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Chapter 723: Young Master Xu Is Too Ruthless!

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Chapter 723 Young Master Xu is Too Ruthless!

The private room instantly fell silent.

At this moment, apart from Xiao Wanfeng, who naturally had a clear conscience, everyone elses hearts skipped a beat.

Xu Xiaoshous state of mind almost exploded on the spot.


D*mn the integrity!

In this private room were three ghost beast host bodies, a Saint Servants descendant, and a presumed remnant of the Lei family.

They were all so crooked that what use was maintaining integrity now

“I think you want me to die on the spot!” Xiaoshou thought to himself.

However, no matter how mad he felt, Xiaoshou couldnt show it.

After he recovered from his shock, he waved his hand as if nothing had happened and muttered listlessly, “Is that so Thats pretty good too…”

Xiaoshou said something he did not mean and glanced at everyone indifferently, indicating for them to calm down.

Then, he led everyone back to the sofa.

“Young Master Xu!”

Liu Changqing was the first one who couldnt sit still.

His cultivation level was high and wasnt afraid that someone would cut him off halfway.

He immediately asked through telepathic communication, “What should we do”

Xiaoshou used his eyes to tell Changqing to calm down.

“You are a Cutting Path, what are you afraid of” Xiaoshou thought.

“I am merely an Innate and I havent panicked yet.

But you, an elder, cant hold on anymore” he continued.

“Why did the Holy Divine Palace do this” Xiaoshou asked Liu Lu and ignored Changqing.

“Isnt it because there were too many accidents here”

Liu Lu shrugged.

He listened to Haishengs telepathic communication as he replied, “Sacred Secret Land is a big matter, and it involves a lot of things, so it must be investigated… Oh right, Young Master Xu, you even took out three void tokens.

You must be one of the targets of the Holy Divine Palaces thorough investigation!”

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Xiaoshou did not respond.

He had expected that the Holy Divine Palace would investigate soon, but he had not taken it to heart.

Because of what he had guessed before, all his attention was focused on the imaginary enemy, Yama.

He had not expected this at all.

Either all was going well or everything would go wrong.

“How is the Holy Divine Palace going to investigate it” Xiaoshou asked.

“Let them investigate!” Liu Lu spread his hands and said, “There are too many unexpected things that happened here.

Maybe the white-clothed and red-clothed people will come and make a thorough investigation.”

Mo Mo, Xin Gugu, and Changqings hearts trembled.

Xiaoshou was also greatly agitated and asked, “Red-clothed and white-clothed people are mobilized too Is the situation that serious”


Liu Lu nodded.

“Its rare for Night Cat Trade Fair to gather so many people.

The Holy Divine Palace probably didnt want to miss this opportunity… Young Master Xu, dont worry.

After this thorough investigation, there wont be any problems with your identity.

The Holy Divine Palace shouldnt be suspicious anymore.”

“Good, wonderful, what a wonderful investigation…” Xiaoshou pinched his thigh as he held back his urge to say those words out loud.

He didnt think about what would happen next.

Whether or not he could survive this investigation was another matter.

“Perception” looked at his people who had suddenly become uneasy.

There were so many people from First Pavilion in the Sky.

At this moment, Wanfeng was the most heartless one who continued to make and serve tea.

But no one else was in the mood to drink tea.

Xiaoshou felt that his heart was a little shaken.

This matter had come out of nowhere.

But he should have thought of it long ago.

The trade fair was such a good opportunity, how could the Holy Divine Palace let it slip by

But, he thought that since it was a slim chance he did not prepare for this.

Things did not always go according to plan!

Who would have thought that the Holy Divine Palace would suddenly launch a surprise attack

“Liu Lu!”

Xiaoshou suddenly became serious.

He thought for a moment and changed his mind and said, “Yuan Haisheng!”

Liu Lu was stunned, “Young Master Xu, Im here.”

Xiaoshou didnt want Liu Lu to answer, and so he said, “Ask Fourth Manager Yuan to come out and answer me.

Ask him about our previous batch of transactions.

Has he been able to keep them a secret”

“Of course…” Liu Lu replied subconsciously.

“I dont want pat answers.

I just want to know Night Cats position!” Xiaoshou interrupted.

Liu Lu went silent.

He could see that the situation seemed to have taken an unexpected turn.

However, didnt Xiaoshou make his previous transaction with Night Cat to spread rumors about the Sacred Secret Land so that his void token could be sold at a high price

Was there another reason

Liu Lu felt suspicious.

He didnt know why Xiaoshou would spread rumors about the Sacred Secret Land, but looking at the 40 billion worth of transactions today, he finally understood.

However, Xiaoshous sudden change in attitude seemed to be a sign.

Things didnt seem to be that simple.

Liu Lu didnt dare to continue speculating.

He didnt reply, but he knew that Yuan Haisheng could hear their conversation.

“I can guarantee it!”

At this moment, Haishengs solemn promise could be heard in the air.

There wasnt a hint of mockery in his voice.

It was filled with a sincere tone of seriousness.

Xiaoshou was the first to calm his mind and sort out the cause and effect of this matter.

Then, he combined it with the scene and started to untangle the messy trains of thoughts.

Then, he carefully speculated and boldly demonstrated, testing step by step, trying to find a solution.

“If Im not wrong, many people should be looking for you right now.

Am I right, Fourth Manager Yuan” Xiaoshou took the lead and asked with a smile.

There was a sense of certainty in his words.

After a long pause, Haishengs reply came, “Young Master Xu, you are smart.

Youre right.”

Xiaoshou felt more certain in his heart.

His first point was correct.

Which major factions in the Imperial City were clean

Even if they did not go as far as to collude with the Ghost Beast, which of those dark dealings could withstand a “thorough investigation”

There were bound to be many people who wished to leave in the middle of the trade.

However, Xiaoshou would not be the first to panic after learning that they could not leave.

At this moment, when he realized that his judgment was still accurate and orderly, Xiaoshou had already begun to plan.

He continued to ask with a smile, “Fourth Manager Yuan, I know that you are a very busy person.

I also know that no faction present is clean and can withstand being thoroughly investigated.”

“So, is there anyone here who would dare to make a bold request for you to let them leave this place now”

Hearing this, Haisheng sighed backstage.

He was once again convinced by Xiaoshous grasp of the big picture.

Xiaoshou obviously knew that he would not be able to stand up to the investigation himself, and yet he was asking about others first.


“Young Master Xu, you are resourceful and far-sighted.

Indeed, there is,” Haisheng replied.

“Then, do you agree” Xiaoshou asked again.

“Its not a question of whether I agree or not, but the Holy Divine Palace is in control of the situation.

The Night Cat cant!” Haisheng answered.

Xiaoshou nodded silently and whispered, “Now I understand…”

Liu Lu, who was listening by the side, was stunned.

He felt that other than at the time of the transaction, Xiaoshou had also been in the same private room as him the entire time!

Liu Lu could even receive messages from Haisheng so his ability to receive information should have been much better than Xiaoshous.

So why…

Xiaoshou was also in a small private room, but he was still able to have a firm grasp of the big picture.

All his thoughts were as big as all the factions present.

Liu Lu himself, however, was like a fool who could see everything but understood nothing!

Other than being able to receive information from the outside world, he still didnt understand the current situation of the big factions.

Moreover, he had foolishly thought that Xiaoshous question on Night Cats ability to keep confidentiality was a sign of panic and that he was secretly colluding with others.

At this moment, Liu Lu suddenly understood why Xiaoshou could be the Tower Master of First Pavilion in the Sky and the next demi-saint.

But Liu Lu could only scam people and obtain information from all the corners of the Imperial City.

If he had not met Xiaoshou, he would not even be able to enter the inner circle of Night Cat.

Liu Lu had to know his place in life.

On the other hand, Xiaoshou pondered for a long time.

He was not afraid that others would know that First Pavilion in the Sky could not withstand an investigation.

After all, the waters were too deep.

Was it a proper “investigation”, or an “investigation” by the white-clothed and red-clothed people, or was it some other improper “Investigation”…

No one could say for sure!

Therefore, he openly admitted to Night Cat what First Pavilion in the Skys current situation was.

What he wanted was to know what was Night Cats position.

After pondering for a moment, Xiaoshou finally threw out a question to deal a fatal blow, “I know that the others cant do it.

But what I wish to know is if First Pavilion in the Sky wants to leave this place early, does Night Cat have a way”


Haisheng and Yin looked at each other and they were both speechless.

The crazed messages from the various factions had already left them with a terrible headache.

However, Night Cat managed to deal with all of these factions one by one.

“We cant.

We just cant.”

“Theres no other turning point.”

First Pavilion in the Sky, the demi-saint faction was completely different!

How many demi-saint factions were there in the Imperial City

Apart from First Pavilion in the Sky, there was only the Jiang clan, who couldnt come to the trade fair due to external matters.

Both parties were factions that Night Cat had been trying to build a good relationship with recently.

Before this, Yin had seen Xiaoshous spiritual array and had even said that First Pavilion in the Sky would become a big shot in the future.

Now, times had changed and the crucial moment had arrived.

Should he choose to extend a helping hand or just stand by and watch

“Nangong Yin…” Haisheng hesitated and didnt know what he should choose.

On the other hand, Yin was very quick in making up his mind.

He immediately made a decision and said through gritted teeth,

“Agree to his request!”

“But we have to make him understand that in dealing with the Holy Divine Palace, no matter how powerful Night Cat is, we can only do our best.”

“We can help him, but we cant help him with anything in the future.”

“Besides, we have to clean up the mess ourselves!”

Haisheng was surprised by Nangong Yins decisiveness.

However, what he said was unexpected and reasonable.

It was also what he was thinking in his heart.

This investment would either succeed or perish!

“All right.”

In the private room, a reply that surprised everyone came through the void.

Even Xiaoshou was surprised.

Liu Lus face was filled with shock.

He could only hear the incessant advice from Haisheng ringing in his ears.

“Young Master Xu, you are also a spirit array caster.

Liu Changqing is also a spirit array master.

First Pavilion in the Sky can use this to resolve the situation.”

“First of all, the venue of the trade fair is protected by an even biggerHeavenly Dragon Array.

I can tell you its flaws, weaknesses, and where the core of the spiritual array is… of course, these have to be solved by you.”

“After that, find the spatial tear.

Young Master Xu, you had even bought the Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel just now.

It doesnt matter if you can create it or not.

After that, someone will send a batch of array wheels to you… of course, these are all also created by you.

It has nothing to do with Night Cat.”

“Finally, make use of the spatial teleportation to break the array formation and make it to the outside world.

Youll be able to escape the space blockade of the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Thats all Night Cat can do.”

“How to proceed from there, that will depend on your powers, Young Master Xu.”

With that, Haisheng stopped talking.

He did not reveal how Night Cats spirit-gathering array would be broken and how the Way of Space would be broken.

He chose to not reveal everything according to what Nangong Yin had said.

These were the consequences that the Holy Divine Palace would hold them responsible for.

Because he believed that Xiaoshou was a smart person.

Some words that were too straightforward were no longer a favor, but a transaction.

The room was deathly silent.

Everyone was stunned by the perfect way to break the situation that Yuan Haisheng had given them in a few breaths.

Liu Lu was even more dumbfounded when he heard it.

He knew that Haisheng was a person who would not do something without getting anything in return, which was why he was even more surprised.

This was a rebellion!

They were joining forces with First Pavilion in the Sky to resist the space blockade of the Holy Divine Palace

Has everyone gone mad

Xin Gugu, Mu Zixi, and the others also felt for the first time that Night Cat was such a friendly organization.

Even they were able to tell how huge a sacrifice Night Cat was going to make in this round.

The one who was even more shocked was Changqing, who had joined First Pavilion in the Sky for the first time.

The old man looked at Xiaoshou in a daze.

For a moment, Changqing did not know whether it was because of Xiaoshous ability or background that he could get Night Cat to be so friendly with him.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he had joined First Pavilion in the Sky.

Otherwise, if he had continued to be a lone wolf, tonights space blockade in the Holy Divine Palace would have made him die and disappear without a trace!


The one who broke the silence was Xiaoshou, who suddenly threw his head back and laughed out loud.

Not only did his laughter stun the people in the private room, even Yin and Haisheng, who were backstage, were completely shocked.

What was he laughing at

How dare he laugh

At such a critical juncture he could still laugh

Was he really crazy

A lot of messages popped up in the information bar, but Xiaoshou did not pay attention to them.

He only stared into the void and stopped laughing.

He said solemnly,


“Im relieved that Night Cat took such a position.”

“As for the Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel, the array eye, and the flaws… Theres no need for all those.

I dont want to leave yet.”

“Night Cat, Ive decided that I want to be your friend!”

Xiaoshou waved his hand, and everyone was stunned.

He had wanted it a while ago, but now he didnt need it

What was he scheming

There were so many spectators, and among them were many smart people but they couldnt figure out what Young Master Xu had up his sleeve.

Even Yin and Haisheng, who were backstage, were stunned for a long time before someone finally got it.

“He had wanted to verify it!”

Yins eyes suddenly flashed with shock, and a chill ran down his spine.

He said absent-mindedly, “Young Master Xu doesnt want to leave.

Hes just verifying Night Cats position.

He wants to know…”

Haisheng immediately snapped back too and a chill also ran down his spine.

He continued, “He wants to verify if we had sold him out and thats why the Holy Divine Palace is doing this”

The two of them looked at each other and didnt say anything.

The matter of Abyss Island was not small.

Even though Night Cats higher-ups chose not to think or investigate.

They were only responsible for passing on information.

They also knew that if this matter was exposed, it would attract a huge reaction from the Holy Divine Palace, and First Pavilion in the Sky would cause a lot of trouble.

So at this present moment.

When they thought about what Xiaoshou had done, it was not because he was afraid of how the Holy Divine Palace had surrounded them.

Instead, he had planned to use the power of being surrounded in this manner to once again verify Night Cats true thoughts.

Yin and Haisheng felt their hair stand on end.

Young Master Xu was too ruthless!

In their eyes, this young man was so meticulous.

Even if intelligence agents could not be trusted, Xiaoshous suspicion of human nature was extremely terrifying!

At that moment.

The only thing Yin and Haisheng felt lucky about was that the situation wasnt caused by Night Cats betrayal, but by the Holy Divine Palaces whim and nothing else.

Otherwise, they could already imagine what kind of “accident” would happen to Night Cat in the future if Xu Xiaoshou didnt die!


Haisheng thought for a moment, but he still couldnt figure it out.

“If First Pavilion in the Sky doesnt plan to leave, then does that mean Young Master Xu can stand up to the investigation What on earth is he thinking”


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