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Chapter 712: The Blood Trees Yin Branch!

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“Young Master Xu, heres your scroll.”

After confirming his bid for the production scroll of the small-scale Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel was successful, the servant sent it to the private room.

After completing the transaction, Liu Lu respectfully handed the scroll.

Xu Xiaoshou picked up the scroll that was made of jade.

The contents of the scroll could not be read like any other ordinary scroll.

Instead, it was placed between his eyebrows and probed using his spiritual senses.

His forehead became a little cold.

In an instant, a large amount of knowledge surged into his mind, forming a multi-nested spiritual array in his brain.

Finally, the spiritual array returned to its original form.

The three-dimensional image transformed into a two-dimensional spiritual vein and landed on the array wheel.

Xu Xiaoshou roughly understood the entire production process.

“Do you understand it”

Mu Zixi asked curiously beside him.

Others had a similar question, especially Liu Lu.

He already knew that Young Master Xu was an Elixir Master and had a huge deal with the Plenty Gold Company.

He originally thought that this scroll was for the use of the space type Spirit Array Caster in Xu Xiaoshous clan, but who would have thought that Young Master Xu bought it for himself

Could he really understand Liu Lu had doubts.

However, Xu Xiaoshou smiled indifferently.

With a flip of his hand, he kept the jade scroll back into his spatial ring.

“Of course I understand it.”

His words were not false.

With his Weaving Expertise, it was easy for Xu Xiaoshou to decode the spiritual array.

The replica of the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array that the night guardian had taken out at the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City was decoded by Xu Xiaoshou with a glance.

Now, the specifications of the small-scale teleportation spiritual array could not even compare to the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array, so Xu Xiaoshou was naturally not confused at all.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou found that his comprehension on the paths of “Sword Technique”, “Cooking” and “Weaving Technique” was very poor, he was confident that no one in the world could compare to him in these three paths.

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The three great Expertise Passive Skills had made his foundation too solid.

Among the knowledge that could be found in the market, the Innate Stage Expertise Passive Skills had already been instilled into Xu Xiaoshous mind.

It could be even more than that!

“If you understand it, then can you produce it” Mu Zixi asked curiously.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou shook his head slightly.

“Not sure.”

Indeed, if it were any other array wheel, the Master Stage Weaving Expertise could already allow Xu Xiaoshou to complete the production at this moment.

However, this scroll involved the Way of Space.

The Divine Secret was used to solve this aspect.

Therefore, even though Weaving Expertise was similar to the Divine Secret, it could imitate the Way of Space and weave it on the array wheel.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had never tried it before.

Divine Secret…

He had only seen Yu Zhiwen use this thing.

Other than that, he had never seen anyone else study it.

At that time, although Xu Xiaoshou could see the divine path pattern, he didnt even know what the Divine Secret was.

But now, he had a certain understanding of the Divine Secret, and he had a lot of teleportation experience due to “Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”.

With the combination of the two, although he wasnt sure if he could create a Sovereign Stage array wheel under the effect of the Master Stage Lv.

1s Weaving Expertise, the Master Stage Weaving Expertise would be able to cover all of it if the knowledge within the scroll were to be divided into the basic structure of the weaving form.


Theoretically speaking, he could create it right now, but it would be very difficult.

However, only when there was a challenge would it be worth trying, right

“Plenty Gold Company is in which private room”

Thinking up to this point, Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and asked.

Staying in the private room and waiting for a good treasure to appear was too much of a waste of time.

Xu Xiaoshou planned to immediately obtain the Blank Array Wheel and study it here, testing out the vast knowledge of Weaving Expertise.

Ever since he obtained the Weaving Expertise, Xu Xiaoshou hadnt used this passive skill many times, but it didnt mean that he didnt know how to use it.

“Know but do not use” as well as “Dont know and cant use it” were two different concepts!

Liu Lu was stunned for a moment when he heard this, then he said, “Plenty Gold Company is in No.

26 private room.

Young Master Xu, why are you asking this…”

Before he could finish, his ears suddenly twitched, and shock appeared in his eyes.

“Young Master Xu, are you going to buy a Blank Array Wheel from them”

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He knew that his thought at this level was not something that Liu Lu could see through.

It could only be that Yuan Haisheng was paying attention to him.

However, at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou did not mind revealing another talent to the Night Cat because his position in Night Cats heart would rise even higher.

Liu Lus ears trembled again, and the shock in his eyes became even greater this time, he hurriedly said, “Young Master Xu, theres no need to go through so much trouble.

If its a Blank Array Wheel, we, the Night Cat, also have it.

We can directly trade with you… No, we can give it to you… Huh As free gift!”

Liu Lu seemed to be a real-time translator.

At the end of the translation, even he was shocked.

“Free gift” Xin Gugu, who was at the side, was also surprised.

“Yes, free gift!” Liu Lu calmed down at this time and nodded his head affirmatively.

Now, Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

Night Cat was… trying its best to please him!


Were they planning to tie a dead knot with him and never be separated

He wondered if Night Cat would cry and faint on the spot when it finally found out that the First Pavilion in the Sky was actually a chess piece of the Saint Servant

However, since the Night Cat wanted to befriend him, Xu Xiaoshou had no reason to refuse.

He smiled and raised his eyes to glance at the sky.

He then said to Liu Lu, “The quality and quantity of the items I want are quite exaggerated.

Are you Night Cat sure you want to give them away for free”

Liu Lu hesitated.

He knew about Young Master Xu.

Plenty Gold Company had once searched for tens of thousands of alchemy cauldrons and millions of spiritual ingredients…

This matter was not a secret in the Imperial Citys business circle.

However, as if he had received confirmation, Liu Lu hesitated before nodding his head.

“No problem.”

Xu Xiaoshou replied, “One hundred Blank Array Wheels, Sovereign rank.”


Liu Lus eyes immediately popped out.

“You f*ck…”

Halfway through his words, he was forced to change course of speech.

All the pores on his body widened, and his scalp felt numb.

This was Yuan Haishengs warning.

“No problem.”

When he said these two words again, Liu Luxins heart was bleeding.

One hundred Blank Array Wheels with Sovereign rank!

This f*cking value could even be placed on the scene of the trade fair.

What was Manager Yuan thinking He could give this away He was even willing to give this away Wasnt this bootlicking

Xu Xiaoshou really didnt expect Night Cat to suddenly become so extravagant.

He believed that this had something to do with the Magic Pill Technicians Association and Hua Yings matter.

He immediately narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Sure, I understand the Night Cats intentions.”

Not long after, someone knocked on the door outside the private room, and the servant immediately brought over a spatial ring.

Xu Xiaoshou took the ring and examined it.

Well done!

In an orderly manner, there were 100 Blank Array Wheels.

All of them were of the Sovereign rank and were of high quality.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood the benefits of being born into a powerful faction.

The descendant of a powerful faction didnt need to fight for anything.

They didnt need to do anything.

Just by sitting at home, countless people might want to befriend him or give him treasures.

This was the ideal state of life!

“Its a pity…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He knew that his identity as the demi-saint descendant was a deliberate illusion.

Even though he did not know why, there were always people who would jump out to support his identity, causing outsiders to firmly believe in this illusion.

However, Xu Xiaoshou knew everything about himself.

He was just an ordinary person.

When his identity was exposed, the entire Imperial City would become his enemy!

“Thank you, thank you…”

As he thanked Liu Lu cheerfully, Xu Xiaoshou took out a Blank Array Wheel.

His fingers transformed, and they began dancing on it.

Spirit thread transformed into needles and pierced through here and there like dragons.

Just like that, the Blank Array Wheel was woven with spiritual veins.

The more they looked at it, the more shocked they became.

Not mentioning Liu Lu, Xin Gugu, Mo Mo, and the others seemed to be acquainted with Xu Xiaoshou for the first time.

Only then did they realize that his attainments in spiritual array had reached such a high level.

He could even use the Sovereign Array Wheel with ease

“Suspected, Passive Points 4.”

“Surprised, Passive Points 4.”

“Watched, Passive Points 142.”

The trade fair continued.

At this moment, people in the private rooms had already come out to trade for treasures.

However, the attention of over a hundred Spirit Array Casters, including Yuan Haisheng and Nangong Yin, was all focused on No.

209 private room in secret.


Nangong Yin was shocked.

He looked at the image of the room above the spiritual array and Young Master Xus dancing hands.

Then, he turned to Yuan Haisheng and asked, “Please explain”

“Dont ask me.

I didnt know that he was a Spirit Array Caster.

I just want to give it a try…”

Yuan Haisheng was also shocked.

Out of instinct, he felt that Young Master Xu was extraordinary and worthy of being his friend.

That was why he gave out a hundred Blank Array Wheels from his own pocket.

However, he had never thought that Young Master Xu intended to use these hundred array wheels for his own use!

Shouldnt this fellow hand over the array wheel and the scroll to the faction behind him and create dozens of small-scale Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel to trade with the Night Cat

This was Yuan Haishengs true thoughts.

However, what Yuan Haisheng didnt dare to dream of happened right before his eyes…

“What level is his Way of Spirit Array at” Nangong Yin asked.

However, no one responded to his question.

Yuan Haisheng knew that Nangong Yin wasnt asking him this time because their Way of Spirit Array was about the same.

They only knew how to spell “Way of Spirit Array”.

These words were obviously directed at the hundreds of Spirit Array Casters who were in charge of the Monitoring Array.


At this moment, the hundred or so Spirit Array Casters were all focused on Young Master Xus private room.

They didnt even blink their eyes.

That miraculous technique was like knitting a sweater, and the spiritual veins appeared.

What kind of sect was this

Those Spirit Array Casters couldnt figure it out no matter how much they thought about it.

They were completely captivated.

As for the question

They didnt hear a d*mn thing!

When this scene entered their eyes, Nangong Yin and Yuan Haisheng looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

From this, it could be seen just how skilled Young Master Xu was in the Way of Spirit Array.

Those present were basically all Spirit Array Casters, as well as more than ten Spirit Array Masters.

These people were all captivated by Young Master Xu.

This only proved that Young Master Xus ability was truly too strong!

“Is it really that exaggerated…”

Nangong Yins scalp went numb when he saw this scene.

“Its not that Ive never seen a demi-saint descendant before, but this Xu Deye… to be honest, its a little too shocking.”

Yuan Haisheng nodded in agreement.

“Master Swordman, Elixir Master, Spirit Array Caster, extraordinary physical body, hidden cultivation level, good relationship with the Magic Pill Technicians Association, and he even dared to touch the Abyss Island…”

“I really cant believe that he is a young man.”

“I have never seen a young man like him.”

“Either he has the strength but inexperience; or he has the vision but weak cultivation level; or he is proficient in one unorthodox way, but he doesnt know anything about the world.”

“This guy…”

Yuan Haisheng was stunned.

He could not think of a suitable word to describe Young Master Xu, Xu Deye.

“This fellow is all-powerful!”

Nangong Yin suddenly spoke.

He took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Yuan Haisheng, keep an eye on this guy.

The First Pavilion in the Sky will definitely be the overlord of the Imperial City in the future.

It is the Night Cats fortune to be able to get to know them when they are still tiny!”

Compared to No.

209 private room, where everyone was immersed in Young Master Xus finger dance, the scene of deathly stillness was completely different.

At the venue of the trade fair, the big shots in the private rooms started to come out.

The crowd could be said to be in high spirits and in full swing.

One by one, treasures worth two to six billion were pushed out, and the atmosphere reached a high point.

At this moment, another transaction of treasure came to an end.

Inside No.

4 private room, the door was pushed open, and a White-haired Orc walked out.


4!” Someone cried out in alarm.

“F*ck, this should be a big shot.

Which faction did he come from to get this number”

“I dont know, but its definitely a big shot.

I estimate that this is a treasure worth more than five billion, and there is no way we can bid for it.”

“Unfortunately, people like us who sit in private seats can only be envious.”

“What private seats… Theres only the wordprivate in the name.

We look like a greedy beggar while seating here!”


While everyone was discussing, the White-haired Orc from No.

4 private room walked onto the high platform.

He took out a jade box from his ring and placed it on the platform.

His eyes scanned the entire place, and instantly, the surroundings became silent.

“Nine Great Ancestral Trees.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch.

The finished product.

It is flawless.

It has just been broken.”

After he said those words indifferently, the White-haired Orc placed his hands on the jade box and gently lifted its cover.


A terrifying wave of blood mist pushed open the void.

In an instant, everyone present, including the big shots in the private rooms, could feel their souls stirring.

This was a kind of wild and primitive desire.

It was as if there was a divine gift that could stir up the desire in ones heart and stimulate ones unlimited potential at the soul level, wanting to fight for it, release it, and destroy it…


In the room, Xu Xiaoshou was making an array wheel when his eyes suddenly trembled and turned white.

A deep beast roar came out from his throat, and he almost turned into a giant on the spot.

Liu Lu was shocked and he fell backward.


At this moment, the array wheel in Xu Xiaoshous hand shattered.

This was his seventh failure to make an array wheel.

However, after Xu Xiaoshou stopped, he didnt start to think about the details of the failure like before.

Instead, he looked at the high platform in shock.

“Blood Tree, Yin Branch”

When the Bodhi Root came out, the image of Cen Qiaofu single-handedly defeated his enemies appeared in his mind.

Now, the Blood Trees Yin Branch was also here

This shock wasnt small!

After all, the Bodhi Root was only a supporting treasure.

Even if it had divinity, not to mention the loss of power and being sealed, the Bodhi Root wouldnt be of much use to the owner in a short period of time.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was different!

Once it was stabbed on ones back, the person could be the second Cen Qiaofu!

“Where did he get this” Xu Xiaoshou was inexplicably shocked.

Could it be that this man was Cen Qiaofu

At this moment, he felt that it was ridiculous.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch could also be taken out to trade…

What did this person lack

In the private rooms, there were many people who were as shocked as Xu Xiaoshou.

After a moment of silence, there was an uproar at the scene.

Many people in the private rooms pushed open the door, wanting to find out what was going on.

“The Blood Trees Yin Branch! Are you serious”

“I dont believe it!”

“Can we take a closer look”

“Yes, we really dont believe that you can get the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

We also dont believe that youre willing to take out the intact Blood Trees Yin Branch to trade.”

“I stronger request to take a closer look!”

“Thats right! Ive heard that the Blood Trees Yin Branch is one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees planted in the Sacred Secret Land.

How could you possibly get it”

“Could it be….

that youre the Saint Servant Cen Qiaofu of the White Cave who can one against a hundred”


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