that moment, Hua Ying rushed to Dong Lings side.

“President Dong Ling, please stop! This is all a big misunderstanding.

Its all my fault!”

“What” wondered Dong Ling.

“What is she on about” thought Xu Xiaoshou.

“Huh” everyone else in the room wondered.

Everyone in the room were all surprised by the girl who came out of nowhere.

This was the thought going through everyones mind at that moment.


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