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A storm was brewing, and clouds were gathering.

Feng Kong had made up his mind.

Thus, without hesitation, off he went with the wind.

However, he didnt expect the tree before him to shake and drop an object after being blown by the wind.

Klink Klank!

Feng Kong glanced at it indifferently, but when he saw it, he was shocked and almost fell from the sky.

“A broken sword” he thought.

“No, this is…

“Shao Yis sword!”

Feng Kong was trembling all over, and his pupils contracted.

Although he already knew that Shao Yi had died, seeing the remains of his relics still made him feel tremendously shocked, as if hed been hit by a tsunami.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Feng Kong squeezed through his teeth, deeply aggrieved.

He couldnt help but walk towards the sword, but then something suddenly dawned on him.

How could Shao Yis sword have dropped here

Could it be that hed already escaped the courtyard and had run to Goose Lake but still ended up getting aggressively slashed by that Xu Xiaoshou here

If that was the case…

Xu Xiaoshou, where art thou

Feng Kong started to become suspicious, as hed just deduced that Xu Xiaoshou was in the woods, and the scene before him had deeply affected him.


Before he could think further, the broken sword on the ground started to vibrate.

Feng Kong thought that this was bad and immediately retreated backward.

It was too late!

The broken sword exploded suddenly, and a wave of invisible aura instantly spread out.


Feng Kong was affected in a blink of an eye.

Even though his mind was paralyzed from shock, he saw that his body was being burned by an invisible flame.

It was an extreme pain!

He subconsciously used his spiritual source to guard his body, but his spiritual source also ended up getting burned.

“What the h*ll is this…”

Feng Kong was completely dumbfounded, as hed never seen invisible flames like this before, but this didnt stop him from confirming one fact!

Xu Xiaoshou was right here at this location!

But how was this possible

The area before him was wide and open.

Where was Xu Xiaoshou hiding

If he was somewhere in the distance, then how was he able to control this broken sword from afar

“He must be here!” Feng Kong was knocked back to the white jade railing by the explosion, and he suddenly realized something when he landed on his feet on the ground.

“If hes not in front of me…” he thought.

“Then could it be that hes behind me

“But I flew by Goose Lake.

How is it possible that I didnt discover him

“Thats not right!”

He trembled again all of a sudden and looked over to the surface of the lake with a look of disbelief.

Xu Xiaoshou…

Was at the bottom of the lake

It seemed that his suspicion was right, as there were bubbles coming off the lake surface, creating splashes.

A black shadow then emerged from a water pillar.

Feng Kong didnt have time to turn around, as hed just come to a halt.

He was feeling stiff from switching force, and could only slash at the shadow without thinking.

Feng Kongs bloody hand mercilessly slashed at the black shadow.


A crisp sound was immediately heard, and the black shadow was cut in half.

At this time, Feng Kong finally saw what the item really was.

It was a head!

Shao Yis head!

“Ah ah ah!”

Feng Kong was sent into hysterics.


Cut his teammates head in half

“Xu! Xiao! Shou!”

“I will kill you!!!”

Feng Kong was consumed by the flame of anger and completely lost his composure.

He slashed with his bloody red arms again and threw out two crimson slashes right at the location the head had flown out from.

“I, I am here,” a shaky voice came from the other end of the lake.

Xu Xiaoshou had shifted his position the moment he threw out the head.

Feng Kong looked over suddenly and saw that Xu Xiaoshou was shivering and that his eyes were all white.

His legs were bending inward, and, standing on the railing not far away, he looked so frail that he might fall at any moment.

However, his right hand was resting on the sword sheath on his left hip.

It contained such a jaw-dropping amount of sword will that he went numb looking at him.

“Innate Sword Will”

Feng Kong felt his head ache.

He was shocked at the incredible level of Innate Sword Will Xu Xiaoshou had.

How much energy had he compressed into the sword sheath If he were to release everything, even an upper spiritual level wouldnt be able to stop it.

Feng Kong suddenly understood how Shao Yi had died.

A thick cloud of deadly aura enshrouded him, and he felt a chill go up him from his feet all the way to his head.

Without any hesitation, he retreated backward again.

“Its, its too late…”

Xu Xiaoshous mouth and teeth were still trembling and chattering, as he had swallowed ten Spiritual Cultivation Pills and compressed the Innate Sword Aura under the lake for more than a quarter of an hour.

There was no way this guy could dodge it so easily.

Even if Feng Kong were standing in the woods, let alone in close proximity, he still might not be able to dodge it.

Xu Xiaoshou bent over slightly, positioning himself lower.

“Blade-draw Technique!”

He didnt draw the sword, but the leaves flew all the same.

The willow trees by the lake were completely chopped in half, and a few huge waves were created on the lake.

Rain was falling in the woods, and blood was spilling in the sky.


Feng Kong had nowhere to run as he roared in pain.

When he caught a glimpse of the white sword aura, half of his body and an ear was blown away, and the extreme pain almost instantly knocked him out!


“This is a demon!”

Feng Kongs eyes were full of fear, and he completely lost the will to fight.

Xu Xiaoshous fighting strength had nothing to do with his cultivation level.

He could fight an upper spiritual level with this sword and maybe even the thirty-three people from the inner yard.

The problem was…

Why had he waited until now to strike

Why didnt he do this in the courtyard

Feng Kong was knocked out of his mind, and he started to use his spiritual source to heal himself.

If he hadnt subconsciously tilted his head at the critical moment, it wouldve been cracked open!

“I missed…”

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshous lips twitched as he stared at the half of Feng Kongs body that had been cut away, feeling helpless.

He had actually screwed up at the final moment due to the pleasant sensation.

If not for that, he would have slashed Feng Kong in half, not just a big portion of his body!

Even so, he was surprised by his sword.

How could it be that strong

It shouldnt be the case!

Even Mo Mo had been able to take the sword barehanded on that day and swallow one more slash.

Although hed done that without the enhancement from ten Spiritual Cultivation Pills, the power between those slashes and this one shouldnt have been that different.

Without much thought, Xu Xiaoshou withdrew his sword again, as he still had some remaining spiritual source.

The giant waves on the lake never once subsided, and they actually started raging upward again.

The water in the woods was sent into the sky before flowing back to the lake.

Feng Kongs injured body had instincitvely evaded a ray of sword aura, but a second wave of sword aura arrived before he could react.


Another arm was sent flying to the sky.

The rainy night was silent as death, and blood was spilled all over the blue sky.

The light in Feng Kongs eyes had gone out.

Hed never expected to lose so completely just because of his momentary carelessness.

Just because he had wrongly estimated where Xu Xiaoshous ambush was it, hed lost the opportunity to strike first.

And now he wouldnt even be able to use any of his skills before perishing.

He stood in the same spot in despair and gave up struggling.

He was used to hunting, but now he had become the prey.

He had already expected this outcome when hed chosen to be a killer.

The only thing that hadnt cross his mind was that he would die at the hands of the like of Xu Xiaoshou.

“I cant believe this…”

Feng Kong was spurting blood.

As gaunt as a pillar, he stood still, staring at Xu Xiaoshou with his empty eyes…

“Hmm” he thought.

“Hes not gonna execute me Is he out of spiritual source”

He saw that Xu Xiaoshou had let go of his sword.

Had he decided to let him go alive

Feng Kong was wild with joy, and he turned to leave.


A blue light flashed before him and instantly impaled his head.


What the f*ck was that

Feng Kong collapsed.

He was still confused as his consciousness slowly dissipated.

It wasnt until the very final moment of his life that he then realized:

Shao Yis… sword

But nobody would answer him anymore.

Under the sunlight, there wasnt even a single bone left.

“I thought you were good, but I was wrong…

“When you slashed the head in half, still not realizing the existence of the sword, that was when you lost.

Even if you had dodged my “Blade-drawing Technique” later on…

“But you couldnt even dodge Blade-drawing Technique.

Xu Xiaoshou walked by slowly and picked up the sword, then turned to Goose Lake.

“You were so bad…”


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