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Chapter 720: Crazy, Cheap, Low-Level Full-Time Auctioneer — Xu Xiaoshou!

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On the high platform.

Xu Xiaoshou was wearing a beast mask that couldnt conceal his identity at all.

He stood above with a smile.

The spectators below were indescribably excited.

At this moment, the trade fair had finally reached an end.

Those who came out at this time were all important figures who couldnt hold it in anymore.

As a newly emerging demi-saint faction, the First Pavilion in the Sky had caused such a scene at the trade fair…

What kind of treasure would a demi-saints descendant, who was ostentatious everywhere, bring out at the end of the day

The crowd was really looking forward to it.

“Watched, passive points 462.”

“Anticipated, passive points, 433.”


As usual, Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the crowd that didnt make much noise.

Looking at the crowd below, he said solemnly,

“The treasure that Im bringing out to you next is priceless.”

“No more nonsense.

Let the show begin.”

“Everyone, please take a look!”

Everyone craned their necks.

On the stage, Young Master Xu took out a black handkerchief from his ring and slowly opened the object wrapped in it.

It was an ancient, black command token!


Everyone was stunned.

This command token looked familiar

“Thats right, everyone, dont doubt your eyes…”

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Under the Beast Mask, Xu Xiaoshous lips curled into a smile.

“This is thevoid token, the item that Night Cat took out just now.

Unfortunately, this Young Master also has it.”

“What!” Someone below immediately stood up.

Void token

The treasure traded by the First Pavilion in the Sky was also a void token

Wasnt this thing monopolized by the Holy Divine Palace

It was understandable that Night Cat could obtain one as a local snake.

First Pavilion in the sky, a faction that had just arrived in the imperial city, how did he obtain it

“It must be fake!”

“Where did you get this void token from”

“Is this thing on the streets now Why does the First Pavilion in the Sky have it too”

The crowd instantly became restless.

The void token that Night Cat had taken out earlier had caused everyone to break out in cold sweat, and they did not even dare to bid for it as they were afraid that the Holy Divine Palace would chase after them.

Now, the appearance of the second void token would drastically change the situation.

The tacit approval of No.1 private room, the first void token that No.

13 private room was brave enough to obtain, and the temptation of the Sacred Secret Lands “Sacred foundational roots”…

Putting them all in the past.

With only one void token, no one dared to fight for it.

But now, there is a second void token…

“If No.

13 private room can obtain it and fight for the opportunity, why cant the other factions fight for it” Some people in the scene started to get envious.

In No.

1 private room.

Cheng Ji looked at the second void token on the stage in astonishment.

He couldnt understand where this new void token had come from.

Chu Lisheng was even more absent-minded.

He muttered, “This is bad…”

The two of them had expected this at almost the same time.

The appearance of the two void tokens would definitely cause the crowd to chase after them.

Because if there was only one void token, the Holy Divine Palace would have to take responsibility.

They would only need to talk to the Great Xuantian Sect who had obtained the void token and make a trade.

But now…

Those people who didnt understand the situation now had a reason to act because the Great Xuantian Sect had obtained a void token!

“If they can make a trade, so why cant I”

This reason was enough!


In No.

13 private room.

The sect master of the Great Xuantian Sect, Leng Qi, also looked at the second command token on the stage in a daze.

He even took out the one in his hand and compared them…

They are the same!

“Is it really a void token” Leng Qi was dumbfounded.

He had received the news that the clue of the Void Token released by Night Cat this time was likely not just a clue, but a unique void token.

Therefore, he had made preparations to attend the auction and had made an agreement with the other factions in advance.

This time, the Great Xuantian Sect could give up many treasures as long as there was a clue to the void token.

The agreement was a success.

After raising the price once again, Guiyin Pavilion chose to stop.


Leng Qi had never thought that there would be a second faction that possessed the void token at the auction!

If that was the case, then wouldnt he have given up the treasures earlier to the other factions for nothing

More importantly…

“The First Pavilion in the Sky clearly has a void token, but they still intend to sell it.

Why did they bid just now”

At this moment, no matter how slow Leng Qis reaction was, he finally understood.

The people from the First Pavilion in the Sky were raising the price!

“Damn it…”

Leng Qis face instantly turned dark, and his fists clenched so tightly that they made cracking sounds.

Even the chief elder, Ding Kui, who was standing at the side, also reacted.

The price of the void token wasnt the only thing that the First Pavilion in the Sky was trying to scam.

There were also many treasures that the Great Xuantian Sect had given up on.

“We must get it!” Ding Kui suddenly said.

Leng Qi nodded.

This was exactly what he was thinking at this moment.

The other major factions had traded too many treasures, so they didnt have much money left.

Meanwhile, the Great Xuantian Sect had reserved their strength.

At this moment, they were the most advantageous contenders for the void token.

“After we take it down, well go to Guiyin Pavilion to trade for the treasures,” Leng Qi said in a cold tone.

“Otherwise, well lose everything in this wave!”

On the high platform.

Xu Xiaoshou waited for everyone to verify that there was no mistake.

In addition, the host, Night Cat, finally confirmed that this “void token” was the real thing.

He raised his hand with a smile and knocked the hammer.

He didnt want to talk too much nonsense.

“Base price…”


At this moment, No.

1 private room interrupted.

Everyone looked over and heard a voice that had been modified by the beast mask floating out from the box, “How did the First Pavilion in the Sky obtain the void token”

The Holy Divine Palace asked!

Everyones enthusiasm was extinguished and they suddenly reacted.

Even if there was a second void token, it was still a forbidden item to the Holy Divine Palace.

The risk of fighting for it was small.

But it wasnt impossible!

However, Xu Xiaoshou had already prepared an excuse.

He said indifferently, “I dug it out.”


Everyone was shocked.

“Suspected, passive points 444.”


1 private room was silent.

This answer sounded like a joke to outsiders.

But only a few factions that had fought over the Pixiu Mountain, including the Holy Divine Palace, knew that the void token could only be dug out.

“How did you dig it up” No.

1 private room asked again.

The Holy Divine Palace knew the origin of the Night Cats void token.

However, no one knew where the First Pavilion in the Skys void token came from.

Therefore, Cheng Ji had to pursue this question to the end.

Xu Xiaoshou calmly replied, “Before I entered the Imperial City, I climbed several high mountains in the vicinity in search of opportunities.

I didnt expect to dig this thing out of nowhere in one of them.”

He weighed the void token in his hand, and his tone was filled with mockery.

“Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, the foundational roots of the Saint Ascension are unattainable and can only be obtained by the void token.”

“But to me, the value of the void token isnt that great!”

“Furthermore, I know a thing or two about the legends of the Sacred Secret Land, so I plan to give up this void token.”

Xu Xiaoshous words were long and full of deep meaning.

He knew that ordinary factions wouldnt be able to hear the meaning of his words, but the Holy Divine Palace would definitely be able to do it.

As expected, he felt even more confident when most people were still frustrated about the demi-saint faction.

Just as Xu Xiaoshou had expected, in No.

1 private room, Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng looked at each other in dismay, feeling somewhat relieved.

Demi-saints descendant!

It was indeed not an exaggeration for him to know the truth about Abyss Island.

It was also because of this that Young Master Xu wanted to give up the void token and not get involved in that mess.


Xu Xiaoshous explanation of the origin of the void token was so perfect that it was like the personal experience of a subordinate of the Holy Divine Palace.

“I dug it up…”

This explanation immediately dispelled Cheng Jis suspicions.

After all, if this void token had been traded in a different form and not dug up.

Then those outsiders… Those who had never been to the mountains near the imperial city would not have such a ridiculous and true explanation as “Dug it up.”.


1 private room was silent.

The scene in the trading fair was once again stirred up with passion and discussion.

Xu Xiaoshou took in everything and knew that the groundwork had been laid.

No one would have thought that he, Xu Xiaoshou, would have a treasure like Xiao Wanfeng, right

The person who had really dug up thevoid token before was also the kind of true mortal who could not be registered in the Holy Divine Palace as a spiritual cultivator.

With this miraculous twist, Xu Xiaoshou could perfectly explain the origin of the void token.

Moreover, this explanation was so flawless that even the Holy Divine Palace could not doubt it!


Xu Xiaoshou recovered from his thoughts and once again suppressed the crowd as he said indifferently,

“This is an opportunity that can not be missed.

This young master cannot hope for the foundational roots of the Saint Ascension.

You all understand the reason.”

“However, if you miss this opportunity, you might not see it again for the rest of your lives.”

“This void token will be sold through the purest trading procedure.

I dont care who gets it.

I cant be bothered…”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at No.

1 private room as he spoke.

At this moment, everyone could hear his tone.

Young Master Xu didnt care about the Holy Divine Palace at all, nor did he care if the Holy Divine Palace would buy his void token.

Not only did this person not want to get involved in the fight for the Sacred Secret Land, but he also wanted to give up this command token and escape from this big whirlpool.

“I only want money!”

After a pause, Xu Xiaoshou raised the void token and said heavily, “Base price, 6 billion!”

The crowd was originally in high spirits.

Some people even planned to directly sell it after the base price was offered.

But at this time, they were shocked by Xu Xiaoshous “6 billion”.

“Huh” Some people didnt understand.

“Are you kidding me Are you crazy!” Someone cursed loudly.

“The last void token was only sold for 6 billion, and you used this top price to set the base price at this time” More and more people compared the prices of the void token before and after, and their mentality exploded.

“Doubted, passive points 331.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care.

How could he not understand that everyone was staring at the treasure in his hand

The void token wasnt like a world-class treasure.

If there were two items that were the same, the value would drop.

He had to smash one to sell it at a high price.

On the contrary.

When there was only one void token, everyone would be afraid and the value would drop.

But if there were two…

With someone backing them up, anyone would have the right to be jealous and make a move!


“Six billion, whether you want it or not, its up to you.”

Xu Xiaoshou put away the void token indifferently.

“Even if its a failed bid, I wont lower the value of this void token by even a single spirit crystal!”

Nangong Yin, who was backstage, was dazed.

He hadnt expected that Young Master Xu would be able to move the atmosphere of the trading fair to such an extent and maximize the benefits of the void token under the opening of the Night Cats trade.

It seemed like…

The void token he had traded for 6 billion earlier had suffered a huge loss

“This guy is impressive!” Nangong Yin sighed.

The sect master of the Great Xuantian Sect, Leng Qi, who was in No.

13 private room, was also somewhat depressed by Young Master Xu on the high platform.

He had thought that he would be able to get the last void token with another 6 billion at most.

Now, the other party wanted 6 billion as its base price

“Sect Master, do you still want to bid…”

At this moment, the chief elder, Ding Kui, spoke from the side.

He had a premonition that the competition for the void token would be extremely heated.

However, before Leng Qi could finish his words, the crowd, who were still ridiculing “Who wants this broken token with six billion”, heard No.

7 private room make a firm and decisive shout.

“7 billion!”


The whole place was silent.

In No.

13 private room, Leng Qi clenched his fist, and the air exploded with a bang.

He was angry!

Guiyin Pavilion…

Guiyin Pavilion had shown interest in the void token for a long time, and now there was a second one.

As expected, they couldnt let go!

“Sect Master” Ding Kui tilted his head.

Leng Qi stood up, waved his sleeve, and said coldly, “Raise the price!”

“8 billion!”

The moment No.

13 private room called out the price, Xu Xiaoshous eyes immediately lit up.

He remembered that No.

7 Guiyin Pavilion and No.

13 Great Xuantian Sect had fought over items with each other before.

Fight, fight…

He was shouting wildly in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshous face was calm.

“Alright, No.

13 had raised the price.

8 billion… 8 billion, is there anyone here 8 billion, its only 8 billion.

8 billion is enough to suppress all of you” He began to speak faster.

“9 billion!”


7 private room spoke again.

This time, without the restriction of the agreement, Guiyin Pavilion was determined to seize the void token.


“9 billion!”

Xu Xiaoshou screamed and almost jumped up.

He only shouted out a token, and the value of the void token skyrocketed by a billion.

Who could withstand this

At that moment, he was completely immersed in the role of a trader.

“9 billion!”

“9 billion and theres still no one left”

“No way, you guys fought so hard for those small treasures just now, and now the foundational roots of Saint Ascension is only worth 9 billion”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand and shouted loudly, “Are you guys crazy Hurry up and make a bid!”

The people below the stage looked at each other, feeling that the standard of this trade fair had been pulled down by more than one level since Young Master Xu went on stage.

However, there were still some people who were provoked by Xu Xiaoshou.

They were so provoked that they almost wanted to say something.

However, their rationality made them choose to forcefully suppress it.

The arena of Spirit Crystal was a battle that outsiders reckoned would be very difficult to participate in.


7, No.


These two boxes were at odds.

“10 billion!”

In No.

13 private room, Leng Qi endured the pain and shouted out this number.

The previous void token was only 6 billion, this one…


He was really going to vomit.

On the high platform, Xu Xiaoshous shriek echoed, “Wow! 10 billion, No.

13 bids 10 billion.


7, do you dare to take this”

“Do they dare”

“Do they dare!”

Xu Xiaoshous voice became more and more excited, “Lets wait and see!!”

The crowd went crazy.

That high-pitched shriek almost pierced everyones eardrums.

Everyone stared blankly at Young Master Xu on the high platform.


This must be a full-time auctioneer from the bottom-level auction!

Was he really the descendant of the demi-saint faction

Leng Qi almost spurted blood when he heard that in the private room.

Who in the spirit gem auction would bid like that

Are you trying to pull a fight!

This is simply…

This price has dropped to the extreme!

But at this moment, including him, Leng Qi, and everyone present.

Accompanied by the crazy shouts of the trader, Young Master Xu, everyone present looked towards No.

7 private room.

Their hearts were actually in sync, leaving behind only one thought after being brainwashed:

“Do you dare Does No.7 really dare to continue the bidding”


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