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Chapter 727: Xu Xiaoshou Was in the Imperial City!

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Southern District.

It was drizzling in the night streets, the weather was slightly cold.

The moment Xu Xiaoshou arrived, he quivered with chills.

“This… is too terrifying!”

He could not see anyone at the scene.

However, with his “perception”, he could sense everything in all directions, including the underground.

It was full of spiritual cultivators path energy.

This kind of aura was even more overbearing than the ones in White Cave! It was either the Sovereign or Cutting Path!

“Is he crazy”

“So many of them”

“Is it necessary What did Cheng Ji discover that he could gather so many of them”

Xu Xiaoshou almost crawled back into Yuan Mansion on the spot.

However, he knew that the moment he escaped, all of his companions would die.

Thinking of his junior sister and the others, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but become anxious.

He could have brought everyone from the First Pavilion in the Sky into the Yuan Mansion.

However, if everybody from Room 209 disappeared as soon as the investigation began, people would sense a big problem with the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The Imperial City trial had yet to begin.

How could Xu Xiaoshou let go of the faction that he had painstakingly nurtured

“Lets look for an opportunity…”

The drizzle passed through his body.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his head and stared at the night sky in a daze.

Only when he felt that there were no Rain Curtains in the Nine Heavens did he heave a sigh of relief.

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Then, he stared at the Information Bar with all his might.

He was checking whether there was a notification of being “Watched”.

Meanwhile, he was looking for an opportunity while floating around.

Suddenly, the sound of boiling water in a teahouse not far from the wine house attracted his attention.

Xu Xiaoshou floated away and saw eight people sitting around two tables.

Among them, there were familiar faces!

The teahouse was simple and unadorned.

The shop owner was not there, but the people inside were fiddling with it.

The two tables closest to the railing were far apart.

One of them was surrounded by white-clothed, and the other was surrounded by red-clothed.

There were four of each group.

Xu Xiaoshou did not recognize any of the white-clothed, but he had a deep impression of the red-clothed.

A woman, a bald head, an armored man, and an elderly…

“Lan Ling, Xin, Heiming, and the Night Guardian!”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately shocked.

Werent these four supposed to be guarding the White Cave

Why would they come to the Imperial City

But as he thought of the people guarding the trade fair, he instantly understood.

Perhaps the red-clothed from White Cave were not the only ones here.

All the white-clothed and red-clothed from the Eastern Sky Realm were here.

Was it for the Abyss Island which might descend suddenly in the Imperial City trial


When he thought of this, Xu Xiaoshou felt pain in his lungs.

He had long known that the mission given by the Bazhunan was a huge trap.

He also knew just how deep the waters of the Imperial City were.

However, when he saw such a serious lineup from the Holy Divine Palace, he could not help but feel apprehensive.

“Heavens! What kind of powerful person could withstand this investigation”

With the Vanishing Technique, even Cutting Path could not see him.

Xu Xiaoshou floated forward.

While carefully checking the Information Bar to ensure that he was not discovered, he approached the teahouse slowly, hoping to eavesdrop.

Two tables, two representatives.

It seemed like in tonights operation, the white-clothed was led by the four commanders at the table.

Meanwhile, were Lan Ling and the rest the leaders of red-clothed

Xu Xiaoshou speculated, not daring to use his spiritual senses.

But as he approached, he could clearly hear them.

The few of them had obviously been talking for a long time.

Xu Xiaoshou was not clear about the contents of the first part, but at that moment, he only heard Lan Ling berating.

“Xin, stop saying! Even if Cheng Ji made us come all the way here for nothing, its still better than wasting the opportunity.”

Xin scratched his head, “What are you talking about Explain it further…”

Night Guardian shook his head, “Theres no need to dwell on this.

At the very least, its just a sleepless night.

It doesnt matter.

But when I entered the arena just now… it was quite smelly.

There must have been a ghost beast here recently.”

Xins eyes lit up.

Night Guardian looked at him and said, “You can indeed go and take a look.

Perhaps with your ability, you can directly locate a few ghost beasts.”

Lan Ling stopped him, “No.

Just follow the rules and pick them out one by one.

Whoever cant withstand the pressure first will definitely be guilty! If we catch them directly, itll easily cause a big commotion.

Then, someone will take advantage of the chaos and cause trouble.”

Night Guardian nodded, “Not bad, thats better.

I was being a bit too direct.”

It only took Lan Lings single sentence to calm Xin down.

He was not very smart, hence he would certainly listen to Lan Ling.

As for Heiming…

This armored man did not say a word, as if he was an outsider.

Even when he was sipping tea, he used his spiritual source to get the tea through the helmet.

Xu Xiaoshou only took a glance, not daring to stay any longer.

He wasnt sure if these Cutting Paths who had been wandering on the edge of life and death all year round could detect him when he stared longer.

When he heard that it was Lan Ling who had started the scheme, Xu Xiaoshous heart felt cold.

He still remembered that time in the White Cave.

If Yu Zhiwen hadnt shouted at the critical moment and messed up Lan Lings state of mind, Xu Xiaoshou would have been exposed long ago.

This was a woman who was as intelligent as a vixen!

As for the method she was using now in the trade fair, if anyone created trouble, none of them would be able to escape.

And if there was no trouble…

Those who were guilty, such as Liu Changqing, wouldnt be able to escape as well.

It was simply terrifying!

Xu Xiaoshou was like a floating spirit.

As soon as he heard it at the teahouse, he shivered and wanted to leave instantly.

However, at this moment, the Night Guardian suddenly spoke again, causing him to stop in his tracks.

“Elder Chu!”

The Night Guardian waved his hand and called out Chu Lisheng who was brewing tea for everyone.

After they sat down together, he asked, “Has anything absurd happened in the Imperial City recently”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.


Chu Lisheng was also confused.

He replied, “There are many major events that happen in the Imperial City every day.

Absurd… I wonder what kind ofabsurd you are talking about, Elder Night Guardian”

He glanced at the few people on the table.

Lan Ling, Xin, and Heiming were all silent.

They did not even have any expression on their faces.

Night Guardian was the only one smiling, “Hmm… such as the fight between the juniors, very nonsensical and absurd things.”

“Thats indeed quite absurd…” Chu Lisheng muttered.

He was rather curious.

Why would a dignified red-clothed Night Guardian care about such trivial matters

Was this considered… gossip

A different kind of gossip

After looking at the serious faces of the few people around, Chu Lisheng began to doubt himself.

They should be doing serious business!

He pondered and recalled.

Seeing that he was serious, the Night Guardian smiled and added tea.

He said, “Elder Chu, dont be too serious.

Its just a casual question.

If theres nothing, its fine.”

Chu Lisheng hurriedly pressed his knuckles on the table, feeling overwhelmed by the favor.

He held the teacup and said gently, “With Elder Night Guardians words, I have thought of a few small matters.”

The four people on the table put down their teacups and turned their heads at the same time.

Chu Lisheng went speechless.

He was a little suspicious.

He was only talking about small matters.

But with that reaction, they didnt seem to be asking about small matters!

After hesitating for a while, Chu Lisheng said, “Theres a matter regarding a junior related to Elder Night Guardian.

Theres a young envoy whos trying to participate in the Imperial City trial.

Hes from the Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace of the Grand Yuan Mansion.

His name is Luo Yin… Yes, the Higher Void.”

Night Guardian asked, “How is it related to me”


Chu lisheng nodded.

“Ive checked.

Zhang Taiying, the last chief of the Zhang family in Tiansang City, received the favor of the Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace.

He has the empress virtual imageEmpress Virtual Image of the Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace… Elder Night Guardian, do you remember”

Night Guardian was stunned.

After thinking for a long time, he finally remembered such a person.

If he had not been mistaken, Zhang Taiying should be the Ghost Beast Host Body, but he was killed by Xu Xiaoshou in the end!

Later on, the Zhang family was thoroughly investigated by the red-clothed.

One would rather kill the wrong person than let the guilty one away.

The entire upper echelon of the Zhang Mansion was wiped out.

Except for two Sovereigns who escaped, most of them either went to jail or were killed.

However, because of the two Sovereigns who fled for their lives, the other prisoners had no hope of getting discharged forever.

Thinking of this, the Night Guardian could not help but laugh.

He did not expect that such a question would bring up such a past.

However, how could these answers satisfy someone like him


The Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace probably wouldnt have the courage to take revenge on red-clothed.

It was just a junior Luo Yin, would he be able to stir up anything

The Higher Void definitely would not come all the way here to take revenge on the Night Guardian because of this matter!

“Elder Chu, Im not interested in these things.

You can just tell these to the other big factions.

What I really want to hear is theridiculous matter!”, said the Night Guardian.

Chu Lisheng was at a loss.

He didnt want to hear this.

He didnt want anything else.

Did he simply want to gossip

He forcefully changed his train of thought to match with the Night Guardian.

Another “ridiculous” character appeared in Chu Lishengs mind.

He hesitated and said,

“Recently, two Demi-Saint factions have appeared in the Imperial City.

Its quite ridiculous.”

“One of them is the Jiang clan.

That is fine.

Theres nothing much to talk about.”

“However, the other First Pavilion in the Sky is quite eccentric.

They swagger around the city all day long.

They also caused traffic jams and interfered with the heaven geomantic battle arena.

Finally, they got banned by Holy Divine Palace…”

Chu Lisheng paused and raised his eyes, “Is this what Elder Night Guardian wants to know”

The few people on the table were alerted at the same time.

At this moment, the white-clothed beside looked over in amusement, “Elder Chu, are you saying that the descendant of the Demi-Saint blocked the traffic and was suspended from the battle”

“This is truly ridiculous!” The other white-clothed also laughed.

“Tell me in detail” Night Guardian became even more interested.

Such comical and ridiculous information was exactly what he wanted.

Chu Lisheng became serious and said, “This Demi-Saints descendant has a great background.

Hes from the Taixiang Xu family of the Northern Region…”

“Xu” The Night Guardian interrupted.

“Uh… Yes.”

Chu Lisheng wanted to continue.

He did not expect to be interrupted before he could really speak.

Those people in front of him were of the same cultivation level as him, some of them were even weaker.

However, he couldnt tell ones exact strength this way.

At that moment, when Chu Lisheng was interrupted, he wasnt angry.

He raised his head and looked forward to what the Night Guardian would say next.

The Night Guardian raised his hand, “Elder Chu, dont say it yet.

Let me guess…”

It would be hard to stay subjective when he was given the picture.

Therefore, the Night Guardian pondered for a moment.

When he saw Chu Lisheng sitting upright, he asked, “Innate”

“Yes”, Chu Lisheng nodded.

“Fire-type spiritual cultivator”

“I dont know about that…”

“Way of the Sword”

“Yes, Master Swordsman!”

“Not bad…” the white-clothed beside was surprised.

Innate, master swordsman

When these two were put together, everyone knew that it was the master swordsman of the ancient swordsman.

At the red-clothed table, their expressions became serious.

Even the Night Guardian lost his smile.

Chu Lishengs heart was filled with anxiety, and his scalp felt numb.

Why was it so

They only asked a few questions, but why did the expressions of these people change

The Night Guardian continued, “Elixir Master”

Chu lisheng pondered and said, “Im not too sure about that, but the First Pavilion in the Sky has a transaction with the Plenty Gold Company for conducting alchemy worth over ten billion.

Im not sure about the details, but the First Pavilion in the Sky is indeed providing elixirs.”

The Night Guardian took a deep breath.

He didnt expect that his casual question would bring up such a big issue.

He immediately asked again, “Spirit Array Caster”

“That shouldnt be possible…” Chu Lisheng first denied himself.

But on second thought, he recalled the scene of the trade fair and denied himself again.

“Strictly speaking, I have no idea.”

“But the First Pavilion in the Sky bought a Sovereign level spiritual array wheel that involves the Way of Space at the trade fair.”

“I wonder if this is what Elder Night Guardian is thinking…”

Night Guardian slammed the table and stood up.

His voice was filled with great surprise, “The First Pavilion in the Sky that you mentioned, are they inside”

He turned around and pointed at the wine house with the plaque removed.

He became excited.

“Thats right!”

Chu Lisheng became even more flustered.

What could it be if the red-clothed was so interested in him

Before this, he felt that investigating the First Pavilion in the Sky was just a casual matter.

But now, he was frustrated that he did not thoroughly investigate the Xu Clan ahead.

“Elder Night Guardian, if my information is helpful…”

Chu Lishengs eyes rolled as he recalled something, “At the trade fair, an absurd incident happened.

The First Pavilion in the Sky and President Dong Ling of the Magic Pill Techniciains Association almost got into a fight.

This was also a big accident at this trade fair.”


The Night Guardians fist smashed heavily onto the wooden table, causing cracks on the table.

“Its him!”

Xu Xiaoshou was in the Imperial City!

Looking back, the Night Guardian set off, wanting to return to the trade fair.

Lan Ling immediately stood up, “Wait!”

The Night Guardian turned around and said emotionally, “That kid is inside.

I can not watch him fall.

If hes given more time, he might not change for the better!”

No one knew Xu Xiaoshous terrifying growth better than the Night Guardian.

He had watched this kid grow step by step!

It had only been a few months.

He had risen from Tiansang Spirit Palace, killed his way into Tiansang City, and then set off a shocking storm in the White Cave.

Out of a sudden.

He was chosen by the Saint Servants chief to join the Saint Servant.

If they didnt stop him now, when would they do it


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