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Chapter 731: All Of Us Are Imposters

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The scene in front of him changed.

Under the dark night sky, the Heaven Prayer Forest disappeared and was replaced by a sea of flowers in the daytime.

“Who is it”

Jiang Xian remained calm and asked in a serious tone.

He was afraid of the legendary Bazhunan who was known for being difficult and his desire to be one foot higher than the sky even if a saint is already as high as the sky.

However, Jiang Xian was not afraid of this kind of person who only knew how to play games!

Using such an insidious method to lure him out, it was uncertain whether the other party would dare to touch Jiang Xian or not!

“As expected of a demi-saints descendant.

Such bearing is really admirable.”

At the edge of the sea of flowers, two masked men in long robes walked out accompanied by a seductive laugh.

One was in dark red while the other was in light green.

The dark red long robe… or rather, the masked man in long dress had a well-proportioned figure.

It was obvious that she was a woman.

At the same time, it could only be that she has the “Flower Fairy Eyes” that could move the Three Loathsome Eyes.

As for the other dressed in light green, they had their head lowered and wore a big hood.

Their entire body was inconspicuous and was holding a rotten wooden cane.

They looked like a blind person.

The pair immediately made Jiang Xian suspicious.

But soon enough, he dispelled the doubts in his heart.

After all, the person in the red dress left a really deep impression on him– they are a man!

“Who are you”

“Are you here for my Three Loathsome Eyes Or are you going to give me the Flower Fairy Eyes and befriend my demi-saint family”

Jiang Xian remained calm.

Although Jiang Qi and Jiang Si were not around, he was able to remain calmer than usual.

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After all, in such a situation, panic would only make things worse.


The woman in the red dress covered her mouth and giggled as if she was amused by the joke.

She did not try to hide it.

After she finished laughing, she took off her mask and revealed a stunning face.

This face had a distinct outline and was slightly covered in makeup.

It seemed to be a cross between a man and a woman, but at the same time, it seemed to be completely natural.

It had an extremely bewitching beauty.

In addition, the messy flowers in her eyes were becoming more and more mesmerizing.

Within the cherry blossom powder, there seemed to be layers upon layers of blooming stamens that were going through endless cycles…

“Flower Fairy Eyes!” Jiang Xian was certain.

In the next second, his gaze was fixed on the throat of this slender woman.

He stared at the sudden adams apple and was completely stunned.

At the same time, the light green masked man who was leaning on his walking stick also took off his mask.

He raised his head, and a face that was covered by make-up and a pair of tightly shut eyes appeared in Jiang Xians eyes.

“Saint servant, Lei Shuangxing.”

“Saint servant, storyteller.”

The two of them introduced themselves at the same time.

The red-dressed storyteller pinched his orchid-like fingers and continued with a smile, “Young Master Jiang, why isnt there a third possibility For example, youre giving yourThree Loathsome Eyes to us”



The rain hit the straw hat.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Elder Sang, was walking slowly on the long street.

The aura of path energy around him was turning and flowing, as if he could not hold it in any longer.

“Im about to break through…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt helpless.

He had only met the Night Guardian once.

However, the distance between him and the night guardian outside the long street strengthened his way of path.

It is a good thing to have a firm way of path.

However, his way of path was already firm to begin with.

If it was to be strengthened now, it would be difficult for him to endure.

Xu Xiaoshous cultivation level had long reached the Peak of Upper Spirit, and his way of the sword had already reached the master stage.

The bottleneck of the Heavenly Image State of spiritual cultivation was very difficult for others, but to him, it was as fragile as paper.

But for him to become a master…

What about the Imperial City Trial

What about the Holy Palace Trial

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshou had no other choice but to suppress himself with all his might.

After leaving the night guardian, he had the mentality that Bazhunan was the best, and he himself was also the best.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to head to the Holy Divine Palaces side halls headquarters to launch a surprise attack so that the white-clothed and red-clothed people at the trade fair would be exhausted.

But halfway through, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly changed his mind.

He thought of Yamas plan.

He also thought of Liu Lus previous words: the golden-masked man, which was Yamas leader, Huang Quan, was at the trade fair.

And since that person was at the trade fair…

Could it be that the person who went to target Jiang Xian was a small fry like the Nine Serenities Ghost Child at that time

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts became active.

Instead of going to the Holy Divine Palace where he might only attract a backlash from the Holy Divine Palaces main camps array, or the attention of a few white-clothed people…

He might as well go find Jiangxian directly!

This way, even if he was wrong, Yamas target will not be Jiang Xian.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, could also become one of the Yama on the spot.

Tonight, he would directly destroy the dirty water to this organization that dared to covet junior sisters God Devil Eyes.

“Lets do that!”

He did as he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou returned to the Yuan mansion and used the power of the Eye of Heaven to communicate with the outside world.

He originally thought that the Eye of Heaven would only react when these people made a move.

He didnt expect that the Eye of Heaven that was floating in the air would actually react immediately.

The direction that the Eye of Heaven was facing was the north of Dongtianwang City.

Moreover, the reaction was extremely intense.

As the white mist rose, the Eye of Heaven revealed a strong desire, as if it was trying to find a power that belonged to the same side as itself.


Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of Jiang Xians Heavenly Sun Manor, which was in the North City District.

At this moment, his heart was set, and he immediately rushed to the north.

The distance between the South City District and the North City District was not far.

Fortunately, Xu Xiaoshou had “taken the easy way out”.

Under the effects of the elixirs of High Spirits and Greedy the Cat Spirit, he continuously recovered his spiritual source.

Traveling was like playing around.

When he arrived at the central zone, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked to the west on a whim.

In the west.

A loud and clear sword cry tore open the night curtain in the sky.

It was shocking.

“Sword Will…”

Xu Xiaoshou was lost in thought.

He actually felt a lot of familiar powers from the sound of this Sword Will.

For example, Sword Cognition!

“Bazhunan made a move”

“Who did he target”

“Didnt he ask Bazhunan to go directly to the Yunlun mountain range”

Xu Xiaoshou was full of doubts.

He wanted to rush to the west to see what was going on.

But time was of the essence.

If he was distracted now, he might not be able to accomplish anything.

He was still waiting for reinforcements at the trade fair!

And Bazhunans plans were clearly not something that the current Xu Xiaoshou could pry into.

It was already good enough that this fellow could provide reinforcements.

How could he expect that Bazhunan would definitely act according to his plans

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou returned to sensing the Eye of Heavens guidance and rushed towards the North City District.

Then, he arrived outside the Heaven Prayer Forest.

“Ma Ma…”

As soon as he came close, Aje, who was on his chest, suddenly reminded him, as if it had sensed great danger.

“Vanishing technique!”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything and disappeared on the spot.

“What did you sense” He took out Ajes stone and asked in a low voice.

“Ma Ma…”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly lost his words and laughed.

“Im sorry, Ma Ma shouldnt have asked you such a complicated question.”

He returned and put Aje away.

Realizing that he was a little too nervous, Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to relax his mind.

Then, he activated his “Perception” and stepped into the land realm of the Heaven Prayer Forest.


As soon as he entered, the surrounding scenes changed one after another.

One moment was the scenery of the Heaven Prayer Forest that was visible to the naked eye under the dark night, and the next moment was the scene of birds chirping and flowers in the daytime that entered his mind.

Such a chaotic scene immediately made Xu Xiaoshou react.

“Restraining array, an illusion”

He was surprised for a moment.

“What kind of illusion is this Even when I am in the disappearing state, it is still capable of disturbing me”

Disappear means an instant disappearance.

It is the process where all traces of the way of the heavens would be made absent.

The amazing thing about this awakening skill was that after it was activated, even the cutting paths could not sense Xu Xiaoshous existence.

But now…

This Heaven Prayer Forests illusion could still affect him.

This meant that the illusion here wasnt directed at him.

It was a fixed existence.

As long as someone took the initiative to touch it, it could affect the non-directional illusion array.

“Theres something…”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think this is an ordinary illusion array.

This was because under “Perception”, there was no illusion array in the world that could affect him.

This passive skill was to the essence.

And now, the non-directional illusion array in this place could still make him feel so confused when he was in the vanishing state…

“An illusion that affects the subjective observers mental strength, and even their spiritual strength!” Xu Xiaoshou guessed.

After the vanishing technique, the only connection he had with this world was his spiritual perception.

This illusion could still affect him, so this was the last possible explanation.

“Lets take a look!”

The Eye of Heaven in the Yuan mansion moved even more strangely.

Xu Xiaoshou kept trying to probe the direction of the strong movement, trying to get closer to the main body.

Not long after, he saw a figure in the Heaven Prayer Forest.

“The Jiang clans sovereign”

Not far away, a figure stood still on the ground with lifeless eyes.

It was none other than Jiang Si who Xu Xiaoshou had visited in the Bazhunan.

“Sovereign can also be controlled firmly”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked when he saw Jiang Si who looked to be too powerless to resist.

If he had not used the vanishing technique and stepped into this place, he would have been controlled by the illusion technique of this land realm.

Would he have ended up like Jiang Si

“The people of Yama!”

Xu Xiaoshou became more certain of his previous guess.

This illusion was very likely the power of the supreme ocular technique.

This was because it was the only way that it could affect him during his disappearing state without a specific direction.

While constantly paying attention to the consumption of spiritual source, Xu Xiaoshou pushed forward.

He did not pay attention to Jiang Si.

That man was not the main character.

Paying attention to him would only expose his, Xu Xiaoshou, existence in advance.

As he walked forward, Xu Xiaoshou saw Jiang Qi again.

This time, he became even more nervous.

Jiang Qi was an old fox!

However, this person seemed to have cultivation deviation as well.

With a conflicted expression, he felt like he was fighting with the air under an old tree…


Two sovereigns!

Under the power of this illusion, they didnt even have the strength to resist!

“Damn, its this strange power again…”

Xu Xiaoshou became even more flustered.

He had experienced the power of the Nine Serenities Ghost Childs Soul-Fixing Eyes, and he knew that this kind of powerful control could directly determine the life and death of a master in a life and death situation.

However, that was something that could be traced.

Just like that day when Aje attacked, the Soul-Fixing Eyes could not affect Aje in the slightest.

However, this kind of “Illusion dilemma”-like ability was even more unfathomable.

It was also one of the powers that Xu Xiaoshou hated the most.

This was because his passive skill library lacked the existence to resist this kind of spiritual attack.

“Be careful…”

Xu Xiaoshou kept reminding himself as he pushed forward.

Soon, he saw two familiar figures dressed in clothes not far away from the dense forest.

A red masked man, and a green masked man…

Under hisperception, even though he fell behind, Gods view still transmitted the images of these two peoples faces to him.

There was no mask!

Xu Xiaoshou was the first to be surprised.

He was very familiar with these two faces.

Storyteller, Lei Shuangxing..

“A fake”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized something.

He had just made a phone call.

The storyteller was still with Bazhunan.

How could he suddenly come to mess with the Jiang clan

Then, he looked up and down at his Elder Sangs appearance.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Tonight, all of us are imposters

He stopped moving and sent out his perception.

Jiang Xian, who was opposite the two Yama Masked Men, was soon brought into the “Perception” range.

Obviously, both sides had done something.

The Yama Masked Man didnt seem to be injured.

But Jiang Xians entire body was covered in blood.

However, at this moment, both sides stood apart.

Jiang Xian relied on the Three Loathsome Eyes and the power of the fantasy realm didnt affect him too much.

On the contrary, he rose up from the ground.

Inside the Three Loathsome Eyes that were raised high up, three gray flowers flipped rapidly with blood and tears flowing from both eyes.

Neither of the two Yama Masked men dared to look directly into his eyes.

“Who exactly are you”

Jiang Xian seemed to have running out of strength, but he still questioned in a stern voice:

“Its impossible for the saint servant to have the Flower Fairy Eyes, and the storyteller isnt just cutting path.

He has already transcended the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, but theres not a single trace of the calamity aura on your body.

Its as if you havent transcended even one tribulation.”

His gaze moved away from the storyteller.

Jiang Xian looked at the green-masked man and shouted again, “Lei Shuangxing, its even more impossible for you to also reach the cutting path stage!”

Two great cutting paths…

Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned.

The power of the fantasy realm affected his mental judgment.

He actually couldnt see the aura of path energy of the Yama and the other two at the first moment.

But at this time, the storyteller only covered his mouth and giggled.

“I am the storyteller.

What are you suspecting Why dont you show me your trump card Wheres your holy statue I have been waiting for a long time.”


Jiang Xian suddenly raised his head and laughed wildly.

He stopped laughing and said ferociously, “You dare to touch me, but you dont dare to kill me.

Isnt it because you are afraid of being chased by the Holy Power But if you dont kill me tonight, you wont be able to get the Three Loathsome Eyes.


He was laughing wildly.

The two Yama masked men were completely unmoved.

They were not disturbed by the laughter.

Xu Xiaoshou was on high alert.

He suddenly saw Jiang Xian laughing.

He summoned a drop of golden blood from his ring and was about to swallow it.

The drop of blood only appeared for an instant.

The Heaven and earth shook, the path patterns in the void cracked, and lightning appeared in the nine heavens.

“Saints Blood!”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted, and his heart was extremely tense.

He realized that this was the demi-saints blood essence, which contained the power of the great path.

However, the Yama Masked Man seemed to have been prepared.

However, he saw Jiang Xians saints blood appear.

Lei Shuangxing, who had been standing silently behind him, suddenly opened his eyes.

Through “Perception”, Xu Xiaoshou saw that the pupils in his eyes were very strange.

They were a pair of oval pupils, one green and one orange, overlapping each other and forming a cross.


Lei Shuangxing uttered the word single-handedly.

Blood spurted out of his eyes, and his body was like a bolt of lightning as he spat out blood.

Then, the heaven and earth phenomenon suddenly stopped.

The lightning was no longer there, and the path patterns in the void also stopped.

The drop of saint blood that was trying to fly into Jiang Xians mouth from the ring was destroyed by the power of the strange pupil technique and turned into nothingness.

“It disappeared…” Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

This power was similar to his vanishing technique.

Lei Shuangxing had been guarding against Jiang Xians saint blood with his fast reaction power as a cutting path.

The ocular power that was used on the saint blood had no other effect except to prevent Jiang Xian from swallowing it.

The way it worked was to destroy the saint blood but at a certain price!

“Is this how these people play”


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