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Chapter 710: So, I Already Have Primordial Purple Mist

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“Everyone, since we all know each other, do you want to stay in the same room so that you can catch up” After arriving at a new room, Nangong Yin probed.

Dong Ling didnt say anything.

Hua Ying was rather moved.

Since Zhou Tianshen had confirmed that it was Young Master Xu, she wanted to follow him immediately.

After all, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association was definitely not as close as the Infernal lineage despite coming from the same family.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, shook his head indifferently.

He could see the hidden meaning in Nangong Yins words…

This fellow was probably testing the relationship between him, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association, and Hua Ying!

If he agreed to stay in the same room, the outsiders might feel that the First Pavilion in the Sky had completely established itself in Dongtianwang City.

However, Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to do that.

He was from a Demi-Saint Faction, so there was no need for him to rely on other peoples power.

Besides, it wasnt suitable for him to have a detailed discussion with Hua Ying under the Night Cats surveillance network.

If they were together, the girl might expose her Infernal lineage if she couldnt hold it in.

By then, if someone investigated, Tiansang Spirit Palace, Saint Servant, White Cave… Everything would be exposed!


Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou immediately rejected.

“Were not that close with each other.

We just happened to have some encounters.

Its better for us to go back to our own places!”

Dong Ling glanced at Young Master Xu in astonishment.

His answer… was a little unexpected.

However, it would be best if he didnt take advantage of the situation and stick close to them.

“Youre right.

Were not that close with each other,” Dong Ling added.

“But its not that were not close at all…” Xu Xiaoshou looked back and grinned.

“Right, big sister Dong Ling”


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Dong Lings eyebrows twitched, and she was momentarily speechless.

This young man..

To be honest, this was the first time she had met such a person.

His way of speaking made her feel as though they were somehow related at first sight.

Yet, it did not come naturally, it was very irritating.

“Here you go!” Dong Ling held out her hand and pointed next door without another word.

She was not a person who liked to fight.

Since it was a misunderstanding, she would let it go after venting her anger about being called “Old Aunt”.

She would not cling to the same issue.

Nangong Yin was sandwiched between the two parties.

Even though he was a shrewd person, he could not figure out the relationship between them at this moment.

He could only arrange two brand new private rooms and send them to their original positions.

Private Room 208 was the Magic Pill Techniciains Association.

Private Room 209 was the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Both parties entered the new private rooms, but Hua Ying hesitated for a moment.


She wanted to follow Young Master Xu, but judging from the way he reacted, was he still bothered by her probing earlier

After entering the private room, Dong Ling turned around and looked at Hua Ying who was frozen on the spot.

“Come in” She asked.

“No, I, Ill go over there…” Hua Ying was a little embarrassed.

In the end, she rejected President Dong Lings kindness and decided to follow Young Master Xu.

Out of suddeen, there was a loud bang in private Room 209.

Young Master Xu and the rest from the First Pavilion in the Sky entered and slammed the door with great force, locking it from the inside.

Hua Ying was speechless.

Same applied to Nangong Yin and President Dong Ling.

The corridor outside the room fell silent for a moment.

The people in the private seats below watched the comical scene and laughed out loud on the spot.


Extremely awkward!

This time, Hua Ying was so embarrassed that she almost hid her face under the ground.

She wanted to go with Young Master Xu, but he didnt want her at all.


It was so embarrassing…

How could she be so embarrassed…

“Come in!”

Dong Ling sighed in the private room.

Even she felt bitter when she saw how embarrassed she was!

The drama was over.

The trade fair was going on as usual.

The 1.3 billion treasure was sold out on the bidding platform.

At this time, no one was bidding anymore, so the trader could only end it hastily.

At the scene.

Most people were immersed in the background of the First Pavilion in the Sky after this incident.

Many of them didnt know who the owner of Room 172 was before this.

But since Xu Xiaoshou took off his beast mask, everyone came to a realization.

First Pavilion in the Sky!

This factions rise was too sudden.

Everyone began to be cautious with his own ulterior motives.

In Room 1.

Cheng Ji watched the entire drama from the perspective of God.

After the three parties returned to their positions, he suddenly fell into deep thought.

“I asked you to investigate on the First Pavilion in the Sky before, right” Cheng Ji raised his eyes and asked after a long time.


Chu Lisheng immediately nodded and said,

“I once sent people to the First Pavilion in the Sky, but a few days ago, the First Pavilion in the Sky caused a huge commotion in the Imperial Citys Pilgrimage Square.

Master Cheng should know about this too.”

“Hence, during the day, our mission got disrupted.

Later, they went to visit the First Pavilion in the Sky during the night…”

“Hows it” Cheng Ji asked.

Chu Lisheng frowned slightly, “For a few consecutive nights, the great array of the First Pavilion in the Sky, the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map experienced strange changes, so they did not take the risk to enter.”

This time, Cheng Jis expression changed slightly.

“You mean there were people like us who wanted to check out the First Pavilion in the Sky, and then… They were defeated” He asked.

“It should be,” Chu Lisheng answered.

“Which faction is it”


Chu Lisheng couldnt answer this.

He was very busy, so how could he have the time to understand everything

Cheng Ji could tell something from Chu Lishengs expression.

He sighed and said, “The First Pavilion in the Sky is a Demi-Saint faction.

They must not be easy to appear at such a critical moment in the Imperial City… Perhaps you have other missions, but remember, the appearance of the First Pavilion in the Sky might be closely related to it.”

Chu Lisheng was speechless.

He knew what Master Cheng was talking about.

Master Cheng was suspecting that the First Pavilion in the Sky had something to do with the Abyss Island.

“Ive sent people to keep an eye on it…”

Chu Lisheng lowered his eyelids as he muttered.

He seemed to have made a judgment and said, “Ive thought about what Master Cheng is worried about, but it seems that they arent directing at the Abyss Island…”

“Just because their actions are absurd, it doesnt seem like it” Cheng Ji smiled.

Chu Lisheng felt a chill in his heart.

A diversion… he immediately thought of this possibility, and this was the information that Cheng Ji wanted to say.

“Stop stalling!”

Cheng Ji waved his hand, and he showed a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

He continued, “Youve sent people to keep an eye on the First Pavilion in the Sky.

If you find out who went to their pavilion in the past few days, I believe that youll have an answer.”


This time, Chu Lisheng did not dare to say anything more and agreed with a straight face.

Just like the Holy Divine Palace, there were many people who continued to investigate the background of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The only difference was that.

It seemed that at this moment, only Cheng Ji had considered the possibility that the First Pavilion in the Sky might be the one who was secretly stirring up trouble on the Abyss Island.

What the First Pavilion in the Sky did on the surface and in the dark… was way too different.

The big factions had indeed seen people behaving differently in the dark.

However, if they couldnt find any clues, it was too difficult for them to be suspicious in advance.

Room 209.

The second room of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Liu Lu was awake.

He was once again ordered to serve the few major unstable persons in this room.

This time, he became extra cautious.

He had already received an order.

If such a situation occurred again, Liu Lu would be kicked out of the Night Cat.

“Young Master Xu…”

His piercing gaze was fixed on the troublemaker, Young Master Xu.

But at this moment, Young Master Xu appeared to be as quiet as any ordinary person on the brand new sofa.

It was too strange!

Liu Lu stared at Young Master Xu until his eyes turned bitter.

Only when Young Master Xu raised his eyes and asked, “Why are you staring at me” Only then, he realized that he made it too obvious.

“No, hehe ~”

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He rolled his eyes, not giving a damn about Liu Lus silly smile.

He was indeed not easy to deal with.

But what happened earlier wasnt something he intended to do.

The Magic Pill Techniciains Association should be the one to take the blame this time.

Xu Xiaoshou was merely a victim who got involved in this incident.

“Take a look at this thing.

Is it helpful to you” Without thinking too much, Xu Xiaoshou took out the Bodhi Root.

He turned his head and passed it to his junior sister.

Mu Zixi, Xin Gugu, and the others actually had a big question in their minds.

However, under the Night Cats surveillance network, they werent stupid.

They knew that they couldnt ask about Hua Ying on the surface.

Thus, with a head full of questions, Mu Zixis small face puffed up.

She took the Bodhi Root and glanced at it a few times before handing it back.

“Its useless.

I cant keep it.”

That was true.

Looking at it close, Mu Zixi knew that Nangong Yin was right.

It was a fantasy to grow a tree with this Bodhi Root.

It needed a Life force so vast that she was afraid of it.

“Life force…” Mu Zixi mumbled.

She didnt even have enough Life force herself.

How could she give it to the Bodhi Root

“You cant do it either” Xu Xiaoshou frowned and took back the Bodhi Root, studying it carefully.

The Bodhi Root was short, thick, but lifeless.

It looked like it had completely dried up.

However, when he held it in his hand, he could feel the Life force in it.

It had the endless profound power of the great path.

At the very least, by just holding it, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was closer to the Way of the Heavens.

His cultivation level was already at Peak of Innate Stage.

With the Root in his hand, he felt that it was only a matter of time before he could achieve the Master stage!

Usually, there was a vague and distant boundary separating and suppressing him, preventing him from the realization of the Way of the Heavens.

But at this moment, the hurdle had completely disappeared.

If Xu Xiaoshou wanted to, he could instantly become a Master right here, right now!

“Not bad…”

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly shocked.

He wasnt shocked about how powerful the Bodhi Root was, but the fact that he only lacked the realization quality.

Once he could gain the realization quality from external help, it turned out that he could be so powerful!

He could even break through to the Master stage with just a single thought…

“Im so powerful!”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered silently.

Back when he cultivated the White Cloud Sword Technique, he could only practice one move in three years.

If he had obtained the Bodhi Root earlier, he would have been able to create three sets of the White Cloud Sword Technique in three years!

“Do you need this thing”

He showed it to others, but Xin Gugu, Mo Mo, Xiao Wanfeng, and the others shook their heads to indicate that they didnt need it.

The Bodhi Root was strong, but it had weakness too.

After all, it was only of great help to people like Xu Xiaoshou, who were on the verge of breaking through.

Usually, it would take a lot of time to use it to realize the Way of the Heavens!

For those who had to undergo a difficult cultivation, the Bodhi Root was useful too.

But for geniuses…

Especially for those like Mo Mo, Xin Gugu, and Xiao Wanfeng who were either genius or Ghost Beast host body who could easily increase their cultivation level, it barely meant anything.

“Its infuriating!”

Xu Xiaoshou realized that and threw the Bodhi Root into the Yuan Mansion speechlessly.

Ever since the Yuan Mansion Space had mutated into the Yuan Mansion World, Xu Xiaoshou discovered another wonderful use of it.

Now, he could use his spiritual senses to see and operate the entire Yuan Mansion World without physically entering it.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous physical body was sitting on the sofa in the private room, while his spiritual senses were immersed in the Yuan Mansion World.

“Chaotic Mist…”

He saw the Chaotic Mist everywhere in this new world.

He got even more disappointed.

His memory was indeed correct.

The mist was gray, instead of the Violet Qi of The Beginning of Chaos.

“Its a pity.

If it was purple, then my Bodhi Root might really grow into a Bodhi Ancient Wood.”

“Thats the Nine Great Ancestral Trees!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Cen Qiaofu, who had dominated the Eighth Palace.

The Old Woodcutter managed to increase his combat strength drastically with the Blood Trees Yin branch, which was one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees as well.

One could imagine how terrifying the Nine Great Ancestral Trees could be!

While using his spiritual senses, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were empty.

In the quiet Yuan Mansion Worlds, he watched the little white cat hop back and forth.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.



Light Wind!

In the outside world, the sound of the wind would go unnoticed.

However, this was Yuan Mansion.

It was the first time Xu Xiaoshou felt the formation of the wind.

He was shocked.

“The wind is here too”

“Does this mean that the Way of the Heavens, the five elements, and others have reached perfection Does this world start to resemble the beginning of a world”

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshou thought of the “Water “and “Grass” that came with the formation of the Yuan Mansion World the last time.

With a flash of his spiritual senses, he arrived at the bottom of the Spirit Mark of Life.

Immediately after, he showed an extremely shocked expression.


The last time this water appeared, there were only a few drops of them.

But now, under the continuous infusion of vitality spiritual energy, the water droplets condensed into a fist-sized puddle.

Even the little grass had grown to knee-height, turning into… a tall grass!

“Spirit Mark of Life, its useful!” Xu Xiaoshou was instantly enlightened.

At this moment, he noticed that the fist-sized puddle was not only filled with a transparent liquid like water, but also wisps of mystical purple mist.

This time, Xu Xiaoshous mind went blank.

In his memory, the last time a water droplet appeared, there seemed to be a bit of purple mist too

But at that time, Xu Xiaoshou neither noticed it, nor did he pay much attention to it.

Now that he looked at it again, he realized that “Water” and “Grass” were not the focus of the Yuan Mansion Worlds birth.

The purple mist was the focus!

At the same time, with Nangong Yins reminder, Xu Xiaoshou did not realize what this purple mist was until now..

It was neither a decoration nor a hallucination.

It was a real existence, along with the beginning of life and the beginning of Chaos… The Primordial Purple Mist!

“So, I already have the Primordial Purple Mist”


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