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Xin Gugu was from the conservative faction.

Caramel was also from the conservative faction.

The last mission the two of them received was to go to the White Cave to find Feng Yujin, which was also their final struggle.

But they failed.

Feng Yujin did not agree to join Xu Yue Grey Palace.

Instead, he was taken down by Xu Xiaoshou.

Caramel also saw Xu Xiaoshous potential, so she sent Greedy the Spirit.

In the end, she even kept Xin Gugu by Xu Xiaoshous side.

This was a very important move for the conservative faction.

Perhaps if they made a good move, they would be able to turn the tide in the end.

But all of this was just a backup plan.

Back to reality, back to the present.

When the two seniors of the conservative faction, Wu Xia and Yue Xie, really appeared in front of him and were about to be taken down by red-clothed people without any reasonable grounds, Xin Gugu could not hold himself back.

This was his childhood belief.

Similarly, it was also the belief of most of the well-tempered ghost beast host body.

They should not be treated like this..

Senior Wu Xia was really a good person!

Xin Gugu knew everything.

He knew that war might bring peace, but the price was absolutely enormous.

There must be another way to protect the ghost beast host body that was unwilling to fight, and at the same time, to find true peace from the other side.

Senior Wu Xia was looking for this method, the conservative faction of Xu Yue Grey Palace was looking for it, and Xin Gugu was also looking for it.

What was different from the others was that.

Perhaps others had found a way.

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However, Xin Gugu had taken a fancy to someone.

“Mo Mo!”

Thinking of this, Xin Gugu turned around and said telepathic communication with a serious expression, “Senior Wu Xia cant die.

I must find Xu Xiaoshou.

Do you have any way to contact him”

“Wu Xia”

Mo Mo was stunned and immediately came back to her senses, “Xu Xiaoshou must be thinking of a way at this moment.

Why are you contacting him”

“Too slow!”

Xin Gugu was eager to save him.

How could he wait any longer

He spoke through telepathic communication again, “Now that the barrier is broken, we might be able to contact Xu Xiaoshou.

I have an urgent matter.

I have to find him immediately and explain it clearly.”

“No…” Mo mo shook her head, “The barrier has been broken, but if we use the communication bead, we might still be intercepted by the white-clothed and red-clothed.

We might even expose Xu Xiaoshous existence.

This is definitely not wise.”

Xin Gugu was speechless.

There was really no other way

At this moment, Mo Mo had an idea.

She rolled her eyes and seemed to have thought of something.

“Perhaps, there really is a way…”

“What way”Xin Gugu was delighted.

Mo Mo didnt say anything and turned her head around to look at Liu Changqing.

This newly advanced ghost beast host body with cultivation level of the Cutting Path (stage) , was completely useless in this situation.

However, the Xuan Wuji in his body was a Divine Sorcerer who dared to claim to be unparalleled other than Dao Qiongcang!

Perhaps, he could do something.

North City District, Heaven Prayer Forest.

White-clothed people rustled.

The first wave of reinforcements had already arrived with several teams.

There was nothing anyone could do.

The fluctuations of Holy Power were something that no one could underestimate.

It would be fine if the Holy Power leaked out accidentally.

If this was really the prelude to igniting the flames of war, and the flames of war might even burn the white-clothed people and red-clothed peoples arrangements, then the reinforcements would be too late.

It was equivalent to no reinforcements!

However, even if the white-clothed was extremely fast, it was still too late.

By the time they reached the Heaven Prayer Forest, the war had already ended.

The flower fairys eyes of the visitors from the Yin Cao were too strong.

If it wasnt for the need to destroy the demi-saint bloodline mark, the white-clothed people wouldnt even have noticed that they had attacked the Jiang Clan.

Therefore, people could only find Jiang Chaotian and the unconscious Jiang Xian outside the Heaven Prayer Forest.

After a brief understanding of the situation, white-clothed people immediately set out to search for the culprit, King Yama, and the Saint Servant organization that made peoples hearts palpitate.

Central Zone.

Before white-clothed people launched the operation, there were already three figures flying at high speed under the night.

One of the masterminds, Xu Xiaoshou, had long escaped from the Heaven Prayer Forest under the cover of the storytellers spatial power of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

At this moment, he could not help but sigh at the power of spatial power.

Take the easy way out and the vanishing technique allowed him to move freely in any land realm under the premise of having no Cutting Path (stage) blockade.

However, once the space was banished, Xu Xiaoshou was powerless.

The storyteller was different.

This guy was at the peak of the Cutting Path (stage) .

In addition, he had the spatial power that came and went without a trace.

Even if he encountered an ordinary higher void (level) , he would be able to easily escape.

In this world full of dangers, sometimes having a strong cultivation level was not very useful.

Escape methods were the standard that Xu Xiaoshou felt that could measure a persons combat strength.

“So, uncle, do you really plan to go directly to Yamas boss, Huang Quan”

As he flew, Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and looked at the scruffy-looking man who was carrying a sack.

This uncle was following him.

As for the reason..

After Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was going after Huang Quan of Yama, he only said, “I know where Yamas boss is.”

After that, the uncle followed him.

He didnt say too much nonsense.

He also didnt have any sense of wariness.

Xu Xiaoshou felt it was like if he said, “I want to sell you.

Can you help me count the money”

The uncle could solemnly say, “Okay.” then started counting the money without any explanation needed.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that there might be a trap and wanted to stop it.

But the other party didnt let him!

The uncle insisted on counting the money for him.

He could not count the money less, instead he had a sincere expression on his face that he would help Xu Xiaoshou to the very end.


This action of being together made Xu Xiaoshou feel a little uncomfortable.


On the other side, facing similar questions on the road, the uncle no longer said anything and only nodded in response, not saying a word.

Xu Xiaoshou was very flustered by him, “Are you really not afraid that Ill use you”

The uncle smiled, “You can use me”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

“Is there really no other reason I dont believe that you dont know the situation in the South City District… Youre helping me!”Xu Xiaoshou said again.

Uncle, “Im not helping you, I just want to hurt the Xuan Sword.”

Xu Xiaoshou, “Your way of doing things will help me along the way!”

Uncle, “Shouldnt you feel happy about this”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

He was instantly rendered speechless.

Thats right!

He really should feel happy about it.


How could there be such a good person in this world

It was obvious that the other party was going to make use of him, and yet, he was still foolishly trying to have himself used.

Wasnt that foolish to the extreme

But to say that the uncle was foolish…

Xu Xiaoshou could not agree.

He felt that there was definitely a trap behind this.

It was the kind of trap that he was unable to detect, nor was he able to sense anything at all.

— a very brilliant technique!

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment before stroking his chin.

As he flew, he was deep in thought.

The uncle looked back and saw the young mans expression.

He couldnt help but laugh and shake his head.

The storyteller beside him was already dumbfounded.

The strength of this scruffy-looking man was even greater than Xu Xiaoshous feelings.

The storyteller dared to say that other than his brother and the Seven Sword Deity, there werent many people in this world who could compare to his cultivation level in the Way of the Sword.

However, it was this kind of person who was nameless and happy to be used by others..

He must be crazy!

The storyteller was already going crazy.

What kind of physique did Xu Xiaoshou have Why did he always look like he was loved by everyone

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were fruitless and he gave up thinking.

He turned around and seriously asked another question that had puzzled him for a long time.

“So, uncle, who exactly are you Why do you always want to help me”

Tiansang Citys Sword Observation Manual, Tianqi Lins Fantasy Sword Technique..

Xu Xiaoshou sometimes wondered if this scruffy-looking man really liked him and secretly followed him.

When he saw that he was in danger, he would take action.

The uncle only replied indifferently, “I told you, Im Bazhunan.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

He turned around and looked at the storyteller.

“You guys… uh, are you sure that our Saint Servants chief is Bazhunan”

The storyteller was starting to lose confidence, “Brother, it should be Bazhunan, right”

“What do you mean it should be Bazhunan”Xu Xiaoshou felt pain in his head.

He was certain that the masked man was the real Bazhunan.

This scruffy-looking man was a fake.

How could it be Bazhunan

“Stop lying to me!”

Turning his head around, Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the uncle.

“Really, youre such a big shot, why do you like to tease the younger generation so much”

“You gave me theSword Observation Manual, and you saved my life before.”

“So, theres really no need to lie to me.”

Xu Xiaoshou said sincerely, “Were on the same side!”

The storyteller was surprised, “He gave you theSword Observation Manual”


Xu Xiaoshou looked back,”You might not believe me, but I didnt learn my sword cognition from your brother.

I learned it from an ancient book calledSword Observation Manual that he gave me.”

This time, the storyteller was shocked.

“Impossible…”he muttered, “‘Sword Observation Manual belongs to my brother.

He said that it was never lost to the outside world.

How could it be in the hands of someone else”

The two of them looked at the uncle at the same time.

“Who are you!”

The uncle smiled, “Bazhunan.”

This time, the three of them were silent.

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth in anger.

The storyteller observed carefully, but he still could not find any flaws.

As for the uncle…

The uncle was still carrying his big sack, like a dutiful worker.

He was a little travel-stained and acted as if wherever there was a lack of bricks or tiles, he would add more to it accordingly.

Sometimes he would be late, but he was never absent.

“Youre so righteous…”Xu Xiaoshou complained in his heart and did not intend to ask any more questions.

At this moment.

His ears suddenly moved and he realized that there were ripples in the void in front of him that began to change.

The uncle and the storyteller were on guard at the same time and stopped in their tracks.

The ripples in the void gathered and turned into a Divine Array diagram.

“Divine Secret”

The storyteller was shocked.

At this moment, he even thought that Dao Qiongcang had found him and personally attacked him.

He wanted to gather his power to attack, but the uncle beside him immediately stopped him.

“Wait, its not that Elder Dao.”

The storyteller was shocked.

Elder Dao…

The uncle knew what he was thinking, and he knew that Dao Qiongcangs honorific title could not be called directly, but there was no respect in his words.

Who was this person

The diagram of the divine array changed, and not long after, an illusory human head appeared.

“Little Ji Ji”

Xu Xiaoshou barely recognized this head.

“You know him”

The storyteller beside him was astonished.

He had never seen such a Divine Secret where a human head was projected across space.

How long had Xu Xiaoshou been in the Imperial City How could he have met such a Divine Sorcerer


Xu Xiaoshou nodded, “A ghost beast.”

“Ghost Beast My Ass!”

The image of Xuan Wuji in the Divine Array of formal path flew into a rage and corrected him, “I am your ancestor Wuji.”

“Xuan Wuji” The scruffy-looking man also raised his eyebrows, “The Xuan Wuji that was sent directly into the Abyss Island by Elder Dao using the Divine Secret Arent you on the Abyss Island”

In the blink of an eye, Xuan Wuji saw the scruffy-looking mans appearance.

Suddenly, the image of the scruffy-looking man shook violently and his voice disappeared.

His mouth was open as if he was exclaiming in surprise.

However, he couldnt hear any sound.

It was obvious that he couldnt control the divine secret technique steadily.

Then, after a moment, the image began to stabilize.

“Who are you !”Xuan Wuji was surprised.

“Bazhunan,”the uncle replied.

“Youre not Bazhunan.

You scared me!”Xuan Wuji was furious.

“Hehe.” The uncle smiled.

Xu Xiaoshou saw that the two of them were about to chat, so he quickly interrupted, “Stop chatting.

Xiao Jiji, why are you looking for me Did something happen at the scene, or did you guys escape”

Although Xuan Wuji had used the Divine Secret to communicate with him, Xu Xiaoshou was pleasantly surprised.

However, when he forced Mo Mo to think of using Xuan Wuji to communicate with him, and that he might need to hide it from Liu Changqing, Xu Xiaoshou felt that something big must have happened.

At the moment, it was naturally more important.

“Escaping is impossible.

Rao Yaoyao is already here…”

Xuan Wuji sneered and continued, “Theres a kid surnamed Xin who strongly requested for you to hurry back.

He said that something big happened and he wants you to save someone.”

“Save someone” Xu Xiaoshou repeated.

“Or according to what you said, Save a ghost beast.”

“Ghost beast Do I know it”

“How would I know But this is a higher void (level) ghost beast.

Maybe we can do something and put in some effort to trick it.”Xuan Wuji started his suggestion.

Once a person boarded a pirate ship, it was inevitable that they would want to repair that tattered ship.

At the very least, they had to feel at least a sense of security while sitting, right

When Xu Xiaoshou heard of a ghost beast of the higher void (level), he knew that he definitely did not recognize it.

However, if Xin Gugu wanted to save someone, it was probably related to the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

He still wanted to ask about the situation at the trade fair.

However, at this moment, the scruffy-looking man suddenly waved his hand and shattered the divine array.

“What are you…”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around in confusion.

At this moment, he saw the uncle and the storyteller looking at the ground at the same time.

On the ground, there was a short old man with a hunchback who was trying his best to look up at the sky.

The direction he was looking at was where the three of them had stopped in the air.

“Wang Dachui…”

The storyteller stared at this person and muttered.

He was getting a headache.

“Who is it” Xu Xiaoshou could feel that the person who came was not simple.

Moreover, this person was targeting the three of them very seriously.

“You guys can leave first!”

At this moment, before the storyteller could explain, the scruffy-looking man had already waved his hand and said,

“I wont look for Yamas Huang Quan for now.

After this is settled, Ill go to the venue of the trade fair you mentioned.”

“Now, you guys go first..

Ill cut around.”


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