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Chapter 724: Overall Planning And Xiaoji Appears!

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What was Xu Xiaoshou thinking

He only wanted to confirm that this situation was not caused by Night Cats betrayal.

Then he would be able to understand that the Holy Divine Palace was not doing this because of him!

Strictly speaking, perhaps Xiaoshou had sold three void tokens at the trade fair, making him a very huge suspect.

However, as long as he was not the Holy Divine Palaces first target, then there was a possibility that the target was someone else, or someone else at the fair.

That also meant that Xiaoshou had a chance to turn things around.

The first possible suspect…

As well as the other possible suspects needed to be verified several times before Xiaoshou could be sure who they were.

There were still many gaps in between for him to fill.

And that gap created enough space for Xiaoshou to create a big commotion in this place.


Xiaoshou turned to look at Liu Changqing.

“Give me a bounded domain and connect everyone to the telepathic communication channel.

Make sure that the telepathic communication is not intercepted.”

Changqing was shocked.

He remained shocked for a while before he realized that Xiaoshou was talking to him.

After all, he was not used to being called “Xiaoqing”, which sounded childish.

However, Changqing could not protest against it at all.

He had no choice but to do as he was told.

The telepathic communication channel was completed.

“Ladies and gentlemen.”

Xiaoshou made sure that everyone in the private room could hear him.

He also made sure that Liu Lu was excluded before he immediately said, “The situation is a little special.

Later, you may have to adapt to the situation and fight your way out.”


When this word was said, everyone was extremely surprised.

Because despite Liu Lu telling them that the Holy Divine Palace might be surrounded, it was still peaceful here.

However, no one seemed to realize how serious the impending crisis was.

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“How do we kill them” Xin Gugu asked.

In his opinion, if the trade fair ended, the white-clothed and red-clothed people would appear here.

When that happened, how could they fight their way out through those who surrounded them with only the strength of Changqing as a cutting path

“I say that we should first look at the situation and adapt accordingly.

And then we fight to kill our way out… Killing is our backup plan; adapting to the situation is our prerequisite,” Xiaoshou said.

Xiao Wanfeng was in a complete daze.

He knew that First Pavilion in the Sky was not a simple organization, and such a faction probably could not withstand investigation.

However, Xiaoshous reaction was so intense that it was not difficult for Wanfeng to suspect something was amiss.

However, the few people in the private room looked very normal!

They were not a ghost beast host body that required the red-clothed people to act, nor were they the spokespersons of some evil organization that needed the white-clothed people to capture.

So then, why did Xiaoshou care so much about being surrounded by the Holy Divine Palace

Xiaoshou did not care about such trivial details and shared his decision directly with everyone present.

“Listen up.

After the trade fair ends, a few things will certainly happen.

You need to be mentally prepared in advance.”

“One, the Jiang clan did not come to the trade fair.

You must have noticed this.

I was not sure before, but the people from Night Cat said that the Jiang clan was delayed by external matters and could not be here.”

“Listen, even the Holy Divine Palace had to send representatives to attend such a grand event.

However, what external matters could have held up the Jiang clan”

“This is definitely not as simple as it looks.

Therefore, I deduce that the people that Yama is targeting this time are not you and me…”

Xiaoshou looked at Mu Zixi and said seriously, “Its the Jiang clan!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

“So” Xin Gugu took the lead and asked the question on everyones mind.

Xiaoshou answered with certainty, “So, once the trade fair is over, chaos will break out somewhere in the Imperial City.”

“When Yama wants to make a move and the demi-saints descendant wants to fight back, it will involve a lot of things.”

“In this way, the Holy Divine Palaces main ammunition may still be focused on the trade fair, but a part of it will be diverted.

This is one possibilty.”

Everyone came to a sudden realization.

At the same time, they could not help but gasp.

“What exactly was Xu Xiaoshous brain made of” they wondered.

Everyone was sitting in the same private room.

How could he still plan for the events that took place outside the trade fair

“Are you sure” Mo Mo suddenly spoke up.

“No, Im not!”

Xiaoshou shook his head decidedly.

When he saw that the others were suddenly a little dazed and speechless, he immediately added, “After all, this is only a possibility.

However, even if Yama doesnt go after the Jiang clan, he will still go after others.

This I am certain of.”

“They will not let such a good opportunity slip by, and that is also one of our opportunities!”

Everyone was a little nervous after hearing what Xiaoshou had said and they didnt have time to dwell on these small details.

“What is our second opportunity” Changqing asked.

After all, he had lived for a long time and had been exposed to many things in the world.

He knew that if what Xiaoshou said were true, the chances of this happening was not small.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and continued on, “The second is still the same.

Every faction at the trade fair cannot stand up to an investigation.

When news that the Holy Divine Palace has surrounded us spreads, a riot will break out here.”

“Those who take the lead in fighting back will be the faction with guilt in their heart, as well as the very powerful factions in the Imperial City… the latter is the most important to us.”

“After all, they dont know the Holy Divine Palaces motives.

They might mistakenly think that the Holy Divine Palace wants to take this opportunity to clip some of the wings of the powerful factions like them.”

Changqings eyes lit up when he heard that.

“That makes sense.

Those people wont submit willingly.

Everyone is the lord of a Land Realm.

They know that joining forces would give them strength in numbers.

After all, the Holy Divine Palace isnt a dictator.

They wont be able to defeat the powerful factions in a short time.”

“I guess so!” Xiaoshou nodded slightly, but he didnt fully agree.

He continued, “This will depend on the power of the Holy Divine Palace and the level of the people who come.”

“What I need you to do is to be flexible and adapt according to the situation.

You could either kick up a fuss or fan the flames.”

“But dont be the first to stand up because the first to stand up will become the Holy Divine Palaces prime suspect…”

“What about you” Mu Zixi suddenly interrupted.

She didnt care about what Xiaoshou had said.

What she cared about was that her Senior Brother usually wouldnt explain so much.

These were probably just thoughts in his head.

The people from First Pavilion in the Sky only had to follow Xiaoshou without thinking and they would be all right.

But why did Xiaoshou voice out his thoughts all in advance today And he acted as if this situation had nothing to do with him…

If that was the case, what was Xiaoshou planning to do

“You dont have to worry about me.”

Xiaoshou smiled and patted Zixis head.

“Do you still remember the parade from before When the time comes,I will follow everyone.

You guys just have to watch to the situation and go with the flow.”

The parade

Changqing didnt know what that meant, but everyone else did.

Was he going to call Xu Xiaoji out to pretend to be Xu Xiaoshou while the real Xu Xiaoshou run out to do other things

“You…” Xin Gugu was anxious, but he could not ask Xiaoshou where he was running off to in front of Changqing and Xiao Wanfeng.

“Dont worry, when the situation becomes chaotic, everyone is to follow Mo Mos command.” Xiaoshou expressed his full approval of the grey mist figure.

After all, if the entire crowd really wanted to fight their way out of their current situation…

The combined will of the crowd might not even be as great as the grey mist figure.

Mo Mo fell silent for a moment.

With Xiaoshous advice, she did not need the grey mist figure to understand the situation.

But what else was Xiaoshou planning to do during the chaos

Was he not planning to run for his life

Which was more important, his life or to do something else

“Just follow the bigger picture and go with the flow.”

Xiaoshou could understand what Mo Mo was thinking, but he did not intend to explain.

He simply continued, “Thirdly, I need all of you to find someone.

If anything happens, just follow her.”

“Hua Ying President of Dong Ling” Xin Gugu understood immediately and knew who Xiaoshou was referring to.


Xiaoshou nodded his head and pointed with his finger.

“Make good use of them.

This is an opportunity.

President Dong Ling is a righteous person.

Nothing can happen to her… even if you cant find her, you can still go to Shi Ti.

Theyre the same.”

“But all of this is our last resort.

If the situation doesnt reach that level, you dont have to look for her.”

“When the time comes, hmm, Ill still say the same thing.

Adapt to the situation.”

Changqing, “…”

Xiao Wanfeng, “…”

Adapt to the situation!

Adapt to the situation again!

Although Xiaoshou had given them so much instruction, both of them felt all was merely Xiaoshous own deductions on the possibilities.

Whether things would unfold that way was uncertain.

However, when they looked back at the others, the two new members of First Pavilion in the Sky were dumbfounded.

Mo Mo, Xin Gugu, Mu Zixi, and the others all had a look of deep belief on their faces.

They seemed to believe that the situation would pan out according to what Xiaoshou said.

Was it really that incredible Changqing began to doubt himself too.

Could Young Master Xu have mastered some kind of brainwashing technique

Even if what Xiaoshou had deduced were possible, there were people who believed him completely

“One last instruction!”

Xiaoshou put on a serious face.

After he saw that everyone was looking at him seriously, he said, “From now on, dont talk to me.”

“Im going to enter the final enlightenment state ofDemi-Saint Discrimination Path and Ive already started calculating the Way of the Heavens energy movement.

Dont interrupt me.

Otherwise, youll have to bear the consequences.”

“If you meet with any problem, go to Mo Mo instead.”

After he had finished, Xiaoshou immediately closed his eyes.

Everyone was stunned.

“Demi-Saint Discrimination Path” “Enlightenment state” What was Xiaoshou blabbering about

At this moment, even Zixi couldnt give a response.

But once Xiaoshou closed his eyes, he didnt explain anymore.

Everyones perception was sharp enough to sense that the aura in Xiaoshous body had changed!


It was as if his life force had instantly disappeared, leaving behind a physical body in his place.

He had changed completely!

The instantaneous change in his state was something that even Changqing found it difficult to see clearly.

However, he too could sense clearly that the Xiaoshou standing before him seemed to have changed into a different person.

He had become…

Very strange!

Changqing also felt that this was no longer Xu Xiaoshou but a different person.

Because, after Xiaoshou closed his eyes, the confidence, power, and fearlessness he had displayed disappeared in an instant.

All that was left was the innocence, confusion, and helplessness of the Divine Path Energy.

“Demi-Saint Discrimination Path”

Changqing was confused.

Was this the special ability of the demi-saints descendant

“The Dao gave birth to One.

The One gave birth to Two.

The Two gave birth to Three.

The Three gave birth to all of creation…”

“Nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth; famous, the mother of all things…”

“Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders…”

When Xu Xiaoji closed his eyes and was teleported out of Yuan Mansion, all that was left in his heart were the words that Young Master Xu had given him at the last moment.

The mission that Xiaoji received this time was very simple.

First, Xiaoji was to pretend to be the Great Demon King Xu and leave Yuan Mansion with his eyes closed.

After a while, he would be able to move freely, but he had to listen to Mo Mos arrangements.

Second, Xiaoji did not have to reply to anyone who spoke to him.

All he had to do was recite in his heart something called “The Book of the Dao” 10,000 times.

After that, he would be able to have a day of free time to play without anyone following him!

Third, no matter what happened, he was not to do anything.

That included shouting, shouting, running away in a panic, etc.

All he had to do was to follow Mo Mo.

“Thats easy!”

Xiaoji felt very joyful inside.

He began to use his spiritual senses to check out his surroundings.

This is a private room.

In the private room, Xiaoji realized that everyone was looking at him.

But only Mo Mo, Xin Gugu, Mu Zixi, and some others recognized him.

The others in the room had expressions ranging from contemplation to puzzlement, and they all seemed as if they were going on a pilgrimage.


Were there other people secretly spying on him

Xiaoji easily perceived that there was a spiritual array around him and that there were people using the spiritual array to spy on him.

However, he was very experienced in pretending to be Xiaoshou, so he naturally did not give himself away.

“Hehe, not having to look at that fat cat in Yuan Mansion is also a type of happiness.

Ill savor this short moment of freedom first!” Xiaoji thought to himself as he continued to recite “The Book of the Dao”.

They had made the swap!

Mo Mo looked at the newly appeared Xu Xiaoshou and knew without a doubt that it was Xu Xiaoji.

She had no idea where the real Xu Xiaoshou had gone.

Perhaps he was at Yuan Mansion, or perhaps he had used the vanishing technique and had gone to another place.

However, none of these was what she needed to think about now.

She only needed to do the work that Xiaoshou had arranged for her and interact with the others so that no one would find out that this person here was Xu Xiaoji.

“Stop the telepathic communication!” Mo Mo said to Changqing.

When she saw that he had stopped the telepathic communication, Mo Mo walked over to Liu Lu and said, “Tell Yuan Haisheng that I am taking over all communications he had with Young Master Xu from now.”

Liu Lu was surprised.

He knew that there was interference in the bounded domain power just now.

These people had convened a discussion on what countermeasures to take.

However, after their discussion, their negotiator had been changed to a person whose presence he had hardly noticed.

“Young Master Xu” Liu Lu looked at the person who was resting with his eyes closed in puzzlement.

“He has entered a state of epiphany.

Dont disturb him!” Mo Mo stopped Liu Lu from continuing to talk to Xiaoji.

Liu Lu became more puzzled.

He looked around and saw that everyone was following this womans lead.

He was even more surprised.


This happened too suddenly.

Just a moment ago, Xiaoshou acted as if he was about to face a formidable enemy.

But now, hes starting to get into some divine enlightenment

Young Master Xus heart was truly magnanimous!

“Could it be that hes about to break through to the master stage” asked Liu Lu as that thought came to his mind suddenly.

“Dont try to fish for information that you arent supposed to know!” Mo Mo replied coldly.

Liu Lus heart shuddered.

Only then did he realize that the person he was talking to was no longer the easy-going Young Master Xu, but a cold and indifferent young lady.

“Yes, yes.

I understand.

Ill pass the message to Fourth Manager Yuan.”

In the private room, Mo Mo did not give any response.

And with her sudden silence, the entire room became completely silent too.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange.

Liu Lu was not used to not having the playful interaction between Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi.

But since Xiaoshou was getting divine enlightenment, there was nothing he could do about it.

Liu Lu could only endure this unfamiliar situation and continue to serve Mo Mo, though she did not seem to require his service.

Back to the trade fair.

Just like No.

209 private room, this place had reached a climax and was headed down toward a conclusion too.

When the last trader walked down from the high platform, everyone present let out a sigh of relief and planned to go home to count their assets.

Then at this moment.

The door of No..

1 private room gave a creak as it was pushed open and a man walked out.


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