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“Its an illusion technique.”

The middle-aged man whose four fingers pierced through Yin Caos throat replied with a smile, “Its both an illusion technique and a sword technique.

Its a sword technique that surpasses the illusion technique of your Flower Fairy Eyes.”

A sword technique

The arenas spectators were all shocked.

A legendary sword technique appeared in their minds at the same time…

“Fantasy Sword Technique”

On the other side, Hundred Ghost cried out in surprise.

His Cross-shaped Eyes widened in anger.

He realized that he couldnt mobilize the power of the saint blood to use the power of Nirvana to shatter this space.

At this moment.

Hundred Ghosts green and orange eyes were only staring at the other scruffy-looking man in front of him in shock.

The middle-aged mans two fingers were holding a drop of saint blood that was unwilling to be bound and was trying to pursue freedom.

That was the saint blood that Hundred Ghost had taken out!


When was the saint blood stolen

“Your illusion…”

Facing the shock of the crowd, the scruffy-looking man only smiled and shook his head.

“Showing off in front of an expert is nothing more than that.”

As he spoke, he flipped his hand and kept the saint blood into his ring.

He pointed at the Yin Cao on the other side, whose throat had been pierced by his four fingers, and asked Hundred Ghost.

“If I kill him, will you be so scared that youll hand over your Lord Huang Quans location to me”

Hundred Ghosts pupils constricted.

His pupils moved back and forth as he looked in disbelief at the man in front of him, who had been split into two but was able to control two great cutting paths at the same time.

What kind of ability is this

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What kind of cultivation level is this


Hundred Ghost was going crazy.

He was going crazy.

Even he, a cutting path, could not see how this path was distributed.

He immediately exclaimed,

“You dont even have a sword.

How can you use the Fantasy Sword Technique”

“Besides, youre not Bazhunan.

How can the Fantasy Sword Technique control the two of us at the same time Can it even defeat the Flower Fairy Eyes”

“Im dying of laughter!” The scruffy-looking mans expression was calm.

As he said this, there was no smile at all.

His expression was cold and solemn.

“Even now, you still doubt my identity”


Its impossible for him, Bazhunan, to draw his sword!” Hundred Ghost roared angrily.

He knew something.

As he spoke angrily, Hundred Ghost used his anger and madness to hide his true intentions.

However, when he secretly tried to use his Cross-shaped Eyes to destroy this fantasy realm, he realized that this felt just like reality.

It didnt seem like a fantasy realm at all.

The two scruffy-looking men in front of him were both real people!

“An avatar”

The Hundred Ghosts desire to die grew.

Doesnt this mean that the other party is a demi-saint

However, that wasnt right!

Why would a demi-saint pretend to be a Bazhunan

Although Hundred Ghost was just stalling for time, it was true that Bazhunan couldnt draw his sword!

Hearing this, the scruffy-looking man only shook his head and sighed.

“Even before you die, you still dont know how you will die…”

“My sword is in your heart.”

After that.

Scruffy-looking mans other hand, which everyone had inexplicably ignored, suddenly appeared in everyones mind.

It was right in front of Hundred Ghosts Heart!

After saying that, the man curled his hand into a sword-holding position and pulled out a black and white sword with path patterns on it from the Hundred Ghosts heart.

“Argh! Argh! Argh!”

A painful roar instantly rang in everyones ears.

The flow of time in this place seemed to have been slowed down by hundreds or even thousands of times.

The black-and-white sword was pulled out bit by bit.

Everyone could clearly see the eight trigrams on it and feel the aura of path energy gathered on the sword body.

“Famed sword!”

Jiang Chaotian cried out in surprise, “Isnt this the Taiyi Shengshui Sword Isnt this the sword of the Yao familys Yao Ye Is he a member of the Yao Family”

No one replied.

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in shock, listening to the helpless wails of Hundred Ghost.

Hes a cutting path.

Yet in front of this scruffy-looking man, he was powerless!

Even the storyteller couldnt help but feel terrified when he saw the scene.

“Fantasy Sword Technique…”

It could be said that in this small world of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap, the only person who could feel the inauthenticity of the current scene was the storyteller.

He had seen his brother use his sword, so the storyteller knew about it.

This sword was just a tiny part of the true boundless Fantasy Sword Technique.

And when the scruffy-looking man pulled out the Taiyi Shengshui Sword from the heart of Hundred Ghost.

Yin Cao and the Hundred Ghost both lost half of their lives in the eyes of everyone.


Everyone swallowed their saliva.

At this moment, even Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was ridiculous.

This was too ridiculous!

This was simply the biggest joke in the world!

Two great cutting paths were gone just like that

This man should be the Bazhunan, right The one who was the chief of the saint servant should be the fake

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou even had this thought in his mind.


After slowly wiping the sword, the scruffy-looking man, who had cleaned the blood on the Taiyi Shengshui Swords body, flicked his famed sword lightly.

“Clang –”

A crisp sound of sword cries rang out.

Everyone saw the scene in front of them shatter once again.

Another scene appeared.

After clearing the truth of reality, everyone felt their scalps go numb once again.

In the arena, the scruffy-looking man did not move at all.

His hand was also emptied, without sword or dust.

And Yin Cao acted just like how he did in the fantasy realm made by the Flower Fairy Eyes.

He really pounced in front of the scruffy-looking man.

At this moment, the two of them were only a few steps away from each other.

The man did not move.

Yin Cao was sweating profusely.

He was panting heavily and his face was as white as paper.

He did not die!

However, he looked as if he had a life after death.

The Hundred Ghost who was slightly behind was not dead either.

Their hands were still in the position of retrieving the saints blood.

However, at this moment, the saints blood was no longer there.

In the heart of the Hundred Ghosts palm, there was only a small stone left.


The entire place was silent.

It was absolute silence.

At this moment, everyone reacted.

The scene where Yin Cao and the Hundred Ghost died was the real fantasy realm!

It was a type of Fantasy Sword Technique that could suppress the Flower Fairy Eyes fantasy technique!

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

His “Perception” saw through the little bit of illusion in the Flower Fairy Eyes, but he could not see through the scruffy-looking mans Fantasy Sword Technique in the slightest.

Thinking back to this persons words just now, “Showing off in front of an expert is nothing more than that.” At this moment, he felt that this man was truly a blockhouse.

This is what a Fantasy technique is like!


“Fantasy Sword Technique”

On the other side, Yin Cao swallowed his saliva and spoke with great difficulty.

His face displayed the fatigue from surviving a great disaster, and the loss of hope of a good future.

Just by looking at the present moment, as Yin Caos Flower Fairy Eyes met the mans turbid eyes, they completely lost their color.

It was clearly a depiction of a Phoenix and a local chicken.

The local chicken, at that moment, had a higher skill!

“Mm.” The man only nodded.

“Are you really Bazhunan” Yin Cao asked again.

“Mm.” The uncle nodded again.


Yin Cao could not continue asking and fell silent.

The man said, “Since you died once, you can answer my question at least! Where is Huang Quan”

Yin Cao felt powerless.

How could he fight

This persons Fantasy Sword Technique was so powerful that even the Flower Fairy Eyes could not resist it.

So what Lord Huang Quan said was actually true…

Just because he had the Lei Familys Eyes and his cultivation level had reached the cutting path stage does not mean that he can not be afraid of the higher void.

Nor could he fight against the higher void with the help of the saints blood.

In this world, there are geniuses.

There were some people who only practiced one move in their entire lives until they reached the peak of perfection.

Whatever ocular technique was, it was all an illusion.

He could break ten thousand techniques with just one strength!

Looking at the scruffy-looking man in front of him, Yin Cao actually still did not believe that this person was Bazhunan.

However, it did not matter if he was Bazhunan or not.

If someone says that he was one of the seven sword deities, Yin Cao now felt that this person was worthy of this title.

The Fantasy Sword Technique was known as the most difficult technique to cultivate out of the nine major sword techniques.

This person could actually cultivate to such a level.

It was simply terrifying!

“Lord Huang Quan…”

Yin Cao pursed his lips as if he intended to no longer put up a stubborn resistance and was about to expose Lord Huang Quans location.

Who would have thought

In the next second, everyone heard him cry out in alarm, “Save me –”

Everyone was stunned.

At this moment, even the scruffy-looking man was stunned by this action and could not react for a moment.

At the same time.

The Hundred Ghost behind him also cried out in surprise:

“Lord Huang Quan, save me –”

Even though he said his name, there was still a trace of grievance and unwillingness.

But in the end, both of them shouted out.

After the scruffy-looking man reacted, his expression instantly became solemn.

He put his two fingers together and cut forward as if he really wanted to cut off the head of Yin Cao.

However, at this moment, the void rippled and the power of space-time appeared.

A weak golden light rose from the bodies of the Yama duo who were calling for help.

The sword fingers of the scruffy-looking man slashed through the Yin Caos throat as if they had cut into a different dimension.

Even his hands had directly pierced through Yin Caos body.

“The power of space-time” The scruffy-looking man was surprised.

Then, he watched as the two of them were swallowed by the black hole under the power of space-time, and their figures disappeared on the spot.

“They ran away” Jiang Chaotians eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Young Master Jiangs Three Loathsome Eyes had yet to catch up.

The Yama duo had run away

He immediately rushed forward.

However, apart from passing through the original space where Yin Cao was, he could not even catch a glimpse of his enemys clothes.

When he landed on the ground, Jiang Chaotian seemed to have aged dozens of years.

He seemed to be an extra character from the beginning to the end.

From storyteller to the first Bazhunan, to Yama, to the second Bazhunan…

The Demin-saint Jiang clans cutting path was nothing in the eyes of everyone present!

In fact, it could even be said that they completely ignored him…

Jiang Chaotian felt that something was wrong with this world.

Since when did the existence of a cutting path become so insignificant

However, after realizing that he had fallen into a dead-end, he jumped out of the deadlock in his thoughts and thought about it again.

Then, he knew what kind of whirlpool he was in.

Saint servant, the two Bazhunan, and the Yama Organization, whose leader had two supreme divine weapons and specialized in collecting Lei Familys tears…

This was not a situation that he, Jiang Chaotian, could interfere in.

Or, it could be said that in the Jiang clan, the only one who could interfere in this matter…

Except for demi-saint.

The weakest one should at least have a cultivation level of higher void!


Thinking of this, Jiang Chaotian slapped his forehead and lowered his eyes.

He understood the logic.

But what about Young Master Jiang

How should he, Jiang Chaotian, report to the Jiang clan and give an explanation

On the other side.


Scruffy-looking man touched the space and felt the remaining power.

He muttered to himself:

“Such a dense power of time.

It seems like Ive only felt such a dense power of time on Kong Yu Hens body.”

“But he also has the power of space attributes…”


The scruffy-looking man murmured and suddenly raised his head, his eyes shining, “This Huang Quan is simply too powerful!”

The Jiang clans three people were beyond his control.

Since the Yama duo was rescued through space, it was unexpected.

Then, there was only one person left that the uncle was worried about.

“Bazhunan” The uncle turned his head and looked at Xu Xiaoshou in amusement.


Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand at him and went straight to Jiang Qi.

He said straightforwardly,

“I dont have the Three Loathsome Eyes, and I dont want to be enemies with your demi-saint.

Im not an enemy of the saint servant.

I dont take the initiative to attack.”

Jiang Qi was stunned.

She didnt understand what the masked man wanted to do.

Xu Xiaoshou said calmly, “Whether you believe it or not, you can pay attention to the Yama organization.

I believe that the Jiang clan and the other Lei Familys eyes can be brought out by a junior.

So… you know.”

That was all.

Xu Xiaoshou kept quiet.

He knew that Jiang Qi was a smart person, so he didnt need to speak too clearly.

A real demi-saint wouldnt deliberately make enemies with a Bazhunan.


He didnt need to deliberately make friends with him.

Therefore, he only needed to give a few words of advice.


Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at the storyteller.

“Let them out!”

Before the storyteller could figure out which one was Xu Xiaoshou, Xu Xiaoshou sent him a telepathic communication.

“Im Xu Xiaoshou.”

The storyteller immediately understood.

He immediately released the Jiang clan and the others out of the small world and returned them to the Heaven Prayer Forest.

He had inexplicably left the small world of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

At this moment, Jiang Chaotian knew that he had escaped.

But at the same time, he had lost all the clues!

On the other side, Jiang Qi was lost in thought.

“What do you mean”

At first, Jiang Qi thought that the masked Bazhunan was real.

After all, he had been to the Tianyang Manor.

But later, the scruffy-looking mans Fantasy Sword Technique was too amazing.

She no longer believe that the masked man was the Bazhunan.

It was more possible that the scruffy-looking man was the Bazhunan.

However, the masked man who spoke to her, in the end, could command the storyteller!

It didnt matter which Bazhunan was real or fake.

What was important was that there was only one small world of Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in the world, and that was the saint servants storyteller.

In other words, the red-dressed storyteller in the arena was definitely a real person.

Spatial power was too rare.

No one could imitate it.

So, the masked man who didnt make a move in the end was the real Bazhunan

But if that was the case, that fake scruffy-looking man who had sword cognition and Fantasy Sword Technique…


Jiang Qi suddenly held her head and grunted.

She felt like her head was about to split open.

She was going crazy!

It wasnt important…

It wasnt important…

Jiang Qi tried her best to get rid of all this.

She turned around and looked at Jiang Chaotian who was constantly healing Young Master Jiang and said, “Senior, we might be saved.”

“Saved” Jiang Chaotian didnt even turn his head.

It was obvious that he didnt care.


Jiang Qi was very sure.

She recalled the words that Bazhunan had given her at the end.

She suddenly had a very bold and terrifying conclusion.

She said,

“I dont dare to talk about the demi-saint in the clan.

But since the Three Loathsome Eyes are so important, why were they lost so inexplicably”

“Maybe, this is just a thread by the demi-saint in our clan”

Jiang Chaotians healing actions paused.

He looked back, and his eyes regained their luster.


Yama was clearly a huge fish in this organization.

Even before the Three Loathsome Eyes were lost, Jiang Chaotian, as the Jiang clans cutting path, had excellent intelligence, but he had never heard of the name of this organization.

However, Yama had developed the Shang Xuan Sword, Hun Che, and the two great Lei Familys Eyes!

Jiang Chaotian opened his mouth to speak, but he suddenly stopped and looked back at Young Master Jiang.

The blood in Jiang Xians eyes had dried up.

At this time, his eyelashes trembled and showed signs of waking up.

“Hes not dead!”

Jiang Chaotian was overjoyed.

He immediately collected his thoughts and turned back to Jiang Qi.

He said seriously, “Since you said you dont dare to talk about demi-saint, dont talk about demi-saint.”

Jiang Qi nodded.



White-clothed was coming.

They couldnt talk about it here.

They could discuss it when they got back.

This matter had to be resolved.

As for now, it was better to confirm the identity of the victim and let white-clothed seek justice for Young Master Jiang!

After all…

The darkness should be conquered by the light!


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