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Chapter 716: Both Black and White Veins Will Be Under My Command!

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Liu Changqing felt that his worldview had been overturned.

However, he couldnt allow the ghost beast to come out and destroy the crystallization that he had worked so hard for his entire life.

“Young Master Xu, according to the agreement, you must explain to me the Sacred Secret… the truth of the Abyss Island!” Liu Changqing paused as he said, “Otherwise, I would rather die than let it come out.”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou had a headache.

What the other party wanted to understand and how could it this easy to explain

He saw the old fellows reaction and knew that this fellow did not know much about the Abyss Island.

He was a person who was deceived by the legends and only had limited knowledge on this.

After deliberating for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou briefly summarized, “Lets put it this way.

The ghost beast that I understand is divided into two types.

One is a real ghost beast, like him.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Xin Gugu.

“This is the real Spirit of Planes.

There are good and bad things when its parasitized, but at least there shouldnt be a second voice in your heart chattered with you”

Xin Gugu nodded and didnt deny it, but he thought to himself that it would still affect him.

Its just that you havent seen it when my personality changed drastically…

Xu Xiaoshou saw that he was certain and continued, “The second type is the one on your body that escaped from the Abyss Island.”

Seeing the grey mist figures expression suddenly turn ugly, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He quickly waved his hand and said, “Dont act rashly.

When I saidescape, it should be quite objective!”

The grey mist figure did not say anything.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed dryly and said again, “This kind of ghost beast, if nothing unexpected happens, it should originally be a human… demi-saint Holy Emperor This Young Master, myself, is not very clear about this.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“This Young Master only knows so much, and was not clear about the specifics.

Of course, these are all my own conjectures, and the authenticity is still up for discussion.”

The words were very short.

Liu Changqings face turned deathly pale when he heard this.

These were completely different from what he had come into contact with before!

They were clearly the same Shengshen Continent, yet he felt that he and Young Master Xu lived in two different worlds.

In the other world, the faith that he had built up in the first half of his life was completely gone at this moment.

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Shengshen Continent was regarded as the “Saint”of a god-like existence!

The “ghost beast” of the Abyss Island!

How could the two be compared with

Liu Changqing would never have believed if it was at other times, but now he didnt doubt it.

Because he had such an existence in his body!

Once the next question was solved, thousands of questions were then poured out of his mind like a torrential rain, “Then I still want to ask…”

Before he could finish, the grey mist figure could no longer listen.

“What a dilly-dallying, troublesome thing!”

With a frown, the grey mist figure put his two fingers together and attacked in a flash.

While Liu Changqing was in a trance, the tip of his finger pierced into the space between his eyebrows.


In an instant, Liu Changqings will was sealed.

He was at the Cutting Path (stage) with quick reactions.

He immediately wanted to counterattack and take back control of his body.

However, the grey mist figures timing was extremely good.

He attacked at the moment when Liu Changqing was in a trance, and the ghost beast in Liu Changqings body was also waiting for an opportunity.

There was no suspense in this cooperation.

The ghost beast that Liu Changqing tried his best to suppress in his body instantly took the lead in the battle.


Just as a low beast roar was about to be let out, the grey mist figure threw a slap at him, “Shut up.

Dont you think the matter is big enough”

“Pa!”A crisp sound was heard.

Liu Changqings ghost beast power had just erupted when it was also restrained by the sealing power.

Xu Xiaoshou and Xin Gugu waited solemnly.

They didnt know what position the Ghost Beast in Liu Changqings body was taking.

If they had encountered an impulsive type like Pitch Black in the White Cave, releasing the ghost beasts will would only bring disasters.

However, things didnt turn out as bad as they had expected.

The Ghost Beast power in Liu Changqings body had only penetrated once, but the grey mist figure seemed to recognize it and said in surprise, “Xuan Wuji”

At the same time, Liu Changqings Adams apple rolled, and an even more surprised voice appeared.

“Feng Yujin”

This voice was not only inexplicably shocked, but also a little frightened.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou immediately made judgement on the strength of both sides.

“Xuan Wuji, who is he”He looked at the grey mist figure with curiosity.

What kind of secret had the Abyss Island locked Up!

Why did the names of these people sound so incredible..

“Little brat!”

Before the grey mist figure could say anything, Xuan Wuji glanced at Xu Xiaoshou coldly, “My name is not something that a little brat like you can utter.

Back then, your ancestor, Wu Ji, I.



“Shut up!”The grey mist figure shouted coldly.

Ancestor Wu Ji was immediately silenced with his voice softer and more gloomy.

“Feng Yujin, dont you think that you can ignore the three ancestors of the White Vein just because you left the Abyss Island a few steps earlier.”

“The reason why I was able to come out this time was to suppress you.

You have recovered your strength quite well, but if you dare to touch me, do you believe…”

Grey mist figure coldly interrupted him, “Why dont you try saying one more sentence”

“…”Ancestor Wu Ji fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He felt that the interior of the Abyss Island was another world.

White Vein..

He vaguely remembered that after the battle at the White Cave had ended, grey mist figure had said that it was a member of the Black Vein.

So, the Abyss Island was actually divided into the Black and White veins, two major factions

Also, there were three ancestors in the White Vein

What about the Black Vein

Xu Xiaoshou thought as he looked at grey mist figure.

He thought to himself that this guy looked pretty strong, but he was ordered to retreat by the Bazhunan with just one sentence.

Was he not the leader of the Black Vein

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but ask in curiosity, “The three ancestors of the White Vein, and you are Ancestor Wu Ji, who are the other two”

“Uh…”Ancestor Wu Ji choked when he heard this.

Even the grey mist figure couldnt help but laugh.

“PFFT! How could this guy be one of the three ancestors of the White Vein He is just a chess piece under the three ancestors.”

“Feng Yujin!” Ancestor Wu Ji flew into a rage, “Watch your words.

Your status is only on the same level as mine!”

“After being locked up for so many years, your strength hasnt improved, and your temper has regressed quite a bit, huh”The grey mist figure mocked.

“Calm Down, wont you”

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a fight, Xu Xiaoshou didnt stop them.

However, the two of them had come from the Abyss Island together, and they seemed to know some real secrets.

Right now, they only dared to talk and didnt dare to officially start a war.

While overhearing, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted, “If Xuan Wuji isnt the three ancestors of the White Vein, then who is the three ancestors of the White Vein”

“Little brat!” Ancestor Wu Jis hatred was immediately transferred to him, “Xuan Wuji isnt someone you can call as you are just a kid who doesnt even grow up! You have to call him… Ancestor Wu Ji!”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshou raised an eyebrow.

He pondered for a moment as if remembering something.

Then, he took out a command token from his ring.

“Do you recognize this item”

It was a command token that was completely purple in color, and it glowed with a faint purple light.

On it was carved a graceful, naked woman.

She lowered her head and hugged her knees.

She sobbed so deeply that she looked like she was about to cry.

But on her hands and feet, there were heavy shackles that extended all the way to the command token.

as if they connected heaven and earth.

Xu Xiaoshou flipped it over.

On the back of the command token, there was a clean and neat carving with the wordBazhunon it.


Ancestor Wu JIs expression trembled, and he was scared out of his wits.

Seeing his reaction, Xu Xiaoshou immediately understood that this fellow could recognize Bazhunans command token.

In the past, when he had received this command token, Bazhunan had said that it might be useless to take the command token for minor matters, but only for major ones.

He had said that it should only be used if he had met someone at Ancestor Wu Jis level by chance.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou straightened his back and lowered his eyelids.

His expression also became condescending.

He then coldly said, “Since you know each other, then this is going to be easy.”

Without waiting for Ancestor Wu Jis reaction, Xu Xiaoshou flipped the command token and put it back into his ring and proudly said, “both Black and White Veins will be under my command! You, dare to make me call you ancestor”

Xuan Wuji trembled when he heard that, as if he recalled the fear of being dominated by a great terror.

He was in a daze.

“Impossible! How did you get this command token”

“Doubted, passive points 1.”

“Why do you care how I got it”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his sleeve and pointed at the grey mist figure, “Even for him could only be my bodyguard at the moment.

You, you want me to call you ancestor”

Ancestor Wu JI:

He looked back at Feng Yujin in shock.

However, Feng Yujin didnt say anything.

Although he looked unhappy, he didnt refute.


Ancestor Wu Ji was stunned.

He paused for a long time before asking, “Isnt he dead”

The grey mist figure nodded silently.


Ancestor Wu Ji immediately turned his head and stared at Xu Xiaoshou, “Whats your relationship with him”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and his expression suddenly became serious, then berated, “How dare you! You dare to overhear the Divine”

Ancestor Wu Ji:

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

Grey mist figure was also stunned by Xu Xiaoshous actions.

This fellow, relying on the command token of Bazhunan, really planning to do whatever he wanted in front of the people of Abyss Island, wasnt he

Even if he, Feng Yujin, could look down on Xuan Wuji, it was also because they were from the same Abyss Island yet belong to different factions.

On this continent.

If Xuan Wuji were to walk out at any time, wouldnt it be as he said, that wherever he went, he would be at the ancestor level

This Xu Xiaoshou…

Was he crazy

He dared to speak like that with just a command token

However, Xu Xiaoshou was even more fearless and arrogant..

He sighed and said earnestly, “Little Ji Ji, I say, you really are something.

How dare you show off in front of the Holy Divine Palace the moment you leave Abyss Island Are you afraid that you wont die fast enough”

Ancestor Wu JIs mind exploded.

Little Ji Ji…

“Little brat…”

Before he could finish cursing, a purple “Eight”command token reached the tip of his nose and flattened it.

Xu Xiaoshous command token shook, then he put it away to prevent it from being stolen.

Then he indifferently said, “Before you speak, please pay attention to your identity and qualifications are good enough”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

Ancestor Wu Ji clenched his fists so hard that they cracked.

But at this time, he actually endured it.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He didnt know what level the Black and White Veins of Abyss Island were at.

But from the conversation between the grey mist figure and the Ancestor Wu Ji, it seemed that the lowest level was at the “Saint” level

But even so, just by relying on Bazhunans words, “The Black and White veins all respect me”, could he, Xu Xiaoshou, really suppress the impulse of the inorganic patriarch to make a strike


Bazhunan, what kind of terrible things did he do on the Abyss Island

Wasnt he just a Sword Deity who couldnt even defeat Hua Changdeng and reach the Saint Realm

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think too much.

He looked at Ancestor Wu Ji, who couldnt take it anymore, and said, “Little Ji Ji, tell me, Whats wrong with you”

Ancestor Wu Ji let out a long breath and took a deep breath in.

Then, he chose to no hear the title and really started to explain:

“The three ancestors used holy power to break through the realm and avoid the Eyes of the Great Path.

They built a space-time tunnel and used rare treasures to lure this person…”

He pointed at himself and said, “Liu Changqing, Cutting Path (stage) .

Its just good enough to be a qualified host for me to come out.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

This was too much information.

He had only heard half of it, and the questions in his heart were endless.

“Who are the three ancestors”

“Cutting path (stage) is barely qualified”

“Why did you come out and not the three ancestors”

“Eyes of the Great Path… could it be ahh, uhh, that persons Eyes of the Great Path”

“Were you imprisoned on the Abyss Island, or…”

“Stop!” Ancestor Wu Jis face turned dark, “There are something thats not I dont want to talk about but I cant.”

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

Ancestor Wu Ji was silent.

He was wondering who this kid was

How could he be so ignorant but had the command token of Bazhunan

The grey mist figure sighed on the side.

He knew Xu Xiaoshous background, so he helped to explain, “Something that involves Way of the Heavens, surveillance, sacred secrets, and so on… As soon as its been said, someone can sense it.”

“Oh, Oh.” This time, Xu Xiaoshou reacted.

These secrets were like the names of a saint that could not be addressed directly.

No wonder…

No wonder when he asked Bazhunan, Elder Sang, and the others about their secrets, none of them wanted to tell him.

It turned out that it was not just “not wanting to”, but also “not being able to”.

“Then choose what you can say.” Xu Xiaoshou said.

Ancestor Wu Ji replied, “Leaving aside the miscellaneous restrictions, Abyss Island still has the Void Array and the Gods Punishment.

They are building a space-time tunnel to avoid the Eyes of the Great Path.

These two are not to be underestimated.”

“The Void Array is built with the divine secret technique which the outsiders can not break through.”

“The location of the Gods Punishment is also keeping a close eye on people at the level of the three ancestors.”

“Unfortunately, I studied the path of the Divine Secret, and my strength hasnt reached the level of the three ancestors, so I became the first choice for those who came out.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately understood.

It turned out that escaping from the Abyss Island would have to face so many obstacles.

Then it seemed that the grey mist figure, who could be born as the Spirit of Planes of the extradimensional space several years ago, must have been through great setbacks.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou thought of the wretched Saint who was playing chess and throwing his sword in the White Cave.

His expression changed and asked, “Since you came from the Abyss Island, do you know a saint who uses fire His feet should be shackled and chained, but he is very strong and very pathetic… Saint”

“Uses fire” Ancestor Wu Ji was suspicious.

There were many people who used fire on the Abyss Island, but he didnt know which one.

“This kind.”

Xu Xiaoshou remained calm.

He closed his eyes and opened them and White Flame was burning in his eyes.

Ancestor Wu Ji was so shocked that he took a step back.

“Infernal White Flame”

“You know him”

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

He felt that he had finally found the person.

Grey mist figure sighed on the side and he knew it was over.

The secret that had been hidden for a long time was about to be revealed by this kid.

This guy dared to swagger around with just one command token of Bazhunan.

After he had found out the secret, he would no longer be able to show his face to others

“Not only do I know him…”

Ancestor Wu Ji muttered to himself, “White Veins three ancestors, other than the Azure Stone of Devine Prison and the Great Emperor of Seven Trees, are the ancestors of all ancestors….

Great Infernal Ancestor!”


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