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Chapter 714: The Cash Flow King in Dongtianwang City!

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Five billion.

The entire venue fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, had a calm expression on his face.

He spoke to the crowd who were looking at Room 209 with shocked gazes.

“Correct me if Im wrong, in the spirit gem trade fair, anyone can make a bid.

It shouldnt be related to the faction, right”

The entire hall was silent.

Well, that was true!

But he shouldnt be so insensitive, right

He was a true example of a person who wouldnt turn his head until he hit the wall.

People would die for money, and birds would die for food!

“Six billion,” Room 1 didnt care about this and spoke in an indifferent voice.

This time, everyone felt cold sweat seeping through their backs.

This was the first time the Holy Divine Palace made an official bid.

Would the First Pavilion in the Sky accept it

“Seven billion,” Xu Xiaoshou said casually.

“Oh my gosh!”

Someone in the crowd couldnt take it anymore.

Did the First Pavilion in the Sky lose their mind

Was it a direct confrontation with the Holy Divine Palace


“As expected of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

As expected of the Demi-Saint faction… I cant find anyone comparable to you!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

Even the transcendent powers in the Land Realm , such as the Guiyin Pavilion in Room 3 and the Great Xuantian Sect in Room 13, were shocked beyond words.

They had tried their best to raise their opinion of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

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However, they hadnt expected that after the matter with the Magic Pill Techniciains Association, the First Pavilion in the Skys confidence and background had once again exceeded their expectations.

Under such circumstances, even the masters of the Guiyin Pavilion and the Great Xuantian Sect wouldnt have the guts to place a bid offer!

Facing the Holy Divine Palace head-on.

Nothing else could be said…

How dare the First Pavilion in the Sky do so

“Eight billion!”

While everyone was dumbstruck, the somewhat angry voice sounded from Room 1.

This time, everyone could sense something from this voice.

Was that the first time someone challenged the authority of the Holy Divine Palace in Dongtianwang City

However, at this moment, it was really happening…

“Ten billion!”

Another jaw-dropping number appeared.

Unexpectedly, the one who bid “Ten billion” this time was not from Room 209.

It was someone from Room 122, who had only won a few antiques.

Everyone fell into silence.

Another fearless one

Who was that in Room 122

He didnt go on stage at other times.

Was he trying to suppress the Holy Divine Palaces bid

He couldnt do that!

This was no longer a matter of respect.

Was Room 122 planning to smash the Holy Divine Palaces prestige flag that they had won over the past years with spirit crystals

While everyone was bewildered, Room 122 only chuckled for a moment.

His voice spread in all directions.

“Everyone, theres no need to be alarmed.”

“I think Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky said it right.”

“The so-called trade fair should prioritize the spirit crystal.”

“Coincidentally, apart from the spirit crystal, I also know a little about the additional request of this old gentleman.”

He did not even care about the thoughts of the people present.

He continued to speak to himself, “This is a normal transactions, and I will make a bid.

Hope you dont mind.”

The last sentence was clearly directed at Room 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked when he heard it.

He was ordered to create trouble in the Imperial City and was fearless.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was his exact target.

He also knew something about the Ghost Beast, so he dared to make a bid.

This guy from the opposite…

What the hell!

“Who is in Room 122” Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and asked.

Liu Lu was stunned.

He first replied with the information he knew:

“This organization should be new too.

Night Cat doesnt know much about them.

I dont know where he got the invitation to the trade fair.

It should be from somewhere else…”

“But upon registration, their value is indeed over ten billion!”

After pausing for a moment, Liu Lu heard something and said, “There are three people in Room 122.

Each of them is in a gold robe, blue robe, and purple robe.

Their faces are covered with masks they brought themselves, and…”


Xu Xiaoshou sensed something wrong and immediately interrupted him.

Two people suddenly flashed through his mind.

He was shocked and said, “Did you say that they came here with masks on themselves Gold robe, purple robe”

“Yes,” Liu Lu nodded, not understanding what was going on.

“Did they have the name of organization registered”

“Yes, but it should be just a nickname.

Its called… Yama”

“Startled, Passive Points, 1.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was really shocked.


That was not just a nickname, it was the real name of this organization!

Yama, the masked man organization who targeted his Eye of Heaven in the alley, did they come to the trade fair too

Little did the outsiders know that Xu Xiaoshou had faced Yama head-on and encountered him before.

This organization used to target the Demi-Saint Jiang Clan openly.

Now, they were brave enough to disrespect the Holy Divine Palace.

That could only be called… normal!

Absolutely normal!

The Blood Trees Yin Branchs price rose to 10 billion.

The White-haired Orc on the high platform was very satisfied.

However, he could not help but remind them, “Other than the spirit crystal, the additional request is the most important.

Everyone, remember that.”

However, at this moment, everyones attention was no longer on the White-haired Orc.

Even Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng in Room 1 had a strong interest in Room 122.

They hurriedly asked the Night Cat about him.

However, it was to no avail.

They could not get any useful information.

This time, Cheng Ji hesitated.

He did not know if he should continue to bid.

Room 122 and Room 209 did not seem to be short of money.

However, the Holy Divine Palace was different.

They were rich, but each sum of money had to be subdivided into major decisions and projects.

The branch was under the control of the headquarters.

It was impossible for Cheng Ji to mobilize all resources to obtain the Blood Trees Yin Branch for himself.

While Room 1 was still hesitating, Xu Xiaoshou who was in Room 209, had already started bidding, “10.1 billion!”

Room 122 followed closely behind, offering a lot of money, “11 billion.”

“11.1 billion,” Xu Xiaoshou smiled and chased after a point.

Was he afraid

“12 billion,” Room 122s voice sounded again.

“12.1 billion.” Xu Xiaoshou added a bit more.

“13 billion!”

“13.1 billion.”


Yamas voice suddenly paused.

The way the First Pavilion in the Sky increased the bid a little by little sounded like a joke.

After realizing this, in Room 122, the expression of Spider Lily behind the blue mask turned ugly.

“This is too much!”

“Lord Huang Quan, I think the First Pavilion in the Sky is fooling with us!”

Spider Lily, the codename of the Blue Robe in Yamas organization.

Just like the Purple Robe, Nine Serenities Ghost Child, both of them were under the management of Gold Robe, Huang Quan.

At this moment, the Spider Lily was really angry.

He felt so stuffy from anger and subconsciously reached out to the mask.

He was about to take it off to catch his breath.

A pair of cold eyes glowed with green light under the mask of the Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

He said, “Mind your behavior.

Remember, you shouldnt get angry with this new body.”

Spider Lily went speechless.

In the alley of the Imperial City, he had been destroyed by the famed sword of the Saint Servant, Lei Shuangxing.

He could not even put up the slightest resistance.

This made him feel humiliated.

At the same time, it also made him realize how terrifying the Sovereign of the ancient swordsman was.

If not for the appearance of Lord Huang Quan in the end, using the power of time and space retrogression, he would have lost his soul.

The spokesperson of Yamas organization, the Blue Robe would have been replaced by others.

The Spider Lily felt extremely wronged.

He had not adapted to this new body yet, so he could not change into Lei Familys Eyes now.

Therefore, he was the weakest one among the Yama now.

On usual days, he could have argued with his nemesis, the Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

But now, he did not dare to do so.

Hence, the Spider Lily could only turn to the Gold Robe, “Lord Huang Quan, the First Pavilion in the Sky is a bully.

This Nine Serenities Ghost Child too…”

Huang Quan kept quiet.

The Spider Lily immediately shut his mouth.

At this moment, the Nine Serenities Ghost Child spoke.

He turned to look at the Gold Robe and said with some hesitation,

“The First Pavilion in the Sky is not short of money, and neither are we.

However, if we continue bidding like this, it will only benefit others.

Moreover, we have to save money for other use…”

“What are you afraid of” The Spider Lily found a loophole and interrupted, “We can earn the money back.

How can we let go of the First Pavilion in the Sky after being humiliated”

The Nine Serenities Ghost Child said, “Shut up.

I would kill you if I could!”

“Come on!”

Spider Lily stuck out his chest and said loudly.

Then, he immediately kept his mouth shut.

The three of them spoke freely in the private room, but they were actually very cautious.

Everything they said were through telepathic communication, and it was done within the sovereign domain, under the control of Lord Huang Quan.

Therefore, even the Night Cat could not eavesdrop them with the presence of spiritual array and Higher Void experts.

Lord Huang Quan sat on the sofa, with only his hollow eyes visible.

In fact, he had been watching the two people in front of him messing around, and he found it quite interesting.

Yama chose these young people, so he should also accept the way these youngsters spoke.

Moreover, it had been a long time since he had seen such an unscrupulous conversation.

If it were any other old man in the organization, he reckoned that it would be impossible for them to have such a conversation.

Perhaps, he should put it this way

It had a different sense to it!

As his thoughts flashed, Huang Quan was pulled back from the river of memories to the real world.

His hands that were spread out on the sofa moved.

He said indifferently, “Add another 20 billion.

Play along with them.”


Spider Lilys eyes instantly lit up.

He stuck out his chin and looked at the Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

Then, he turned around and shouted,

“15 billion!”

“Hey, if you have money, go ahead.

If you dont, stop adding it bit by bit, its not fun at all!”

The Nine Serenities Ghost Child immediately sighed.

To him, having such a good-for-nothing person in the organization was indeed a little degrading.

On the other side.

Xu Xiaoshous lips curled into a smile when he heard these words.

If it was Yama, there was no way he would let Yama win this bid.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he heard Yuan Haishengs voice,

“Young Master Xu, stop bidding!”

“The Blood Trees Yin Branch is something tempting and extremely precious.

However, weve just investigated the Yama organization.

They dont seem easy to deal with.”

“Moreover, with the Holy Divine Palace around, even if Yama win the Blood Trees Yin Branch, he might not be able to keep it.”

“Similarly, the First Pavilion in the Sky might attract unnecessary trouble if you spend a lot of money to snatch the Blood Trees Yin Branch…”

“Think carefully before you act!” Yuan Haisheng urged.

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed.

He really didnt expect the host, Night Cat to protect him.

They would have definitely broken the rules to send him a reminder.

After all, the Night Cat was the organizer and they would get a commission.

The more the transaction amount, the more profit they would make.

To be able to put aside this profit, it showed that Night Cat really wanted to befirend First Pavilion in the Sky.

Xu Xiaoshou appreciated the other partys goodwill.

But there were some things that he couldnt let go.

If the Blood Trees Yin Branch fell into Yamas hands, the Holy Divine Palace might not be able to grab it back.


“Im only getting the Blood Trees Yin Branch via a normal transaction.

Why should I be afraid of the Holy Divine Palace”

Xu Xiaoshou replied with a smile, “Besides, for the things that belong to me… Id like to see who could snatch it!”

Then, as Yuan Haisheng sighed, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and shouted,

“20 billion!”

“F*ck…” people in the private seats instantly held their heads and trembled.

The consecutive bids had already made them very anxious.

The crowd was not stupid.

During the trade, Room 1 fell silent after a while.

That showed that even the Holy Divine Palace ran out of money.

But Room 122, Room 209…

Hadnt they thought about the future of the organization

20 billion, did they place that bid so easily

At the backstage, Yuan Haisheng and Nangong Yin looked at each other in silence.

In Room 1, Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng sat back on the sofa.

While they looked a little sad, they were also thinking.

Out of their expectations, would the Blood Trees Yin Branch fall into the hands of the First Pavilion in the Sky

It should have been won by a big shot.

How could it be owned by the First Pavilion in the Sky

Or to put it another way..

“Is the First Pavilion in the Sky really a big shot” Chu Lisheng looked at Master Cheng and hesitated.

Cheng Ji smiled.

“Find out about them!”

In Room 122.

Spider Lily turned to look at the Gold Robe, “Lord Huang Quan…”

“Let him go first.”

Huang Quan waved his hand and did not want to bid anymore.

“Alright!” At this moment, Spider Lily stopped playing around as well.

Instead, he became serious and gritted his teeth, “Then we… let… him… go!”

Twenty billion.

To any faction, it was a huge sum of money.

Perhaps, most people here could put together a figure of 20 billion including all the properties and belongings.

They could even exceed that amount.

However, if they were to use ready money to trade..

To gather 20 billion would definitely hurt their backbones, and it might even be great damage!

The key was that they would definitely have to give up the treasures later.

The Imperial City was a place of trouble.

Not every major faction was rich in cash flow…

This was no exception for the Holy Divine Palace.

Yama was no exception too.

The only exception was the super nouveau riche who held three void tokens after meeting the storyteller.

His wealth had inexplicably multiplied, that was Xu Xiaoshou!

On the high platform.

The White-haired Orc sold the item out with three knocks,

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was officially sold to Young Master Xu in Room 209 at a high price of 20 billion with an additional condition.

This time, no servant came forward.

The White-haired Orc personally picked up the Jade Box and strolled up to the second floor.

Everyone knew that Room 209 was about to have a superb conversation about the Ghost Beast under the attention of the Holy Divine Palace.

If the contents of this conversation were to be released…


It would have caused a nuclear explosion, right


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